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  1. We didn’t even see him play until this year but somehow found Boeser and retiring Sedins enough. I remember when Bure was traded and the awful feeling that we’d never see anyone like that soon, if ever again and without Linden and Mogilny too things seemed hopeless at the time. Messier was no consolation prize, and Naslund wasn’t really that great either when he arrive (and he wasn’t supposed to be either, thank you Stojanov). Those were some lean years too, particularly after such a great team that at one point (injuries would throw a wrench into this) we had Mogilny and Bure on the same team that almost won a cup. EP is a revelation no doubt, he’s the best rookie we’ve ever had and does things that blow your mind. Miss him too already but it’s our team, and we should support it no matter what. Get the disappointment though, been there before, it comes with the territory...but when they win finally it will be that much sweeter.
  2. Two to four months...or however it takes to get even with this Cross one off the list. I was at the game and I wanted so hard for Hutton or someone to glove punch the smug smile off his face so bad. Sure he said all the right things after, doesn’t mean he actually meant it.
  3. Not for a minute. He’s a guy you can add to your top nine who’s ideally suited on the third line but can move up when needed. He’s like Johnson or Palat in TB, he does have a lot of playoff experience which counts for something, some team might bite becuase of this but I hope it’s not us. Hard pass given we’d have to give something up to get him. I don’t think he’s going to stay in the league long, the posts suggesting he’s worth 6 plus million are erroneous, not even with the cap going up. His next contract won’t be much more than 4 if it is that teams going to have an anchor.
  4. Leafs trade Nylander straight up with a caveat Muzzin re-signs with them, takes care of their immidiate cap-issues signing Marner and Mathews gets easier and all Dubas has to say is he was wrong about saying he’d never trade him, just a rookie mistake. Leaf land forgives him and starts planning the route of their parade.
  5. The extra value of the contract is nobody had to be waived, that likely makes up for any extra Benning might have made at the TDL, plus the way the last one went a bird in hand is better than two in the bush (maybe nobody would even want him at all).
  6. TB sure had it good with the players they have on high salaries, plus their secondary players that can play well in the top six trickle down all the way to the fourth line. My beef with them is they are getting players to sign at lesser salaries (Stamkos), part of that is because they are a contender, the other part is they are making full market value with their take home pay as they would be if they went to TO or pretty much any other place other then Vegas and Florida. Essentially their cap is 10% higher than the rest of the league with their no state tax for home games. It results in allowing them to sign an extra 8 million dollar player, which is spread around their lineup. Having a few guys on cheap contracts help, and soon they will have their own cap issues with expiring contracts, but they won’t be hard to re-sign either. Google NHL tax cuculator and the comparisons once you get to five-six million plus is significant, and once you get to 7-8 million it’s very significant. Basically a guy getting 8 in TB/Vegas/Florida would have to get 10 plus in the majority of other NHL cities for the take home to be the same. Stamkos was expected to be offered up to 12 million on the open market, he definitely took a pay cut from that sort of money...but still got his 10 plus million.
  7. Absolutely. He’s going to get a big pay-day and he deserves it. Under the radar star player who seems to produce no matter who he plays with, and is able to do it all on his own more or less against the leagues top competition. Adding him would would go a long way in our top six.
  8. I feel more or less the same. Benning actually has being fairly quite in the UFA market compared to the re-tool era, that is Miller and Vrbata (they wanted Iginla but settled for the next best, and for one year it worked. Thankfully Miller didn’t play full seasons or we wouldn’t have the prospects we do today. All the other free agents aside from LE are and were place holder moves, with short enough term not to effect anything that may or may not come out of what’s left of our prospect pool. I can see him going after Ferland (who recently won a viscous fight, he goes all out like Jovonoski used to with little defence) and maybe Meyers, otherwise he will hold back for now on more free agents. These guys are necessary while our guys develop, he still has to ice an NHL team, and after LE he’s been hesitant to get anyone with a term that’s going to block someone, and if one of these guys is blocking someone, well just look at what he did with MDZ to keep anyone from going on waivers, and of course Gagne getting buried. Also look what TB did last year to give themselves an even better chance at a cup with NYR. I bet Benning will get active both on the UFA market and on the trade front as he moves the rebuild forward, that’s what he’s supposed to do. I don’t get the quibbling or criticism he gets for signing placeholders at all, he gets something back for them when he can (Vanek and MDZ), and they serve a purpose as creating internal competition to avoid rushing guys like they did under pressure with JV, and of course just to ice NHLers, even if they aren’t stars or even very good. Dahlen and Guadette are close...too bad about OJ....and we can expect Hughes soon too, and of course he’s promoted Demko too.
  9. IBatch

    Should we go out and get a "tough guy"

    Sure does and good point those guys get a lot of wear and tear over the years and it can affect their longevity. Good on the Capitals to have to foresight to draft Wilson I hope other GMs see the value he brings and do the same (CLB did when they went off board slightly and took who I thought we were drafting in PLD so not everyone is completely on board with all in on speed and skill yet) becuase those guys are the stick that stirs the pot and their value goes way up come playoff time. Benning hasn’t drafted anything like that so far aside from maybe Tryamkin and JV but still they aren’t really the same either. I’m sure these guys are around lying in the weeds somewhere, it wasn’t so long ago that anyone with size and some skill would be willing to do anything to get their shot. Then again maybe that’s a good thing, Quin wasted two first rounders on Antoski and Stajanov in the early nineties, in an era where the bigger the better. Lucic scored a couple goals last game so maybe he’s not quite done either despite a dreadful 18 months by his standards. Don’t know why they don’t just park him infront of the other goalies net and have him there to bat it rebounds and ugly goals, you don’t need extra speed for that. If this is his new normal he’s going to have to come to realization that his intangibles need to be accented, that is be an intimidating force and protect the hell out of his teammates. Otherwise he’s going to be the guy EDM buys-out after the next CBA, because you know that’s coming as part of their next agreement.
  10. IBatch

    [Signing] Maple Leafs re-sign William Nylander

    The Wild sure haven’t lived up to their namesake have they, but they always seem to be in the periphery as far as playoffs go, they just don’t do much once they are in. Constantly not bad, just not good enough. Staal worked out great, but they are just prolonging the enevitable, that is time to tear it all down and start again. Is WN a budding star or someone that’s just held on to Mathews coattails and made himself extemely rich. For the Leafs sake they better hope it’s the former, so far things just are firing right since he came back. Maybe the teams coming down to earth but with those centres and goalie it’s hard to think that maybe it’s a chemistry issue, and maybe WN going to be the goat. Their Bobby Ryan (who was lights out with Perry and Getzlaf, very regular without them).
  11. IBatch

    [Waivers] Dale Weise

    We could use this guy, great teammate and you can guarantee he won’t stand around watching EP get thrashed, but will do some thrashing himself and be vocal about the rest of the league keeping their hands off our players. I’m with others that suggest waive Schaller and pick him up. This is an easy way to add toughness to our lineup without giving up much in the way of anything (a little cap space which won’t be an issue when it counts).
  12. IBatch

    [Speculation] Interest in Alex Edler

    We did, or Linden and Benning did with how they treated the Sedins until they retired. Despite one thousand or so trade proposals on the CDC to get something for the twins to help with the rebuild. Management respected them enough to go for a flawed re-tool (flawed because Luongo and Kesler were on their way out and we had no way of replacing them) with slim odds of success (and little alternative given all the clauses these guys had). Thankfully Benning quietly assembled a great prospect pool which is now taking effect on the team.
  13. IBatch

    [Speculation] Interest in Alex Edler

    Absolutely, it started early on when he exploded for 48 points and we thought we had a true number one finally, that could destroy guys with hits, man the PP , block shots and push guys away from the front of the net and pin guys to the boards etc. That turned out to be his best season, injuries de-railed him and have consistently being a problem for him since and he never got better as we all pretty much hoped for. Then his NTC and desire to stay kept him from getting traded for new parts in the rebuild (which annoyed quite a few of us who wanted this five years ago when it should have but really couldn’t thanks to Gillis and Kesler, get going)... That said he’s ours he stuck through a lot of lean years and we simply don’t have anyone in the system that can do what he does. Re-signing him makes more sense than letting him go, even for a late first (another lottery ticket maybe is debatable though, but next year without him could be very, very tough on our defense, Hughes isn’t going to take over that quickly and doesn’t have a shot from the point (yet) or the physical ability to do what Edler does, he plays a much different game. Renting him would be the best thing for the team, but also comes with risks (Edler getting injured, Edler liking it there more and not coming back) ... but it’s a pipe dream that won’t stop until Benning re-signs him or the TDL is passed us.
  14. IBatch

    [Signing] Maple Leafs re-sign William Nylander

    Their winning percentage has really tanked since he re-joined, most likely just an adjustment period for WN and the team, but if it lasts another month Dubas will really be feeling the pressure. He should have never said he’d would never trade the guy. Also Babcock has already found better uses for Kapanen and Johnsson, much cheaper players that can do the same things and more, and has no problem sitting stars or reducing ice time and PP time, he’s used to that coaching the Olympics and to a lesser degree early on in Detroit when they were still winning cups and going to the finals. WN might end up regretting his hold out, fans don’t like that about players, and he’s obviously not in mid-season form either (and won’t get any favours from their coach to get the primo assignment, could end up playing 10-12 minutes a game if he doesn’t get going). Sigh...nice to see Canada’s golden boys getting some hardships with their ridiculously talented forward group. TO probably thought they would win even more with him...but really haven’t played much better than .500 since he got back.
  15. Vancouver wouldn’t make a significant trade with EDM, unless it was just too good to be true (and in that case EDM would be really foolish to play ball as it would bite them in the ass for the length these guys play each other that are traded). What’s the biggest trade we’ve ever made with them? Steve Staois?