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  1. Miller Petey Boeser Pearson Bo Toffoli Mac Sutter Jake Rouse Beagle Motte Gaudette replaces Sutter if nothing is happening for this line LE Black Aces (if Ferland and Leivo are on IR) Baer Boucher Bailey Lind Edler Stech Hughes Tanev Benn Myers Black Aces Fantenberg Rafferty Brisebois Joulevi
  2. 2nd game vs Wild, no Toffoli 3rd game vs Wild, no Boeser next game, we will have them both! Gotta a feeling that Toffoli will be huge in the playoffs, he is going to be a difference maker to our two top lines!
  3. All of a sudden I feel like eating some Wild meat for breakfast! Let's go Canucks! DO or DIE!
  4. Let's go Canucks! JT Miller will show the Canucks the way....everyone else just has to match his intensity!
  5. Was thinking about getting a JT Miller jersey...when are they going on sale? The only Canuck jersey I have is Trevor Linden's...
  6. What ever contract he signs. it won't be as bad as LE's or Sutter's....the homers can spin it as JB can learn.
  7. that would be called a "snowman"
  8. It does come down to the prospects taking the next step and being good NHL players...Tryamkin showed his worth a few years back and now he is even better than he was then. He will be an important part of our D going forward.
  9. not a bad idea....Tampa (NJ) would be getting the short straw if this happens because they would have to wait another year. It gives the Canucks an extra year to develop into a playoff contender. This is the best scenario for the Canucks and should be considered. All the conditional picks get delayed one year.
  10. Tryamkin, Rafferty and Brisebois...possibly OJ. The new face of the Canuck "D". It looks like a log jam with the current roster and the prospects knocking at the door.. No matter, Try will be a difference maker...need to sign this guy.
  11. or Pasta might have broken a leg playing for the Canucks....
  12. He would have knocked it out of the park if he had taken Pastrnak instead of McCann....Pasta was taken the next player after McCann....however, not a bad draft if Tryamkin signs.
  13. Gotta a good feeling that Gaudette is going to take a big step next year and break out...he is at that age where players start to produce on the scoreboard while being responsible defensively.
  14. Tryamkin doesn't chase and get out of position as much as Myers....Tryamkin is a force to be reckoned with. He will make the team better.