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  1. Brock Boeser and the Calder race.

    Wasn't Barzal drafted #16 in 2015 by NYI
  2. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    This is what I would like to see, just based on the most recent play, roster and prospects Lippy - Bo - Boeser Goldobin - (Sedin - Sedin one year deal) Eriksson - Sutter - Petterson Virtanen - Gaudette - Archibald Motte, Granlund Let go of Bear, Gagne, Dowd and Gaunce be it waivers, trade or non tender, doesn't matter what you get in return as the roster spot is more valuable Lind, Dahlen, Gadjovich, Palmu and Lockwood go play in Utica
  3. Not trying to change your thoughts. However in this day and age of the interweb everyone can be as informed as anyone else.
  4. Screw Gallagher, he's a vampire. He would bash AV when we were on top of the league. Just a guy with a $&!#ty attitude and a big vocabulary. Vancouver media has always been troll like, McRea, Gallagher, Pratt, Kuzma, Macintyre, Price, Botchford they all have or had their panties in a twist over the Canucks. It's OK to be critical but when you are only critical all the time it becomes toxic. I can't stand to even listen to 1040 anymore. They are all butthurt that they lost the rights to the Canucks and it shows.
  5. Archibald seems to have found a home on the team

    Archie is a keeper! Pushed hard his last 2-3 seasons to make noise in Utica. Was their captain and leading scorer last year. Big, fast and physical, sign me up! He makes the other big guys like Virt and Guddy play big and the smaller guys play bigger. Doesn't take $&!# and plays a determined game, sign him to a two year contract. Pitter patter, let's get at 'er
  6. Not totally the worst contract but one of them. There was a few horrible contracts given that year. Lucic 7x7, Shaw 6x6, I know there is another one as well. Point being, at least 3 other GM's got caught in the wonderlust. I bet that they would all ask for a do over. At least Erickson is serviceable, Shaw is slow and horrible, Lucic looks like a caveman in today's game. I think you could eat half of Loui's contract and trade him away for a mid round pick. I think that or have him as the 6mil 4th liner are the only options.
  7. It was a crappy contract as was all of the contracts from that FA class. He is a sound defensive player but not worth that kind of money. If he was to have signed for 15 mil over three years I'm sure Canuck nation would be all over him as much. Win some, lose some. I'm of the thought to let him know there is no place for him here going forward and trying to trade him by retaining 50% of his salary and send him away for a 3rd rounder.
  8. Tyler Motte is 7 months older than Goldobin and has only played 20 more NHL games. At 22 I think he is still developing. You do not know of what you speak.
  9. So everyone wanted a draft pick for Vanek, right? Maybe a 3rd or a 4th, hell I would take a 5th for just one more ticket in the draft, Right? We couldn't even get a lousy draft pick for a perennial playoff underachiever. Right? So how about this, What if with that glorious mid to late round pick we got a smallish undersized Centre with good speed and agility, very offencivelly skilled that hounds the puck with a high hockey IQ. Also was a NCAA all-Star, a finalist for the Hobey Baker and played on a top line at the World Juniors. That would be a great 3rd, 4th or 5th pick wouldn't it. Well it just happened, welcome Tyler Motte Stop your whinging
  10. I know you're being sarcastic however he got a conditional 3rd and a salary dump player which the conditions were not met so he got nothing.
  11. Obviously Aquaman, for vetoing Vanek to Dallas for three First rounders because he told Benning he wanted more
  12. Botchford, I mean The Guardian is going to have an aneurysm
  13. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    Excuse my vulgarity but Holy $&!# sign him already. Why would you wait to see what castoff is available at the end of the season. And I am not a fan of Holland,
  14. RODIN waived

    Let's hope he makes it through. Decent skill, good skater, would be a lose if he was claimed. Needs to work on his conditioning and game sense. He has been out on hockey for about a year and a bit. Also, if you think he is soft you are a clown. I dare any of you to step on the ice with NHL type players. We'll soon see who is "soft"
  15. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Not that I want Virtanen, Goldobin or Boeser to get sent down. However I think they are going to do the same thing with Virtanen, Boeser, and Goldobin that happened with Stetcher last season. Even though they play good enough to make the team they will get sent down to play top line minutes. At the first sign of injury or a borderline vet( Rodin, Upshaw, Burmistrov, Vanek ) not pulling his weight they will be on the first flight out of Utica and will not look back. Just my two bits Baertschi - Horvat - Eriksson - 1 Sedin - Sedin - Granlund - 2a Vanek - Gagner - Rodin - 2b Upshaw - Sutter - Burmistrov - 3 Dorsett, Gaunce IR Edler - Tanev Del Zotto - Gudbranson Hutton - Stetcher Wiercoch - Pedan Markstrom Nilsson ---------------------------------------- Utica: Virtanen, Goldobin, Boeser Boucher, Molino, Dahlen Archibald, Cassels, Megna Chaput, MacEwen, LaBate Hamilton, Mackenzie McEneny, Biega, Chatfield, Subban Holm, Brisebois Demko Backman Europe: Pettersson, Zhukenov, Jasek, Tryamkin, Juolevi, Gunnarson, Palmu NCAA: Gaudette, Lockwood, Rathbone CHL: Lind, Gadjovich, Candella, DiPietro ECHL: Garteig