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  1. Hmmm.. doing the math that can’t be it..marginal difference. For sure it has more to do with showing his unhappiness towards how things have worked out. Injuries for sure played into his exit from the NHL..
  2. We have arguably the deepest top nine in the league and experts and regular folks have noticed this. We match up well against Boston..after Marchand their left side is all 4th pairing compared to deeper teams...Tampa Bay is the standard to beat - that has a lot to do with their no state tax and extremely team friendly contracts more then anything - still they had to trade JT Miller to allow for raises. Our team is chocked full of middle six depth, we lose a forward no big deal at all and have flexibility as several guys can play more then one position. I agree for sure out top six isn’t elite - but it is in the top ten... even fantasy playoff pools are coming out with our top line as a 6-8 spot, same with our second line. (For anyone who does these sort of things a big factor is how far teams might go...this is second-third round expectations too which is cool...why? Because we are a Dark Horse for sure!!). Agree too that our top six has the potential to move up...however it id be much happier if we get just a little bit better - would hate to end up like TO, PIT, WSH, TB, Boston where it’s a WCE scenario and rely on a couple or few guys to carry the mail... CHI went through it too and look at how they’ve had to waste both Kane and Toews prime as a result of huge raises. That said the above teams aside from TB and TO won all the cups (with the exception of LA) the past decade. (ok St Louis too...that’s exactly the type of team we are building...good for JB having a pulse on trends before they come...the NHL has always made micro-changes to mimic the most recent winners and we are almost already there..hate Myers all you want but without him both Tanev and Edler wouldn’t have played nearly as many games - depth depth depth). Personally I’ve only seen the Canucks this much top nine depth ... well factually never. Make a lineup you think was deeper with relative PGP ... only the Linden teams match up. Adams, Linden, Ronning, Courtnall, Craven, Momesso and Bure. The Sedins maybe but not really- they relied on their top line and Kesler and then a middle of the row third line (without Miholtra) and a ok fourth line but not great relatively. Our fourth line is probably Sutter Beagle LE...expensive but top tier. Edit: I have a feeling good things are coming ... maybe even over the next couple of months. Once the puck drops our team is going to play hard and win a lot of games. And the farther we go the more the pendulum switches into our favour ... as far as attrition goes in our forward group few teams can match up our top 12.
  3. 100% agreed. GMs shouldn’t ever be fired if their team is consistently getting better - just like any worker who’s production starts ok/fine and gets better year after year. And yes we’ve seen this many times on other teams recently and our very own (Nonis - did he really deserve the axe?... Bertuzzi trade gave us one of the biggest bumps we could ever hope for - no Luongo - no President trophies period). I didn’t think we’d be as good as we’ve ended up so quickly. Figured 6-8 years from the time JB took over before we’d sniff the playoffs. Why? Sedin era team wasn’t giving us anything back - Horvat and Markstrom and Sutter ... wow ... big effing deal. Go from the best team in the league for two years and a top 7 team over a five year period to a total disaster - the disaster being we got relatively sh!t back for it. A few picks - which were used on Vey and Bear - understandable. I thought we were headed into a decade of irrelevance given like you said - how many teams there are now. Used to be the last teams that made the playoffs were sub-.500 (21 teams - 16 make the show right?). Now it’s virtually impossible to create a dynasty. As far as product goes the hockey is very good. But I do miss the enforcer element and how much harder players used to hit. It’s exciting. Off topic but truly this is not the golden age - that passed by us from around 73-94. No adds on the boards (anyone remember that?) ... a lot cleaner look - awesome open ice hits - a way more physical game. Sometimes emotions spilled over and bench clearing brawls occurred (nobody remained sitting including most watch on TV). We had guys like Dave Brown, Shultz, Ben Wihlson, Probert, Gillies...watch some Brown highlights- that guy was unreal. Of course Williams too. Now who do we have? Virtually no one. With apologies to Reaves, Wilson and Simmonds... the average enforcer (Odjick) would have fed you your lunch every time. Ugh. Hockey isn’t the same - but maybe it’s gone back to how it used to be which I guess is ok too (pre Ferguson). The only issue I have is players had been taken care of for 3 decades - and pre PHI all players were expected to fight their own battles. 30 years of big brother doing it for you has removed that from the game for the most part (doesn’t help that the league is full of mellinials and gen z ‘s either - but that’s ok). We are back to 1950-1960 style rolling four lines with the very best teams can manage - with the exception back then if you were challenged you didn’t look for someone else to do it for you - you dropped the gloves and did it yourself. Hopefully that will change too - but not sure given the generations already doing it or the ones coming in. It’s frustrating. Hockey could be a lot better then it is... it was better then it is. Hopefully that also will revert with time and some balance will come back...either way I’m happy the quality is pretty good.
  4. Add CAR and CLB to the list. Factually when JB took over our team wasn’t much better then an expansion team under the old rules - with the exception our lineup was chocked full of aging vets in cap eating contracts all with NTC/NMC....CAR almost a decade ... CLB 3 playoffs appearances in 2 decades (and two of them just now)....we had Horvat folks ... and Markstrom who only just broke out the last 1.5 years...(before never ranked in the top 30 goalies)....ugh. Yeah some people can’t see the forest for the trees of whatever. The Linden team quickly turned into the WCE team which also had the Sedins. That core is still with us today in Markstrom. JB should be given an award for what he managed - all the GMs on all those other teams mentioned couldn’t turn things around with higher picks and more to work with (except CLB - they had to do it the hard way under old expansion rules). CAR was a top team in the 2000’s... no wonder they took almost a decade to get back. Top teams usually end up going through the mill before they get another chance at a cup once it’s over. See Detroit... EDM with all its riches in picks and prospects after arguably the best dynasty ever couldn’t make it work in the 90’s (although CUJO stole some series for them). I truly never thought we had a chance ... JB has given me hope - damn him for that ha ha. Blowing things up just to go after what if’s is ridiculous. We can only afford 5-7 core players depending on star status...and already have EP, QH, BB, Horvat, Miller and Markstrom... Edit: As far as JBs first rounders - only one - OJ - didn’t make it and so far is a bust. NHL.com had been doing re-drafts for a month or so now and the top ten rarely looks anything like the draft order - same with the top 11-20. Scouts don’t consider a player drafts 6-10 a bust if he plays 400 games ... JV is not a bust at all. EDMs demise the past 12 years is they can’t get a player past the first round (and even then not always - Yakupov is a bigger bust then Daigle was or Stefan for that matter) ... if they had guys like Demko, Tree, AG properly inserted into their lineup they would never had to wait so long to get back into the playoff hunt. Terrible drafting one of the worst in the entire league especially given how high they picked. Personally I think we will end up with one of the best top nine in the league once Podz, Lind or Hogs makes it ... and they don’t have to be stars - 20/20 guys are almost as valuable on the third line (hello JV that’s you). The extra money will have to focused on defense - the same way MG managed by adding Erhoff and Hamhuis. No big deal - JB already put that in motion with Myers. The extra money of course being the 9 million we will have once LE and Luongo are done ... Sutter, Roussel, Beagle, and maybe Pearson will all be replaced with cheaper options - hopefully internal ones. Then we should have 3 years of maximum cap advantage... I’d rather have Horvat and Miller then one of Mathews, Kucherov or even McDavid anyday. Teams that don’t have ridiculous cap hits for one player have a much more sustainable system. McDavid plus Kassian .... is that better then EP plus Miller? Not IMO... Sure superstars are great and all but their is a cap trade off. McDavid at 12.5 compared to JV at 1.5....who’s the better value player? Even JV at 3 it’s debatable.
  5. If BB is has to go for cap reasons ... I think we need to find a partner with a good RHD prospect who’s on an ELC to help carry us until next season at least cap wise... Bouchard or Dobson ... EDM is out (way too big a trade within our own division when we are both competitive now, plus they need Bouchard even more then we do) so maybe Dobson. Otherwise I’d rather keep the status quo...and I don’t like the idea of trading BB at all. Has Neely/Hull like potential regret written all over him. If TT doesn’t want to sign with us then BB shouldn’t even be a discussion. We still have Ferland for 3 more years - Pearson for one and Bear for one and Roussel for one ... at least short term our left side is loaded enough.. and AG plays the left side when Sutter takes face offs... so he’s a LW/C just like Miller .... Personally doubt we can afford both TT and Pearson long term - so any trades should start with him (not a cap dump the best we could do without getting into a core player like BB) his stock is high - and we have Ferland and Bear ... surely one of them could fill that role for one season while we see if Lind can make the jump....
  6. Things aren’t much different now fear/anxiety wise as they were growing up with the fear created by the threat of nuclear war - so yeah I get the bunker idea in fact doesn’t seem that looney to me at all (every three months emptying dozens of gallons of water jugs with Dad - fill them up with tap water and store them with 80lb bags of wheat grain, rice ,beans and peas that filled a 10 x 10 storage room in the basement) in fact seems smart. At worst you won’t make it to your bunker but someone else will find it and survive ha ha. 1/4 positive testing makes you wonder how many aren’t bothering with it and how bad it really is .. at 200$ a test with no insurance you can bet not everyone is bothering without serious symptoms. The US is mostly backwards because of their ignorant education system - center is the universe propaganda ... 30th worldwide and they don’t even know it for the most part. Not we are number one ... and their north/south politics need to adapt and change too. They kind of got the president they deserve. A capitalist blowhard. We are number one! In violence, propaganda and creating obese folks living in poverty. The internet might just save them - taught they are best at everything and then find out ranked 30th education wise.... have high hopes the next couple of generations will create change for the better down there. Should look at our system .... it’s not so bad.
  7. Nobody isn’t aware of the risks...
  8. Sure. So many things COULD go wrong that maybe nobody should ever leave the comfort of their homes again. Maybe a puck will hit Weber and then carom off and take out Price but on the way take out all players on both benches too...since we are talking about what ifs. Daily testing might not be enough - but it sure will reduce the risks ... the entire bubble staff is also under protocols too - a lot stricter ones then the average grocery store or Canadian Tire or whatever. Plus they have the best health care anyone could hope for at their fingertips...Players all have the option not to play. So far it’s a nominal issue - why not just let them play and worry about things as they come - especially considering they have such a safe environment in which to do it. Of course anything can happen but they are safer then they would be a home. More chances of a player getting very ill because of the US spread then there is of doing their job - many players have expressed this including our Captain, Horvat (who despite some chatter is playing even though he’s just had a baby). Respect.
  9. You can show a horse to water but you can’t make it drink or whatever the saying is. Some people just don’t get what being a human is to most people right now in this continent. Cancel this cancel that stay at home in mommies basement or with your trust fund and the rest can risk their lives keeping the economy going - but you have the right to pass judgement or assume things. Venting ha ha Mental health is important too - and the Canucks and the rest of the league will be providing an important break for a lot of folks. If they don’t want to participate then fine. What is the grand total at so far? One bottom pairing D and an AHLer who was on waivers twice and nobody picked up? Hmmm. With 400ish players tested (more then half) I’d say the overwhelming majority are fine with the risks. Maybe it will go up, maybe it won’t. These guys have a lot to lose and they know it. The only people not working have enough money to feed themselves and wait it out, or have a possible rich and overly careful employer (ahem government) - not a lot of folks. Easy to sit back in your private paradise and pass judgement when your not hungry or homeless... These guys should be safer then 95% of the work force that is providing us with the necessary things to survive - and also know that millions or potentially (billions) are on the line depending on whether they do or don’t play - they aren’t stupid and aren’t just playing for the last three paycheques they got. Have zero sympathy for anyone who’s not out there doing their job and or sitting at home passing judgement on these or anyone else who’s doing their jobs - without the supply line good luck. Your not part of the vast majority who have bills to pay, mouths to feed and take risks just like everyone else who’s leaving there house on a daily basis. That’s enough Covid soap box for now.
  10. Yeah and who gives a f right for the grocery teller making 15$ who feeds you once a week or anyone else who had to work or who could stay home but has the balls to do it anyways.
  11. Aside from cap reasons there is zero reason to trade BB. His PGP is close to Laine..on par with the Sedins and Naslund and he’s just getting started. Give the guy a chance ... sure it might be a good idea - but it could just as easily become very regrettable. Trade Pearson ... or just don’t sign TT. In a similar role I doubt he will outperform BB over the next five years. Terrible idea to trade our proven youth just to get a tiny little bit better short term. IF we trade BB it has to be for a guy like Bouchard or Dobson. RHD with a tiny cap hit. Otherwise just maintain the status quo and in two years all the cap space we need will be there. Hate the idea of cap dumping... just take our lumps do our best and organically it should all work out. Don’t want to lose another good prospect just so next year could be better (Sutter and lose Lind and a second for say a fifth back for example). Just idiotic. TT wont become a PGP player ... maybe he can match .85 or BB production playing on our first line for a few years at the very most. His shooting percentage isn’t sustainable... most of his points were in the first half of his games and he started to level out near the end. Wake up. Sure we can’t keep everyone - just trade Roussel..or Pearson ... UFAs aren’t going to get big deals this year ... take our medicine and move on . Edit: BTW I like Pearson / but TT is an upgrade. Little chance we can keep both long term ... trade high buy low.. nobody wants Bear but between him and Ferland I’m sure we can manage.. if TT goes elsewhere then no big deal keep Pearson and trade Roussel it shouldn’t cost us much ... I am not a fan at all of trading BB. He’s already a leader in our group and is very young. Stupid stupid stupid. Let’s see what we have at least first. If we have to trade him do it when his stock is higher too - doubt he won’t be a top RW for years once he hits his prime.
  12. Hope we get to play them. EP showed his rookie year that he can be an absolute beast too - and think advantage goes to us with him rested (EP)... The most exciting games the past few years have been against COL... would be a treat to see us go against them and truly wouldn’t bet on either team (too close).. Edit: not sure if this poll is public but I answered we’d lose in the conference final...means we win two rounds. However I’d be satisfied we won two games in round one - and happy if we got out of round one too. Watching this club for years I won’t be surprised if we go further then expected. Our forward group is monster sized built for the playoffs ... and our defense when healthy is good enough... goaltending is top five ... like our chances
  13. Me too. He did a great job in the AHL - same as Markstrom... for those that doubt or worry about his performance when it really counts (playoffs) he does have some experience with this in Utica - I think he will do great. The best goaltending we’ve seen since Luongo left for sure. Didn’t he break McLean’s record for shots on net and a shutout this year? He can and will be a big difference maker - no slight on Demko he played some great games too - however Markstrom gives the team swagger.
  14. Absolutely. Point is he’s not there yet - however I love Demko and hope he’s the it back-up or ideally wins the starter spot based on ability once he hits his prime. He’s a very valuable player for us... but he’s also not a top 30’goalie yet...heck Markstrom didn’t make the cut at the start of this season either and didn’t until maybe 1/4 or the way through ...
  15. Sarcasm meter isn’t so good but I can tell your view ain’t hopeful. Canada isn’t the US ... 3/4 of the league teams would be safer here then in the cities they play in. Why don’t we just give it three weeks and see how it goes before worrying about what if’s. There is absolutely no way Trump will get re-elected ... it will be a landslide the other way. The US is dealing with huge wake up calls all over the place. Educated citizens know that their rhetoric that they are the greatest is a big pile of BS and change is coming. There is enough division in their own party to safely bet he’s down in the fall. He’s been watched very closely by an element within his party for most to understand he’s on very thin ice - he won’t survive much more stupid crap. Literally won’t. Yes I agree their numbers won’t peter out until the states put a stop to it - which easily could happen before the election but most definitely after. Or 400ish tested players 26 so far have it - all upon arrival and have been isolated. Maybe a few stragglers will come in and miss the play-ins that’s what the math is saying. Both EDM and TO will be ready...not panic time not even close as far as the rest of this season goes....next year? Well I agree it could be a write off completely until they get their sh!t together.