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  1. We don't know if we have a stud defenceman. NJ is not giving up Hischier for him straight up. Seems to me that this is moving from a position of weakness to bolster a position of strength, so not a lot of sense to it.
  2. I have said this before and will say it again. This makes no sense for the Canucks at this point of the rebuild. He is to old and giving up young assets for him makes no sense at all. It just makes no sense at this time so Benning just might do it, because that is how he rolls when it comes to trades and signings.
  3. I would like to see one or two of Edler, Tanev or Hutton return. Tanev's value is likely extremely low atm, Edler is a UFA with no value so only move that returns value is Hutton. Trading a D for a winger should give a bit of an upgrade as D the more premium position. Might be a good piece in a bigger deal that includes a salary dump.
  4. Frankly I doubt either are available. Podkolzin and Boldy just seem like the perfect players to complement what we have. I really don't worry to much about size and suspect someone will take Caufield before we do. That kind of skill would be great to get and we need a lot more of it. I see Pod and Boldy as the perfect guys that could slot in on one of our top 2 lines, Caufield looks like a guy you need to build a line around. Couldn't really play him with Brock and Pettey, and Bo gets a lot of tough matchups. Fun problem to have. I hope one of the three slides to us.
  5. Erikkson's deal makes no sense to buy out this year. After next year it starts to make sense, it would have little savings in the first year but after that gives a lot of cap space. Best is likely to hold on until the expansion draft and if we can't lose him there buy him out if we need the space. The numbers work in that situation. Lucic it is all bonus with almost no salary so doesn't work at all.
  6. No matter what side of the pro-choice or anti-choice movement you sit it it has to be recognized what a terrible job Alabama is doing at respecting life. They have absolutely third world maternal care. Many rural hospitals have closed and women aren't getting the care they need. The maternal complication and mortality rates are through the roof especially if you are black or brown. There is also an increasing trend of women birthing at home with no pre-natal care because of lack of access to health care. They have a piecemeal sex education program, that teaches abstinence and that homosexual sex is wrong and illegal. They have no requirements in their sex ed to teach about birth control at all. Birth control access is terrible and sub standard. Gun violence is much higher than even the US's ludicrous national levels. They refused to expand medicaid to help with these issues. They are anti-abortion but also anti-any policy that actually prevents abortion and have no respect for the lives of their people once they are born. It is really quite striking how many issues could be fixed with comprehensive and unbiased sex education and easy, cheap access to birth control. Our planet is on fire and a huge part of what is driving the crises of both climate and immigration are unchecked birth rates globally. When women are allowed to be in charge of their bodies and especially their reproductive cycles, this fixes itself. Globally when access to birth control goes up abortions and birth rates go down. That is why Mexican immigration into the US is now a net negative, birth rates have dropped so there isn't the pressure to leave to find opportunity. There has long been a right wing fever dream about this aggressive for profit abortion industry. This does not exist. No doctor wants to perform abortions, not one. Some have a sense of duty and realize the harm to person and society that can occur when a young woman is backed into a corner. I think any law that limits abortion access that is not accompanied by increased funding to prevent and treat the resultant rise in suicide rates should result in indictments of the politicians. What do you think is going to happen when you start from a baseline of general disregard for women and then back them into a corner.
  7. I like to see that most people don't just scream their opinions from one side of the fence here, that is reserved for hockey. I have personally delivered hundreds of babies. I hate abortion and am 100% pro-choice. I have no right to force a woman to do something with her own body that she doesn't want to. The argument that they have a face or other features really doesn't stand. If anyone has ever seen a baby with anencephaly they will know they look like a baby, even act like a baby at times but they have no potential to be a person, they only have a functioning brain stem. These are the situations where late term abortions are allowed, not healthy fetuses.
  8. If he is really top 3 talent that is dropping because of the Russia factor, i would probably take him. Elite talent is the hardest thing to get in this league. Figure out the rest a couple years down the road. Not expecting to see anyone we draft at 10 for 2-3 years anyway. If they get to Van earlier, great but I don't expect to see them until they are in their 20s.
  9. If they want to take Sutter and Tanev for him then fine but no youth. Really it makes no sense for the Canucks at this phase which is why they might do it.
  10. Quebec is interesting as they speak an archaic dialect of French (about equivalent to Shakespearean english) and often have a willful desire to not learn English. To be surrounded by English in a mostly English speaking country and not learn English is challenging and requires effort especially in the internet world. Many do learn English though, rural kids often will do English summer camps to help. In my experience many also intentionally keep their accents as an affectation. It helps define them as french Canadian. I have some French Canadian friends who grew up together, did the same English camps and lived in English speaking Canada for the same amount of time. One keeps a thick accent, the other speaks with almost none. It is actually striking to see how much better European countries do with teaching languages. I have a lot of in-laws in France and they learn English with a very strictly defined London accent. Like you said it is usually safe to assume German's and Dutch speak English and usually very well. French language teaching in English Canada is often embarrassingly bad. My kids grew up bilingual from day one (a feat I have yet to master but that is the result of spending time in the US education system) and they are often correcting their teachers.
  11. Well sure, from a medical perspective, she has a family history, is about the right age to see schizophrenia appear and she has been under a lot of stress lately.
  12. I will say though her character flaw has always been there. I want to break the wheel but only after everyone kneels to me. That isn't breaking the wheel, that is driving it. Breaking the wheel would have been leveling the red keep and the heads of whatever great families remained and riding her dragon off into the sunset.
  13. John is Ice and Fire, he is Stark and Targ. I am sure Arya has a role to play but don't know what it is. I do wonder if it doesn't make its way back to Winterfell where the rest of the living cast all are. The horse is the horse from the leader of the Golden company, Bran may have played a role but in the era of horse borne combat, stray horses in a battle field is not an uncommon thing. Of all the logical leaps that have been made that was a minor one for people to complain about. Didn't want to see the Mad-Queen or the Dark Daeneris or whatever we want to call it but man it was some serious badassery.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to use Drogon to burn John and he doesn't burn. Like her he is the blood of the dragon. He is also the Fire and Ice of the Song. That doesn't mean he wins in the end. Frankly I think they both die, it is a tragedy not a comedy.