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  1. Pettersson destroyed his year. Forever synonymous with him, getting Stromed.
  2. Who owns most of the US Debt? The US itself does.

    Something terrible did happen. Instead of blaming trickle up economics, people directed their anger at one of the great job creators, immigration and voted a mysoginistic, racist, elitist clown into the most powerful office in the world. ‘He is furthering the divide between rich and poor, increasing hate crimes and burning the world down in the process. Doesn’t get much more apocalyptic than Trump.
  3. Who owns most of the US Debt? The US itself does.

    There has been an economic theory gaining popularity that these debts and deficits are essentially not real when currency really has no intrinsic value now anyway. When a government defines the value of its currency then it can't really be in this kind of debt. Now I am a doctor and not and economist so won't go into details I don't understand. What would actually happen if a company called in its marker and said pay me back. With Trump as president I would imagine threats, whiny tweets about how unfair the world is to a guy with a silver spoon where the sun don't shine and then threats of war. Trump may just be the guy who comes out in 2020 when he sees his poll numbers and declares all US debts null and void and if you don't like it too bad.
  4. Who owns most of the US Debt? The US itself does.

    Japan is also the logical conclusion of Trump's economy. A country with negative birth rate, a rapidly aging population and aggressive immigration controls, sounds like the model Trump is building. Combine that with ludicrous defence spending, an unwillingness to spend any money on education and it is not hard to see where the US economy will end up when the bubble bursts. Millenials should be crapping in their boots because they are going to have to pay for all of the seniors that have spent the last 30 years in a trickle up economic system and have not been able to put away sufficient funds for retirement because their government has spent its energy fighting against living wages. One of the scariest stats I have seen in a long time is that 1/3 of people approaching retirement still have their adult children living at home.
  5. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Minnesota Wild | Nov. 15, 2018

    We started our AHL backup and have our ECHL starter playing in Utica. I would think an emergency call up from Juniors would be warranted especially if Markstrom has tweaked something. Peopleneed to to get off the ledge. EP is still tied for the goal lead on the team. Were we really expecting him to make a run at Selanne’s record. He is a rookie who lost his best winger and has a hugely struggling Goldie on his other wing. So he is in a bit of a slump, his production for the year is already damn good for a rookie and he continues to be dangerous every game. He wasn’t going to maintain a 35% shooting percentage. The guys we need to look good moving forward mostly look good. Bo and Jake have taken bigger strides than expected. Hutton has had a major resurgence. EP isn’t even human. Gaudette gets better every game. These are all great positives. At best we were going to hover around 500 this year and with all the travel and injuries we are still doing that. That is a successful first quarter to me. There are still some warts on this frog. I think Goldy has gotten worse in his end with every game on this trip. He needs to get back to where he was at the beginning of the year or he will be watching from press box when injuries start coming back. The back end as a whole are still not a great mix and can struggle at times with moving the puck. Inconsistency in net is killing us. Marky looks like a platoon goaltender, a guy that can give you 45, maybe 50 games a year not an every night guy, kind of like Halak. Lots of positives so so far but this is a transition year, I expect if we continue to struggle JB will start looking for pieces that fit better around our core.
  6. I love the final conclusion that the facility required additional training. I would say so, their form was awful.
  7. [GDT] Nucks at Wild 5pm Nov 15 2018

    Seems reasonable to give it to Bachman. Marky seems to fatigue and always looks to play better after a break. When Nilsson got to run with the ball earlier this season, Marky came back great for a few games but has lost consistency as the consecutive starts piled up.
  8. [Speculation] William Nylander to Vancouver?

    When a player holds out they have to realize they have just increased the chance they get traded significantly. To think oh no everything will be fine with the team and they won't look at this as a negative towards me when making roster decisions is just foolish. No matter what kind of deal he signs, his risk of being traded is now much higher. I have to be honest, I think the potential earnings for being on a playoff team in TO are probably higher than the potential earnings for players on championship team in the other markets. Just the nature of the beast. Even if he signs a deal that he wants, the damage this holdout does to his non-hockey related earnings will probably be greater than the higher hockey related earnings. This is especially true after adding Tavares who is probably taking up all the oxygen in the market at the moment (though really Kawhi Leonard should be the athlete dominating that market).
  9. [Report] Paul Martin announces retirement

    Sounds like 31 teams announced his retirement this summer.
  10. I lived in Calgary in 1988 and the city really embraced the Olympics and it was a great time. The Olympics defined a generation in Calgary. I am surprised they voted no, thrilled but surprised. the corruption and arrogance of the IOC knows no bounds. I do not support public money being used for private professional sports entities. I think it should be illegal to spend public money on sports facilities for professional teams. I can understand why Calgary would be upset that Edmonton got such a deal on their stadium and Calgary can’t but at some point the answer has to be no. Good for the people of Calgary, now if they could just end that stupid animal torture festival the city might be liveable, well maybe not but it would be a step in the right direction.
  11. NHL eyeing European expansion????

    Would be all for a champions league format. Other option would be European affiliates similar to AHL on NA ice. Expand a teams number of allowable contracts from 50 and allow a local and European affiliate or even better a European junior affiliate. I think better idea is to skip the whole thing.
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at New York Rangers | Nov. 12, 2018

    In regards to the Oilers, I think it was a bit of column A, a bit of column B and a whole lot of bad drafting outside of the top 10 (and some inside). Similar to our success rate under Gillis. Not being able to pull any players out of rounds 2-7 for a decade makes it hard to be successful. The injuries were going to start affecting this team at some point. Bo is probably starting to wear down a bit , on the road taking more than half of the face-offs plus his regular shifts. EP getting into the grind of the NHL season was bound to have a few slower games. Our depth has done a good job holding us in things with all the injuries but we also need to recognize that Liepsic, Motte, Bulldog for instance are really replacement level players doing their jobs as replacement players. There is a reason these are guys that should be in the press box when healthy, we put them in when we have to hope they don't hurt us and if we get something positive then bonus. Most people on here are excited by the improvement and being able to see where we are heading. Only a few people really think we are contenders this year, and good for them, they are really dedicated fans. I was very sceptical of this team at the beginning of the year and am very impressed with them improving to what appears to be a middle of the road team with some absolutely stunning improvements of some players (Hutton, Jake), an astounding debut in Pettersson but also am seeing some players struggle with their inconsistencies (Pouliot, Goldy). Most importantly though this team is exciting night in and night out and is going to get a lot better as OJ and Hughes start incorporating and some of the young wingers start to find their way in a couple of seasons. There will be some hiccoughs along the way but that is team building.
  13. I am going 3-2 Nucks with Gaudette scoring and ugly goal to get the monkey of his back.
  14. Olli Juolevi | D

    We need to normalize our abbreviations here. LD, RD are side they play on LHD, RHD is handedness, the side they shoot on. He is a LHD that can play either LD or RD but LD is his natural position.