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  1. I don't know.....for me an NHL bust is a player who is drafted high and is proven just not good enough to play in the NHL(they are either not good enough to get there or once there are exposed as not good enough). This does not really apply to OJ as injuries are what has stopped him from getting game time in the NHL and he has had no opportunity to show if he is good enough for the league. I believe he has the talent to be a NHL player even though injuries have most likely lowered his ceiling and I believe if he had remained injury free since the draft he most likely would be on the roster now. If he doesn't make the league due to injury we cannot call him a bust, it will have been a wasted pick because we didn't get an NHL player but all team's/GM's waste picks on a regular basis. Its better to let his career play out before any labels are applied. If one must be applied at this moment then injury-prone is probably most fitting at the moment. Hopefully he can shake of these injuries, stay healthy and get a shot to prove whether he can be an NHL player or not...
  2. Only benefit to trading Kovalchuk for Eriksson is he has one less year of term and is easier to buy out.
  3. Not all from the CHL but just looking at Tanner Pearson and I checked some random players from the 2011 draft, a nice list of 19/20 year olds drafted. We'd be doing well if Focht got as many games as any of the below chaps who are still active and should all add to their numbers.... Drafted 2019 - Carson Focht - Draft age 19 - NHL games ???? - Drafted out of WHL Drafted 2011 - Ondrej Palat - Draft age 20 - NHL games 427 - Drafted out of QMJHL Drafted 2012 - Tanner Pearson - Draft age 20 - NHL games 388 - Drafted out of OHL Drafted 2011 - Ryan Dzingel - Draft age 19 - NHL games 268 - Drafted out of USHL Drafted 2011 - Josh Manson - Draft age 20 - NHL games 335 - Drafted out of BCHL Drafted 2011 - Andrew Shaw - Draft age 20 - NHL games 504 - Drafted out of OHL Drafted 2011 - Jean-Gabriel Pageau - Draft age 19 - NHL games 368 - Drafted out of QMJHL Drafted 2011 - Matt Nieto - Draft age 19 - NHL games 402 - Drafted out of NCAA Drafted 2011 - Brandon Saad - Draft age 19 - NHL games 530 - Drafted out of OHL
  4. Canuck jersey looks so much better without the wordmark
  5. You have your Baltic countries mixed up, Vilnius is in Lithuania, I imagine you had to fly into Riga though as Vilnius airport is quite small. Very small city and yes the old town area is well kept with the old architecture.
  6. What are the odds NG has a KHL deal lined up? - in this scenario he'll come to camp without signing his QO and if he plays well and makes the team then sign the QO, if not then he will jump over to KHL. It's a risk to play camp/pre-season without a contract but could be a risk worth taking. Unless there is a rule that states you need a signed contract to participate???
  7. I don't know the ins & outs of these things but I'd imagine the agents negotiating these contracts take a similar stance to the European soccer agents, as in rather than negotiating based on gross pay they will enter talks with a post tax dollar figure that they want. So in your example above he may want 6mil which would mean 12mil cap hit if Vancouver signs him or 10mil cap hit if Florida signs him. That would be another reason for NTC, protection from getting traded to a less tax friendly city. It protects the player so he gets the salary he wants with the team he wants as long as the team accepts the cap hit. It does put teams like Vancouver at a disadvantage against the Florida teams and teams in other tax friendly cities
  8. I think if Pettersson returns to the SHL for 18-19 season it will be because Vaxjo commits to playing him as a full-time centre. A year gaining strength and playing full-time centre will do him no harm. We could then expect him to join the Canucks for the 19-20 season as a centre rather than joining in 18-19 and playing wing for multiple years before possibly moving to centre. If he is in SHL next season, what are odds on him breaking the all-time single season scoring record, he would need 77pts / 1.5ppg
  9. Canucks army had a good pre-draft write-up on him. https://canucksarmy.com/2017/06/15/nation-network-2017-prospect-profiles-5-elias-pettersson/