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  1. 14
  2. John Shorthouse seemed to be a lot more excited maybe we get him to do that.
  3. Breezer
  4. I was born in 2002 I know about until 1990.
  5. Wake up everyday and hope Bo Horvat signed.

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    2. Beary Sweet

      Beary Sweet

      Patience is the game right now. We have cap comfortable enough to lock Bo up long term. It just takes time and glad Benning isn't in a rush 

    3. smithers joe
    4. Ryanstorm


      He won't sign with us easily, he is afraid Pettersson will take the #1 spot from us so he wants a 8 year contract at 9 mil. Jk... but I could see it being possible.

  6. Messier, he is one of the best players this organization has seen and is a true leader unlike Linden.
  7. Can't drive yet
  8. Even though McCann isn't in the NHL I still miss him on the Canucks for some reason.
  9. Nordiques?
  10. The question basically means do you even need a younger Erik Karlsson on your team.
  11. Really good deal for the Canes.
  12. Filip Chlapik