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  1. Have barely had time to watch the Canucks much less everyone else. So the good for me Marky, Petterson, Boesser and Quinn. The core of the team is playing like the core of the team. Fiala gets a worthy mention. Kid looks legit. The bad-the refs. First game was called all one way and the next two games have been penalty parades. Just terrible reffing.
  2. The PK has been amazing, thanks Motte and Marky. Will need to stop testing them so much (I am looking at you Tyler). We have owned this series 5v5. They really took it to us at the start of the last game, think the early start probably had to do with it, we bent but didn't break and Marky was otherworldly. Would like to avoid that tonight and take charge from the puck drop.
  3. Careful, you know you can’t criticize players after a win or compliment them after a loss, this is CDC.
  4. Man Myers plays like a bonehead. Didn't like the start of the game. We didn't look awake. Second to the puck, losing all the puck battles. Man got it going though. Best Marky has ever looked, he was a wall. Boesser, Petterson and Hughes are a good looking group of very young guys. That hit on Elias was scary, looked like when Raymond broke his back.
  5. I am a doctor and would be very amazed if he answered any question accurately or honestly. So that wasn’t surprising to me.
  6. MOCA has nothing to do with intelligence, nothing. There is a correction on it for people with limited schooling but that has more to do with literacy than intelligence. It is specifically designed to find signs of dementia in specific categories. Passing it, usually at or close to 100% is the expected norm for most people. Now for him it is still surprising because you can see the degradation in his communication skills over the years. There is the other problem though, he could have failed it miserably and still would have told us it was the highest score ever. The funny thing is the five words they would have used in the MOCA are not the ones he remembered in the interview, those are just what he saw in front of him at the time. He would be a very funny, tragic character had he not failed his way upward into one of the most important jobs in the world. Too bad he does not have the ability to see his limitations.
  7. Finally finished the game. These late starts are killer. That ref really wanted to be first star. At least we got lots of special teams reps. Was needing them by the look of the first game. Jake seemed to respond well to getting sat, he was good most of the time he was on the ice. He even back-checked, that isn't Jake. My god the coverage was awful. No graphics for lineups etc. Camera out wide most of the game and terrible angles through the nets. First half of the first didn't even have a score or timer for PP on the screen. EP is dangerous and that line played great but a lineup with Erikkson on the second, a third of Rous-Sutter-Ferland and a fourth with Beagle-Motte-Jake just isn't going to generate enough offense most nights and leaves only one line that needs to be shut down. That is not a sustainable lineup. Since there was a no 5v5 rule in action tonight though it worked out. Didn't see what was wrong with Toffoli. Hopefully Ferland isn't out long, Rous meh, would rather see Mac or Gaudette.
  8. He had a fifth overall, a sixth overall and 6M dollar a year UFA signing all sitting in the press box last game. Not a ringing endorsement of Benning. Theo isn’t only one with rose coloured glasses.
  9. I think you are right there. Next season won't happen until there is an immunization produced and distributed and numbers in the US get to Canada levels. Other than bubbles there just isn't really a model that will work for a season with the numbers where they are in the US and if there are no crowds it doesn't make financial sense. Baseball is using the Euro league model but in an area that is burning with COVID and it is failing miserably, I am amazed they are still playing. Players already didn't like the idea of signing up for a potential 70d in the bubble. This could be the last hockey until next spring.
  10. I think the mix on the third line didn't work. Gaudette didn't really work with Ferland and Rous. They were mostly looking to make trouble on the boards while he is a little more of an attack the net guy. Jake has a little more of an offensive flare to his game and compliments Gaudette better. Would like to see him with Jake and Ferland next game. Pearson had a terrible night, taking stupid penalties, he could also slide down. Roussel could slide down or out. Sutter, Motte could come out, not really to concerned about which. Really just would rather see Jake and Julolevi in but I know I won't get that.
  11. It was a tight, close game. We really took it to them at times, they really clogged things up the rest of the time. Against a D that plays that tight you need a lot of puck movement and to get the puck on net. We couldn't pass and couldn't hit the net. Pettey and Quinn didn't get room to breath all night. Marky would probably like both of those back but made some great saves in the first after the first goal. I would like to see Julolevi in as Fantenberg was an adventure all night. Pearson cost us that game with his lack of discipline.
  12. Not arguing that. Those people should not be wearing black lives matter tee shirts or kneeling for the anthem. That is their choice as is doing those things. I am not saying anything about the people who choose to kneel or choose not to kneel. What I was talking about was the provocateurs who jump in to any conversation about BLM and start putting words in other people’s mouths and saying things like it is setting race relations back. If anything it is moving the conversation forward. People keep trying to redefine what the protestors protest is about to suit their stance. It is up to the protester to decide what their protest is about.
  13. It is stupid to be playing the anthem before the game anyway. Glad they could do it and receive appropriate support. A few people won’t like it but that is more telling about them than Dumba.
  14. The optimism is to the level of being comical. Favoured to the champs who have been one of the best in the league. I don’t think we are really a favourite to anyone. Close with some teams. Doesn’t mean we can’t beat anyone but things need to go right especially Markstrom. What I want to see is Colorado. Those are just great games when we play them. Would love to see some rivalry develop.
  15. Green has given him accountability but also rewards him when playing well. He is the one who gets bumped up on wing usually, he got second PP time and did well on it when he was in shape and playing better. To say he only gets the stick is not true. Half the players on this team JB has signed saying they need veteran leadership and a good part of the reason he keeps bringing players that are better professional athletes than hockey players. It isn't because Bo hasn't embraced professionalism and what it means to be a professional athlete nor Elias nor Brock nor Quinn. It isn't hard to draw a line that intersects with Jake. That being said, not all athletes are built the same and some need more periods of recovery and can't periodize as long as some. One of the things that worries me about Green's mantra of young guys progress in the offseason is that they won't get the rest periods they need to be able to peak at different times. Jake clearly has a lot of fast twitch muscle and may need periods of recovery more than some of the other players. The NHL essentially requires peak fitness and the ability to handle extensive travel for 8+ months with injuries being the only real chance for rest. I would generally like to see young players have periods of rest built into the schedule. That being said I suspect Jake's primary fitness related issue is that he just hasn't put in the work to build the aerobic base he needs to keep him in peak fitness. That sort of work is boring and time intensive, something that wouldn't really seem to sit well with Jake's personality. That is just a guess though. What I want is a healthy fit Jake in the lineup. When he is going he has a game built for the playoffs, especially if he gets engaged more.