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  1. Love the optimism on this thread, we've only been considered contenders twice in our history and the first time (one year in the WCE era) we weren't a front runner but the word contender was floating around. Its quite possible that when Vancouver starts their ascension again LA, SJ and possibly ANA although they do have some good younger players coming up will all be at or near the end of trying to win with their aging cores making it a lot easier to slip into a playoff spot, but I think that at this point it's really difficult to consider this group of players turning us into an actual contender (like WNP, TO, WSH, TB and PIT). If you look each of those teams they have a lot in common. PIT and TO have center depth and elite winger support, WNP, WSH and TB have elite players in all key positions etc, and all teams have excellent goaltending (well maybe not Murray, but he does have two cups and an excellent sp during those runs). For us to actually be considered contenders we'd have to at least match up with those teams. Demko would have to be lights out, a top goalie as we don't have enough in the pipe yet defensively, and not enough elite wingers, not enough elite centers to compare to these guys. The only way the next core has a chance is if some of our prospects translate better than expected, like Boeser last year, and that's a big question mark still. The good news is it appears Benning is committed to developing players the right way, which means more development time and a higher chance of success once getting to the show (like Boeser), this year OJ will likely get his turn and Pettersson has played his way into a shot too. It also means we will get one or two more cracks at top draft picks. I'm not as sold on this team making a big leap in the standing as some are, and think we will pick top ten again next year (and maybe this time the lottery balls are kind to us). The following season I see two or three other rookies making an impression highlighted by Q Hughes. Then we maybe sniff or make the playoffs, or maybe not and it's another top pick. After that the rebuild will stick and we should see a long run of playoff appearances, but it's impossible to tell if we will be a good team or an elite team. A lot of things will have to work out for this team (and any team for that matter) to make it to one of the top five teams playoff teams in the league, there's always a chance as Vegas, SJ and others have shown us over the years under the cap era, and I hope it works, but realistically the odds are pretty steep that we don't contend for quite some time yet.
  2. Horvat or Pettersson for #1 Center ?

    You bet, and even if he does play center I bet he still goes into the dirty areas as he's shown he can with success by watching highlights, he just won't be knocking guys over on the way or straight arming defenders ala Bertuzzi when he does it. If he can play center and do it well we are in for a real treat, if not then we will have to settle for an elite winger, win win either way.
  3. Horvat or Pettersson for #1 Center ?

    That's ok I do that all the time. It's impossible to read everything, and IF you do you notice a lot of it is just the same thing said a little differently. As for skinny a lot of NHL players are lanky folks. I bumped into Kesler at Disney World six years ago and at first thought it was a skinny doppelgänger, he had the exact same face and looked like every other why the f$&k am I here adult, and shorter than I expected too. It was him though. Same exact thing on the ferry with Messier a day or two before it was announced he was coming to Vancouver. Can't be him he's supposed to be really big right? No mistaking that dome and grin. Now they aren't Pettersson skinny, he's a leaf that should hold on in a stiff breeze, but they were both a thinner than I expected they'd be, and yes I've seen the almost nude posters of Kesler, maybe he was lazy in the off-season and hadn't hit the gym much. Skinny arms, tallish but not that tall, and incredibly bored looking. eidt: on the Gretzky reference, -165 lbs 6'1 is a lanky frame, he pulled it off in spades though....almost every rookie not named Lindros still has some pounds to put on, remember Roenick and Bobby Clark both came in as skinny kids too (although they both played above their weight class, Clark from Flin-Flom especially, most pictures of these guys with their shirts off in the dressing room early on is pretty deflating, as in why didn't I give it a shot too, they just aren't that impressive). Stetcher is slight and he made it, Theo Fleury looked like a kid when he retired, when he started he looked like a grade schooler, Burrows a bit too. Quin Hughes too, it's not the size of the dog but the size of the fight in it right? Pettersson will be fine, OJ even more so as Finnish play the North American game to a larger degree already and he was skinny too.
  4. Add Kopitar who's going to play most of his 10m extension in his thirties and Doughtys 11m in his thirties, that's some serious Detroit circa 2002 stuff going down there. The 2020s will see some bad LA teams, SJ teams and ANA teams as they all double down to win with their aging cores....it's a blue ocean for who can reign supreme, I think it will be the Alberta teams and Vancouver who have the best chance at making the most playoff appearances, with Vegas being the wildcard of the group (their cinderalla season is over, Neal and Perron > than Stastny).
  5. Thank You Jim Benning.

    Have you ever considered that maybe that was the plan all along? They said repeatedly that they wouldn't blown it apart with respect to the Sedins, but slowly dismantled what they could, this team was headed for the basement no matter what even the average fan could figure that out, he's running an NHL franchise for a reason, I'm sure he's intelligent enough to know more than the average fan. His media repsonse are what they are, no ones going to say we are going to stink so don't bother buying tickets for the next five years or so before we start winning again, maybe that's upset some fans who figured we could miraculously draft five franchise players in a row (without the luxury of any first overalls, or anything above 5), but that's just ridiculous.
  6. Horvat or Pettersson for #1 Center ?

    Horvat, Sutter,Beagle, Gaudette isn't exactly a murderers row of centers. I agree we need more skilled wingers too (I'd be tempted to have taken Zadina if he was still available but we definitely needed Hughes more), thankfully both Dahlen and Pettersson can fill those positions but we'd be far better off if at least one of them could play center (likely Pettersson, and probably on the same line eventually, maybe even this year). Pettersson played center last year too and didn't look out of place, which is most likely why management feels he can do it. Pettersson-Horvat-Boeser is a loaded PP, which possibly could end up out first line, but I see Horvat-Boeser and a Pettersson-Dahlen combo ans our future top two lines. Next draft Benning might go for a skilled winger or another center depending on where we pick, which should give us five top tier players to play in the top six. Good times ahead for sure.
  7. Horvat or Pettersson for #1 Center ?

    This is a good reply. So are all the others that talk about Pettersson as a hopeful number one center in the future, his skillset at least points in this direction. Horvat is ideally suited for a second line role, he's done an admirable job holding the post the past two seasons, but let's be realistic, 50-55pts isn't exactly top tier territory, 60-65 isn't bad and could be considered first line as it would get you into the top 31 centers, but isn't elite either or even very good production. If you go by PPG last year Horvat was 49th ranked center, bring him down to 48 because Brandon Pirri led the group with his 3 pts in 2 games played as a center. That's very good second line production, which fits with his pedigree. Pettersson won't play with Boeser (right away at least) so it's hard to see him scoring more points than Horvat next year (either as a center or a winger) but it's not impossible either if he gets 1st unit PP time from the start either. Yes he's frail, so was Gretzky, almost all media thought he was going to be murdered once in the WHA, then again when he moved to the NHL...of course he did have Semenko, McSorely and virtually every other player on his team watching his back which Pettersson won't have, and like Sather used to say hitting Gretzky is like trying to hit smoke, and as Clark Gilles said he saw his numbers many times and could have creamed him but then Semenko, Messier and the entire bench would be after him every game they ever played from then on out...Roussel I hope your ready for this. If if I had to make a prediction it would be that Pettersson will end up on the first line at some point, maybe as a winger his first year, probably as a center by his second or third (if that's where they want him and he can do it physically). It's no slight on Horvat, I see his production going up to a top thirty centers in the mid-sixties playing with Boeser, maybe more if they load up the first line with Pettersson as a winger....but it's doubtful he will ever be a PPG player, and he's ideally suited as a second line center going up against the other teams best line on home ice. edit: Brendan's Morrison was a second line center running the WCE when Naslund and Bertuzzi were getting 80-100pts he was getting 60...imagine what they could have achieved if they had a true first line center dishing them elite passing?
  8. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Troy Stecher

    Troy Stetcher, the Alexander Burrows of defense, nobody should piss and moan about this contract, if the rest of the guys played this big other teams wouldn't look forward to playing against us. Hope he solidifies himself as part of the next core before this contract is up.
  9. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Troy Stecher

    I get it, he's small. That's what your implicating right? Soooo..is that what you wanted to post for Hughes getting drafted too?
  10. Me too. Maybe a little more than Tavares did (.001%) but I think TB or maybe even a surprise like PIT is more likely. TB could pay him 8 and it would be like 10 in most other US cities, or 11 and it would be like 13 in Vancouver...hmmm wonder what he'll do. He's not taking less than Doughty got, we do have a Swedish connection but not nearly as much without the Sedins. In some multiverse he'd sign for 11 x 7 as a UFA with us, the Sedins come out of retirement for 5million for one year (combined) anchor our third line and we win a cup...right?
  11. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Ouch... that is my head after reading the last page on this thread, will he come back? Won't he come back? Does Bennings legacy hang on the fact he left? Does the KHL defenseman of the year come from Putins meddling? WTF? Did Willie screw us? Is Goldobin in the lineup just to get Tryamkin back ( ok that's just me adding something) ugh ugh super ugh.
  12. Karlsson is a great skater no doubt, but it's his IQ and other abilities (he blocks tons of shots, probably partially because he has to playing for OTT) that make him such a great player. He's one of only a few NHL defenseman to be top ten in scoring multiple times (joining Potvin, Coffey and Orr) and I wouldn't be against him to remain at or near the top until at least 33-34 (it's not uncommon for elite defenseman to stay up there for at least that long, like the two you mentioned), and both of those guys remained excellent skaters through their mid-thirties. Injuries are a concern for sure, but we should know this year before the TDL if he's lost a step, and if so what it's done to his game, AND what he can accomplish with a terrible roster. Lidstrom won 7 Norris trophies in this thirties, I'd bet Karlsson on TB will pass him in career Norris's before his next contract is up. edit: he won't come cheap though, at least 11 x 7.
  13. [SIGNING] Oilers sign Evan Bouchard

    If he's not ready EDM would be better off finding a pro league in Europe for him to play for a year, but I doubt that will happen.
  14. Jim Benning Mic'd Up at the Draft

    He must of known where the Habs fans were in the audience and wanted a little more room in case the rotten tomatoes started flying with his first pick....
  15. Jim Benning Mic'd Up at the Draft

    And they didn't really win, Dionne said many times if they drafted him instead he would have scored 1000 goals on that MTL team, and I believe him. Remember watching them play in an old timers game in the late-nineties, Dionne was still unreal, Lafluer had bottle rockets on his skates which was neat, Dionne was unreal still though.