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  1. Gosh! I love those Handi Snacks!  Doubled up on the Handi Snacks for Dinner with the Kombucha, and those bite size chocolate bars for dessert! 

    1. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      I made peanut butter fingers, so good comparable to Purdies.  

  2. I've been taking college classes there and here. This quarter I am taking English, and previously selected Business as a major. I'm not 100% about Business. I like numbers and putting things together, but I'm excited about Fashion. I initially went to college for Fashion when I was 17 and graduated at 19, but it was for another Fashion degree, not Fashion Design, and have been thinking a lot about Fashion Design. Right now, I work for a software company, and have been doing what I have been doing for many years, and it's good to spice up careers.
  3. On another note, I am so burnt out right now, burnt out from everything, and I am so collective as I appear on the outside, and my head is foggy. How do you make your head un-foggy?
  4. Yeah, I have relatives from all over the place that originated from countries and settled somewhere else. I even had family who were originally from the U.K., then grew up in South Africa, and then moved to Vancouver in 2000, and then last I heard, they moved to Montreal several years ago. Canada was a much easier country to move to than the U.S. at the time, and plus their son lived in Vancouver.
  5. I don't know, I've always thought of Australia as Australia. Your comment remind me of when my mother found a picture of my grandmother on someone's from Australia. She asked the person how she knew my grandmother, and the person advised that they knew her. My grandmother never said a word of it, she even said that she forgot her first language when I asked her as a child. When her family came here from Yugoslavia, some went to Australia, and some went to the U.S. We thought the majority of them came to the U.S., and some stayed in Yugoslavia.
  6. Congrats to the Horvat family!!
  7. I’m not too crazy about who has the naming rights, but I really like how rain water will be in the ice. I like re-use like that. It will be very interesting for me when Seattle has it’s first Season. Like who do I root for, and what do I wear when the Habs or Canucks come to town?! Do I stay home, and watch the game while drinking champagne?
  8. Great, I’ve been taking a hot shower every night, and the back of my legs have improved, no more pain, and I went walking this evening for 40 minutes, enjoying the neighborhood, looking at pretty trees and flowers. Found these today. I used to really enjoy doing things like this. For the Grouse Grind, that was tough, and all I could think about was the pancakes at the top, like pancakes!
  9. Oh my goodness Tre Mac, I went walking the other day at 6am with my face mask on at 6am for 50 minutes. Walked up a few hills, and really enjoyed walking. I had not been out in months. Well, the back of my legs above the knees hurt! It hurts to walk, my goodness! Any ideas on how to make the pain go away?
  10. Governor Jay Inslee today made it mandatory for everyone in WA state wear face masks when out. I like Jay, but we need to act sooner on decisions.
  11. I used to live in that area for many years, and then moved downtown for a year, and then moved where I am at now. Where I live, the bridge is closed, and you have to find alternate routes to get downtown for drivers. I like the neighborhood I live in, but living in a small town would be really nice. Like the Olympic Peninsula, or an island in the Puget Sound.
  12. That’s too bad! I would like to get outside. The number of cases have gone up in Seattle and the rest of King county. We moved onto Phase 2 today. The restaurants can now have a 50% capacity. I will not be going to restaurants until Phase 4 happens or beyond. I have not been to the grocery store in months nor outside to walk. I’ve been a pro at being inside, and when you see the horror on tv, especially in March with freezer trucks in NYC, that image stays with you. Just sitting around on the yoga mat right now, eating out of the bag of chocolate, drinking kombucha, and listening to Georgie Girl songs. Dedicating them to the cat.
  13. Really gotta stop eating these! ~. 114001F3-5C80-4CD8-B7FB-1501E8ED03E5.thumb.jpeg.c7b0828d097933ac96fefc420c7878d0.jpeg

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      Did you eat them with a fork and knife?:P



    2. brilac


      I just eat about everything with a fork and knife!  Except for my chocolate unless it is on a plate, string cheese, and handi snacks.  And except for sushi and pad thai, I eat those with chopsticks. 

  14. How are you feeling today? That's great that you had been jogging. I would love to get outside. Maybe next week.
  15. I confess ~ I've had some interesting past experiences at the border/customs. When I would fly up to Vancouver, they tend to ask more questions than when I fly over to Montreal. When I fly to Montreal, I've never been asked what my purpose was being there, instead they look at my declaration form, and say merci, followed by thank you. But when I would fly up to Vancouver, sometimes it was like a Q&A session, and sometimes I would get by with one question or a thank you. Once I was not paying attention in line, and the agent said next, and I did not respond, so the agent said it in French. I realized it was my turn. The last time I flew up to Vancouver was for the Draft, and I thought before hand how I could make the customs interaction quick, so when I spoke to the agent, I got excited about the Draft and smiled, so that was it, just one question. Another I was busing back to Seattle, and the agent asked me who won the Canucks game. I really did not know. I was drinking at the game. He knew, and told me who won. Another time again I was busing back to Seattle, and we got to the border, and stayed on the bus for 30-45 minutes. Later found out another bus at the border, one of the passengers got caught with drugs. Another time, I sat by two British passengers who had a plant, and overheard them talking about the plant, and them thinking that it was probably not a big deal to take the plant across the border. Once everyone else on the bus was cleared, we waited, and finally they get on the bus, and I could hear them how they could not believe how the agent was due to the plant. Yeah... agents are not happy about plants and other things you cannot take across the border. When I came back from London in January, I spent over an hour at customs. They were not satisfied with my purchases. I was over the limit. And while the agent was calculating the cost of my purchase to US dollars, I thought how I could get out of paying duty, so I small talked, casual conversion while he was going through my things and calculating my purchases, and the agent was very kind to waive the duty, and explained to me what the limit was, and I thanked him. Now days, I don't think I will be flying nor busing to other countries. But those were fun times! Going to Canucks games in Vancouver, spending the day in Victoria, flying to Montreal for the Playoffs and going to Quebec City or Ottawa by train from Montreal.