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  1. Don't agree with OP on this. I like Roussell but his play this year puts him in the black aces when the team is healthy. The top 6 is set, the only debate is which right winger plays with Bo and which with Elias. I think Pearson-Bo-TT makes more sense. I think Green will go Leivo-Gaud-Virt. Fourth of Ferland/Motte-Beagle-Sutter. Black aces MacEwan, Boucher, Ferland/Motte and if carrying more because of lack of AHL would also bring in Lind, Jasek. Ferland was much better for us the few games after he came back after the first injury but before that his play would also of landed him in the black aces IMO. LE not on my roster. D is pretty much set.
  2. You can only beat the team they put in front of you. The Raptors weren't less legit because half of Golden State was injured. You win the last game of the playoffs, you are a legit champion. Good chance the winner has to get off the couch and win 5 rounds and 19 playoff games instead of the usual 4 and 16, you could argue they are the most legit champs of any season and all others are less legit. That would be silly though because you can only ever beat the team they put in front of you. 24 works perfectly in that the teams out are the teams that definitely should be out, the teams that are in all had a legit chance.
  3. Nvm the wild. Play in gets us the Avs. Those games have been fantastic the last two years. That would be fun series.
  4. After two months off it is basically a new season. Hard to draw any conclusions from regular season. The good news is the Canucks have started off the last couple of seasons well, hot start on the restart gets you a couple rounds in.
  5. Slippery slope. Aren’t yoga pants just tight sweatpants. Don’t want to ban those in public (except in the cases that I do). It is pajama pants in public that really bother me. That and scrubs. Scrubs are worn to keep home bugs from mixing with hospital bugs. Keep them in the hospital.
  6. Seems to be his best strategy is to sit back, not say much and let Trump be Trump. Sounds like Trump may be starting to back off appearing so much in these briefing after he realized how stupid he looked telling to take dangerous unproven treatments that would ultimately be harmful. This would be bad for Biden. Ultimately though I think the plan is to use the Coronavirus to suppress the vote to the point that Trump wins. It already is what a ten hour line up in Miami to vote because that is a democratic hot spot. They will do what they can to prevent mail in voting and decrease the number of polling station in large cities. Not a big fan of Biden either but my god he is the better choice for everyone on the planet.
  7. Seems to me that Las Vegas has 31 empty hotels. Could get each team and staff their own hotel and bus. Have the staff working the hotels as live in staff for extended periods. Screening then testing for everyone. Could do the same in Nashville I imagine but in Vegas a lot of those Hotel's are mini cities unto themselves. I know that crazy LV mayor would be all over it. July and August in Vegas though ouch.
  8. This all shows what a great job that they do spinning a story. Cash may be important to Trump but only in his pockets. He was on his way to running the biggest deficits in history before Covid struck. Obama put in place a NSC level position to manage pandemics because of the problems with response. This pandemic will kill more Americans than all the wars and military actions they have been in since WW2. Look at the US spending on the military since WW 2. I think the national security budget of the US could well handle a few epidemiologists. Whoever said above that the change in tone is about grabbing credit I think is right. He will now say all the experts were saying millions will die but I saved you. I also think that the idea he floated about creating low, medium and high risk areas and tailoring physical distancing depending on risk category was as much about voter suppression as health. There is no trick too dirty for this man to pull to get re-elected (after all in his head if it gets him re-elected it is by definition good).
  9. I wouldn't get too excited about that. We don't know what is going to happen here. It may be like SARS and fade through the summer to return in the fall. It may be like H1N1 which is still around but herd immunity has reduced it significantly. It may be like the Spanish flu which came in three waves with the second being the deadliest. It may be like the plague that lasted 300 years. Though with immunizations, mitigation strategies etc 300 years is unlikely. I am not an expert on the economy but I think there will be a pretty rapid recovery once we come out of this thing. They should really just shutdown trading for a while.
  10. There is no cure coming down the pipe. This is the vaunted cure for the common cold, there isn't one. We know a lot about corona viruses and one of the things we know is that most antivirals do nothing. Even when antivirals work they aren't great. There are some protocols being tested but again good antivirals are not like good antibiotics, they help a little. Immunizations are at least a year away. Herd immunity is what we need and without immunizations available that is hard earned. As far as flattening the curve the better we do the longer this will last. So I am hopeful we don't have a playoffs this year as it means we are doing a good job. Either way though there is unlikely a scenario where we would be playing any hockey before June. An October start next year is questionable to me but at least I might believe that. If we are successful and people don't die by the thousands people are going to get mad and say we did all this for nothing but that is the exact opposite of the truth.
  11. There is limited value early on. That fades out once we reach a tipping point which we are probably well past.
  12. They are not going to get to play an 82 game season so someone is going to get screwed or you give everyone a chance. We are in a playoff fight, if they open in May and say okay we are starting the playoffs now, those who were in when we shut down are in and those who were out are out. Then we are out. If a team comes in and loses to Detroit then they didn't deserve to win simple as that. If the Stanley cup goes out this year, which I don't think it will, it won't be under normal circumstances. There is no fair hear. Teams can't even get together and practice or use the communal facilities. If they are off for a month working out on their own, how ready are they going to be when they come back.
  13. Yes, it will go through the community faster and herd immunity will come faster but the key point there is the mortality rate will be much higher as the health care system is not equipped to handle sudden massive increases in illnesses. The dotted line is the key one on this graph.
  14. Travel restrictions can help early. Once one percent of the population or four different sites of infection are established in the country, they probably don't help much. Still isolation after travelling is likely a good idea.
  15. Really at this point we are deferring these questions to public health. The most consistent symptom does seem to be fever, in the young and healthy especially. As much as I don't mind discussing general situations, I won't give medical advice on this board.