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  1. Until some of Bennings later picks get on the roster and make an impact his batting average is in question. Personally I think Lind was a prudent pick, at the draft he was predicted to go in the low twenties, essentially we drafted a guy who was supposed to go in the first round on almost all lists, and JG near the end of the first round on some lists too. It might end up becoming his best year but we won’t know for a few more years. Jonah looked good in a few games I saw live, he’s faster already and looks like a 28 year veteran too. He was used on the third line and got some good looks, and was using his size well.
  2. THN has been predicting WNP ascension for years, a few years ago claiming they would be cup contenders starting this year. They have a ranking system based on average draft position or ADP thay analyzes each teams prospects and under 21 ers. Guess they nailed that one. Conner is currently on a run too.
  3. Quenneville knows better and would stay away from that mine field. Hitch on the other hand has made a career out of mid season firings and creating resurgences, one of the best at a quick turn around, not that it is nessarily sustainable...
  4. The Pacific Division is terrible

    It’s certainly closer to what was expected of them, problem is now expectations are higher, and every GM in the league was hoping they could achieve the same with a similar cap. Reality is a b;($h
  5. What about the guy that would have won the Calder last year if it wasn’t for Barzal and Boeser? He’s part of that elite core now too right?
  6. The six million cap hit is the hard pill to swallow, not the money owed on the contract, although that’s something to consider too. Most teams have a LE contract on them somewhere, we’d have to pay to get rid of it, who’s to say how much further he will decline but I’m pretty sure if he’s reached his new plateau and won’t get any worse, nobody will come close to wanting him unless it’s a move to keep to the floor, and we have three plus years left with him on the team (unless we eventually demote him).
  7. Just look at what it cost to get Lindros and you’d get an idea of what we’d be doing (shooting ourselves in the foot).
  8. Nobody would ever trade the best player on the planet just starting his career, it’s money money money wherever he goes and whatever he touches turns to gold. Now he’s in the right city to get traded once he reaches he turns 27 or so.
  9. Erikssons contract is untradeble, our only hope of losing a year from the deal is Seattle at this point. Sutter remains our best chip, injuries won’t help the return but his body of work is good enough for a late first to a contender under the right circumstances (their shutdown c is injured perhaps). Ask Edler to waive and tell him we will re-sign him if he does (rental). Maybe Gags sticks and scores enough to get us a bag off pucks. Other than that not much we can trade, as far as vets go. Now ask me if we should consider trading a young player for a decent starter or a top pairing RHD...but who for who?
  10. [Discussion] Karlsson FA

    Karlsson is a special player, not sure if we should pursue him or not but definitely wouldn’t worry about him if we did. One of four defenseman to be top ten in scoring three times (Orr, Potvin and Coffey being the others), is only a year and a half away from a Conn Smythe worthy performance, did more with less in Ottawa for years (and will get there in SJ or wherever he ends up) than any other Norris winner during his career, blocks a ridiculous number of shots and tilts the ice the other way as good as anyone. And like Orr he doesn’t need to use his speed to control a game. There’s no questioning his leadership or his community involvement, unless your uninformed. He wants to get paid, much the same as Tavares and his last contract the team got off easy, he’s expressed he’s happy with a similar deal as Doughty. A few years ago the media starting writing off Ovechkin, didn’t buy into it, and his demise was greatly exaggerated (like mid 30’s is tragic goal scoring), and now there is some belief he could catch Gretzky. Karlsson has at least seven good years left in him, some of his injuries were just fluke bad luck (or accidentally on purpose like Cooke stomping down on his Achilles), and he’s bounced back from all of them so far, but more than anything he’s good enough to still stay ahead of the pack and win Norris trophies even once his foot speed goes down (the same way Orr did when he was the best player in the world on one leg in 75 near the end of his career). He’s also in unreal condition, and extremely strong for his size. edit: I changed my mind I do want us to sign him, I talked myself into it.
  11. The only thing that grates me is I can’t help but feel ownership used Linden to help assuage the frustration that was bound to come their way as the Sedin era came to a close and the team bottomed out. Until Linden goes public with what actually happened it’s all speculation, he certainly doesn’t need to explain himself though.
  12. This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    Nah, he’s just being himself, Lowe pegged Burke where he lives when he said he’s all bluster and lives for the cameras. “That’s a small body gentleman, a small body”...still it’s hard not to like him. His five year plan started and ended about where, we’ll he started and ended. One cup gained him a lot of capital, as did his work with assembling most of the best Canucks team that we ever had. Good hockey mind, and great for a sound bite. He would have drafted Bouchard no doubt. Back in the O and crushing it draft plus one. Make a decent replacement for grapes once he’s ready for retirement.
  13. [Discussion] Let's Deal Markstrom!

    Nux I’m not sure who would be interested in him, maybe as a back-up for a depleted squad, in return for their back-up, maybe a we could get a younger guy? Personally I think for better or worse we are stuck with him.
  14. [Question] Would U Trade Him?

    McDavid and Bure are the only two players ever to do what they can at that speed, two and a half years and the only guy at the same age that could rival Gretzky’s trophy case, and without the same supporting cast. Draisatl is pretty good, but looses a lot of shine when not playing with McDavid, and after him it’s third liners. He’s the best pure talent in the game right now, if he played on TO and Mathews played in EDM he’d score 150plus points, and Mathews be lucky to be a PPG.