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  1. Those were the top twenty of the time .... not all-time just back around 1994-95 (mid-90's)... all-time would be quite a different list for sure. Coxe/Probert are involved with the best hockeyfights.com ratings ever..10/10. If you watch those (Crowder ones were great too) then the best of the past few years its a little deflating. Reaves wouldn't make the top 20 back in 1994/95 would be a tier below with guys like Kruse, Brashear (although he did become a top fighter for sure), Bonvie, Peluso etc....forgot about Severyn he'd bump someone out of my top 20 - maybe Laus....add all the Nealy,Shanny/Tocchet/Clark/Stevens types it was one rodeo for sure...McRae was one tough SOB too long in the tooth by then..
  2. Salo was a big injection when he played - pretty sure our winning percentage went up when he was healthy....he just couldnt stay in healthy which is the only strike against him and it was a big one....many times I hoped we traded him just to give another team a problem in their line-up. It's also why I have had some hardship with both Tanev and Edler at times but with them it was at least more understandable given for a lot of the time there really wasn't much else and they were taking the hard minutes...this was not the case with Salo we had Jovo, Ohlund,Bieksa, and later Mitchell and even Hamhuis to split the time with...the guy was made of glass. Not a huge fan of BMO either but would definitely put him ahead of Salo. Back then fans wondered what we could do with a real first line center - its not like he was the offensive engine on that line - much like Burrows was a bit of a hanger on - but he did play and he was more defensively inclined then both Naslund and Bertuzzi. Still both these guys are a bit early considering who else is on the list..,,not that they weren't great Canucks because they were - one needed more health the other more skill.
  3. Tiger and Gino in the ring of honour would be awesome...fortunately I remember the higlights from Gino's first game fighting first Manson (Butcher reminds me of this guy - one tough SOB - trivia but it was a throat punch from Mommeso that damaged his voice so he only talks in soft raspy notes) and earned a lot of respect for for hanging in there - and then scored a near decision against Grimson - who also became a pretty good enforcer...no player on our team ever started his career like that. Have a soft spot for enforcers in general (not goons there is a difference) - guys that would protect our stars and keep the game clean (I'm on the side that argues that the league won't ever police itself - a rash of hand injuries came in at the same point they left the game - a rash of hand slashes - a code violation - no coincidence there - Methot's finger came nearly clear off from one from Crosby even the stars got involved) .... of course the league had to step in but it should never of happened in the first place. Watching old highlights the game has changed so much ... finishing your checks now has a different meaning. Like that obstruction was finally beaten out (check out how many PP's it took to get there) and that the red-line is gone as it speeds the game up and puts an emphasis on skill.. Technically with four lines rolling again things have reverted back to how they used to be pre-expansion with one glaring obmission. After decades of enforcers on virtually every fourth line players grew up not having to protect themselves and fighting their own battles. Aside from a small handful of "policeman" like that existed before then - who could also play the game - like Ferguson - the rest of the players were expected to get their own respect, space and fight their own battles. When did Howe, Makita, Lindsay, Richard ever look to a Semenko, Williams, McSorely, Brashear etc to fight for them? Never really. Think this will come back as guys that fight and can play are more valuable then ever,...Milbury was eventually correct in his vision of league wide "pansification" who would have predicted that 20 years ago... Maybe even a GM will go out and create a PHI re-boot one day and start the arms race again (doubtful but one can hope ha ha ).... Takes a certain type to go out and fight 20-30 times a year...bravehearts for sure - and most were loved by their teammates and fans for it. These are the top 20 enforcers off the top of my head (not including guys like Tochett, Stevens, S Stevens, Odelien, Clarke, Mommeeso, May)etc that could play the game at a higher level and fight too back in 1995ish Probert, Brown, Baumgartner, Twist, Simon, Ewen, Kocur, McCarthy, Berube, Gino, Grimson, Churla, DeBrusk, Manson, McKenzie, Domi, Crowder, Ray, Kruse, Ciccone....and that's less then half the list of guys that played that role, was also a tier down that would include Antoski, Bonvie, Tamer and Brashear who was just getting started - Parker too etc Times have sure changed.
  4. I have Lidster, Boudrias and Jovo in the top 20 already off the list...early 20's Lever, Kearns, Sundstrom and Bieksa.... Like your nomination for Williams and mentioning Gino - not sure where to put him exactly - as far as a greatness goes he's definitely a fan favorite even to today (Gino). That said his inclusion will bump someone out who was for sure a better player and a good player for us..for those that assume he was part of the 94 team - he wasn't he was benched in favour of Antoski, a better skater (not fighter)....these lists aren't easy. Have him somewhere in the mid 30's for now. Surprised to see Salo beating out guys on this list, even defenseman - he played less games then Lidster, Kearns and Bieksa - and was arguably only better then Bieksa - but I would still take KB over him anyday because of his intangibles and better health. Kearns was an excellent rusher and put up his points, also played a decade and put up 75 more points in 111 more games, and averaged 23 minutes....Salo was good when he played, but that wasn't often, wonder why that's forgotten so easily. THN has him one after Hamhuis at 27 so I guess he's not that far off. Jovo played 132 less games and scored 2 less points ... three all-star games - Olympic Gold, Babe Pratt awards etc...he should also get the nod first but at least he's getting some votes....THN had him at 16 - if he played most of his 1100 game with us no doubt he'd crack our top ten - didn't play long enough for us - personally wish the WCE era gave him the C and we kept him. On Tiger- he played 4.25 seasons for us and probably has the highest PIM per game of anyone who ever played with us...what did he get? - over 1200 PIMS for us during that time (and he played between 66-77 games for us in his full seasons)...he was part of our first run to the final - and he is the leagues all time badass. Could play the game too..he's one of a few Canucks that played 280-310 games for us and deserves a spot. Mogilny, Courtnall, Kurtenbach, and Rota are the others...
  5. Either Lidster or Boudrais - Lidster for now - Nominate Adams...
  6. This is true. It was almost like he kept riding the edge to the point he fell off and didn't know how to get back (well eventually near the end of his career he did but even then it only lasted a couple years and he did it again in his last gig). Savard was a great player that lost his career to a head shot and as a result finally woke the league up to actually changing the way the game was called. Cooke is a footnote on how that all unravelled. It also needed an ammendment -thanks to Cooke and others antic's to include all head shots not just the primary point of contact. Stevens crushing hits would be suspensions now...Cooke was a pretty popular player well here and scored some big goals. Later he became the most hated player in the league - sometimes even on his own team (Mario was lambasting the league to clean things up - then Cooke went out and did his thing - and made them fools - soon sent packing).
  7. The only way this will end for good is testing everyone for ant-bodies and vaccinating those that don't have them. Either that or every single person stays away from each other for two-three weeks .. the first seems more likely but have to be proud of the way our nation and the world is putting such an effort to save people.
  8. Good call...He went on to appear in a couple all-star games in PHI and set some records for them - a big part of Quins team that went to the final too (and had that crazy unbeaten streak that won't ever be broken now with ties gone). Big Bob Dailey was PHI answer to Robinson in MTL (not that it helped much - he came in and made mince-meat out one flyer after another and helped the Habs lose their PHI flu). Sad that his career was cut short and that he passed away too young. RIP. Our team should have kept him obviously - turned into a not so good trade for us.
  9. Rick Lanz...the Salo of the 80's with his howitzer.Ververgaert a hyped power forward with defensive lapses but still a big part of his teams..would add Lindgren and McCarthy - too bad he was injured in 1982. Those guys are in my list somewhere later on.. Oddleifson too solid playmaker and checker on long forgotten teams. Nice to see some air time. When (and it will happen) that some of the lesser players from the WCE era and the Sedin teams start to pop up I hope these guys are not all bumped out of the top 50. Cooke, Horvat, Tanev and EP have a lot of waiting to do (same with BB) before they bump some of these guys - or a player like Rota...
  10. Haven't watched the video's yet....but I can still count the ways Otto's goal shouldn't count. Those close to Quin say he never forgave the league for that and never got over that loss completely too. Goaltenders interference and he kicked it in - there I said it. Even he admits he got away with one now - and that if it wasn't for that series the rest of the way to the cup wouldn't have been possible it galvanized their team...Vernon not in the HHOF? Well how many great saves did he make just in OT? Robbery. One of the biggest fails every by a non-call in the history of the league. No video review provided an out.
  11. Will start this just like last one vote Lidster - nominate Ronning. Edit: The talent level is still very high in the guys available to select with a few still outside looking in that were good-great players for us. Lidster, Lumme, Boudrias, Jovo, Ronning, Bieksa, Lever, Sundstrom, Kearns, Babych, Morrison round out my 19-30 list of who's still there - pretty much in that order. Honourable menations to Salo, Hamhuis and Courtnall who just miss the cut. Edit: Three of the top ten I'd have in the 10-20 range - and one of the 10-20 so far i'd have in the 20-30 so some guys got displaced...like the first four on the list above.. won''t mentions names as i know everyone including myself has their favourites.
  12. Not the important ones like games won, single season or overall, team MVP, all-star selections, Vezina finalist selections - all-star games or second team all-star selections or playoff SP (McLean had .928 in 94) ...a tad early but I also have him in the top fifty - near the end. He's probably our fourth best goalie but some would have Smith higher. Playoff gaffs don't help his legacy - that said despite his failings he was a number one goalie at the time - and did have seven shut-outs for us one year. And if needed we also had one more puncher in the line-up which was pretty cool. Have him in the top fifty too - but not for a while yet.
  13. I voted Lidster first - then changed my vote later to Lumme because I have them both around the same back to back and trying to block Mogilny for at least one more spot .... ugh. Maybe if the Boudrais votes and few others that see the value in the old timers join forces we can get this done. Sundstrom should be in for sure .... hopefully he gets in soon.
  14. Add to that Back up Bob (was a Vezina finalist in WNP), Potvin (success in TO), Irbe (great at ruining Detroits possible runs in SJ despite on the cusp of greatness) and for a brief moment in time Beezer....