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  1. Look at the Centre position. Last week it was Pettey, Gaudette, Bo and Erikkson. 2 second year players, a fifth year player (I think), and a failed UFA winger. Damn important position when playing with a lead. This team is also playing a wide open brand of hockey, this will lead to a lot of exciting games which tends to include some blown leads.
  2. He just needs lots of game action at this point, a good playoff run in the AHL would be great for him too. He has just missed so many games last few years. That outlet pass will be a great tool with the group of forwards that we are growing.
  3. Just for warmup. Why, because someone will buy some of them (and to honor the past).
  4. Easy lineup decisions today at least. LE and Zack out, Beagle and Ferland in. glad LE got his goal as not likely to see the ice for a while if we are getting healthy.
  5. If Ferland can get back to looking like a top 6 winger that would go a long way. We are likely 2-3 years away from any of the young wingers listed from being in the NHL much less impact players. Hoglander may be the wild card there. Still would like to see Brock on Bo's wing and Miller and Ferland on Elias'. Get Elias shooting more when Brock is not there and make for 2 much more dangerous lines. Unfortunately Ferland's play has landed him firmly in bottom 6 so far. I would also like to see Gaudette with Sutter on his wing to help with faceoffs. Just like Sutter as a RW better anyway. Roussel on the left or moved up with Bo and Brock when Pearson is slumping. Jake can also float up and down the lineup depending on his play. Beagle Jake and Schaller would create a solid checking line. Leivo is flex player as can go in anywhere when needed. Good enough at everything, not particularly good at anything. A better Granlund. Motte would also be a guy rotating in and out as needed. Unfortunately though, the predilections of Green seem to point to sitting Gaudette when the team is healthy.
  6. I see them as this groups Blackhawks. A more complete team that is further along then us and will likely be a huge roadblock to this group. They are further along in their rebuild, have a much more complete looking roster with their high end depth at forward and very high end prospects on D. We look better in depth of goaltending prospects as far as I know. A D build around Byram and Makar is amazing and will be feeding that group of forwards for a long time. If you look at how they rebuilt it kind of went in two phases. First came their young group of forwards now the young D is coming. We really are at the end of that first phase. No two rebuilds are the same, hopefully we don't drop to the bottom again but we could sure use another elite D prospect unless OJ turns things around health wise. Fun times ahead. These two teams, when put together play some really exciting hockey. Multiple playoff series over the next decade would be fantastic.
  7. So on Petterson's line they have a winger that can help out and take faceoffs. If only we had someone coming back that plays centre but is more effective on right wing and takes a lot of the tough faceoffs. I guess we will never solve this insurmountable problem.
  8. A few other things may have happened. He may have had a PRP or SVF injection which would have kept him out for a little while. They may have been trying some specialized PT or other therapies and seeing how he responds. Pretty reasonable when coming from major back and knee surgeries they need to look at biomechanics and try and correct things like a leg length discrepancy for example or work with him to adjust his stride. May be temporizing a minor labral tear or something to try to get him through the season since he has missed so much time the last two seasons. May have had a combo of any of these things. Could just have been something private and the hip is the excuse they gave.
  9. When we signed a 30-35 goal scorer we didn't think that was going to be the total for the contract.
  10. Wrong player at wrong time. Money will be too much even if Louie goes the other way. Going to have to sign EP and Quinn soon and they are likely going to be pricey. Too much money for a winger, we definitely need another top 6 winger but they are going to need to come from within or for someone with a much more modest contract. Two teams in the early phase of rebuilds rarely make good trading partners unless it is moving scrap pieces or trading bad contracts. Just don't care for him as a player either. Terribly inconsistent.
  11. Wouldn't fly him to Vancouver to get MRI, quicker in US for a team with deep pockets. Once done radiologist can read in a matter of minutes as would orthopaedic/sports med specialist. The amount of time this has taken would suggest there is a lot more than imaging going on or that they just don't feel the need to tell us everything for a prospect as we are all mostly paranoid hand wringers. Would suspect was doing some specialized rehab, has had a flare of back issue, was something non-hockey related or was in substance program. Kind of reminds me of times when Kassian was out of the lineup. I am not trying to start a rumour, just saying it is kind of strange the non-news for one of their top prospects.
  12. We look like a team with a young core. Look at the rebuilds in Colorado, Edmonton, Buffalo and NJ. It is not short or easy to rebuild. We are just starting to seeing the first wave of youth integrated into the lineup. They have a long way to go. The veteran leadership has also not been great in part because they have spent so much time out of the lineup or have been Louie cruising on his retirement contract. The young guys look fantastic. Unfortunately Olli's injuries have put him way back and may keep him from being a regular NHLer. Next wave of young guys aren't even going to be arriving for a couple of years. There is a lot to be excited about but I think people have underestimated the length of the process especially given we didn't start with a sell-off and stock up on youth strategy. Most of the pieces are there and we can see how it should coalesce but they need more time and physical/mental maturity.
  13. I think 10 years ago we understood that that sort of language was clearly racist. The title woke is new, the concept is not.
  14. I realize that hockey is one of the least multicultural sports in the world. If you look at all of the management and coaching staff of all the NHL teams and the NHL, how many people are not white men? Don Cherry actually was a pretty good representative of how the NHL is run. While I doubt individuals for the most part are intentionally denying non-white men and women from the process it speaks to a clear bias. So it is not surprising when something like this happens, disappointing certainly but not surprising.