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  1. Do we want to add another Hughes/EP to the lineup in two years or another McCaan/Gaunce in three?
  2. So in other words the Gudranson, Vey and Bear trades grate on you becuase we could have a few more early picks or Woo/Lind types. At this point does it really matter anymore? The re-tool was a failure that ended up bring us Boeser, OJ, EP and Hughes in the end, plus what’s also in the pipe. A few wins or losses either way would have changed our fate, but not by much, but enough to possibly have a very different looking team right now, one without EP and maybe Puljajarvi instead of OJ, and Patrick instead of EP. Personally I’d rather take what we have now, Bear and Pearson included rather then think about the what if’s. Truly it’s not worth the typing time, we gave up some picks to get some projects that had more upside than the picks would themselves, yes their is a slim chance we would have done better keeping the picks, just as much as there is we would have done worse by keeping them and getting nothing at all. What exactly are we talking about in total here? Two seconds and Mccaan? Maybe if we didn’t make those moves Benning wouldn’t have made other moves that added picks - who knows. Just for fun look into the price NYR paid over the years to stay competitive and contend. Something like three conference finals and one cup final, and during that span sometimes they didn’t have their first pick until the fourth round. Even a few years ago things were different and picks were traded more often than they are now. GMs have come to the conclusion that they need them more then ever to survive the cap era as they need ELCs to balance the books. Benning couldn’t get a pick from Vanek after he potted more points then Tatar sauce who got a slew of picks from Vegas. It is what it is...what’s the point in flogging it to death? IMO Benning is acting under a directive, and that was a failure, but not an utter one given what he managed with the picks he did have and he was hedging his bet just in case. Under his watch on three things have happened that range from reprehensible to head scratch worthy...I said yesterday that I wouldn’t bring them up so I won’t. We has an obvious age gap between the vets and future draft picks, trading two second for Bear and a Vey and hitting on one is better odds than using the draft, sure Bears furure is questionable, but he could come back and get carry on with his upward ascension...or he could get knocked out forever. Either way he’s served his purpose, new blood is finally filtering in, and that should continue for the next couple years.
  3. Also Edler, it’s a contract year so maybe that’s playing into it, but he’s playing better than he has in years...and Markstroms destroying his previous wins total ...
  4. My thoughts would be don’t let them play at all in the first round even if they are ready to go. IF we make it by some miracle, don’t rock the boat..with the exception of maybe Rousell. Use them as injury replacements and don’t touch a thing.
  5. He’s Gaurding us and the Canucks in general...that’s a full-time job.
  6. The Gaurdians views might not be popular, but freedom of speech is more important than cutting him off. Personally I’ve made my peace with him/her a long time ago, same with three or four others on this site that carefully hide their trolls with good insights and hockey facts. Maybe I’m one of those at times too, everyone has a bad day, and it isn’t hard to find something that’s not factual or pure fabrication and rip on it. I think the Gaurdian and others, myself included, are suffering from too many years of heartaches following this franchise and the bitter comes out without much of any filters at times as a result. We all have mood swings depending on what’s happening at the moment too, sometimes I think the CDC is completely bi-polar, hyperpositve after a win or two, doomsday after a losing streak. One week it’s tear it down to the studs, the next week the rebuild is almost complete. Just go back and read the titles only of threads and correlate it with how we did (wins and losses) and it’s almost funny. As far as the Gaurdian goes, just think of him as the devils advocate, or a very disappointed fan that’s had enough and wants blood. Both are understandable, just don’t get caught up with any fabrications.
  7. Apollo would have made mince meat of Lang around the time he fought Rocky, he’d take him seriously no doubt as it was Mr T. . Not sure about Lundgren though, he was like Foreman, an absolute beast. Maybe a few years before Rocky if he used his inner Ali he could have bested him at one point instead of dying in the ring. Drago was a beast that only one person in the world could beat, and that was Rocky but only after the best montage in cinematic history (ok I actually prefer the Rocky III montage, but the run on the beach was just a bit too much) you know lifting all those rocks with all the crew in the wagon...that’s how Ali trained for Foreman, and factually the fight with Drago and Rocky wasn’t much different, Ali knew within two rounds that he couldn’t go toe to toe with him, and would have to take a ridiculous beating to have any chance in beating the much stronger fighter and equally capable fighter...the rumble in the jungle might be the most iconic fight ever ... worth a watch if you’ve never seen it. Watched Creed II yesterday (kid home sick and that’s what she wanted to watch, go figure) , surprisingly good..wish Rocky and Drago went a few rounds though, that would have been more fun that the rest of the movie. Apollo Creed died doing what he loved at least.
  8. Is this when the other foot drops OR is Benning a genius and this was the plan all along...if we win I will start to think maybe he is ...but I’m not holding my breath either.
  9. There was some rumblings but I think they were in the minority, most felt it was a fair contract, and maybe he got a little more money given no clauses were written into it and a little less given no UFA years were purchased. The only thing I wasn’t super stoked about was that it wasn’t longer given he’s so far ahead in age from the rest of the core (which wasn’t even emerging yet). Having him at this CAP hit and no clauses is a big win on Bennings part, I don’t know why people complain about his signing skills, he’s been pretty good with all his RFAs to date (Gudbranson is debatable depending on how things work out in PIT), and has to pay a premium for his UFAs given we are a bottom team and the most money is what gets them here. LE was a bomb...undoubtedly. But every team has one or two of those and it’s not worth the energy to complain about. Rousell, Beagle and Vanek have worked out fine..
  10. Horvat is the central player we managed to get out of our old core...and he’s a gift that just keeps on giving. Good CAP hit, plays hard heavy minutes, produces on his own or with little help, taken over the leadership void left from the Sedins...really there’s nothing not to like. Trading for an ninth overall for Schneider at the time didn’t look that good, now it looks like Gillis’s best move. He might get some Selke votes but won’t be high on the list without a plus minus that’s quite a lot better, and rightly so, but we know how important he is to this team, and that he can produce like a first line center if given the opportunity, and is a very good second line Center right now. He’s not Point or Malkin, those guys would be first line centers on half the other teams in the league if they didn’t have Stamkos and Crosby ahead of them, same as Mathews with Tavares...but he does set the bar higher for guys in the top six and probably the best part he’s still getting better. He plays with plugs 5 x 5, and gets it done. Arguably less quality guys than Kesler played with AND definitely a way worse defense. Look forward to the time he gets more to work with....shouldn’t have to wait long..
  11. You’d have a higher chance of getting beer poured on you if you went to the enemies arena (any other team but ANA), and pranced around with it. Maybe CHI they might actually do it but I doubt it. Just own it, it if he’s still your guy and that’s what you want to do. I was disappointed too, but was also grateful for what he did when on our team. Now as some mentioned, Messier is a different story. Someone for kicks should get one and cover their hair with a bald cap, and walk around with a gigantic party size bag of lays.
  12. How many WNP fans do you know? Just curious...from a pure fantasy perspective he does manage to do alright, NHL.com has him at 43, a few spots down from Edler at 39, and he does that with only spot duty on the PP. Not saying we should go out and sign him 8 x 7 or anything close to that...really depends on what the market things of him in the end..he’s not exactly in line with way the league is going, his price might be palatable in he end.
  13. At this point I’d be surprised if Benning didn’t go after Myers in the off season. He’d probably be our best RHD, staying healthy is concerning, as us the cost and term. But we simply don’t have much in the pipe at all after Woo, and Tanev doesn’t cut it anymore. Also he’d be a bright light on the PP, he’s proven capable in the past, and you never know if he’s given the opportunity he could run with it. It’s not ideal, that’s for sure, and it would be nice to sit back and see what else comes up the following year, or the year after...but the help is needed now. Someone else mentioned Subban, I bet Poile would love to shed that much salary, not sure what the cost would be but if it’s minimal and really just about freeing up space, that would work even better given it would plug the hole and give us time to get some help via the draft on the way.
  14. Thanks, I saw that too, as mentioned above...the Sedins would double games played almost.