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  1. Herpaderp

    Jim Benning's Trading

    We don't live in a perfect world where everything comes in rainbows and candy. Theres bound to be slips here and there. I think Benning has done a wonderful job with what he inherited and what he had to work with. We can all say that were in a better position that where we were when Benning was first hired. Slow and steady guys, our time will come. He'll get an extension. 100%!
  2. Herpaderp

    Jordie Benn paying homage to Rypien

    Imagine if we still had Rick now, especially when the team right now lacks heart. He'd be running down ripping apart so many people. RIP
  3. I'm not religious... but I think I should make a Boeser shrine in my room so I can worship his godliness
  4. Herpaderp

    [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Entertaining first game for sure. Lots of bright spots and BoHo is going to kill it One thing I hate tho, is our fans. I was giving out the free beer wrist band at Gate 3 yesterday night and really experienced what the majority of our fans are like. Hate to say it but Oilers fans were wayyy more nice and appreciative than Canuck fans. To be quite frank, People mostly were airheads and completely rude. Most questioned why they were getting free beer. Really? Its free beer night... and you get free beer. Mucho turn off.
  5. Herpaderp

    NHL announces new coach's challenge rules

    Thank god. Some of these challenges were way too nitpicky as the length of challenges would go on for ages. Consider it a delay of game penalty!
  6. Hi ya'll, I know the draft is coming up pretty soon and Vegas will be announcing their team tomorrow and you guys are all excited. But to evade from the draft talks, I wanted to ask you this very general question. I got into this very heated argument that the Sedins, BOTH will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I know they're great players and has done exceptional things for this organization, but I truly think they're not up there in terms of being Hall of Famers. Names that pop into my mind is Crosby, Kane, Toews come to mind when I think about potential Hall of Fame inductees in the future. I'd say the Sedins are one class below these guys. I apologize for not having much substance in terms of stats or video or whatever, but I just want to see what the general CDCers think about these two players. Hope you guys all enjoy the expansion draft and the upcoming entry draft :). (Also I apologize if this there was a similar thread, I searched for it but nothing was found)
  7. Massive blow to the Preds Hope the other 3 lines work some sort of magic.
  8. Heart says Sens, Mind says Pens
  9. Herpaderp

    Jonathan Dahlen, NOT DAHLEEN!

    I think the more tiltingly mispronounced is Beiska 8) But now we know!
  10. Kassquatch will unload but I'm pretty sure Anaheim can keep up with the Oiler's speed! Ducks in 6!
  11. Herpaderp

    Olli Juolevi | D

    yep, wide open on the pp and ripped it from the slot!!!
  12. Herpaderp

    UBC Arts or SFU Business

    Offers come out until the end of April/May. I'm sure your friend will get in.
  13. Herpaderp

    UBC Arts or SFU Business

    Hey man, I actually go to SFU Beedie. If you want to be an investment banker in the future, we something called the Beedie Endowment Asset Management where select group of students (they recruit every year) manage a 5 million investment fund. https://beedie.sfu.ca/beam/ Most student who go through the program end up working with the large banks in Canada. A friend of mine actually had the same problem as you. She ended up choosing UBC Arts but the catch is, she couldnt transfer into Sauder as its highly competitive to do internal transfers. It took her a couple years but she got accepted to SFU Beedie and is doing fairly well. Why go into Arts when youre already accepted into a good business school at SFU :P. The Beedie community is exceptional and its very open minded. You get to converse with older students through different programs that Beedie offers. So you'll definitely make friends and have a fun time at SFU. Maybe its because you just walk around the campus that you get that feel and not actually having to know the people within the school! I totally get the whole "it looks gloomy", no nightlife and it isnt as glorified as UBC. Buts its not the end all be all for the reason for you not to go to a school because of its nightlife. I'm quite happy for the fact that I chose Beedie over Sauder. And for the comment about travelling: Beedie is partnered up with a $&!# ton of school around the world and you can do exchange programs to anywhere. I just came back from 4 months in Germany and got to travel around all over Europe. Thats my schpeel man, but go wherever you want to go! Seems like you made up your decision already. You're just asking for comfort from your peers :). If you have any questions let me know!
  14. Herpaderp

    [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Heh, he should stick to hockey . So awkward seeing him interviewing in baseball
  15. Herpaderp

    [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Wait... was it just me or did Bob Mckenzie's son just say "way to win with the bases fully load and getting a walk off grandslam homerun"