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  1. Yeah I think we have. I can find all sorts of bad press on OJ too, including SN ranking him in the top ten of worst draft busts the last ten years (JV is also in there). And bad press on each of those guys you’ve listed. And even our very own Hughes. One hit away from the infirmary etc. Tend to shy away from the negative stuff. Dont see the point in continuing this, like almost everyone else here I hope OJ exceeds and becomes the player we all hoped for in the beginning. Whether he’s another Pouilet or Vlasic 2.0 more offense time will tell.
  2. It’s not just points. He’s not terrible defensively either his knock is skating (although he’s one of the best backward skaters in his draft class). THN doesn’t rank them, a group of ten pro scouts from separate NHL teams do that and they report the averages, I will take their word for it thank you. I’m sure Benning would trade him for Bouchard in a heart beat too, but no way the Oilers would. I’m posting expert opinions with my own mixed in, I followed London to a certain degree, and make a road trips to watch Utica when I can and saw OJ play live twice this year. Dahlen was great, OJ was good one game bad the next, Brisebois was better both games. Small sample size no doubt but so is 18 AHL games too. This Hughes vs Juolevi thing is what came up and I wanted to express my viewpoint, your welcome to your own too, anyone that says OJ was carrying Bouchard isn’t quite accurate but yes it helped him. Would love to have both them on our team but Bouchard is a prime candidate of someone too good for juniors that would have benefited in the AHL instead draft plus one.
  3. Benning will make room if he earns a spot. But it won’t be easy to push Benn out...he’s actually quite good.
  4. Yep but it is what it is. He’s very solid when he plays, especially last year (ahem contract year) but I’m pretty sure he will play like he did next year too. One of his injuries was a fluke unfortunately otherwise he’d have played closer to 70 games...his five year average is in the fifties...pro-rate that to GP and he’s making some big dough. Bennings planned for it, Poo is out Hughes is in, huge upgrade, Benn is too over Hutton, an advanced star darling. My hope is OJ comes in and doesn’t look out of place, and can play with the big boys it’s an upgrade on the AHL which really was giving him some problems although he was adjusting. He need more AHL time anyways so this works to our and his advantage. The thing I like about him is he’s so far being able to make each step and figure things out. This will help him, heck who knows it could be Benn or Hughes too. Just hope it’s not right away as he needs some time to get back into the swing of things.
  5. Go back and re-read the posts I was replying to, of course I know those guys are forwards, they are examples of what a PPG or close to a PPG AHLers are, OJ was not producing like that, although as I mentioned did well. I follow the OHL and Utica, I’m sorry to say OJ is not at the same level, and never has been at the same level as Hughes which is the topic being discussed. How many live games has anyone on this site watched? He only played 18 after all, of those how many has anyone seen? Stats are stats. Benning knows what’s going on and set up his L side contracts to pace when he feels OJ will become a regular. Two years from now. Meanwhile Hughes will have two seasons under his belt before he’s the same age as OJ is now. To say he hasn’t made the lineup because he’s not a NCAA player is kind of strange to say the least (replying to dialogue of the discussion) or that Hughes hasn’t earned a spot where as OJ is earning it. (Edit: hes developing, once he gets to a certain point he will have earned it, just like Hughes already has) Benning would have played Hughes right off the hop if he didn’t decide to go back last year, that’s how high he is on him. The Bouchard comment is incorrect. Who helped how is more like it, he’s two years younger, just breaking in and paced him. A year later WITHOUT OJ, OHL defenseman of the year, draft plus one even better and again OHL defenseman of the year, absolute domination of his peer group which is what you’d expect of a high draft pick staying in the CHL draft plus one...and he went five picks later. Very different performances, I’d trade OJ for Bouchard in a heart beat, saying he’s bad defensively is naive given his age, he’s one of EDMs only bright lights and probably will end up a high scoring D if the McDavid/Drasaitl show stays long enough. It’s a very real possibility Bouchard will be a regular before OJ too. Heck THN has him as the 13th best prospect in the world right now, the third best D behind Makar and Hughes...OJ still makes the list but was never higher then 23, each year is slipping and now is 66, right around where AG was last year.
  6. You honestly think he hasn’t earned a spot? Or Boeser for that matter (experts felt he could have started a year earlier but Benning kept him down an extra year)? He played well, five pro games with Schenn as his partner, earning his spot like everyone else, would have played more but thankfully he didn’t so we don’t have to protect him in the ED. This really wasn’t what we were discussing but it is interesting....is that why AG got a try out too (winning the Hobey Baker and showing he could be an AHL star had more to do with that) ? My understanding is GMs treat their star prospects differently, as in letting them burn a year off their contracts when they can but not always. Bennings been heavily criticized for picking OJ over MT, but didn’t rush him and for good reason, because he wasn’t ready, wouldn’t matter if he was from the NCAA or not. Personally I think the WJs skyrocketed his stock, without that performance or playing that tournament at all I’m not sure he’d have gone in the first round, at the start of the year he wasn’t in anyones radar for a top ten pick thats for sure. Which goes back to the original discussion, one player is starting his NHL career as a 19 year old, the other can drink legally in any state now and is back training after a season ending injury. At this point anyways it seems that Hughes is the better player and has more upside ... doesn’t mean we should sleep on OJ, we all want him to excel, but we won’t really know for sure for a few years ... like by the time Hughes is OJs current age.
  7. It’s possible, the only point was Hughes has and is playing at a much higher level then OJ did draft plus one. Yes I’ve heard the story about London, he did have Bouchard as his partner which helped... I watched OJ play last year, he was hit and miss, some games were good other games not as much (he was benched one game after letting a guy get by him and not taking the body on a easy play, went for the puck and missed and it ended up in his net, GWG in a tight game). Brisebois was better all around the games I watched...he was given every opportunity though. I’m not so sure he’s ready, but I’m sure he will get his chance as soon as a guy goes down. One goal and 13 points in 18 games is .72 PPG...wouldn’t call that close to PPG but still a very good start...that said Boucher was over a PPG and McEwen also played well, both fringe guys for us. And it’s a limited sample size...he was -12 which would prorate very unfavourably in a full season, neither would less then two shots per game despite first line PP time, but I think that he was adapting still. Personally Benning knows best, and he’s essentially filled the L side for two years, and plans to ease him back into it, back to Utica and use him as an injury call-up. Sure he might trade Benn to make room if he earns the spot in a year or so which would be awesome. Meanwhile some CDCers are pencilling in Hughes for 35-60 points ... a tad hopeful no doubt, but you never really know. OJs injuries are more worrisome to me then anything, I do think he will make the NHL eventually, and has the toolbox to be a Vlasic type as his ceiling, which would be incredible for us, it would definitely put him up there with Hughe’s ceiling too as both Rovers and two-way defensive defenseman have huge value in today’s game. At least for now anyways, one is in the lineup draft plus two, and some games draft plus one, the other has fifty games played the last two years combined draft plus four.
  8. What is more pressing then our defense at this point? We have to replace Edler and Tanev soon and other then Woo and OJ, maybe Tree we don’t have much else in the pipe and this guy is ready to play now. Personally I think this would be a great trade for us, not that I think they would do it, but worse trades have been made before. Even if Woo works out we could still use an upgrade and having two Myers is better then one ha ha. Losing JV and the hope he breaks out wouldn’t be easy though, I’m still hoping too.
  9. If he ages like fine wine and doesn’t regress, it’s possible we try and trade Beagle two or three years down the road. His cap hit won’t be too bad then and teams looking for depth at center would love to acquire a guy like him for their run. Could see us doing that simply for cap relief and because other guys like Madden will be pushing for a spot. Until the he’s ours, and a warrior, if both him and Sutter, plus our core guys are healthy we will want them for our own playoff runs...
  10. Not really. Draft plus one OJ didn’t do much more then he did his draft year, heck Bouchard paced him in London. Where as Hughes went back to the NCAA and was the leagues second best defenseman after Makar, playing against young adults instead of kids. Most good draft prospects that go back the CHL kill it the year after they get drafted. OJ defintely did NOT do this. He went to Europe the year after that. Then Hughes made the show his first draft year and played five games and didn’t look at all out of place, and scored 3 points in five games. Something OJ hasn’t managed yet and he’s a few years older. When Hughes is 21 he will have a couple NHL seasons under his belt and likely will be our best L side player, I bet he takes Edlers first unit PP over this season (predictable, doesn’t score many goals on it anyways etc) for a couple reasons: it will be like having and extra forward, it’s a new look and our PP wasn’t good last year, and Myers has a way better point shot then Edler. OJ will start in the AHL and get his chance when Edler goes down. How well he does will determine a lot going forward, hopefully he can keep a spot but don’t see it happening full-time for two more years. Benn is a 4-5 guy and doubt he will beat him out. In fact see us re-upping him and not re-signing Edler IF OJ can make it. Long term ideally OJ will be Edlers replacement... As far as his AHL play went he was given every opportunity on the PP and his ice time and he was pretty solid. He did have bad games too. Hes A cerebral guy with a great toolbox, pretty sure he will make the team eventually, but so far at least Hughes is on a different level.
  11. We take this deal and run each and every time. You can never have too many RHD...we need more too, Woo isn’t a lock to make the NHL let alone become a second pairing guy, of course we hope he can, and Myers won’t be around forever. Plus you always want to upgrade your defense, if he’s a better guy to have then Stecher slot him in. Tree also shoots left...sure he can play the right side but it’s not ideal. Talk this deal and run. JV is buried now and won’t get as many chances...looks like at least for now the third line is his ceiling.
  12. Guys rarely sit out and until the last few years used to be offered a fair contract. Nylander was paid too much. The take away from this is the apple doesn’t far much from the tree (like father like son). Don’t think we have anything to worry about with Boeser. He’s not getting AHO type money, that bar has already been firmly set...Eichel, McDavid, AM also did that. We don’t have to understand the intricacies of a contract to see BS when it’s right in front of us and he got a BS deal...it’s NOT team friendly, Kadri says hello him and Gardiner are the first casualties oh yeah and a first plus Marleau. Sure they got one year of Barrie so it’s not all bad. RFAs are getting paid way too much now, at least the best ones, and TO could have made a statement but instead choose to pay up and did with both Nylander and AM (one of the highest paid guys in the league but yet to break 80 points, not a top five guy yet let alone a top five center). Marner will get his big cheque too. In fact Eichels PPG and PP sixty aren’t much different then Boesers at the same time...good thing we won’t have to pay him 10 million right? And on the OP .... I did NOT have to read it, but I did anyways and still don’t see why that’s like a secret mystery of the universe and how the heck it really matters when it comes to Boeser. What I said at the beginning is a way bigger impact (RFAs making third contract money now). All things being equal, six years ago Boeser would be making 4-5 in today’s dollars on a full term deal. He’s about the sixth best RFA up this year and the best ones (Marner and Point) would be making around 7 on a term deal that took them to free agency or bought maybe one year. Way back when Tavares signed for 5 and EK was the best in the world already and signed for 7.5 ish...things were a lot better cap wise, now teams are sacrificing too much to pay these guys and no team can afford a powerhouse except for Vegas, Florida and TB...
  13. Same with the Avengers....needs a Thor and an Iron Man....oops too early?
  14. Binnington should have won the Smythe, he was literally robbed of it. O’Reilly played great in the last series but really wasn’t much of a factor in the other three, wasn’t even the top scorer or near the top scorer on his team in any of those series, around a big plus in each one of them too...where as Binnington was a factor in each one, and the cup final. Binnington also had 11 first or second star selections...O’Reilly had 3 in the final only, as did Binnington. Problem with the way its voted on the guys that do it don’t see all the previous games but see every cup final ones and O’Reilly was a good pick for MVP of that Series only. THN asked the local beat guys in St. Louis who they would have picked and all of them resoundingly said Binnington. He had two bad games the entire playoffs, take those out and he had a .928 sp, and was Uber clutch after a loss and when clinching. It was such a bad choice, and not the only one over the years, that THN is pushing for a new trophy just for the MVP of the final like other sports do (in addition), and that only local sports writers that follow every game get to vote for the Smythe. Makes sense to me. After all who has time to watch every single game of every series? Nobody does. Thing is it’s thing like the Calder (runner-up) and Smythe, other hardware and first and second all-star selections that can matter later when all things are said and done and a player is eligible for the HHOF....Binnington could be a flash in the pan and peaked, or could go and have a very very good 15 year career. Those things would look good on anyone’s resume.
  15. I think you might be more then pleasantly surprised with Myers, as in he could surpass Edler the moment he steps on the ice, we don’t see much of him and Edler and has been our top minute muncher and overall defenseman by default. I liked Burke’s comments, underused and more then capable of stepping up when Trouba and Byfuglien were injured, and seems fine with taking on a much bigger role here in Vancouver. The guy has untapped potential and the best point shot on our team, add 20 PP points to his totals and more minutes it’s possible he can score 50 points. He sees so little PP time in WNP he’s scored 4 of his goals and only 18 of 74 career goals on the PP, Edler has almost half of his on the PP by comparison and way way way more PP time all on the first unit. Myers career shooting percentage is basically 50% better then Edlers too. If he had the PP time (where shooting percentage goes up) it would be even better. Personally it’s hard for me to see Edler keeping his top spot for long, it won’t take long for Hughes to take over his PP spot, and run with Myers as the triggerman. Last year, like his last contract year, he had a career year (but still couldn’t manage 60 games), and after being a minus magnet for several years managed first first plus season (3) since 14-15, the year before he was a league worse -39 though. Have people forgotten how bad was already? Years of 50-60 games and -20’s? Myers on the other hand playing against lesser folks, had been a plus 40 since going to WNP and some of that time early on was injury riddled but still managed a plus 9-11 in 11 games and 24 games etc. So hard to say exactly how thing would be for Edler had the roles reversed, but it definitely seems Myers is more then capable of moving up he depth chart, and Edlers seasons of mid 22 ish points would be closer to 15 with no PP time. Both guys are better suited second pairing players, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Myers has a career year next year or the one after that (which means 50+ points, hardly anyone gets 30 5 x 5 unless your EK or Burns and Myers almost managed it two years in a row) and Edler ends up on the second pairing at some point too, and definitely on the second PP unit soon into the upcoming season. Posted yesterday that in two years when we have a cap crunch and have to re-sign two L side guys I don’t see us re-upping Edler, see us going with OJ if he can play even a 3rd pairing role and re-upping Benn. Edler will likely retire at that point unless he’s willing to take a huge discount to stay on one year contracts, best case for him. So no he won’t be around for much of prime time with our next core.