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  1. Maybe you have to adjust your camera settings, or adjust the picture size.
  2. That's a nice profile pic. Are you talking about ra-adjusting it, like making all the sides the same lengths?
  3. And come to think of it, I could have paired a keyboard to the Mac, or unscrewed underneath the bottom of the Mac and taken the hard drive and put it in another Mac, but I'm brilac.
  4. I confess ~ Today the power key on my work Mac broke in half, so instead of backing up my data and putting it on another computer, I took one of those really small flathead screwdrivers, and lifted up the key for F3, and attached it to where the power key is. Like who needs the F3 key anyway? It's not like I need a shortcut anyway. If I do need it. I will just take my really small flathead and attach the key from the power back to the F3. I wonder if anyone will notice my unique keyboard.
  5. brilac


    Do you like the Bruins?
  6. There are 29 teams I don't care for. I don't hate them, I just don't care for them.
  7. brilac


    I don't know . That's a tough one! That's like watching a Leafs-Bruins game. Like, who do you cheer for?
  8. I really like her jean jacket! She has a great voice as well!
  9. It's time to snack on the Kombucha and dark chocolate almonds! I get a little nervous when I select the game on my device. It's airing Nationally, but it is not blacked out. Sweet!
  10. For people who play sports, Hot Yoga would be an ideal post thing for them.
  11. Have you tried Hot Yoga or Hot Pilates?
  12. I'm not that young. :). I've liked them for years and years, some years really really liked them, some love, some love love. Did you know one year for a month, I had the CH shaved on the side of my head?! It was between a tattoo and a shaved logo. And I didn't get the tattoo because they were taking the first 15 people, so I stood in line for the logo. I really like the team.
  13. Dudes do, but there are not very many dudes in my classes. About 1 and the rest women.