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  1. agree that those secondary assists in the defensive zone can lead to clean breakouts which end with a goal....a goal would not have happened if a player hadn't dug deep and won a puck battle or a race for the puck...these little things do lead to big things. Boeser is fine, the Penguins game he was on for the last two goals that mattered, that was really the only game I've seen where he sh$t the bed.
  2. Working in Van City Short know building the This team has a ton of tickets for Hurricanes, Knights and Blues...finally see them play other teams "live" rather than Calgary. Team needs to keep the pedal to the metal in the third by keeping it simple.
  3. The good...Hughes has 21 pts in 25 games! The not so good...EP40 is a minus player for the first time -2
  4. character assassination...Tree realized Peters is not a good coach and the organization is assassinating gets Tree out of a bad happens all the time behind close doors with dirt bags who are in charge.
  5. When I see this team play, I see lost opportunity with the personnel on the ice because they have very good players but they are not playing like a team...there seems to be no plan. ...other than dump and chase and Man, Miller is a spark plug...he gets things going.
  6. Any forecheck system is a defensive system because the team has given up possession of the puck and they are now trying to get it back. When they do get it back, then the attack triangle is set up with the two players who are down low and the third guy high who steps into the slot because we now have possession. Advantage is always gained by the team who transitions quickest from a defensive system to an offensive system...this is such a critical part of the game, but it's simple basic thinking...when we have the puck, we are on offensive (no matter where the puck is on the ice) and when we don't have the puck, we are on defensive...the advantage is gained by who transitions the quickest to offense thinking to defense thinking to offense, etc.
  7. Yup, they are not thinking of setting up any plays... except to shoot it in with no pressure at all, even though they hussle. If they shoot it in then they need to set up a 5 man forecheck system with pressure coming from the middle out to funnel the puck up the boards...Me personally, I coach an aggressive forecheck with the Dman 100% pinch with the third forward patrolling the blue line to whatever side the puck is funneled. The Canucks have mobile enough "D" to create this pressure and get back in a defensive position. Usually this forecheck when executed, you play 3/4 of the game in the offensive zone. This forecheck takes a 5 man unit to execute so I think the Canucks would not be able to do it because they are not working as a team. Simplifying the systems by setting up the attack triangle with puck possession is a better way because you maintain possession and it takes less energy than the dump and chase and hussle (non team system) that is happening.
  8. checkout Canucks 2nd goal...they actually set up a resemblance of the the "attack triangle"...Jake got the puck wide and passed to the high guy (Pettersson) in the high slot, who sniped it. It all starts with taking or getting the puck wide near the blue to set up the play...Canucks need to set this play up more often, rather than the dump and chase without forecheck pressure... taking the puck wide with possession needs to be thought of in the neutral zone well before the play happens. This play when done most often than not results in a scoring chance. Set up the attack triangle, rather than the dump and chase.
  9. Concussion history and fighting do not mix well together...if he keeps to clean heavy hits, then maybe the pack can come to his aid.
  10. Yeah, I hope Ferland fights only when the other team runs our star players....we don't need him to have staged fights with other goons. We need him to go after the other teams star players when the other team runs our star players...let the other team's goon come to him. Wolf mentality is what we need from Ferland...not wasted staged fighting
  11. It's kind of an applied science....coaching that is.
  12. checkout the Dallas Stars first, third and fourth goals.... Great examples of setting up the "Attack Triangle" (especially goal #4), very simple play and it looks complicated but it is not. watch how the puck is distributed wide every time coming over the blue line, either by skating it wide or passing it wide; this act sets up the "attack triangle" because it spreads the defending "D"....once the puck is wide, the other players know exactly where to go and the puck carrier knows where the other players will be...(trailing and heading for the net), if the pass is to the trailer, then the trailing player knows he has a player wide and a player heading to the net as well. This is a very simple and effective play that the Dallas Stars set up almost every time they cross the blue line on the rush. TG needs to get the Canucks to do this every time on the rush because it is a hard play to defend (the best way to defend it is to step up quickly on the player taking the puck wide...give him no space). Very hard to do especially when the rushing team has more players than the defending team on the rush.
  13. seeing a lot of WD in Green....release the hounds... Horvat is playing like an individual, right now, the play dies on his stick, he needs to start using his team mates by setting up simple plays.
  14. Yup....a lot of individual play. the Seguin goal is an example of a simple play being executed and when it is executed, it looks complicated. Same thing with initiating a neutral zone regroup to maintain puck possession, rather than dump and chase and giving up possession....the regroup is so simple that when executed it looks complicated...the players need to start doing these simple team systems so that they can read off each other....if things are kept simple, then it's easier for the players to read off each other. When they start reading off each other with simple plays, then it will start to look complicated but in fact the plays are simple.