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  1. Yeah, and I am disappointed that she sent one of the Pilots home. He looks like a good looking fella, in his older 20's. But they are all young, and it makes me think how many are there for the champagne and vacations. When I was in my young 20's, I was far away from marriage, and if I was on that show in my young 20's, I would be there for the champagne and vacations.
  2. Oh geez, this printer! It doesn't print double sided without flipping the paper over, and I have to adjust the settings many times to get it to print without smudging the print. I have it now, it is 8x10 on my printer and laptop, at least I think those are the settings. And if I switch the printer over to copy, it defaults back, smudging the print when printing.
  3. The Bachelorette. I give it a 7. It's the Season Premiere. This is my show! It's entertaining. I wonder how many are there just for the champagne and vacations?!
  4. With hard liquor, at a college party at age 18. For wine, I don't know. I've had it with family on holidays at the dinner table younger than 18.
  5. What is your receipe for those homemade energy/protein balls? That sounds like a nice treat, and quick.
  6. I did 60 flights of stairs today and walking. I may keep it at that. I feel a little tired. I may do the Grouse Grind at the end of May, so I like to prepare.
  7. I confess ~ I once tried to tackle this hill by walking up, grabbing onto things trying to make my way to the top. I ended up sliding down on my bottom. It's steeper than it looks.
  8. Just finished the beauty routine. Washing face, eye cream, and moisturizer. I'm basic, and decided to keep the hair dark, and cancelled my hair appointment.
  9. Kitty has a new thing.  She attacks people's shadows through the blinds.  She's on high alert right now!  

    1. Alflives



      Thats too cute!

      My mother-in-law did the very same thing!  :towel:We started just leaving the blinds open, but then people could see in and get a look at my mother-in-law.  Needless to say the petition slipped under our door required we keep our blinds nailed shut.  

    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      Alf is VERY afraid as Brilac is training a whole Cat Ninja army to take revenge on the Melmacian who eat cats!  Alf is VERY afraid now.  He now eats only at A&W (their beyond meat catburgers).





  10. Do you ever just get bored, and look up places like Alert, NU?  

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    2. Alflives



      I'm often out on my scooter, and enjoying the people.  I'm heading out right now, and going to run over a few toes!!!  :towel:

    3. brilac


      Have fun!

    4. Dazzle


      I am bored enough to comment on this.

  11. You know when you're getting older, and you have to quint your eyes when entering the letters on your TV to watch a program on your Roku?  I remember when I bought this TV so I could see the puck better when watching hockey. 

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    2. MikeBossy


      NO you know you are getting old when you have to get glasses with Progressive lens :emot-parrot:

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i know i have to quint at everything.  i am beyond getting old. now i’m getting the shovel out.

    4. coastal.view


      well joe

      did you get cataract surgery yet ?

  12. I'm drinking the Pink Moscato. Yesterday it was the Red Moscato. I've been quite the lush. And I have a headache from drinking the Moscato. I usually don't get headaches from drinking, and I lost the Roku remote for about 10 minutes, and found it after the cat moved. She was sitting on it. Now she is in her kitty house playing with her cat nip toys. It is 11:55pm. Tomorrow, I am not drinking wine, so I have 5 minutes to finish this glass.
  13. Drinkin' the Red Moscato, and putting together an Ikea desk.  Oh yeah oh yeah!

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    2. luckylager


      A laptop and a lamp is about as much weight as that table can handle. A sonos pod would be OK.


      Don't ever lean on it.

    3. brilac


      No no luckylager!  I screwed those screws in pretty tight!  I am great with the electric drill!  That electric drill is da bomb!


      only problem here is that small tv;)

  14. I just can't stop admiring the gorgeousness of my fridge!  I cleaned it yesterday.  It was already decent, clean to begin with, but look at it now!



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    2. coastal.view


      you might like it

      this fizzy thing might remind you a little of champagne

    3. brilac


      I'm drinking hot water.  I like to get in my 8 glasses a day, regardless if I drink wine or not. 

    4. coastal.view


      i am bad about water

      and hydrating

      i have had to force myself to drink more

      so try to have a tea or 2 every evening

      but have not the last few days

      was better about it last week

  15. So I am either shopping for an iMac or a MacBook Pro - used.  I will see.  Deciding which is better.  

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    2. nux4lyfe


      Dude just take it to the Mac store at metrotown.. or any other that is close to you.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Sorry time goes by quick. Late model 2013 11,3

      So I guess it's 5 years now lol. 


    4. brilac


      That is great @Ghostsof1915.  I am still thinking about my Mac and other Macs.  So I am putting it on-hold.  I was looking at aqua chairs and c tables and other tables online,  and now my Goodwill shopping is in full swing, so I am going to get ready, and hurry up to the Goodwill.  Plus, there is pizza at Whole Foods nearby, so I will eat, and shop the wine isle. 



  16. I confess ~ I am addicted to the Seattle Goodwill in South Lake Union! The have the most quality stuff there. I went there yesterday, and I bought a pair of AG jeans like new for $24.95 and 2 dresses, and I went there today, and I bought tops and a skirt. And I was into the sewing machine they had as well as karaoke machine. They also had other high end jeans there, but they were not in my size. And they had two bar stools I really wanted, but there were too heavy to pack on the bus, and as I look around my apartment, I don't have anywhere to put them, but I really want them, but I don't like extra furniture in my apartment. This store is so much better than the second hand clothing stores on Capitol Hill and in the U-District, and you can find the same type of clothing there as you would buy new.
  17. Drinkin' the Mont Gravet!

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    2. Alflives


      @brilac  you’re over 35!  You do realize I have socks older than you.  :lol:  I get half price dinners at Denny’s on Wednesday’s.  

    3. brilac


      I wish I could get half price, like half price on the wine.  Do they serve wine and dessert and Denny's?

    4. brilac


      So why are you mixing your scotch with water?  I was thinking about this while drinking my wine. 

  18. Sally playing with her kitty nip toy. These are her favorite. She also likes to roll around on the rug exposing her belly. She does that everyday when I get home. It's her greeting. She used to bring me a feather each day several years ago and put it on my bed. I had several new feathers.
  19. So I was reading an article on how 80% of cats have their owners trained, and I am one of them... 5am feedings, kitty treat time, cat food preference, she prefers the small cat food cans over the big ones even though they go in her food dish. She's almost 14, and I don't think she is going to change.
  20. Hot yoga or regular yoga? I run, and I am a little stiff.  Should I start with regular yoga?  Hot yoga is a little pricey.  Do you get the same results? 

    1. Zhukini


      Hot yoga, especially at certain places isn’t the best for you. I would stick with regular yoga if you wanted to start getting into it.

    2. brilac


      I am thinking the same.  I have been running almost every day, except for today.  I am having wine right now, and that does not go with running. I will start with regular yoga.  They have it at the gym I go to.  

  21. I use T-Mobile, and it's great. My plan includes free unlimited data and minutes in Canada, USA, and Mexico, and taxes are included. I even used my phone in Quebec City for Google maps. I was walking the neighborhoods, and got a little lost.
  22. Drinking wine and listening to Mumford & Sons.  What else do others do on a Sunday?  And BTW, this bottle is divine:



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    2. Jaku


      I sometimes go to the local gun range and shoot clay pigeons on Sundays. It's pretty fun.

    3. goalie13


      You want fun on a Sunday?  I mowed the lawn, fertilized so the lawn will grow faster, pressure washed the moss off the patio stones around my house and gave a tune up to the lawn mower.  I'm livin' the dream.

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      Dang, I missed this thread!  I would’ve posted “House Party” at Brilac’s place.   Everyone is invited with the only stipulation being....bring your own booze.


      PS, you might not want to invite Alf if you don’t like Pepsi....




  23. Great, I scheduled a hair appointment in May. This will give me an opportunity to decide what I want done, and it will be like a belated birthday gift.