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  1. Exciting!  Rollerblades - like new in the box, 1991ish!





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    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      I think I have wheels, iirc the problem is getting the bearings out.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      I forgot how much rollerskating there was in the movie lol:



    4. 6string


      No they are long gone, I've been through many pairs ( mostly Roller Blades ) since the early mid 90's when I owned those Ultras.

  2. Received this on my cell phone 10 minutes ago. Haven’t watched the news today. Below that is regarding COVID 19.
  3. Top Ramen! I've been eating it for the last few months, and I am out. I need to get more. I love to dress it up vegetables, chicken, and pepper sprinkled on top. And it's really cheap to make, about .25$
  4. The National Guard is coming. We are in a curfew right now, and received an alert on our cell phones at 5pm, and to stay home.
  5. This is horrible. The restaurants, they were expected to re-open on Monday due to Governor Inslee's plan which many businesses had to close due to the Coronavirus, which devastated businesses. Downtown Seattle is a disaster.
  6. Yeah, I live in Seattle. I don't live downtown anymore.
  7. This is insane of what is going on in Downtown Seattle right now and the rest of the USA. Oh my goodness. There is a curfew in Seattle, and the National Guard is coming. Starring at the TV.
  8. Undesirable food?  


    Lettuce, 3 Musketeers bars. 

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    2. brilac


      I used to go to Victoria all the time from 2005-2007.  But I would go there for reasons that others would not go there for, like I'm going to Value Village, or I'm going to the Vista 18 to drink wine and enjoy the view, or I'm going out to James Bay and walk around. I lived on the Olympic Peninsula, so it was a ferry ride to get there. 

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      tongue sandwiches. you never know whose mouth it was in. 

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      you’ld probably run into a few sailors in victoria too. i spend my navy days there, mostly. 

  9. George watching tv: George on her kitty tree:
  10. Googled Gorge Harbour tonight, and thought, I wonder how long it is to get there from Seattle via float plane? Hmm, I think 2.5 hours, and there are time slots available in August to fly there. It's my way of thinking forward, my way of getting through this. Upt my yoga and kept the cardio the same. My jeans are fitting me loose, and that is nice. It's great to have many pairs of jeans that fit me loose. Been working on my quilt, and got excited over thread that is vintage and is silk. It's nice and smooth.
  11. Been doing the yoga and cardio. Tried on jeans this evening, and all of them fit me loose, and some I can pull right off. May switch it up a little bit starting Sunday. I enjoy loose jeans.
  12. The numbers are going down in King County! Those who live in the county and WA State, we still need to keep our guard up and stay home!
  13. We just have to look forward, focus on that we are safe inside, focus on our family and friends, that they are safe and are doing the same thing by staying home, and that things will get better. This is a really challenging time. This has affected my sleep, and really affects me when I see the horrors on TV, and am fixed on numbers. This has really affected me, but we just have to look forward. Look forward to better days. We also have the Western State Pact (WA, OR, CA, CO). Those Governors are focusing on keeping us safe, and getting us through this!