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  1. From what I remember the tides kind of separated and lesser clubs won which helped a little as well. That said we did tie the first game 5-5 and go to OT, the second game was also close 6-4, then scoring dried up. A little different then allowing 2 goals in 3 games right? Get the outmatched thing and Broduer was definitely the King for us. Back then I was just as stoked about players stats, moustaches and hair I was about who was winning cups. Plus was already in full Wayne Gretzky love mode. It was nutty. He’d just scored 92 goals, second up against all-time great Bossy with 64...oh and 120 assists. More assists then all but 4 others had points. He was also a plus 80. Take away Mike Bossy and Stastny (or include them for that matter) - it was embarrassing. Like putting EP on a Junior B team now. That’s how much better he was then everyone else. Appreciate Ovi and all he’s done, but he’s already shot more pucks them WG did his entire career - what he did made hyperbole seem understated. Bossy, Stastny and Hawerchuk were all world Crosby like talents in their own rights - imagine a league now with McDavid like Stastny or Hawerchuk and then some freak scoring 80-90 more points and you get Gretzky. On the NYI. Potvin might just be the most complete defenseman ever, him or Borque but I’d give the edge to Potvin. That team was incredible the fact we scored 10 goals against them to their 18 isn’t too shabby. And the games weren’t blow outs either. And cool uniforms to boot.
  2. Instead of speaking in riddles why don’t you just say what you really want to say. In easy to say well thought out sentences. What I see from this: First paragraph fluff smoke and mirrors - except for the strong anti-JB part Second paragraph looks like a MG apologist thing. And that’s ironic because the issues we have today have an awful lot to do with him. Post Sedin 2. 3 Calder finalists in a row. JB is sure a bad GM and all (6th best in the NHL by his peers - Before the playoffs)...I thought Jesus only restored you for four days but you keep making up some strange stuff. Maybe zombieitis?
  3. Thats a little mean. But yes I agree. What if a first means Cernak or a first plus OJ means Sergachev? Seems a lot more reasonable (and no I wouldn’t do the latter). If JT Miller is worth a 20th...because really that’s what TB was willing to give him up for ... then why ? Just wait, be patient. We will organically dump the cap. Two more years and possibly a Covid freebie to boot.
  4. Well said. Yes they did. Under unusual circumstances too. Given the names on the cup that didn’t have to play 4 rounds of 7 to get their names on it, not to mention pre-expansion when there were less teams then one division today, the season was shorter and you could suck but still win the cup.... Vancouver truly did just play 17 playoff games and during it go on a five game winning streak. It’s was quite the ride. Tyler Minors finally making us not look like pansies as far as push-back goes - plus of course EP not backing down an inch - or even BB not avoiding a thing. Then Horvat “what are you going to do about Horvat?” Someone has to make a meme about that. Couple of losses and our fickle fan base was heading off the cliff. Then we beat the champs. The last phase was about as hard to watch as any hockey I can remember. We had zero business making it to game seven ... but we did - and for sure it was the icing on the cake. Demko played the best three games in a row I’ve ever witnessed a Canucks goalie do in the playoffs. Every Canuck that had a game during that run deserves a stat. From the 3-0 loss to the well 3-0 loss book ending it. The core guys drove the bus despite no or very limited (Horvat) experience. Highly doubt that’s the best we’ve seen from them. Which is the kicker.
  5. For me I feel they were just adjusting ... to all the new faces and it was quite fluid. Also believe TG comments on confidence being a primary issue during slumps. Not many cores that young carry the mail all the time. It matters. Next season if we end up with mostly the same roster maybe they can improve on it. But we won’t be contenders until the defense is fixed. Tanev and Edler aren’t the answer. Myers was a huge improvement on the R side but it’s not enough. Need one more Myers level improvement to make it work.
  6. In this order. Furh, Broduer, Holtby. Edit: plus the 84 game season only happened once maybe twice I don’t remember. Personally I think it’s time the league went back to a 78 game season.
  7. Seriously? One of our top players ... Hmm. A top player should be what - top three? Top five? Top seven? Top ten? Markstrom, EP, QHs, Miller, Horvat, BB, Edler, Myers, Tanev, TT, Pearson...JV. Ok maybe Demko should be in there too. Maybe AG too. Did I miss anyone else?
  8. Rafferty is worthy of a look - AHL all-star isn’t something to look away from. That said the fact we haven’t tried him out yet is concerning. Shultz was one of those guys and it did translate. Don’t think we need to give up the farm for Cernak but wouldn’t be sad if we did either. Rafferty is also 6’2” - but basically Hamhuis size - since so many people are so enthralled with weight and height (BTW Chelios played at 190lbs and 5’11). It’s not the size but the fight in the dog and all that. Don’t care about size or weight - how does the player actually play? Is he a bruiser? Can’t say - have barely watched him. That said wow 18 extra lbs on Rafferty must be so very much. Worth it for sure. Since we are talking about a heavy “host” cost and all.
  9. Look closer at who they have to sign this year and next. Point is in for a huge raise. And Killorn’s exposure to better players at 31 does make him great trade bait but can tell you he’s disappointed me in my fantasy drafts in the past ha ha. At 4.45 he’s not terrible but not great either. Like I said for them at least better hope Detroit or OTT or someone with enough interest. He’s maddeningly streaky. And TB fans/media is all over the idea of finally being able to trade him - usually good for 15 goals and 40 points - this year enough exposure to better players finally raised his stock to the point his massive term/clause contract is finally tradeable. To me it’s not much different on our team as Pearson. Not a core player but his stock is higher then ever. Easy choice to trade. A dozen articles are available to read about it TB media/fans are delighted at the chance to shed his contract. But it will still cost them. When you can look at who else is available at 1 -2 million less .... Killorn isn’t going to get 15/40 on most teams. Bet on it.
  10. Likely so. TT signs and JV is canned Tuna.
  11. TG gives him a chance every single game. Could try McEwen or Lind instead right? McEwen has the most goals per sixty but whatever. IMO TG saved his career after the damage WD did. Just because we want JV to be the player he was drafted to be doesn’t mean he will. It comes down to JV to put the time in - develop his skills - practice etc. EPs dedication to his craft is top level McDavid/Crosby like - never read or hear about JV doing any extra work. Curiously Podz also does this all the time and also wants to be the best player in the world. When you read that it’s exciting. Can’t wait to see. And really maybe his draft slot was all wrong to begin with - one WHL season and just a PPG, - there are 100 CHL players that do that to choose from each draft ... and his .5 PGP WJs and underwhelming junior playoffs stats didn’t exactly scream top line either. Raw skills aside - if he’s never done it before maybe expectations should have been tempered from the start. Blaming the coach doesn’t even make sense - Horvats line is often used against the leagues best. Which is why LE gets the job more often then not. If we had a 3rd line capable of that job maybe TG would be more willing to turn the second line into a scoring line. JV or TT? Not even close. Also Horvat a similar draft slot, stuck at 18 and slowly worked his way up the depth chart ... which is usually how it works unless your like EP, QHs or BB. JV is not like them.
  12. JV ... well we all thought this was his time to shine - “made for the playoffs” and all. One game he came out guns a a blazing then completely became a no show. One of the guys with size who could have stood up to Vegas ... instead only Motte and Beagle and Myers did on a consistent basis. It wasn’t just him. Pearson and TT were also kittens. It was for sure disappointing. Especially given he’s playing for a contract. I won’t be disappointed if he’s traded or if he’s signed on a one year bridge up to 2.5. Either or. Like others I have serious doubts he will ever be anything more then a bottom six player. TG did juggle the lines and put him in top six too....he didn’t take advantage of the chance - which after five years has become a pattern. Edit: Maybe TG knows LE is a better option against the leagues best - we did after all go on a five game winning streak after he was added and things settled down. Then demoted and JV didn’t help things. Just because we want JV to succeed doesn’t mean he will, and it also doesn’t mean he has value because for sure he does. Streaky. When he’s hot he’s not. 1/3 of his points this year came in a 12ish game period. Leaves one wanting more of course - and so far of course it’s only happened once in five years.
  13. On Motte. Wow. He was definitely our best MIDDLE six player. Playing on the 4th line and PK. He led the league in takeaways when we lost. He’s got incredible hand-eye coordination - knocking pucks out of the air - and always knows where to pressure the leagues best players on the PK. If he can play well against them short handed - maybe it’s time to try him out on a scoring line. AG was basically a non-factor. Roussel was ok, about what you’d expect. On JV. His cost was 1.5 this season. Wow what a deal. Aside from EP and QHs by far the best deal for the team. And stats really favour him as well, 5 x 5 points per 60 were near tops on the team. Hopefully that attracts some teams that don’t watch him all the time and opens ups a solid trade for us. Draft day maybe. I agree that the time has probably come that we let him go find his game somewhere else. FYI, on those stats again - Dobber Hockey who evaluates all RFAs and UFAs on stats only has him at 4.2. Would you sign him long term at that? I know I wouldn’t, but that’s what 20/20 23 year olds plus get for that sort of production. Kilorn in TB gets more.
  14. Sucks for sure. But at least it sucks equally (well ok Luongo blows) for all teams. Looking at TB they are really in the mud with Sergachev and Cernak to re-up, and nobody to trade except Kilorn to help with that - and he’s a cap dump do sure with a modified NTC. Plus IF they manage to sign both Cernak and Sergachev then they will likely have to choose one of them to trade as they then stand to lose one for nothing to Seattle (it’s possible they expose McDonagh but whether Seattle takes him at almost 7 per is another matter). Can’t feel sorry for them given they might or probably will win the cup WITHOUT Stamkos...but it sure could be a lot worse for us. Reminds me of Wilson saying “if you don’t have cap problems your not trying hard enough”. Can say JB has tried hard enough but could try harder too ha ha. And if without Covid and TT we really don’t have much cap issues. JB said we don’t. What he does this year and next off-season will both become his legacy and set most of our core in place for the next decade or so. Love this new core - special things are for sure coming in our future. Id either sign TT and Tanev or sign JM and let the rest go and start working on our D. Team needs a one year re-set.
  15. Not sure who they can trade from their forward group. The other thing they need to consider is who Seattle will pick in the ED...Hedman, McDonagh? Sergachev for sure .... maybe they will expose McD because at 6.75 and a NTC could be a serious cap dump for them, protect Cernak, Hedman, Serg. Of course they will also have at least one very solid forward exposed, maybe two. That should at least help them next season signing Point plus a little for their young D’s. I doubt any forward is going to waive their clause. They will probably trade Kilorn - maybe with retention or just with something extra. Still that won’t be enough but it gets them closer to where they need to be - has a modified NTC - TB better hope Detroit or OTT are on the list or it might cost them dearly.