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  1. I love cheese!  Cheese sticks, Pringles with cheese, cheese and crackers, Cheetos, cheese on a pizza, nachos.  I really love cheese!  Is cheese bad if you snack on it throughout the day?

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    2. kingofsurrey


      Love Paris - my favourite area is Saint Germaine Des Pres especially the area near Eglise Saint  Sulpice and Jardin de Luxembourg,  I have a relative living there so i have been a few times.  

    3. brilac


      I went there because I wanted to.  I enjoyed going to Mass on Easter, walking up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower, the highest I was allowed to go, and I was walking around once at 10am trying to find these jewelery shops I saw a day earlier, and came across an area of prostitution.  This one gal was sitting seductive on a motorcycle as well as other gals on the street.  It's something I don't see where I live, so I took a picture of a cheap shop to remember it. 


    4. brilac


      And I like the pink toilet paper. 

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