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  1. Funny, Tryamkin gets such love but he showed up to camp way out of shape and had to spend the first part of the season conditioning. You are just never going to make everybody happy on CDC. A good third line winger that provides speed, toughness and can chip in some goals is a very valuable guy. They are generally fairly salary cap friendly as well. These are good pieces to have. Jake still has a way to improve to be really good utility winge but is showing steady progression in his game if not his professionalism. Roussell and Ferland may help show him the way, Beagle also provides that kind of example. There are other pieces coming to provide pressure from below. Podz in a couple years, McEwen now and will see how Lind, Hoglander etc progress.
  2. DiPietro is a project. Get him to the AHL and get working there. He is a few years away. Gadjovich sent down. MacEwen plays same role and is clear he is 2-3 years ahead in development. Again Gads looks a few years away if at all.
  3. First of all that is awesome for a 12 year old. Good for your mom for understanding that but not making you feel bad about it. Trudeau would have been in his 30s then so not sure what his excuse is. It isn't so much about idolizing someone of another race as to the horribly racist underpinnings of blackface and how it was used in the US. Does bring up some interesting questions of what should or should be considered acceptable. Black face no, but would it have been acceptable to wear and afro wig to bring the costume together. Is there really a significant difference to colouring your face or wearing and afro or dreadlock wig as part of a costume meant to honour a person like Jimmy or Bob Marley?
  4. Doughty. LA is rebuilding, Laine is what 21, fits that. WPG is in win now and desperately need D. If Buff is retiring they should have the cap for Doughty and Connor.
  5. Good for him. Seems like genuinely nice guy and is an NHL D man. Good luck Ben, accept when you are facing us of course.
  6. I think he looked great last night but he wasn’t playing against many nhl players last night. Mostly junior and AHL players. Good thing he looked good but that was nowhere close to nhl roster. This year will see some call ups. Benning always says he wants the guys overripe in the AHL and these are the type of guys I think he means.
  7. You could definitely see that these were rosters full of juniors and AHL players. Dipietro looks like he is a few years away. These little goalies have to be better at everything and he has an overly manic style that will need settling. Clearly does well when comfortable. A lot of work to do but what a pedigree. Lind looked okay, definitely looks quicker but a couple seasons away. Gadjs looks like a long term project. 20 years go he would have been looking at the goon path to the league. Now he needs to be stronger and smarter than almost everyone on the ice to make up for his skating or will fall in the Gaunce hole of only having the speed to play O or D not able to cover enough ice to do both. Teves looked better as night when on. Like what Rafferty has but think both look 2-3 seasons away. Brisebois looks like will be pushing for a spot on club next season with call ups this year. Liked Chatfield's combativeness but definitely can see that he missed a lot of time last year and will need some time in the systems again to get comfortable again. Utica should be interesting this year. I liked the Miller-Horvat combo, curious to see if Goldy will fit. Would also like to see what happens if you switch Bo and Elias as I think Miller-EP-Goldy may be a really good line and Ferland-Bo-Brock would be really hard to handle and would spread the scoring.
  8. What was the purpose of the drill? Was it for the defender to not yield the inside position and allow the net to be used to rub off the defender. If so Jake did an amazing job with one of the shiftiest skaters in the league, staying in position around the net three times before getting tripped by the goalies stick which he was still caught up in when Quinn went around again. By then he lost position and there was no getting it back Frankly, in practice I prefer that our potential stars not get thrown to the ice at every opportunity. I also don't think it was physically possible for Jake to clear the goalies stick from between his legs, stand up and move back to the opposite corner of the net before Quinn got there. I get that this board tends to pick someone to complain about every year and dissects every mistake, that is just the world of the internet. We don't even know if this was a mistake, why don't we scale the vitriol back a little at least until the season starts.
  9. I heard stats on the news, in the US 27% of youth are vaping and 30% of those transition to smoking cigarettes. Nasty things. As a bridge to quit fine but that probably only represents a small portion of the market.
  10. Hope that isn't true but Green certainly seemed unhappy about someone in the fitness tests.
  11. Nah, he is just in group C. They are running three groups and they spread the vets around. Dipietro likely in that group too.
  12. Yeah it really came from two terrible markets signing their UFAs without arbitration rights to huge deals to keep them happy. When McDavid signed it seemed fairly reasonable, he was best player in league and well Edmonton needed to pay him to keep him in that hole. Then Eichel got paid for a contract he came nowhere near earning because it would have been devastating for Buffalo to lose him. The rest of the league is now stuck with those precedents. Of the RFA forwards out there Brock should have been the easiest. He is a guy that needs to be on a bridge deal. Has not played a full season, multiple wrist surgeries for a guy who lives and dies by his wrist shot. Great player and even better guy but he has not payed his dues yet. He should be signing for 2 years at Bo or Edler money.