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  1. I love dessert!!!!!!!!! Like really love dessert!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Alflives


      I love Scotch!!!!! Like really love Scotch!!!!!  (and cats:)

    2. MikeBossy


      Mmmmmmmmm Cheesecake :)


    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      I believe Brilac is more interested in beefcake.:P





  2. I really like these new jerseys! This is my thing!
  3. I like to read both horoscopes, and sort it all out. Like a Taurus, I can be stubborn.
  4. I am an Aries and a Taurus depending on which source I read.
  5. Enjoying the sunshineirre!  It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow!

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    2. coastal.view


      yeah was a nice day today

      a bit heaty

      but good

    3. brilac


      Yeah, enjoying the weather with my red sunglasses!  Ate a cheeseburger at Dick's Drive-In, and turned the corner and thought the green pizza at Hot Mama's Pizza sounds great!  Now it is walking to downtown.

    4. 6string


      I'm enjoying the heat too, the heat on the Raptors Thursday night  :)

  6. I love cheese!  Cheese sticks, Pringles with cheese, cheese and crackers, Cheetos, cheese on a pizza, nachos.  I really love cheese!  Is cheese bad if you snack on it throughout the day?

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      The closest I’ve been to Paris was when I was in Dallas (Paris, TX that is :P).  Been to the “Eiffel Tower” in Vegas.::D

    3. brilac
    4. Ghostsof1915


      Paris is amazing, but I'd live outside of the city because traffic is crazy. 


      Especially these little quiet corners of the city.




  7. Yeah, drinking the champagne. I love champagne. I am also listening to NKOTB. I was thinking about them, when I was age 8, and my friend and I would watch them for hours on VHS. Joey was my favorite, and now in my mid 30's, I really like their newer songs, and Jordan is my favorite. Oh yeah, on another note, I was at their concert last week, and was in the VIP area before the show, it was just a 4 star ticket, and Joey was riding around on a banana bicycle in the back, and no one noticed, and I was just watching this, starring. It was one of those moments watching this, and no one is seeing this. I'm sure if the ladies saw him, they would be like - JOE, JOEY. But they all saw Jordan.
  8. I'm drinking sparkling wine at a tasting room, and gosh I keep starring at this, and looking at parts individually.  I love it!  It's art all put together. 



    1. 6string


      I'm drinking beer and see empty bottles. It's art all pull together, what a coincidence :)imagesW1OHVA9V.jpgmini.jpg.413bb298645c786eda4200d15cd4de8a.jpg

    2. brilac


      That is art.  You can put them together forming a design or pattern, have all the labels facing forward.  Like wine bottles for example. Some have unique labels on them.  So if you buy many bottles of wine, you can organize them, making a nice formation.  Something like that.  Art is art.  Art is anything. 

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      @6string  I don’t leave any unbroken beer bottles or unsmashed empty cans around me....



  9. Getting my name buthered. I have an Irish first name and a French last name, and it's easy to say. At least I'm nice about it, but I have had my name buthered ever since I can remember. And my first name is a very easy Irish name to say.
  10. Getting my hair colored.  They serve complimentary wine! 

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    2. brilac


      I'm having this now.



    3. brilac


      This is how the hair used to look.  Blonde highlights are not my thing ~



    4. brilac


      It was a good job, but I am more settle.

  11. I confess ~ I had my hair highlighted, and I am not too crazy about it.
  12. Gosh! You're making me hungry!
  13. I'm feeling sick, like alergies.  I think poutine and champagne will do great.

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    2. goalie13


      I generally go to hot wings as my remedy.  They can really clear out the sinuses.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Always works. 

    4. brilac


      I feel great right now.  That champagne and poutine definitely cleared up my sinuses. I even remembered to pick up kitty treats at the pet store, and went grocery shopping.

  14. I went to the NKOTB concert last night.  Yeah! 

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    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly


      You must be under 25 to not know who they are. Can't tell if you are joking here. Either way, gave me a chuckle...


      @Chip Kelly. Im over 25:lol: Google just helped me out..Ive heard of them but cant say i heard their music.

      Grew up on Am radio and Country so im not suprised i didnt make the connection



      I always assume its some rapper.

      They have some creative Names/Titles