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  1. Good point. EPs shooting percentage was not far off - sure he’s got the skill to keep it pretty high but it’s not likely sustainable for Pearson. That said good it’s a testament to Horvat and to a lesser degree LE that Pearson had those quality chances...
  2. Yeah pretty much agree with this. In the end we have Pearson instead of McAaan, I like that trade even though he’s older because he’s a bigger body and harder to handle. As far as JV goes, barring injuries Boeser and Miller have closed the door shut on getting any top six minutes...at least for now, and I doubt he’s played on his off wing - that takes more brains and hockey sense. If he can score five more goals this year he’s definitely a good third liner - think it’s very possible especially if he becomes a regular on a should be much improved second PP unit. Don’t think Ferland or Pearson will do any better on the third line either. Agree there is something missing between his ears, but it should improve over time and more experience. Funny how Goldobin and Leivo are given the juicy assignments and he’s left languishing with Sutter or whomever. That said his linemates have moved up a notch, maybe TG evens out the quality of opposition a little and gives that line a bit more breathing room and less d-zone starts. We have the guns for three scoring lines now and it should only help with his chances....actually we have the guns for three decent third lines....a little like Vegas was their first year.
  3. If we make the playoffs this year, which we will - we automatically lose our first rounder to TB, JB doesn’t have a choice, he can’t decide whether to defer the pick. If we don’t make the playoffs we lose the pick the following year automatically.
  4. Timberwolf you’ve been down on this team for as long as I can remember. Are you stuck on our golden years with the Sedins as you grew up watching them and can’t see things for what they really are? Already Miller has shown he’s more then worth the picks we gave up for him, Benn is showing he’s very difficult to play against and why he was so good in MTL - Ferland will keep guys heads on a swivel and thinking twice about taking liberties on EP and Boeser, Myers is a huge upgrade - literally- and that we can score by committee - one of the key ingredients to a successful playoff run. You really think this team will do worse then last year? Give your head a shake man, maybe go watch some Sedin or if you were three or four at the time some WCE era highlights. This team was destined to bottom out after the mess MG left - one that didn’t allow his predecessor much chance of getting anything, from a top team too... It takes time to get the 5-6 core guys in a rebuild plus 5-6 support guys. Four drafts minimum, 6/7 on average - that is bottom five in the league for that many years to get your picks. JB had managed it in four. EP,Boeser, Demko, Hughes is five - Podz is likely six. Then add Horvat the only decent piece we got from MG, paltry return, is 7 - then add Miller (a wise decision given how long it would take to draft and develop an equivalent player) who’s only two years older then Horvat, Myers, Benn, JV, Rousell, Sutter, Beagle, Pearson, Bear, Ferland and even LE and later OJ you end up with a good supporting cast. AND he’s got a team for the next two years anyways, who’s top players cap wise are only 6 million. How many teams league wide can say the same? Even with one anchor in LE and the Luongo thing he’s created one of the best cap structures league wide. There is more chances of us winning the cup this year then doing worse then last year. Injuries won’t be a concern - Edler and Tanev minutes will go way down and help on both special teams has arrived and they will share the load - plus depth is no longer a concern. I’m pretty sure we can get 94-104 points this year - and be a hard team to beat come playoff time.
  5. Yep. It is what it is....LE might have scored 40-50 playing with EP and getting first line PP minutes - instead played 10-12 minutes a game 5 x 5 and the rest on the PK mostly on the fourth line and against a high level of quality of opposition. He’s insulating the young guys and allowing them to have a chance to develop. This wouldn’t even be a discussion if he was making 2-3 million.
  6. Exactly who’s development is he stunting? Both Goldobin and Leivo were gifted juicy assignments last season (PP time and top line roles)...Granlund is gone ... Schaller? Nope. Let’s see how things go this year, demote him if we actually have a player that’s ready to play in the NHL (Lind, JG, Madden aren’t ready) until then play him on the PK and the 3rd/ fourth line, against top competition 5 x 5 mostly with d-zone starts, and be happy he can still score close to 30 doing that as Leivo, Goldobin, Motte haven’t shown they can produce the same doing the same assignments. I don’t like his contract either, or that he plays a cerebral game and not a physical one. As soon as we have someone better then yes demote him, even if it’s to Utica. In the meantime hope he pulls out of his funk and possibly gets to a point where other teams would take him on with some retention. Either scenario is fine IMO but one is better for the team then the other.
  7. Looks like your crystal ball worked out. Went back and read what people had to say about LEs signing and for the most part people really liked it .... a few queried it like it wasn’t the best thing but even they didn’t say they hated it. You were right about going to the PK - who would have thought it would be so soon though ha ha ....
  8. Congrats EP on a great camp so far...reading NHL.coms take on the top ten players in the Pacific division- had him at 9....bet next year he will be closer to 3-5..
  9. And the incredible thing is he did that with not much in the way to work with - and when he was injured came back and went right back to where he left off. White and BT as rookies and Bobby Ryan aren’t much to work with - wonder how’d he’d do in TB or CAL or even another team like Buffalo. It was his second year - but even his rookie year with limited games he was productive. Don’t think OTT will come to regret this at all, it’s what all GMs want right now (to lock their future stars in for as long as possible) - there is risks involved as sometimes players don’t turn into what you expect, but considering his pedigree this one’s pretty small. In four years when they will be competing with their next core this deal will be a team friendly one, and if he can squeeze 60 plus point seasons out of mud (that’s what an entire year projects over last year) before that it won’t be that bad either - after all that puts him in elite company. And he’s playing against the best night in night out and without much support at all...again wonder what he could do on a team like ours even...70 points? What about TB?
  10. Likely gets a job playing it’s Crosby - watch him get 50 points and the CDC whine some more about that Guddy trade. Maybe not now that Galy is there but he’s probably playing with Malkin. Either way if he’s top six with those two guys he will put up some points.
  11. Ok we can meet each other down by the boards with our signs and then arm wrestle to see who leaves first ha ha. Again it’s all about assignments - Leivo got his special teams on the PP - LE the PK, who played against who and ozone starts, minutes etc - and yes JV and Rousell played better and definitely are above him in the depth chart. If LE played 63 games mostly next to EP or in the top six maybe he’d have ten more points - same with Leivo’s PP minutes. Messier - I said close to a PPG, and Bure held out and left while he was here, and Mogilny played three seasons of around 50 each, and yes he’s a bum - watching him skate really really fast circles from blue line to blue line cherry picking was hard to watch. He deserved his hate but not so much for his production ... LE we have him for up to three more years - that’s like Messiers time - maybe he will break his leg too so at least one year we won’t see much of him - or maybe he will get pushed out - but not until someone’s taken his job and I’m not convinced that’s happened yet. BTW 30 points playing mostly on the fourth and third line, time and a handful of games in the top six and PK time is decent production.
  12. Well we won’t know unless we make the playoffs and Bo wins a series a for us the way Kesler did in NSH ... plus he was regarded as the first or second best defensive forward in the league for three or four years....close...not yet but hopefully soon
  13. Call him out all you want, the point is if he was getting paid 1-2 nobody would he talking about this, and most would be happy to have him in the lineup killing penalties and playing against the best competition in his own zone. Both Leivo and Godlobin were gifted PP time and juicy assignments last season - but couldn’t produce more then LE in the same role, not that he’s been given much of the same - but Pearson seemed to like him on his line ... As an aside Messier produced close to a PPG as a 36 year old on some bad teams (after exodus) - but it might have been the biggest mistake this franchise ever made. That and hiring Keenan. If he accepted a second line role and an A and fell in line behind Linden that team could have won some cups (especially if Bure was re-signed and not treated the way he was by management cheating out with their offer). Go ahead and spread the hate all you want - maybe make something on a cardboard sign and get on TV too. Just don’t find it very classy - it’s no like he’s in the top six, mostly only the fourth line last year. Yet somehow he’s supposed to get fifty points right?
  14. It’s pretty presumptuous that you say LE doesn’t want to win too. Why don’t we just wait and see how things unfold - if the coach wants him in the lineup it’s because he thinks we have a better chance of winning. I agree passion and hard working players are the best. Yes he’s a disappointment - but he’s not the 13th forward (yet) one or two guys have to step up before that happens.
  15. It’s not like we iced a killer squad either - aside from Horvats line and Markstrom it was far from our A team. Why should LE get denigrated and others praised for what they did when quite a few of them did less. Was LE playing on the first line ? Was he not used as usual, ie a defensive forward first up when a penalty is called? I really hope he keeps it up and like most vets on this team won’t make it easy for a player to take his spot. It’s only one game I will give you that - and it’s hilarious how some CDCers go from trade him - put him in Utica to pencilling him into the lineup for having one good game (which he most definitely did have). Have been saying for months now - even created a thread about it - that LE is better then Schaller, Leivo, Motte, for sure and right now better then Goldobin and Gaudette too, and all the fringe players - he just needs to be get some fire into his game (even without that his stats when all things are equal - are better then all the above mentioned guys, he just hasn’t had the same opportunities with the exception of AG) and make the young guys earn his spot in the lineup. If it happens then great. That said if his salary was the same as JVs and these other guys, I’d bet every cent I have in the bank that people would be stoked to have him and nobody would have ever talked about putting him in Utica, in fact would possibly be praising him as an unsung hero. Will say it again - the best thing for the team would be LE pulling a Eric Staal and bouncing back - not losing his job and getting demoted to Utica to save a million in cap space - that’s messy. If we want his cap to leave the team he has to get more opportunities on the second PP and with better players. Last year both Goldobin and Leivo got way better assignments - why? Because the team was checking them out to see if they’d break out - and because it’s just too easy to slide LE into the shutdown role, he’s got way more experience and hockey sense then the two of them - that said again when all things are equal LE produced at a better rate (not good enough but still better) when given the same opportunities. Edit: will add that I’m not happy with him either/ his cap hit is way too much for what he adds to the team. But I also won’t jump on the bandwagon that wants him gone - aside from Messier (and rightly so) I’ve never seen so much hate against a player that’s wearing our uniform. Find it distasteful and also shameful - we as fans should never boo our players unless there is a lot better reasons, on the ice or any other type of communication. It just send a bad message and snowballs