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  1. He really is scoring at a higher rate this year.
  2. He is one of the best d in the league for shot based metrics and is being used as our top d at this point. It is not so obvious that his d game needs work. he is never going to be physically imposing and a crease clearer he is not but his defensive game is probably more impressive than his offensive game, it is just more subtle and doesn’t show upon the counting stats.
  3. Gaudette's production has dropped a bit, bringing Boeser down at times may be to try to help him pick it up again. I like the idea of taking Brock off of Elias' line sometimes. They both need to think of themselves as the primary scorers and having both on one line sees them deferring to each other too much.
  4. He turned into Jake and wasn't looking where he was going. Jake was in that spot and did lean into the hit a little but what else would you do. He didn't rise up or stick out the elbow. I think Perreault needs to look where he is going. He is mad because he skated into a bigger player. Saying you are going to swing your stick at the next guy is dumb both if you have no intent to do it or if you do. Every stick infraction from here out will be treated suspiciously for this guy.
  5. Despite the added players on the wing, we still have space on the wings, especially the top 6 for someone who wants to take it. Podz won't be available next summer, seems like a great time to see if Hoglander or Lind or Madden can slot into a spot on the wing.
  6. I think the Messier comment is meant as a compliment. It is hard to remember, because he never showed it here, in his prime Messier was a nasty piece of work. He was a strong guy that punished players both when hitting but also when getting hit. Players would bounce off of him and had a bit of the reverse hit that Forsberg perfected. It is a compliment style wise, nasty, dog on a bone kind of player. Certainly can't expect the same kind of scoring. It is a different era now anyway.
  7. This year, Marky has won a lot of games for us that we shouldn't have won. Had a rough one here, he will bounce back. Sometimes a bad goal or two and it just gets out of hand.
  8. Players can only play in the situation they are given. What happened with the Refs is on the Refs and the IIHF. Canada did what they had to to win and should celebrate openly with the joy they deserve. Certainly it seems fair that this would haunt the Russian players, especially after destroying Canada in prelims and carrying most of this game. That a couple of the Russian players took the medals off is not unreasonable. At least they weren't throwing them in the crowd. Silver is the hardest medal to win in these types of tournaments, you just don't see the success, you feel the loss.
  9. 3 cups, 2 cups, 1cup. I think I would take any of those models.
  10. Even better. Pou was leading AHL D scoring but Rafferty passed him I guess. Glad to here his D game is looking good. Haven't had the pleasure of watching him in AHL, just what I have read. Good to hear that is looking good.
  11. Everything I have seen on him suggests the offensive side of the game is great and improving. He is a d-man though and the defensive part of his game needs improving at the AHL level. Look who is leading the AHL in scoring for D, Pouliot. A great example why you can't just look at the stat line and decide he needs to be in the league now. Very encouraging how both him and Teves have played. Good work by JB.
  12. Connor has a team of muckers around him. Other than Draisaitl and to a much lesser extent RNH there is little talent especially scoring talent. He has to go all offence all the time and I am glad he does. He is a joy to watch. Still hope he loses every game but that is because I can't stand the team or city. I don't blame him for getting drafted by the Oilers, he didn't have much choice in the matter. Remember the first Devils team that one the cup, it was a team that would sit back and check you to sleep and the Stephan Richer would come flying down the ice and generate the entirety of their offence. I kind of feel that this is what Edmonton is trying to emulate (though without Brodeur). The hiring of Tippet certainly would suggest this. I don't think the argument of whether you would rather face MacKinnon or McDavid in the playoffs is really a very valid one. Colorado is building a much more complete team than Edmonton. It is still a team game.
  13. Love to see a win where the first line gets no points. Secondary scoring has always been one of those problems that every iteration of the Canucks has had, as this group matures that looks like it won't be a problem. Now if all the cap hiccoughs over the next few years don't screw this up there is a lot of encouraging signs. EP continues to amaze, forecheck last game and just the defensive acumen throughout this game. Nice to have a point plus a game scorer who plays 200 ft. You could echo the same thing about Hughes. Two amazingly talented offensive players that from a physical stature perspective should struggle defensively but use their skills and smarts to be great defensively as well. LE finally scored his 30th goal. Still think we are better moving Brock to Bo's wing. Maybe he will be more assertive as a shooter and EP can look to shoot more as well. Still a mediocre team but in the cap world the majority of the teams are. Besides, as a Canucks fan for a lot of years, Mediocre is a good year and definitely a step up from where we have been. Heading in the right direction towards good.
  14. I apologize for this but this is one of the best malapropisms I have seen in a while.
  15. I think part of the problem in understanding here is that this was a uniquely American racist trope that only leaked up into Canada a little. Canadian's often don't have a great perspective on what may or may not be considered racist in the US because we haven't had the degree of institutional racism that they have and still do. Not saying we have none, we certainly have some and its voice has been growing. I remember when I was about 15, I spent a summer in the Chicago area and I did not have any perspective on some of the more benign statements that could be considered racist. I remember asking a group of guys of various races "what are you boys up to today?" and one of the guys having to explain to another that I didn't understand that it could be considered racist, I didn't have the context of someone who grew up in that environment. Awareness is much greater now. That being said you still see racism in pro hockey. Wasn't that long ago that bananas were getting thrown on the ice and it is not unusual to still here some racist comments towards black players and other players of colour.