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  1. I could think of a lot of reason Vancouver does it... petey Patrick and bo down the middle. If Patrick pushed bo into a 3c role. We would literally have 3 sick lines seems like bo can play in any situation and make players around him better. Konecny would move to the wing two early first rounders and a stud scoring d man who if wanted could be flipped for another great piece. So ya van would do this 100%
  2. I forgot sutter put up 25 goals and 80 points last year while being a top notch shut down center...musta missed that one
  3. If lucic would want out he might be willing to let the nmc
  4. That is true. But if the Canucks have a few players unprotected they can do what a bunch of teams did with Vegas and give up a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Seattle to take or not take a certain player. If say Lind gadjovich and some of those college guys they signed at the end of this year or fringe guys are unprotected then as an example here’s a 3rd if u take teves or rafferty or sautner. If those guys aren’t in vans future
  5. Only way I’d trade for lucic baertschi or sutter for lucic and 8 oa But this trade is only made after this trade Ottawa 7 round pick for future considerations. Futures are Loui after he gets his bonus on July 1
  6. Van 10 oa plus sutter for min zucker 12 oa only way we move our 10 oa for zucker gives minny cap relief and shorter term and move up two picks van only moves down two spots and do get a player able to score 20 goals not saying I would like it but that’s the only way value wise makes sense if minny really wants boeser itd be for zucker and dumba minny gets there young scorer van gets stud dman plus a guy that can score 20 goals again I don’t like that move either as I think boeser is probably a 40 goal scorer and I think he’s awesome. But this again is just bridging the gap value wise. Unless minny just wants to unload zucker for virtually nothing to shed cap and term and get something before the expansion draft we should stay away
  7. O yes I agree it should be in play I want it should be for young player or players that can build with the core. Only way I would like to see it moved for a pick in this years draft is if it’s 11-16 range.
  8. The value of a 2021 1st is dependant on who your trading with. Plus A 2020 protected pick might be a little more valuable as they’d get the 2021 anyways if van decided to hold onto the 2020 pick. And if we r looking to trade a 2021 pick I’d like to see one or two good young pieces that can help now as opposed to a low 1 st but not sure there would be any buyers or if somehow the 2021 and 2019 1sts somehow get us byram Kakko or Hughes (which wouldn’t happen). Wonder if 2021 first would get us Johnsson and Kapanen and a cap dump not named Zaitsev from Toronto or something along those lines.
  9. Not sure why so many people on here Say we should move Erikson for lucic. Both players suck but Erikssons a little better. Yes lucic is tough and hits but hard to Be effective when your 30 ft behind the play suckin wind. Both contracts are just albatrosses Eriksons is shorter and on July 1 become only 9 mil of real money left and a modified ntc for the expansion draft. Yes adding lucic might add another piece along with him but with his contract we r gonna lose a key player due to finances before lucics contract is up. NO MORE LUCIC JUST SAY NOOOOO
  10. Del z contract isn’t over til the calendar turns to July 1. So can’t retain more than 3 contracts at the draft. And with the draft picks you have to take bpa but podkolzin (haven’t watched much) just from what I’ve read seems to succeed against peers and shy away in stiffer competition. Will be fun to see who falls and jumps up at the draft.
  11. A few problems 1 hell no to lucic plus I really hate the oilers with a passion. 2 can’t retain salary on 2 more player (Luongo. Del zotto already retained) can only have a max of 3. 3 not high on podkolzin plus the Russian issue Canucks have for some reason. 4 a little aggressive on seider could probably trade down to probably 17 maybe even lower and still get him although would love to see him in Canucks uni. 5 like the Anaheim trade I kno they need to replace Kessler but sutter almost devalues that trade if they r in rebuild mode go buy a cheap ufa don’t need to spend that kinda money on a guy who’s gonna be a 3c at absolute best. Was kinda fun tho.
  12. Wow take the deal and run. Lots of good fa starting goalies. Plus a couple good mid range guys that would spell off to demko. Would be able to sign a top six winger essentially for free for next 3 years. Plus they might even get more than 25 points
  13. Ok thanks what is the rule they have to make the nhl or play til they age out?
  14. With woo being traded to the hitmen in whl. Does that mean he is allowed to play for Utica next year because he isn’t playing for the team that drafted him in the whl??
  15. Didn’t know u hung out in the leafs locker room. But if that’s the case between Edler (assuming he’s resigned) petey and marky as his countrymen and captain bo would probably get him straight. And players hold out because they feel the team isn’t giving them what they are worth it’s not all on the player if he’s overpayed the team shouldn’t have offered it. Loui Eriksons contract isn’t his fault