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  1. The big question is...how much worth can you really place on the TSN panelist opinions when almost none of them are former GM's, AGM's or execs. Have any of them helped build a winning team? The only two opinions I give some credit to are that of Bob McKenzie and Craig Button. Ray Ferraro (and especially Jeff O'Neill) just blow my mind with the amount of hot-air they spout on about the Canucks. They just don't seem to understand that the current lottery system doesn't automatically reward the worst team in the standings any more - TANKING IS NO LONGER AN OPTION! I think TL and JB truly understand what they need to do with the team now and I'm even more excited with future than ever. Now regarding this years free agent depth signings...you can't blame GMJB for adding depth/assets to our team with attributes that make sense: 1. Age under 30. 2. Contracts under $4mil. 3. Terms under 4 years. 4. No NT or LNT clauses. 5. Add competent goaltending, as well as, offense and potential to a bottom 5 PP. At the most, we will have an exciting and entertaining team to watch while our prized prospects ripen in the AHL and NCAA. At the worst, we have young veterans that will help with in-house competition, the development of our young guns on the big club and who we can potentially deal at the next TDL. I really think GMJB has done a very commendable job with this years draft and free agent signings. Look forward to the beginning of the season!