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  1. You know when you see little Cheeto crumbs on the keyboard and realize you maybe eat a lot of Cheetos!  Cheetos are my thing!  That, champagne, dessert, chocolate.

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    2. brilac


      They should have both crunchy and puffs in a bag.

    3. coastal.view


      are you sure those are cheetos droppings ?

      the orange man has not been sneaking round your place i hope ?


    4. NewbieCanuckFan
  2. That's nice! I've said this before, I used to take the train years ago from Seattle and Vancouver, and it goes through White Rock, and everything time I would think how cute White Rock is, just in awe, thinking what a cute little town this is! I was going to go to White Rock once, taking the Canada Line and then the bus, followed by walking, but I took the ferry to Nanaimo instead.
  3. Yeah at once. I was super tired. That must be really nice to have a beach near by. How far are you away from the beach?
  4. Breakfast! Snacking on the dark chocolate for breakfast! Dark chocolate has a lot of health benefits, so that's great!
  5. Celebrity crushing! Totally. I went to their show last month, and this is from where I was sitting.
  6. Today I slept for 12 + hours. I was super tired.
  7. My cat is addicted to kitty treats!  She just licked up all the residue from the freeze dried chicken treats after our "no more kitty treats" conversation. I've never had a cat who loves treats so much! 

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  8. I'm not sure if this is a reference to something, but I would certainly pick pasta over selling a used cell phone. Which I have not ate pasta in years, but a nice seafood pasta with marinara sauce and lots of cheese would sound fantastic paired with wine and dessert! Perhaps a nice chilled white wine.
  9. Yeah, and I really think it had to do with the luggage, like screaming tourist, and they spoke to me in English. The rest of the times without my luggage, I am not bothered, and if bothered it is someone asking for directions in French. But next time, I have my places where I will stay.
  10. I know, the last time I was in Montreal, I stayed in a hotel on Rue Sherbrooke, and the day I was leaving, that morning I walked to McDonalds with my luggage in the ST Denis area, and at McDonalds, I was eating, and this person calmly walks up and sits in the seat beside me and stares at me, and I stare at him, and he then asks me for change. I continue eating and say no. Then while waiting for the bus to go to the airport at the bus stop, someone walks up to me, and asks me for change, and I say no, and the person got very demanding, and I said no not nice back. And after that, I was like - note to self - do not stay in this area. But I was calm after thinking of the note to self. That staying in this area is not a good idea. Maybe it was the luggage while waiting for the bus that set it off.
  11. It was years ago. I forgot the hotel name.
  12. I know, I like the End, but this hotel, I just got a not so good feeling about it, like an anxiety feeling.
  13. So they pass through customs just like that when they arrive in Vancouver?
  14. I take it as - you spend $20 million on a home and not stay there? Alright now I get it, money laundering. But I see things different, such as why pay $20 million and not stay there.