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  1. Looks cool I might download it but currently playing NHL 18
  2. Anyone else think Philip Holm looked like Sbisa on the ice? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Odd.


      The way Holm skates, I almost thought he was Edler

    3. Baer.


      Holm was pretty sloppy so yes

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      We're going to miss Sbisa's hitting and he was actually pretty solid his last season. If Holm turned out as good as Sbisa it would be great given Holm was free and cheap. 

  3. Thanks for hosting @Zhukini this my first time playing this mode super fun and loved the format.
  4. In my NHL 18 GM mode the Sedins both wanted out of Vancouver to go to a contender. 

  5. Holtby Horvat
  6. Jimmy has gotta retire soon unless he finds that fountain of youth like Jagr
  7. Lol Mikael Granlund. I think Markus Granlund will since the Sedins and him both benefited playing off each other.
  8. Eh don't think u can vote Kucherov yet I think Doughty and Holtby are still better.
  9. If 5 guys from one draft make it onto the future team think about next years draft and 2019. Canucks lineups won't be close to this but I see your idea of the players we have now.
  10. Looks like ill have 2 cups since I'm with Lightning
  11. Im getting to old for this stuff
  12. Check out my new Thomas Vanek all goals of 2016-2017 




      Good job man, im a sub of yours. You make great stuff :)

    2. ItsMillerTime


      Thanks means a lot!

  13. Thats a steal for Columbus holy.