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  1. I don't think your delusional. Raymond had speed to burn and a few good years, but he made so many blunders with the puck, it was like a hot potato and he didn't know what to do with it. Maybe seven to nine on a good team, four to six on a bad one.
  2. Even if you cross reference to different eras you probably won't stop. The things he could do with the puck were otherworldly. Like half slapping the puck from a face off through another player, two defenseman and a goalie top corner. Have an old VHS tape named Gretzky Fifty Best Goals and that one I can't forget.
  3. Not to mention Giroux and Vorachek...
  4. Thanks for that post. Reading some of these posts I was just shaking my head. We had numerous players step it up too, after SJ Bieksa was also a front runner ( medias picks) for the Conn Smythe. Thomas was just too good. Toughness had less to do with the Boston series that Dick head standing on his head, record saves, record shots against in a final.
  5. Exactly. Really nothing to see, move along. Horvat likely didn't play shinny imaging he was a Canuck as a boy. Nothing wrong with a little honesty, as long as you back it up with support to your current club which Johnny Gaudreau appears to have done. Stamkos in the end stayed because he felt it was the best chance for a cup, at a huge financial loss to himself, who knows Gaudreau may do the same once his contract is up.
  6. Recent experience that will stay with me for a while was the bittersweet world juniors loss to US in the gold medal game. It was edge of your seat from the drop of the puck right through the shoot out. Canada wasnt supposed to do much so winning the Silver by losing still made me proud of the players.
  7. Is that because hes going to win his fourth next year?
  8. This year's version of the Pens was scary. Scary in how dominant they could have been if they had Letang and Murray from the start, no knock at all to Fleury he was excellent... Schultz also did an admirable job stepping in ( or up ) for Letang but aside from him their defense was middling at best. Crosby is knocked out in the Washington series and they still beat the best team in the league in seven, Karlsson does his best Canada Cup Orr impression but it isn't enough, the " four Karlssons " play an epic game 2 holding the Pens shotless for two periods and still lose by three, and the hottest team in the NHL last season in that CLB are almost swept in the first round. Scary that the Pens were not at all at their best but still beat two top teams and eventually beat the team that swept CHI... Guentzal? Who the heck is he anyways? Not.....fair.
  9. He pulls a Heatley/Bure and demands a trade. Eventually they agree to send him to Philly and the pull a bait and switch for Drasaitl.
  10. Recommend picking up Gretzky only and recent book 99. It has insight into many different teams, there history, and all the eras since the NHLs inception. Surprisingly little about the Oilers considering that was his hey day but refreshing nonetheless.
  11. Good for you, nice to know my daughter's generation is been represented. Also 14, born in 2002.
  12. That would make you fourteen or fifteen. Please tell me that not true.
  13. As part of the older generation you might be happily surprised at how much we remember. Growing up with Gretzky and getting all the goods about the Habs, Boston and Philly from your older peers, these hockey heros are kind of embedded into your psyce, the same way the younger generations that grew up with the WCE and or the Sedins era will never forget the ups and downs and people that played then. As a fan of hockey in general there's absolutely nothing wrong with learning about the history of the club, you may find enlightenment to be very enjoyable. Personally id rather re- hash older drafts as it brings back memories, so I completely understand your wish to do the same.
  14. For sure, and I agree we are not at all in a better position right now. Smith could have three good to stellar years left in him and if so Calgary fans are in for a treat. When Hamilton came to town some experts considered the Flames as a dark horse in the West with Giordano at the height of his powers/Norris consideration, Johnny hockey, a recent Calder Monahan forward etc. Now MT...things are definitely headed in the right direction. My point is if they had a Murray or Jones or Bobrovsky they would immediately be one of the best teams in the West and get even better as their young guys reach their prime. Part of me hopes they land an elite goalie, the battle of Alberta would finally be back and all that history would be a treat for all hockey fans. Plus if Demko joins the above goalies and becomes elite our own rivalry would go from a simmer to a rolling boil. The next few years will be interesting no doubt, SJ will peter of into middling at best, the same with LA unless Valardi makes nine other teams wish they picked him instead, us included, ARI will slowly pick up speed, same with us and EDM, ANA and CAL will fight it out for first in the division. Vegas will also be right in the mix in three or four years as their three first rounders ( OMG they nailed it with all three) enter their early prime.... Vancouver is going to have to earn their spot in the pecking order as we adjust to life without the Sedins, at this time theirs some hope but this division is going to be a powerhouse with so many old contenders sliding or staying put (SJ, LA and ANA) and new ones rising ( EDMs already a contender and is only getting better, and CAL is elite goaltending away from joining them). Really, really tough division right now, we could have both wild card spots for the next five years and the second wild card could be as good as Centrals second team in the standings. The bright side is Vancouver will be regularly competing with some of the very best in the league. This is excellent praxtice for our own young guys and the team in general. When we make the playoffs and if we escape the first round watch out....
  15. 35 years old and declining remind you of anyone else? CAL rebuild is faltering, they can't and won't go far without a long term goaltending solution.