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  1. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    After having a pair of season tickets for the last three years, we decided not to renew. This was for a few reasons: The atmosphere in Rogers Arena was brutal last season. The rowdy supporter section was cool to see, but they were only there for a handful of games. If there was a serious effort to make a true supporters section, we'd have been more inclined to stay regardless of the team on the ice. Lions, Whitecaps and Canadians games have more atmosphere than Canucks games. It was super disappointing last year when we were in OT and were told to sit down. The entertainment team, between period mini-games, TV timeouts were always the same thing every game. Going to games multiple times in a row all this gets really boring, there's not enough originality. The music always seemed to be on a playlist being the same songs in the same order. Too predictable. Too tame. Too lame. Also, the ice team uniforms were awful. Unable to offload tickets for games we couldn't make. Even when we offered free tickets to friends for games we were out of town at, no one really wanted to go. Also, Season Ticket Prices don't match actual street price. We were seeing people get tickets in the same section as us for dirt cheap, obviously other STH trying to cut their losses. Ticketmaster should disable transferring online tickets just like they do for some of the more recent concerts. This would help some of the scalping, obviously not all of it, but make it a bit harder to buy scalped tickets. Or, just lower the prices to a more suitable price point given the current market for tickets. Lack of Perks for STH. STH should get a discount on all food and drink purchases. Also, the STH discount on apparel at stores in the rink should stack onto the current game promotion they are having. We found that the game to game store promotions were better than the STH discount which didn't make being a STH feel like it was much more of a perk. Anyways, hope someone that works for Canucks browses these posts and can improve the STH experience for the upcoming years.
  2. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ New York Islanders | Nov 7 | 4:00PM | SNP |

    I really really hope the Sedin line is split up. We need to try something new. Id like to see something like this: 22-53-18 47-33-15 14-20-21 60-50-Skille Re-unite the Sedins on the power play and put Tram as net front presence. Not like PP is doing anything as is.
  3. Hey Willie- Time to do something different

    I like splitting the Sedins up but I think it's hard for wingers to switch to opposite sides. I think it's easier for centers to play wing, so this could work just as good: 20-53-36 47-33-21 22-60-18 14-50-15 maybe swap 22 w/ 20 but the way the Sedins have been playing, I think they should be given less responsibility.
  4. [GDT/PGT] Preseason Oct. 2nd - Canucks vs. Sharks 5 PM PST

    As much as pre-season is for players to make an impact and force their way onto the big club, I think Willie Desjardin should be under the same spotlight. Here are some re-occurring Willie D problems from the pre-season: - Bad line changes in OT - Poor line combinations in key moments of the game. (Dorsett on PP? OT?) - Multiple too many men penalties which was a problem all last year. This starts with coaching. - It's hard to comment on his line starts post TV timeouts, but this is something he needs to keep an eye on. Rolling 4 lines just doesn't cut it, which I feel he has been doing these pre-season games to get everyone some looks. We're all talking about how short players leashes are and how they need to earn the next game, next chance to compete. Well, I think it should stem all the way to Willie D too. He should be under the microscope as much as any of the players. So far I have found his pre-season coaching to be uninspiring and really hope that he can step it up. Better game management and more battle level out of Willie please.
  5. [Trade] Canucks trade Hunter Shinkaruk to Flames for Markus Granlund

    There has to be more to the picture. This trade doesn't make sense given our current center depth.