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  1. The Workout Thread

    I lost a pound this week, and am still keeping at it. Today I went to the gym, and did a 20-min cardio, and then went to the park and walked the trail and waterfront. I had this great idea to climb this really steep hill, and realized it was not a so good idea when I was half way up. I was sliding everywhere I stepped, so I crouched down to my bottom and slid down. I was filthy. After that, I got on the bus, and went back to the gym, and did a 15-min run, and a 5-min cardio cool down. I'm keeping at it. I have 7 more pounds to go.
  2. The Definitive Thread of Unequivocal Boredom

    I was thinking the time I went to Ottawa for the day. I took the train from Montreal. I had never been to Ottawa, and it was something to do, something fun. It's a 2 hour train ride from Montreal. I got to Ottawa, and took the bus downtown. I was not sure where I was going, but I saw Parliament Hill after 20 minutes on the bus, so I rang the bell, and got off. I walked around. I couldn't get close to Parliament Hill. There was security, many of the entrances were blocked off. They must have been in Session, and it was the Morning. Then around noon, I saw a barcade of security driving out, and I thought - ooh, it must be out to lunch for JT! Woohoo. Then I was able to get closer to Parliament Hill. After that, I found a dessert place close by. Ate dessert and drank coffee, and walked around. Then went back to Montreal during the Evening which I knew it was time, when I went back to Parliament Hill after dessert, when I was right under the clock, this guy in an uniform and sunglasses, looking very stern starting starring at me, and would not stop starring. I knew it was time to leave. I was just taking pictures under the clock. So I turned around, casually walked away, and went back where I catch the bus to the train station. I really like Montreal, and I enjoy taking day trips by train when I am there, or tourism at night. I having a little bit of wine on particular night at a restaurant while eating my meal and dessert, and came up the the idea of 'Tourism at Night.' Where I walk around looking at buildings/historic sites at night oohing and awing. I was going to taxi it up or walk to Mont Royal, but I this was after a bit of wine. Another time I went to Montreal, after landing and taking the bus to downtown, I checked into the hotel, and went to the Bell Centre. There's statues of players right outside. I knew it was selfie time. What else does someone do after they arrive in Montreal? Another time, I took a day trip to Quebec City. It's a 4 hour train ride from Montreal. I love the history there, and walking around, and stopped for Lunch, and of course wine and dessert with food. It's funny because people always ask me for directions in Montreal, and I even got asked for directions in Quebec City and Ottawa, and I never really know where I am going. And another time, back in 2015, I had half my head shaved in the form of a CH logo at FanJam. I was very popular that weekend. I was in 2 online publications that weekend. Everyone went crazy taking my picture when I sat down to get the CH logo. When about to get the CH logo, the person who was going to do it, asked me if I really wanted to do this, that I had pretty hair, and I was like - yeah! Then when this has happening, everyone was taking my picture, and I thought to myself - smile!
  3. The Definitive Thread of Unequivocal Boredom

    That sounds very tasty. I've been eating cookie butter with fruit, and that would be very tasty on top of Belgium waffles with fruit. Cookie butter is great. It's 90 calories a serving, and tastes great with fruit. I was thinking the time when I did the Grouse Grind Challenge, and thinking while doing it, there's pancakes at the top. I've done the Grouse Grind 2x. The first time I did it, someone called me, and I was like - oh yeah, just doing the Grouse Grind. I am either going to do it in August or September, but it is hot right now. It was 91F in Seattle today, so the weather is probably hot in Vancouver.
  4. The Workout Thread

    I have about 8 pounds to lose until I am in the mid 120's. Has anyone tried intermittent fasting where you eat within an 8 hour window? I heard those some benefits to it, and have been doing it since Sunday. I am going to try it for a week, and see how the scale goes. Plus I've been working out a lot, getting my sweat on.
  5. The Definitive Thread of Unequivocal Boredom

    I used to frequent the restaurants a lot, as well as drink wine. I've cut down on the wine, and drink more Kombucha. When I lived on the Olympic Peninsula, I used to drink 2 glasses to a bottle some days, not everyday, but some. I was a lush, and really enjoyed the local wineries. I was 22. Plus I really enjoyed taking the ferry over to Victoria, and really enjoyed drinking wine at the Vista 18 while enjoying the view from that place. I had a boyfriend who introduced me to that place, and from then on, I really liked that place. He was spot on about that. And 13 years later, I still go there whenever I go to Victoria. Anyhow, I used to go to Vancouver, and especially during Hockey season. I had the Ice Pack, so I would fly up there, and sometimes take the bus or train. There's this dessert place I really like, and would go there to have dessert with wine or coffee, depending on the time of day. I would go there, sit near the window, and order the same thing either paired with wine or coffee. And I was telling a co-worker today, how one day, I found it funny that the gal knew where I liked to sit and what I liked to order. I wouldn't say much, I would order, eat dessert, drink my wine or coffee, look at the window at the people or cars, whatever was going on, and pick up my phone a few times. I didn't realized that I went there often, it was just something I would do when I got to Vancouver.
  6. Things that annoy you.

    I got the battery replaced in my awesome watch, so now I can continue to sport my second favorite team! And the guy gave me a discount too cause it took less than 5 mins to fix.
  7. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    Been cleaning all day. Headband, no makeup, in my skirt and top. I put on the jean jacket cause it's cool, and my top is a little bare. I like things clean, vacuum, etc. I notice everything. Now I am taking a break and listening to Tegan and Sara. May go for some Kombucha.
  8. I'm in Idaho!  Just landed and am waiting for the bus.  I've never been here to Boise.  I wonder how much the bus costs?  I shall see when it arrives. I have my dollars and change.Screenshot_2018-07-21-12-50-32-1.png.b5db73bce77321571bbacce2d80d1a10.png

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MJDDawg


      Boise chocolate potato chips.


      That is all.

    3. brilac


      @Alflives you have just inspired me!  I am thinking of taking a day trip to Spokane, WA, and making my way to Coeur d'Alene and back to Spokane.  There are early morning flights to Spokane and late evening flights back to Seattle.  I'll map the taxi service and shuttles.  And did you know that the bus stops around 5pm on Saturday's in Boise?!  I had to taxi it to the airport to catch my flight back to Seattle.

    4. Alflives



      We took several trips from our farm in the Columbia Valley (near Chilliwack) back in the 80’s to get our Ausies.  Always drove through Washington to Spokane, and then Cour d’Alene is right there.  My wife and I really enjoyed those trips, and bringing our puppies back.  The cities were a lot smaller then I would guess.  The people were very friendly too, as people are most places.  

  9. Now this is what I call breakfast.  Pizza and chocolate cake!



    1. Ghostsof1915


      I'm making a breakfast skillet. 

      - Onions

      - Peppers

      - Sliced breakfast sausage

      - Grill them all.

      - Put in shredded potato hash browns 

      Put the first 3 items on top, and add some shredded mozzarella cheese.



    2. Ghostsof1915


      Sorry missed the tomato slice cut into wedges

    3. Alflives


      Knife and fork?  

      Spoon is the way to go.  Get all the good crumbs.  :rolleyes:

  10. confessions

    I confess ~ I shop a little too much at the Banana Republic. Today, I went online, and their sale is an additional 50% off, so I went to the store after work, hoping to find a trench coat. I shopped the sale. Oh boy. I got a pair of jeans, 2 shirts, and 2 skirts, all for ultra cheap! And I saw a trench coat on sale in an XL, and asked the sales associate if they could find it in my size, and they called down to a store in California, and unfortunately they did not have it. So I may have a little problem here, but everything on sale is so cheap, and in my size too. Then I went to the Gap, and they were having a sale too, but their line was too long.
  11. Things that annoy you.

    So my awesome watch, sporting the bleu-blanc-rouge, the one I don't wear to Canucks games, no longer works. I looked at the time, and it is not 5:30. I shall look for a watch repair place to have that battery fixed.
  12. confessions

    I do too! I've been thinking of flying up on a weekday, then taking the Sea bus, and then that bus to Grouse Mountain, and then taking the bus back to Seattle. I should see when the latest bus is. I'm highly considering it once the weather cools down a bit, as well as putting on my running shoes, taking my fanny pack to put my passport, money, phone, and sunscreen in, and a water bottle.
  13. Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    I've only really liked one person. I was thinking about him today, and the good times we had. I dated him several years ago, and met him at the crosswalk on Capitol Hill in Seattle. I was skateboarding around midnight and was at a crosswalk beside him and his friend waiting for the crosswalk to change. They said hi, I said hi, and we exchanged numbers. I texted them both that night, and found that I had more in common with one than the other, and began dating him. He was from Seoul, South Korea, and was here for English. We would go out to eat, he would come over to play Mario, drink wine, and watch Sonic Youth videos with me. My cat liked him, I liked him. I even tried teaching him to skateboard once by pulling him down the hallway, and boy was he freaked out! It was funny! He went for a week to NYC, and brought me back a Luigi keychain, and told me that he thought of me when he saw it, and that I liked Mario so much. I thought that was the nicest thing, something simple. Then he went back to Seoul, and before that, he asked me if I wanted to continue our relationship, and I told him no, that I did not do long distance relationships. After he left, I realized how much I really liked him. Now, I really don't date. Once in a while, and the last date, last year, was not a good experience, and I laugh at that date, so in a way, that may have been a good experience. Realizing that is not what I am looking for. Maybe if they speak Brilac, I may consider it, like Dinners at Purple, float plane to Victoria for Lunch, that really nice seafood restaurant in San Francisco, day trips to whatever sounds nice, and when I asked them if they like the Habs, they are going to tell me truthfully how they really feel, instead of lie to me, and when I think that matching Canucks tattoos or Habs tattoos is a great idea, they are going to agree, and think that is a great date. Oh, and I will ask what's in their closet, for an idea of their organization.
  14. confessions

    I confess ~ I get a thrill when I look at my closet! I love organization! You should see the kitchen! The jeans are arranged from light to dark, the dresses are grouped together. Then on the other side, it's the nicer clothing, the the skirts, shirts, blouses, jackets, and coats, and everything is hung on wooden hangers. For those blue hangers on the side... I don't know why I have them.
  15. Team stuck in cave...

    It's amazing they were all found alive after 10 days. It will be even more of a miracle if they all make it out alive.