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  1. I like your thinking but for a unique solution I’d rather see erikson bought out. And something like beagle Sutter and Baer traded for Bobby Ryan or Andrew Ladd to buy out would add way more cap this and next year without adding a glaring hole on d although I’m not a huge Myers fan.
  2. I agree with most of what your saying. I’m not speaking for everyone that’s either for or against this trade. But a few things to enlighten u to the fact why people might not be on board with this pickup. I love this trade for this year. If the Canucks can’t resign toffoli and Resign or replace there other Ufas. Then I hate it. here’s my reasoning why. If madden and a 2nd rounder are on the table. Your telling me that New Jersey wouldn’t have taken madden and a beagle or Baertschi like contract to help the Canucks for the future. Or Ottawa taking a second and one of those above players. these would have helped the Canucks for a few years as opposed to a few months. don’t get me wrong I’d love to see this team in the playoffs and I like toffoli. But if the Canucks want to build a winning culture for years. Using assets to gain a rental the first year out of a rebuild with all the injuries this team has and they’re Still not a shoe in for the playoffs. unless they can resign toffoli marky tanev and not totally screw themselves over cap wise it’s a monumental steal. but if this team misses or just squeaks into the playoffs to lose in 4 or 5 games and not retain toffoli or any of there ufas. This just screams a gm desperately trying to cling to his job.
  3. I seem to remember a lot of insiders thinking the Canucks should have gotten more than just the pick. I also recall that oilers had offered 7 oa and Magnus paajarivi who at the time was seen as a good prospect. But Canucks didn’t want Schneider in the division
  4. Baer was up for a cup of coffee looked bad slow outta place no to negative value why I said package him and loui with a first to get rid of cap. demko is our most valuable piece if we wanted to add some good value the question I was referring to was tanev for an expiring contract forward Equal money is only thing we would be able to do this year unless a cap dump was done as well tryamkin coming back is a real possibility for this team that could help but need to free up cap (unless he fits the ltir usage if ferlands out still) so a lot of moving parts u say... not really just multiple options not saying all or any of these will happen just thoughts I’d like to see explored and just sitting and waiting for bad contracts to run out isn’t what a good gm should do. Your philosophy wait two years it’ll fix itself. Wasting petey and Hughes elcs
  5. The only thing u might realistically see this year is trading stecher for a mid to late round pick just to get rid of his cap. Bring up rafferty or juolevi and sign tryamkin. If ferland is still on ltir U can only us his ltir relief with players u replace them with not on the current roster I’m not sure if signing tryamkin would fall into that category I think it does just not 100% sure. if your looking for a top six this year its be something like a tanev for toffoli Plus or tanev for galchenyuk. I don’t see la doing it. But I could see Pitt doing it. Only issue is furthers the logjam up front and weakens the defence. So unless jb sees tryamkin as a viable tanev replacement I doubt that’d happen. where you will most likely see moves is at the draft and after Loui gets his signing bonus (July 1st I think) if he doesn’t retire. I could see jb using 2022 1st to dump loui and sven. Maybe to Ottawa Assuming marky resigns demko is the piece that gets us a top 6 forward. Maybe a mantha type player (Not saying him exactly just an example) mid 20s Top 6 player that can produce Or at the draft demko is probably valued a bottom half 1st round pick but does a team like Chicago if they miss the playoffs Or just make it and are around pick 10 to 20 do they try to make a move for demko cheap starting goalie for a team that isn’t ready to rebuild. Going from 11 million invested in goalies to 1 mill plus backup could reopen there competitive window. Van would get a solid pick plus if it’s close to 10 that Russian goalie might be in that area 17 years old by the time markys projected contract would be ending he’d be early 20s so all in all I don’t see them being able to do much by this trade deadline unless jb dumps useless contracts earlier than I think he might
  6. Is podkolzin the next nichushkin both highly rated in there draft year and Most people thought nichushkin was the next malkin. Podkolzins development has been stumped with his deployment by his club team with getting zero ice time in the khl and gets bounced around there minor teams without getting any chemistry or time to find his game. has not looked good in the world juniors. Wasn’t on the ice at the end of the USA game. If anyone saw the timeout in the last minute podz was on the ice larionov drew up a play and he got pulled off the ice. I think the best thing for his career is for jb and aquilini seeing how much it’ll cost to buy out his contract from Russia.
  7. There was hope for the country of canada People didn’t argue about how many genders there were saying you people didn’t hurt everyone’s feelings
  8. Seattle expansion draft follows same rules as Vegas expansion 7 forwards 3 d men 1 goalie or 8 total skaters and 1 goalie so to your question... just don’t leave them unprotected
  9. Wow don’t understand how anyone could prefer green over Babcock. ‘You People’ (hahaha) that want green have you even watched the Canucks play. Even at the start of the year they give up tons of odd man rushes. Which you could say that happens due to them pressing for offense. Ok well then why Does it seem the Canucks rarely get odd man rushes for. green has our stud first line playing grinder dump and chase when they’re skilled with the puck. Petey is one of the most gifted players when he has the puck on his stick not when he dumps and chases. Oh and not to mention how does having the third and fourth line centres panic the coach into playing Petey with Leivo and Pearson that was atrocious to watch might as well have healthy scratched petey. The power play yes has had great success. But could you imagine how good it’d be without that stupid breakout drop pass that everyone knows is coming and hinders there zone entries. Yes probably not all on green there but at some point head coach step up and change something. And yes Canucks are cap crunched but they got that way getting the players green wanted. Babcock isn’t perfect but look back to last year. He went TIL end of November without one of his top players in nylander say whatever u like about him he is one of Toronto’s top players. Tavares was hurt to start this season and the cap crunch the management has put the team in I’m pretty sure they aren’t the team Babcock wanted. not to mention Stanley cup and Olympic gold ain’t that bad. green needs to go or change the system cause it ain’t working. And don’t be afraid to play your best players together and the bottom six players in the bottom six and not on the pp
  10. I agree with your premise that we might have to trade an asset to help out with expansion draft. but a few thoughts you don’t wanna give up on or move demko and see him flourish somewhere else. Marky isn’t signed so there’s no guarantee him being unprotected he’d get picked or if he did no telling if he doesn’t hit free agency and come back. Plus if the protection rules are the same as last expansion it’s 7 forwards 3 d and 1 goalie or 8 total players so with the second option realistically both goalies can get protected just quickly off the top of my head bo. Boes. Petey. Miller. Myers. Edler. Marky. Demko. Unless we wanted to leave Myers or edlers big contracts unprotected to cover Juolevi or any of our other guys and option 3 is to do what most teams did with Vegas trade Seattle players and some picks to protect certain players unprotected so not all doom and gloom but jbs gonna need to get creative
  11. I’d say vegas stayed the same san Jose downgraded slightly losing Pavelski and Donskoi. But depends if jones has a bounce back year. Flames depends if rittich is an upgrade on smith for the full season. Cause Talbot as a backup is a massive downgrade. So a slight downgrade. Coyotes got better goaltending still still a question mark. Oilers upgrade in net if smith still has it but they suck. Kings gonna be the same as last year I think. Unless quick stands on his head. Ducks same as last year unless Gibson can steal a bunch a games And the canucks when u compare starting lineups from opening day last year to the projected one this year. This years team is miles ahead. I love the possible d pairings with one speedy offensive puck mover and one solid stay at home dman. Only issues I see are Markstrom needs to have another amazing year and demko needs to prove in his 25-30 games he will get but with a better team in front of them I see them accomplishing that. Playoffs might be in sight for the nucks hopefully. Would love to see another scoring top 6 guy but don’t got the money unless a contract or 2-3 get shipped out
  12. It’s funny how the thing people love the most about benning is that he sits back and listens to the consensus of the staff at the draft table. While ignoring the bad trades and contracts he dishes out that prevents ice time for these young players. and not to mention “he’s so good at drafting” yet dishes out picks and refuses to trade veterans for more picks. The one time he did he had to retain del Zottos salary which Anaheim turned him around and got an even better pick than they gave up. This is his do or die season and he is going to hamstring us with a Loui Eriksson 2.0 in the next 24 hours
  13. Tanev at 50% retained is probably equal to what Braun’s return was a 2nd and 3rd
  14. I think it’s more so that for a first and a 3rd we should have got something better than a 2nd to 3rd liner. Miller doesn’t make the Canucks cup contenders which is the point at the end of the day. Not to make the playoffs it’s to win it all. If the Canucks are cup contenders over the next 4 years Miller cannot be in our top 6.