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  1. let's say, Nucks would have picked 9th if they lost to the Wild...them moving on to face the Blues will go a long way to giving our young group experience against the defending the 1st pick will be higher than 15th...and there's the possibility of them beating the Blues to make that 1st round pick well into the 20s... the Wild can have the 9th pick cause we got JT Miller and are only giving up at minimum a 16th OA pick! JT was picked 15 OA in his draft year.
  2. I'd rather face the Blues now...coming in on a 3 game win streak and feeling pretty good after beating a team very similar to the Blues...both Wild and Blues have good defense and goaltending.
  3. We just finished beating a team that is very similar to the Blues!
  4. Tough match up...battle proven be the champs, you might as well beat the champs! Bouwmeester is out; however, their strength is still D. Canucks in 7.
  5. The game plan to beat the Stars... Close the gap in the Neutral zone and challenge the puck carrier at or before the blue line with the forwards coming back hard on the back check. The Stars create a lot off the rush....if they stop the chances off the rush, then they will beat the Stars.
  6. Rafferty was a lot better than OJ...and OJ looked like he fit in at the NHL level with his limited minutes.
  7. that's the thing about a pack mentality....the zebras can't throw everyone in the box, so the pack can get their licks in, if they focus on getting their licks in, and not get penalized. Zebras usually only throw one player in the box... for example, Sutter got his lick in without getting penalized because he was part of the pack...and he was focused on getting his lick in (staying in the moment and living in the moment).
  8. Horvat has been beyond good in the last three games, he has come through big time! ...I needed to recognize that...give credit where it is due.
  9. idk....kind of hope the Wild win the lottery...imagine if the Oilers or Pitt wins...or the make ...hats off to the Le Canadiens for beating the Pens and foregoing the chance at the franchise Quebec kid...Hab fans must be beside themselves, or at least do not know what to think...I know this because my next team, a long way back of the Canucks, are the Habs.
  10. It would be great to see Juolevi get the nod over Benn and Fanta, OJ looked calm out there and made some good passes... OJ, Mac, LE were good....very interested to see who comes out when TT comes back...JV might be a candidate for the pressbox...since Mac and LE play a more all round long as the top six keep scoring with the help of Hughes from the backend.
  11. the only thing that Marky needs to clean up and get better at is his short side coverage on the near post...he was beaten 3 times there. suggestion is stand the fuc up and get square to the shooter....just like Martin does (Marty B). ...cause whatever they got going ain't working.
  12. the loser of the Stars vs Blues game will play Canucks and the winner will play the Flames... We will see how hard these teams will play tomorrow....whether they want to play the Canucks or whether they want to play the Flames.
  13. Big Mac was a beast...with his limited minutes. Green even had him out in the last 2 minutes of the game