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  1. What time is the draft?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. luckylager


      @Twilight Sparkle

      Mine too bud!


      Hope I can count on you to make fun of them with me.

    3. chon derry

      chon derry

      @luckylager i'll stand in front of you and tell you i'll stand behind YOU all the way LL.:P

    4. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      ill definitely be there ;D

  2. (Proposal) Florida - Montreal

    Makes sense for both but I feel like Patches may have some more value even though he had an off year.
  3. Reason for optimism/create your 2018/19 Nucks powerplay

    Everyone is wrong its going to be Boeser on the left circle and Petterson will be on the right.
  4. OEL signed an 8 year deal at 8 million

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      Carlson must be very happy to hear that. 

    2. Alflives


      He Signed or is expected to sign?  

    3. Cramarossa


      @Alflives The rumor is he and the Yotes have verbally agreed to that. He can't actually sign 'til the last year of his current contract kicks in July 1st. Seems like both sides have been pretty committed to getting this deal done asap. 

  5. (#19) CDC's 2018 NHL Entry Draft Rankings

    Merkley since I feel like they got a good amount of Left Dmen.
  6. (#11+#12) CDC's 2018 NHL Entry Draft Rankings

    Went with Ryan Merkley at 11. Underwhelming amount of RD for Isles. Then Bode Wild as he is a RD as well. You could almost pick Ty Smith as well though.
  7. (#9) CDC's 2018 NHL Entry Draft Rankings

    I know but just a feeling I had.
  8. (#9) CDC's 2018 NHL Entry Draft Rankings

    Kotkaniemi I have no idea why but just have a feeling rangers will pick him.
  9. The thing what makes me the most mad is the Canucks have made progress. The sabres have been a bottom shelf team for a bit now. Carolina doesn't even need a top pick. Montreal is just stupid and has no idea how to run a team. Give the Canucks a top 3 pick once and they''ll be set. Honestly done with hockey for a week. 

  10. Alexis Lafreniere 2020 Draft

    Montreal will give their whole team to get a french franchise player.
  11. Im honestly so sad that the Sedins are retiring. I was thinking they would be here for next season at least. 

  12. [discussion] would you rather? (tank edition)

    Not even going to vote, the Canucks just need to play solid hockey.
  13. Mittelstadt signed with Sabres, Greenway has signed with Wild. 

  14. Draft Poll (discussion)

    Dahlin Svechnikov Zadina Tkachuk Bouchard
  15. Check out Joseph Labate and Jayson Megna's fortnite stream at