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  1. I confess ~ I ate two bags of Bark Thins. They were really good!
  2. When I was in my 20's, I was mistaken for being much younger, and I was in London one day getting a train ticket for the Tube, and they almost sold me a child's ticket due to how young I looked.
  3. I wear sunscreen in the Autumn/Winter months too. Vitamin C is another great thing to use on your face.
  4. I'm the same here with the skin care. I wear sunscreen, and right now I have Vitamin E on my face, and was going to Google Vitamin E benefits, but I came here first. I've always been into skin care, and I really like natural things like coconut oil, honey, and aloe vera. Plus I am getting older.
  5. I took my math exam today, and did well, and signed up for another math course. I find math interesting, and how it all goes together, and I like putting things together. I also like the challenge. I've been doing things out of my ordinary, and taking math is one of them. I walked by a sewing shop today, and they are offering sewing classes. So maybe in the future I may take a sewing class or do Yoga.
  6. I received a response. I am coming in to take it. Brilac is exhausted. I am drinking the coffee to wake up.
  7. I've been taking a math course, and today I had an opportunity to do my Final. I prepared, logged in, clicked on the program to record, logged into the exam, completed the exam, double-checked my work, and went back to the recording program, and realized that I did not click RECORD. You know how I feel right now?! I emailed the instructor asking if I can please take the final again. I have not received a response. I am waking up early tomorrow to see what I can do.
  8. Gosh those trees and water are so gorgeous!
  9. I really enjoy reading the dark chocolate Dove messages while eating the dark chocolate. The dark chocolate makes me feel healthier! Here's some: "Smile, someone is thinking of you!" My response - hmm, ooh la la la! Another one: "Be the sculptor of your dreams." My response: Of course.
  10. Me too. I found this great cleaner that works well, makes it all shinny. I don't use the stove for cooking. I'm not used to cooking on a glass stove , and my cat uses it to sit on, and I am afraid if I am cooking, she will accidentally jump up, and other things. The cleaner makes it really nice. It is Weiman glass stove top. But your annoyance is greater than mine. My annoyance is that I am not used to it, and my cat with the stove.
  11. I call birthdays a celebration, and I'm in my mid 30's! I like to celebrate, and do fun things on my birthday! Like the Playoffs in Montreal, Iceland one year, Hawaii when younger, eating well at the most divine restaurants, taking a float plane to Victoria and enjoying the view at the Vista 18 while drinking wine, and so fourth. I love birthdays! It gives me an opportunity to do something fun!
  12. Layla the service dog has been found!  This was so heartbreaking when hearing about this on the news last night!  How can people do this! The owner was so heartbroken, and today she was found! 



    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      I seriously like most dogs more than most people.

  13. You know when you see little Cheeto crumbs on the keyboard and realize you maybe eat a lot of Cheetos!  Cheetos are my thing!  That, champagne, dessert, chocolate.

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    2. brilac


      They should have both crunchy and puffs in a bag.

    3. coastal.view


      are you sure those are cheetos droppings ?

      the orange man has not been sneaking round your place i hope ?


    4. NewbieCanuckFan
  14. That's nice! I've said this before, I used to take the train years ago from Seattle and Vancouver, and it goes through White Rock, and everything time I would think how cute White Rock is, just in awe, thinking what a cute little town this is! I was going to go to White Rock once, taking the Canada Line and then the bus, followed by walking, but I took the ferry to Nanaimo instead.
  15. Yeah at once. I was super tired. That must be really nice to have a beach near by. How far are you away from the beach?