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  1. Jim Benning Mic'd Up at the Draft

    the Sedins were -23 with 50+ pts...the bar is set low by last year's best players; therefore, should see improvement on the defensive side of the puck...goal scoring may still be a problem if Pettersson and Dahlen and Gaudette can't contribute as hoped. Baer, Bo and Boeser need to carry the load now. The "D" should help contribute to scoring if they all play better, which may result in less goals against...Goaltending should improve with better coaching as you mentioned. If the young guys can score and be plus may be a surprisingly good year.
  2. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    What would you rather have 2 second lines and 2 third lines OR two second lines, a third line and a true fourth line?
  3. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    possibly missed the best player of them all in the AHL...Kole Lind
  4. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    takes 8 to 10 years to build a team through the draft...JB started two years ago after realizing the core was old...end of contract, he will be in year 6, but he started rebuilding in year he needs another 5 years after his contract ends to see the fruits of his labour payoff. Unfortunately, that's a lot of time to wait (and the payoff is not guaranteed). Most owners do not have the patience...especially if this team finishes bottom 3 for the next 2 years...if this happens, then I believe JB is on very thin ice. One player that may help JB's cause is the return of Tryamkin...because Tryamkin was a very good pick by JB in the middle round. If I was JB in his situation, I would spend some effort in getting Tryamkin back.
  5. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Nikita can create a different environment when he is on the ice...players know when he is on the ice and they seem to behave differently in regards to his (Tryamkin's) team mates... Chara creates a different environment in his own way just like McDavid, Crosby, Malkin, and Ove do in their own ways...they are noticeable in different ways and they all create a different feel when they are on the ice...Nikita does it in his own way. Hope he comes back soon because he will make this team better.
  6. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Tryamkin can create a different environment when he is on the ice...not many NHLers can do that...usually only the super stars or the Chara's of the game can only do that.
  7. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    If I had a player with his size and talent and played the way he did...and he wanted to play more...I would play him more and then change his skate blades for him once they wore out.
  8. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Seattle Torpedo Seattle Tsunami....cause you know it's coming.
  9. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    Hughes starts behind his net, skates on the rush over the blue line, a quick head man pass to Pettersson, Pettersson crosses the blue line taking the puck wide and makes a lazer cross ice feed to Boeser, who one times it home over the glove of the goalie who had no chance. That's all I have to say about that! Other than the goalie is getting sunburn on his neck from all the red light.
  10. goals,goals...from who?

    Actually team +/- is a very good indication of whether a team is a playoff team or not....surprising how often the top 16 teams (playoff teams) all have a positive number and most of the non-playoff teams have a negative number...if the team can score more goals than they let in, they have a good chance of making the playoffs. Playoff teams play well on both sides of the puck.
  11. Tryamkin sounds like he could be coming back in 1 or 2 years...Try, OJ, Q, Gud, Tanev, Edler...a promising top 6 (eventually a Utica dman to replace Edler)...or sign a good UFA with the cap money.
  12. trader Jim needs to trade some of the fat in order to get some 2nd round picks or a 1st round pick for the 2019 draft in Vancouver....I'd pass on both Jordan and Niederreiter. If he trades a valuable D man for a 1st rounder, then he needs to trade a couple of redundant forwards for a steady dman and a pick.
  13. You had me until the bold part...I'm hoping the logic works with loading up the 4th line with quality grinders that are hard to play against. If it doesn't work, then it is three more years of justifying the fourth line...again, hope the logic works and the results are positive.
  14. Sam Gagner | #89 | C/W

    Man...I wish Gagner was good. Hamster on a spinning wheel...trys hard, but no hockey sense. But yeah, he is better than Megna. Now that the bottom four line is solidified and Linden and Benning are on record saying the young, skilled, talented forwards will be relied on...Gagner's only spot is on the 3rd line, which already has better options than him...Utica bound or possibly sitting in the press box until injuries hit...he will definitely clear waivers, but for some reason that he doesn't, then no big loss. The difference now is the prospect pool is there to add depth...players like Archie, Boucher, Motte, Lind, Gadjovich, Palmu, Jasek, Dahlen and MacEwen will be just as good or better options than Gagner. Times are starting to get exciting!
  15. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    lol...should have mentioned in my comment that Jonah doesn't fit this category, but should be competing for a spot two or three years down the road if he continues to develop, especially with the additions of the vets on the fourth line.