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  1. As a winger it’s rare. No face-offs added to the metric - he was just that good at it.
  2. Makar was a beast last night, COL won the lottery by losing - well EP would have also been a better pick then the first three. QH was good too - but have to admit Makar looks like the real deal - passing was top notch all night. EK is actually a pretty good comparable IMO, skates like him, shoots like him and passes like him.
  3. This is my opinion. If the polls continue to say the skate uniforms are the fans favourites - grab a pair and change them back. They can keep fin and honour the Sedin era (they are drafted a couple years after the change - and I feel most fans will identify with the Orca as the Sedin era) - which is over so why not go back? Think the Orca generation won’t take long to love this uniform - well a lot of them - because they already do like them too. Make the Orca the third uniform and retire the stick in rink. Best of both worlds. The skate teams played hockey the right way in a much rougher and tougher era...the entire tone changes - feels a little meaner - with the same players. Bieksa wanted to wear it. He would have rocked it too.
  4. This. It polarizes the fan base given those were and are still the favourite uniforms. The WCE and Sedin generation of fans don’t know anything else and I can appreciate their love for the orca - but if it wasn’t for Quin Orca Entertainment would have changed our name to the Orcas and moved the team to the US. It’s origin story stinks - and it regularly ranks near the bottom of the league by the “experts” (designers). The orca doesn’t make the top fifty all-time logos - but the skate does ( ALL hockey logos, international and junior, college etc). Those uniforms were awesome last night . And the white one is even better. Im used to the new/recent ones - don’t like the green bands on the arm ones though - and do think it’s the best version of the Orca (the first few were awful, trying way too hard to be “intimidating”) and have made my peace with it - as continuity is important - but the love for the skate won’t ever die. It’s already passing on to fans that weren’t around for it and if they made it our thirds i think it would go a long way in both honouring Linden and his team. Heck like Bieksa said - even the players preferred and wanted to wear it.
  5. It was the best display I’ve ever seen in my entire life of watching hockey. Don’t know what the record is - but it has to be close. OK just check - it’s the 10th best performance all-time. Horvats in the record books! And he took the least of the top ten, third best winning percentage too.
  6. Well a recent study showed that drafting in the first round hasn’t changed much the last 30 years. Same amount of busts, same amount of pretty much everything - despite way more staff and emphasis on development. We’ve had some good drafts the last five-seven years but they’ve been far from perfect. And really it’s way too early to know how good it’s been. We won’t know the exact quality for another decade. Id agree top ten picks are almost all sure things - same as it ever was - but there is also usually one or two who are busts or maybe not complete bombs but not great especially given their draft position. Patrick. Puljajarvi. OJ. Yakupov (he broke goal scoring records in the CHL) ... too early but just to name a few recent ones. The rest of the first round, particularly the second half it’s not so certain and even the best drafts all-time have a few misses/busts/almost bombs past ten. Second round? Well 50% will play 1-200 games - the rest zero games and the number of guys that will play 700 is very low. 12.5% of the third round on play 100 games or more - total crap shoot. And it won’t ever ever ever be more then that. Why? There is only so many jobs available. Sure some drafts are better then others - next years is considered above average. We had two monster drafts in a row when McDavid and Mathews went back-back. One thing I will say - is recent drafts are producing a bevy of defenseman we haven’t seen since the 80-90’s. Only EK, Doughty and Chara are locks for the HHOF the last 20 years - guys that are now in their 30’s. Maybe Burns and Weber too. It’s been a while since we had a crop of guys like Leetch, Coffey, Borque, Housley, MaCinnis, Pronger, Chelios, Murphy, Blake, Lidstrom, Zubov, Langway etc make the HHOF and deservedly so. Plus there was a bevy of guys a level below like Carlyle, Wilson and even Babych. Werenksi, McAvoy, Hughes, Makar, Dahlin, Heiskanen - and Provorov, Parayko a bit older and Hedman and Carlson a bit older then them. It’s possible it’s a by-product of the “ New NHL” - at least the regular season one where virtually 3/4 of what is called used to be let go as hockey plays. Hudson Bay Rules could expose some of these guys in the playoffs (QH and McAvoy sized ones at least). Time will tell.
  7. What’s wrong with him moving to the wing when Sutters back? Bear will go back to Utica - nothing wrong with that. AG has been one of our best (and our best two games of the last eight IMO) - maybe even play him with Bo - might give him a shot in the arm offensively (Horvat) and leave Sutter to do what he does best.
  8. What are you on about? This is a series of quotes from a lot of the better/best defenseman we’ve ever had... I know you hate Myers - but try and keep it to just that one thing and away from the rest of the team.
  9. Correct. He was usually listed either 6’2” or 6’3”. Linden is 6’4” and it’s obvious when he stands next to his teammates including Ohlund (who was built like Probert). Bieksa last night looked small compared to the other talking heads - and I’ve seen him listed 6’1” - on skates maybe - he’s under six feet - one “tale of the tape” described him as 6’3 and 225 lbs - maybe because he fought guys that big and regularly destroyed them or something. The heights and weights are often exaggerated. Ohlund wasn’t 6’4” / but looked like a transformer patrolling the blue line with those wide shoulders and thundering hits. As an aside I’ve met Demko - and he’s definitely a tall dude too. Had to tilt my eyes up a bit - and don’t usually have to do that. Definitely and inch or two above 6’2.
  10. Me too - I identify with that one more given back then we played with the white ones at home, love the black ones too but those were my favourites...
  11. They should do both - liked Bieksa’s comments on how they lobbied to play with the skate uniforms too...players and fans alike really like it.
  12. Absolutely...we were all over them in the third period - the first two were definitely theirs but they came out flat comparatively in the third. And the refs where whistle happy all game - if he has any complaints that’s where it should be directed (McKinnon on his post game comment)...
  13. TG got us a point on this one - his decisions both to put out the second unit even though the first was fresh and to pull Demko with 3:30 to go had an impact. Cue the guys that think we need a new coach. Had a monster third period (again) - McKinnon, well he’s a monster too.
  14. They try too many passes and don’t crash the net enough just work on the screens. That said it won’t be on every night - and there is still a period left ....and they can be dangerous. When we had the number one PP in the league back in 2011, the league figured it out and it was the second unit that helped carry it - nothing wrong with having two effective units. Think the guys aren’t used to playing with a guy like Hughes yet either - in time it will click - and EP getting stronger will help too. BB missing the puck entirely... just off today