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  1. Don't forget to mention the Dallas goalie lifting the net off on purpose because his skate was broken. The three blind mice missed that one as well. Or should I say ignored that one as well.
  2. If i'm one of the teams chasing Dallas for a playoff spot I would be pissed about the non call on the thrown stick.
  3. Yet earlier this year Toronto had no problem holding up play to call in a penalty for us.
  4. Hansen received a game for trying to catch a puck and clipping a guy with his elbow. But an intentional spinning elbow just nets you a fine.
  5. Why do all the tree's in B.C. lean to the east? Because Toronto SUCKS.
  6. Once again I have to miss the start of a game to satisfy the people out east. It's bad enough i miss almost all eastern games because of start times. Now i get to miss the start of home games to.
  7. Black '47 7/10 A very dark movie that speaks volumes without much speaking.
  8. If only our citizens in China received the same right's and treatment as she has.
  9. What are the odds Rogers cuts part of the game for preseason baseball.