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  1. This is a dramatic overstatement and depends where you produce the battery. The Chinese battery production is much less efficient, but if they were to adopt NA standards the environmental impact of producing an electric car is up to 66% less. Even at current standards though, the lifetime carbon footprint of an electric car is much less. This is emerging technology as well and will improve. Also, if you read the article they mentioned that this process could actually be a zero emission route to produce hydrogen. The biggest issue in producing fuel cell vehicles has been that hydrogen production is a horribly energy intensive until now.
  2. This one brings a tear to my eye. Very few bands that I have seen more of and one of them that really defined my 20s.
  3. I like Green's style of play much better than Babcock's. That being said, Benning is definitely more of an old school GM and the team he has built looks more like a Babcock team.
  4. Looking at the team on paper there is a big Podkolzin sized hole on right wing. This is where the drafting and development need to work. We don't have the cap space to be chasing established top 6 wingers. Unfortunately Lind is probably 2-3 years away as are Hoglander and Podkolzin. Looks like a rotating batch of middle six wingers for Bo for a couple of years.
  5. I haven’t watched him in years. A lot of other viewers have made the same choice. When the problem is that people turn him off because of the things he says and then he makes it worse, the appropriate remedy is to fire him. because he is out of touch with the viewers and if anything he is alienating a growing group of viewers, the appropriate thing is to let him go. Rogers as a mega corporation was dumb to bring him on in 2014. Giant corporations are very risk adverse and it was irresponsible of Rogers to bring him on and put him on the air with his history of exactly this.
  6. I hope they send Ron McLean, his chief enabler with him. these two should have retired when CBC got out of hockey. Heck, Cherry should have retired 20 years before that.
  7. I have wondered why they keep putting this guy on for years. I remember probably 20 years ago, soon after his wife died, he looked like he was falling apart and was clearly fairly drunk for some of his segments. I thought then it was time for him to at least take a hiatus but he never did. I thought he did get better for a while but really now it is mostly non-sensical sounds, words that don't fit together and an inability to complete a cogent thought or sentence.
  8. If true the best thing LE did since getting here is refusing to waive NTC to go to Edmonton for this guy. LE in the press box for two years is better than ML on the ice for 3.
  9. I thought the Canucks-Avs games last year were some of the most entertaining hockey I have seen. I can't wait to see the matchup this year. Great job powering through injuries for more wins. Sucked that Thatcher lost the shutout. Do any of these Sharks own a mirror. Karlsson look ridiculous.
  10. This was a trap game. Got some good press for their play lately and feeling overconfident. PP was hot against LA. Spent Halloween in LA, probably not the best thing for a game the next day. Playing a team that is supposed to be poor, but has exceeded expectations and has a goalie that has an unworldly save percentage at home. Was always going to be a tough one. On to SJ, hopefully they respond like they did to the Washington loss.
  11. Ferland and Jake are both guy that look to max out around ~45-55 point players and ~20g scorers. They will be hot and cold and will likely slide up and down the lineup appropriately. Seems to me that Jake has moved up the lineup and Ferland down, so sounds like Jake is getting the better of the comparison at this time. I don't have problem with a coach holding a player accountable and using them appropriately as they respond to the challenge. One of the great things about Bo has always been how he responds to challenges from coaching, we could use more of that and Jake seems to be doing that this year.
  12. Hope they put him in, slide Sutter to RW with him. Leivo can slide down or up as needed. Ultimately I would like our third to be Rous-Gaud-Baer but that seems like wishful thinking.
  13. He is a second year player who has 11 points in 10 games. That is a 90 point pace for a 20 year old. Lets not mention that he is developing his physical and defensive games to try and become an elite all situation player. This thread is a lot of hand wringing about a very young, very good player. As far as the dump and chase, sometimes that is just the better play even when you are Elias. Taking the puck one on two or into a wall of players at the blue line is more likely to end up with the puck going the other way in an odd man situation. Sometimes you just need to complete a change and sometimes it is best to wear down the D especially in the playoffs. It is clear the players have the green light to carry the puck in when the situation is right. Part of the problem though is having two pure checking lines is that they do dump and chase more because of the lack of puck skills. The more I watch Sutter handling and passing the puck though I think dump and chase is the best thing for him. Dogged pursuit of the puck and immediately giving it back is his game. That is why I think he is better as a winger, he needs to be shooting and not handling the pass or trying to make a play.
  14. I would really rather see a third of Pearson-Gaud-Baer With Green stacking Miller, Bo and Elias on the first PP, our second PP is icing Sutter at centre. Sutter on the powerplay. Leivo is sort of forgivable but Sutter, Ugh.
  15. Trading him for salary cap room is a win for Pitts. The way that they spend their spare money has been their problem. Johnson and the amount they gave the other Tanev, woof.
  16. Bobs a pro. He will get it figured out. New team, new home, new coaches. position that depends on feel. still early going.
  17. 20games is that all. Cycling is 4 year ban, UFC is 2 year ban. A quarter season really seems a little soft.
  18. His best value is as expiring cap space. We will really need room around the time his contract ends. Getting into anything longer should not be an option. Probably best just to let him play out his contract and eat the money. Loan out in AHL, Utica or pressbox.
  19. Really solid game. I think the amazing thing about Miller and Quinn are the little plays they make at the blue line to keep the puck in and keep possession. A lot of these plays don't earn points but just make the plays and get more chances. Pettey is such a good player that when he looks off he still puts up three points. In the first period he looked way off with issues that have been there every game. He just looks imprecise. His passes are in the feet and shots going high or wide. I wonder if the change in skate blade profile has him a little off balance. You can see the vision and the smarts but he doesn't have the precision that marked his game last year. He will get it, he is just too good and too smart a player and just seems to slow the game down in his head. Love to see a guy get three points in a win and be upset with himself. That is a constant drive to improve and will continue to rub off on the team. The D looks so much better balanced this year. Quinn is just so slick and smart. Not blindingly fast but greasy and again so smart. Good start to the year, hopefully we don't fade once the grind gets going and teams settle into their systems.
  20. Playing with Quinn may help him stay healthy. Quinn is a possession monster so far. If he is keeping the puck in the O-zone or gaining possession early and getting the puck up, Tanev will be taking less hits in puck battles and should hopefully be injured less.
  21. A questionable hit on one side does not give carte-blanche for the other side to do whatever they want. What Moore did or didn't do does not justify what was done to him. Yes I can reasonably compare a gloved punch to the back of the head followed by being driven to the ice face first (by a man that weighed 240lb before adding 50 lbs of soaking wet gear) to being hit in the back of the head with a stick because they were both done to players not paying attention and who had declined fighting. Yes sometimes players get drawn into a fight that they don't want to be in but not usually from behind during the flow of play. That is the commonality between these two events and what made it necessary and appropriate for such large suspensions. On top of that the Bertuzzi thing was clearly pre-meditated. The coach and team said they were going to get back at him. That is unprofessional and took this from what may have been argued to be what you say to something completely different. It is the difference between manslaughter and murder 1 to put it another way. And there is this: He had already answered the bell, and this is a guy that was not a fighter.
  22. Every professional hockey player accepts a degree of risk when they step out on the ice, it is a dangerous game. The difference between assault and a good hockey play is defined by the rules of the game and generally accepted practices that would include both parties giving consent to a fight. That event was clearly outside the norm for NHL hockey and the degree of risk that a player accepts getting on the ice. That you don't blame Bert at all for his actions puts you way out on the extreme of opinions about what happened well beyond what Bert himself has said. That was assault pure and simple just like when McSorley clubbed Brashear from behind. There is no situational ethics to that kind of assault. I loved him as a player, one of my all time favourites, but that doesn't change the fact that he was responsible for his actions and the ensuing actions when he stepped over that line.
  23. I really don't think you can go blaming Moore's teammates for any of what happened. It was 100% on Bertuzzi (well maybe 2% Crawford saying stupid things in the press), the ensuing reactions were all triggered by him. This is just rationalization from a fan trying not to feel as bad about what he did. This is a fairly normal reaction and pretty standard on CDC. It is afterall a Canucks fan site and you need to be a pretty invested fan to bother with this site. I am torn on the idea of putting him in the ROH. He was an absolutely fantastic player for a brief period. But I really do believe the Moore incident should tip the scale not just because of the ugly incident that it was but also because it effectively ended the competitiveness of the WCE era.
  24. DrJockitch

    An Apology

    Putting a lot of words in my mouth. Never said anything about CDC's reaction. Don't believe there is ever a consensus reaction on this site. If we win the Stanley Cup someone will be criticizing how Jake carried it. But, general consensus of the press covering the draft that year, the written sports sites and the other GMs that were asked were that they were surprised how little Gillis got for Schneider. Now this also lined up with the majority opinion on CDC but again, I don't place and credence on that. Your initial criticism is that I stated my opinion as fact, I didn't so you keep putting words in my mouth. Guess what, you are entitled to your opinion and I don't agree with it. Past that I really don't care.
  25. DrJockitch

    An Apology

    Not even stating this as my opinion much less as a fact. I am just restating what the consensus was at that time. The general consensus at the time was "is that it?" when the trade went down. Now, FYI my opinion is that it was not enough at the time but I am thrilled with the end result.