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  1. That's great that people with bigger brains then me can get into and behind the numbers to really show what's happening. Personally the best ever have rarely seen a dip or much of rise either - in sp when they move teams, whether it's a good one or bad one and it's definitely the most important stat when looking at these guys. How many saves do they make doesn't tell the whole story though - quality of shots definitely matter. In just happy we have him, he's a great teammate and had definitely earned another contract. Late bloomer for sure but he's finally doing what people thought he would. Lucky for us we've also got Demko in the wings, and of JM ascension means we have to give Demko up as a sacrificial lamb to Seattle so be it. Hope JB can do a good job on re-signing him. And happy he's going to the All-Star game. He's definitely a contender for top three goalie in our conference the way he's been playing, and it he can keep it up - even the Vezina. Never thought in a million years I'd be saying those two things in the same sentence two years ago- back then he was a weak spot, especially with the early goals let in, and was two games shy of tying the record for most games (131) without a SO...
  2. His play the last ten games is definitely Vezina worthy, but as a whole, compared to his peers, he's 8th in wins, 13th among starters in sp at .916 and on pace for two shutouts. He's also near the top for games played. Yes for him he's been outstanding, and if he keeps up his current pace will start to climb the list in all catagories too. And is an All-Star, and think even under the old format he gets the nod. A few blowouts haven't helped his stats which is also considered, same with the team infornt of him. At this point he's definitely get some votes but Vezina worthy is a stretch for sure.
  3. If they win will it be enough for their winning percentage to surpass us? Not sure it will be so there is always that...
  4. That's a lot of >> then signs for Rantanen ha ha. If you compare players at how their years went at the same age your thread doesn't hold water...and Landeskog plays with those other two...wonder how well he'd do with Pearson and LE? Despite their teams core all on second or third contracts with the exception of Makar - im still not that worried if we meet them in the playoffs - even this year. And it's not just that their goaltending isn't as good - because well really it's very close. Both their 1a and 1b sp is respectable. As for BB, he's the fourth highest R winger the last game he played. And doesn't play with McKinnon. As for McKinnon, EPs first two seasons separately and together > then his, so it likely will be easier to compare apples to apples as far as Rantanen and BB - assuming he gets his job back on the top line in a few years. I like our chances against COL....
  5. I went with him too. Miller hasn't been a surprise given that enough fantasy writers had him as a possible 65 plus point guy playing on our top line. Pearson however is playing like a top line player most nights - and adding a bit more bite to our second unit - and really anything could of happened after his relatively small audition with Horvat last year ... been a Miller like guy playing against better competition at home. JV would be my second pick. Nice to see he's still on a steady incline - and getting a chance to see if his tops on the team per sixty 5 x 5 scoring can get any better then it already is playing with EP/Miller...
  6. What I can't wait for is when his shot becomes a weapon like it was for Naslund and Bure. He rang a one timer off the post last game and had the goalie beat by a good margin. His shot is sick - better then BB which is no slight speaking of which same with him. We have two guys that could very likely challenge for the Richard in their primes. BB reminds me a lot about Brett Hull. Just needs to get his mojo back - at worst he's a Kessel like player and nothing at all wrong with that. Both guys barely have their feet wet in this league - most take a couple more years before they produce like that (see Naslund and the Sedins). Factually we've only ever had Linden and Bure that stepped in and make an immediate impact like these guys (add QH to the group, he's awesome). And we've definitely not seen the best of them yet. BB took a 26th ranked PP and brought it up to 9th his rookie year - his injuries have slowed things down but he will get over it...could see him having a fantastic finish this year. Either next year or the one after that EP will be prime-time, and have a decade or more as a top five center in this league....could argue he's already there now. Won't see the best of QH for 5-7 years .... what the heck is that going to look like? Wouldn't bet against him to win a couple of Norris trophies along the way either. Cool that we can discuss this at all...
  7. At the time there was very heavy pressure to play the kids if you recall. There is no reason to point fingers (was it Linden? JB? Aquaman? Or a bit of circumstance? We had a huge age gap at the time which also led to Vey and Bear.... JB deserves some credit for backing off and not playing any young player unless they've earned it. EP, QH were exceptions...maybe BB too (many thought he'd play a year earlier then he did if you re-call but they sent him back). McAan had attitude issues and was used in a trade almost right away .... also a good thing, in the end it gave us Pearson. OJ has figured out each level after a few months and the AHL is no exception....bodes extremely well for us given if he was good right away no EP, no and definitely no QH. He's lighting it up the past 12 games too. I've seen him live a few times last year and he was ok those games (last year), Brisbois was definitely better. His defensivene game definitely needed work so glad to hear he's figuring out. With Rafferty quite possibly upgrading Stetcher - and fingers crossed OJ possibly replacing Edler eventually things could be looking very good in a year or two. JB has backed off for sure - and he's letting the AHL and other leagues develop his guys - Madden looks like our fourth Hobey Baker winner or finalist in as many years...wow...wow...wow. This year is technically our best chance to load up for a cup run. Soon all the insulation is going to disappear and don't be surprised if there are some hiccups (for those that don't like TG - that's when he will go). Having this sort of depth only furthers the chances we have as the way of attrition takes over each round ...
  8. IBatch

    Fire Green!

    Andersson has been keeping the Leafs above water for years now, one could say - BUT looking closer they don't block as many shots and just let their goalies make the save (almost all low percentage shots hit the goalie if he can see them). It's similar with our team - sure we often allow more shots through but the majority are easy saves 29/30 times. Don't really get into the advantages stats as they rarely tell the whole story - but shot attempts do say something. As long as we are getting more shot attempts off then the opposition and our zone time is higher then our system is working.
  9. IBatch

    Fire Green!

    Both the SJ and ARI game the players did a good/great job at not giving away too many chances - when it works we look like a contender - when not we look like pretenders and JMs play becomes all the more critical. Like to see more Demko, often teams are more likely to commit when the back-up plays - will give the team more practice at it. Noticeable but against SJ and they are definitely trying hard to break our system to little avail. If they can do it in front of Markstrom... well the other teams not going to win unless their goalie is standing on his head (which happens). One thing that I don't see mentioned often is when we have the last change our winnning percentage goes way up. That's on Green. Of course the opposite could be said of a middling road record...bad preparation etc which is also on the coach. TG is going fine. We don't have a top defense, not even close. Yet here we are.
  10. IBatch

    Fire Green!

    Some of these "fire Green for no logical reason" threads are just plain ridiculous. This is another one of them. Seriously can't tell if it's just plain trolling (he does have the best winning percentage going into the all-star game and probably should be the one going) or honest opinions. Our team hasn't even made the playoffs yet - why don't we judge later once they do? Of course he could get fired .... and will eventually. But not right now.
  11. IBatch

    Fire Green!

    Ah Deb I wish I saw this before bothering with a reply. Have been preaching patience for a while now, but you've said it best. Others too. Let's just enjoy the season - some of these guys we are relying on can't grow playoff beards - yet here we are, going into the all-star break on top of our division - and I do think learning lessons on the way. Guess some people can't see the forest for the trees or whatever that means. Gallant? Well sure he's a good coach TOO. Our home record speaks for itself - last change and we win a lot more then we lose. Just hope he keeps it up (whatever it is he's doing as in TG, because it's working). And think he will.
  12. This. How many veteran defenseman we have right now will make the HHOF? Chara and Keith for sure ... maybe Karlsson, Burns and Doughty and that's it. Compared to the crop that did most of their playing in the 80's to mid 2000's .... it's not that good. It's great to see such a great crop coming up again, plus there are many others that look like they will replace the Webers and Suters of the world (players a step or two below)...Dahlin, Makar, Heiskanen, Hughes ... and also a lot of prospects coming up looks a lot history repeating itself finally ...
  13. IBatch

    Fire Green!

    The main metric a coach is judged by is how much winning his team is doing - right now no way does he lose his job. Of course the coach does a lot - managing player ice time and line juggling etc likely the two most important things. Please explain how that could be done differently and what coach would you prefer?
  14. IBatch

    Fire Green!

    That's a pretty small budget for beer money - barely covers shot gun jake if we win a round.
  15. Lived there for three decades and remember this well...back to back games were definitely the best value ... a few places within a two minute walk to both arena made it easy but it definitely wasn't cheap...