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  1. after watching him in the playoffs this year, it's a hard pass on EK
  2. Considering the brain isn't fully cooked until a normal person reaches the age of 27 and metabolism starts to slow at the same age when a person starts to put on mass, I would say look for players in the range of 25 to 32 years old...anything over 32 is stretching the age limit.
  3. Need to give Lind the benefit of the doubt because of his early season injury and his first year pro...would also help if the Canucks get some talent at the center position in Utica. Also, having their best "D" (Sautner, Brisebos) sitting in the pressbox for the last 12 games of the season, and Schenn making the team did not help with anyone's production...when you consider it is a team game, losing your best "D" would cripple any team.
  4. Not getting good defencemen when they were available...quality over quantity. Settling for Y. Weber, P. Larsson, Bartkowski, Pouliot, MDZ etc, etc. Burns me ever since JB took over. p.s. time to move on from Tanev an Hutton.
  5. Can pick Lafriener or Raymond next year if we are lucky...unless, the team makes the playoffs next year, which is 50/50.
  6. Broberg was a big part of the gold winning team...can't ignore that or can't go wrong with that at 10...unless he is another bust (lol)..."D" wins championships...our "D" is sad at the moment.
  7. Yeah, if they would have picked MT, then this thread would be all about
  8. I like his dad saying "when he wins 3 cups, then we'll talk"...after the reporter asking him if he is a better player than his dad....if that isn't motivation, then I don't know what is...especially when the kid lives and breathes hockey.
  9. it's time for OJ to make his mark...too many younger defensemen are playing in the league before OJ has played his first's time.
  10. the age benchmark I use for player development is 24 or 25 years 25 years old the player should be showing his potential (Sedins never hit their stride until they were 24 years old, and they both are 1000+ point players in the NHL) regarding Try, he did very well as a 22 year old dman playing his first year in the NHL for a bottom feeder team.
  11. Cool... I guess he'll need a billet...just thinking about putting my name in the pot...on his off days, he can practice on the lake after the zamboni cleans it Will be taking in some Hitmen games this coming season
  12. Tanev and Hutton were garbage last year in regards to what is needed to make this "D" better...Hutton and Tanev were both minus munchers and could't make the first pass; they created a lot of fire drills as well as Poo. ...time to move on and get better.
  13. would be good if he is there for the picking...and JB doesn't pull a MT again.