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  1. Been watching That Girl. It's a TV show from the late 1960's - early 1970's.
  2. Governor Jay Inslee has issued a Stay-at-Home order for WA State! Finally!
  3. I baked a cake once... I didn’t know that batter rises when baking, so I put the batter in one pan, and put it in the oven. Part way through, the cake started smoking, so I took it out, put it on a plate, and cooked it in the microwave. Once it was done, I let it sit, and frosted it. Then I cut a piece out to eat. It was a miniature cake and lopsided.
  4. I would love to continue working from home. My work wants me to come in one day next week if something at the office needs to be done. I'm terrified, and I have so much anxiety, and even thinking about getting into an Uber making my way into work terrifies me. I've have not left the home since last Wednesday. I stood outside my door to get some fresh air, just starring, and I saw a plane in the sky going north. They were most likely going to Alaska.
  5. I like older programs like Get Smart and Bewitched. So as soon as I connect the cords from my DVD player to my TV, I will be watching them. Also Psych and Desperate Housewives on Amazon Prime through my Roku.
  6. For those who get Komo on TV, there’s a special on the Coronavirus right now - 3pm.

    1. BlastPast


      For those of you who own a TV and get any possible channel there is something on the Coronavirus on right now, it's any hour of the day.

    2. brilac


      You know @BlastPast, of course there is something on the Coronavirus at all times of the day, and this is affecting everyone.  And any information on this, and if someone wants to tune in to Komo for their special, I highly encourage it.  We are in this together. 

    3. BlastPast


      Oh , I know. It wasn't personal, I was just taking the piss.

  7. I told my parents that too. They live on an Island, and they agreed to keep their distance, and stay home.
  8. That's exciting! Did your's come with Mario 1 with Duck Hunt?
  9. I'm on the intermittent fasting diet.  Trying to get my food in before 6:30pm. 

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    2. brilac


      Yeah, I take a multivitamin and vitamin d in the morning, and vitamin b+c in the evening.  I used to be thinner at one time.  Once I gained 20 pounds in 2015, and lost 10 of it.  It's hard to fit into jeans.  

    3. I.Am.Ironman


      Protein is also extremely important for immunity. I have been doing time restricted eating for just over 2 months now and am pleased with how I fell. It really isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I usually have a 6-7 hour feeding window.

    4. Unknown1995


      It's really hard at the beginning but 3 weeks into it, I found it to be much easier. Afterwards, it was effortless. 

  10. What, the Bachelor?

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      I would give them a INDIAN GIVER WEDDING GIFT,if they don't last a year I want my gift back.


      No racial cogitations AT ALL,just to make myself clear.

    3. debluvscanucks


      He kind of did that with the ring....

    4. brilac


      Have you heard?  Peter and Madison have ended their relationship!  Less than week after the Bachelor Finale. 

  11. I think I need a treadmill. Will those electric ones work fine with it plugged into a regular power source on the wall?  Is a manual treadmill better?

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    2. brilac


      But I am looking for great, fantastic ideas for a treadmill brand or exercise bike. 

    3. goalie13


      We used to have a treadmill.  Twice.  I recommend looking for a used one.  Treadmills are one of those things that are frequently bought with good intentions, but then sit around unused for years.

    4. Alflives


      Nope, we’ve never had a treadmill, but one of my brother’s did.  He found out to have it facing something to watch while using it was best.  He liked it though, and used it often.  He’d watch TV while walking on it.  Then he got old, and (while believing he was still on his treadmill) walked right out onto the street.  He loved the 

      TV show, “Streets of SAN Francisco”.  After that, he only ate Rice-a-Roni.  

  12. Woohoo!! It takes me back to the Nintendo and Super Nintendo years! How friends and I would play NES and SNES for hours on end, and when the NES started pixilating or not working, we would blow many times into the NES to clean out the dust or whatever it would do to to work.
  13. @Tre Mac, that is adorable! What is kitty's name?
  14. My show is on!  It's the Season Finale!

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      This show? :P



    2. brilac


      I think this show is only 2 hours tonight, and then it is on again tomorrow night.  We may not know who Peter picks until tomorrow night!

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      He picks the mystery box.

  15. I took frozen vegetables, chicken, and pepper, and mixed it with Top Ramen, minus the flavor packet. It tastes good, and the ramen is 0.20$ each.