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  1. Hoffman is a perrenail 25ish goal scorer. coming of a career years 36 goals 70 points..for 3.8 million...how would we get Hoffman and their 13th for Sutter and Tanev? He’s one of the best bargains in the league no way they part with him.
  2. We can only protect one goalie against Seattle without leaving some very good players and prospects exposed. Which is part of the reason I’m on the find a trade for Markstrom boat whenever a good opportunity arises. We won’t get as much later when we are over a barrel as well as the other 30 teams in the league, juggling and fussing over their own expansion draft issues. What did we get again for Lack? Could end up just like that.
  3. Not really. There are plenty of average but suitable goalies available around the league that could replace Markstrom and shelter Demko. The net gain could definitely be worth it if the right deals are made. Look what our spare parts managed in CAR this playoffs..at 35. Holding on to Markstrom and betting he will play like he did from December on could push his stock even further, and allow more time for to see how Demko plays...and if a team loses a goalie around the TDL maybe strike then.
  4. One of the better thought out and researched proposals I’ve seen in a while. This makes a lot of sense for FLR, and Vancouver is already used to playing without both guys. It would help us from the viewpoint it stabilizes the lineup...and we have Beagle and AG who can replace Sutter. Losing Tanev would be tough but adding Myers would help that. Good post.
  5. Well it must have worked becuase we got Benning. Too bad we can’t the Calgary to the 80’a EDM...always the bridesmaids...at least until Gretzky and Coffey we’re gone..
  6. There’s nothing in this that I don’t disagree with, except the fact that we simply don’t have anything in the pipe or now on the right side that top four material with the exception of maybe Stecher and maybe Woo as second pairing guys. It’s highly doubtful we will draft anyone that’s going to make an impact before Horvats contract is up. Teams that can win when their players are on second contracts have a lot more staying power then ones that are older. See Boston and PIT. I dont think he will sign here anyways, but also don’t think he’s on a decline (yes I saw his giveaway goal last night), especially after reading an article that delved into his last two years and compared them to the previous four. He’s still a top defenseman even when he’s not 100%. He caught fire in Dec and was catching up to Burns until his groin derailed him. I also think that all these injuries and his ankle might end up costing him a million or more on his money deal this summer. GMs have all sorts of ammunition to keep the deal shorter and for less money then if he was 100% and played all the games. This scenario reminds me of Ovi a few years back when everyone was saying he was done after a couple down years. Then he came back and won four more trophies. Without outside help we will end up wasting Horvats years with us, and possibly EPs and Hughes as well. We are one of a few teams that can afford him and pay our young guys without much difficulty. I’m also not a fan of semi-star signings like LE, Lucic, Neal, Stastny, Okposo, Foligno etc etc. They end up costing the team too much and would rather pay the actual stars their money and add some elite talent. Skinner fits into that category but I’d tale a flyer at him too because we need another capable scorer in the to six, and have nothing left in the system right now and whomever we draft this year won’t be making an impact for three or more years. Vancouver needs to be cognizant of what other teams did wrong, and EDM is a great example. When guys like Panarin and EK are available you go for it if you can. It costs you 2-3 million in cap space eventually but that’s just as easy to waste on a guy like Schaller right?
  7. This exactly. Harder to do than say to do it, we’d have to add to get an approximate equal player given how many less of them there are overall (approx 40%) unless things work out really well for us...have been suggesting this for a couple months on and off, if OJ is healthy and ready room needs to be made.... that said it’s too early yet, wait until Free agency is winding down first. Who knows maybe we sign Gardiner instead of Edler or Myers or two of those guys. At some point if OJ on the team for good Hutton OR Edler needs to go.
  8. Could be management wants that week before July 1 to see what else might be available to them before committing, and Edlers camp wants to see what teams are interested in him as well, just to get an idea of how much money he can get from us. It makes sense for both camps to wait and see...
  9. Yup. They are re-tooling on the fly to get one more crack at the cup while they still have Kane and Toews around...and the league is right behind this helping all the way.
  10. I know it’s two guys. Butcher is used primarily as a PP specialist his defensive game isn’t that good, Trouba is pretty darn good no doubt...it’s a coin toss but I’d stick with Hughes, his age is right and we don’t know just how good he is yet.
  11. Well let’s hope they come early and partake in our liberal weed laws....and if they get the munchies maybe there is a case of Lays lying around from the Messier era.
  12. OR we just keep Hughes. He could be really really good. Butcher is a PP specialist which would be nice...but I’d still rather have Q Hughes then the pair of them, maybe it’s a mistake but it would be nice to find out.
  13. Pretty sure there is a thread from HinduSmyl already made about this. It all depends on what we get back, if it’s a good deal take it, if not keep Q Hughes. Edit: Also NJ would view both these deals as an overpayment. First overall and a good journeyman defenseman for a guy who’s only played a few games in the NHL would be a hard sell for their fans.
  14. The past two years he’s being 6th best in the league relative Corsi to his teammates....that’s Uber elite ... and he’s a perrenial top shot blocker (which I think he needs to tone down just to keep him healthy). I agree he’s not the answer to all our woahs, but he does fill the RHD spot and bump out one of our guys...and he’s not a shrimp like Stetcher and Hughes, not big either but he’s built like a boxer and strong as an ox for his size. At some point we will need to get outside elite help, we won’t draft our entire team, EDM tried that and Hall and Eberle are gone, the same way Horvat and Boeser will be if we don’t add some pieces through free agency while we have them here to push us over the top. I will I’ll say I think it’s a little early and that we need this draft and one more to add to our pool and have some talent that can trickle in once we do make the playoffs to help keep us there. But he’s probably best UFA ever for what we currently need if not the best ever period (if you think he’s better than Tavares that is). Hughes and EK could anchor our top two lines, we’d almost always have one of them on the ice, and what a PP. Maybe I’ve got a bit of a bias having watched his almost entire career from up close since moving neat OTT ten years ago. He’s just as special as Crosby and Ovechkin, one of four defenseman to be top ten in scoring three times (Orr, Potvin, Coffey are the others)...why wouldn’t we add that to our team if we had the chance? Don’t re-sign Edler and if need be trade LE with a pick or prospect to clear up space or whatever. Given teams can talk to him one week prior to free agency Benning could get a deal done with him and if not then re-sign Edler and go about his business. Second choice would be Skinner. We need something in our top six that has experience and scoring ability and he checks both boxes. Whomever we draft now won’t be ready for a while.
  15. Hey you don’t have to worry about convincing me, a 5.5-6 is right about where he should be getting paid. Skinner will get 7 somewhere, maybe more he’s earned it. Tavares was a top young center with a great pedigree and he got 5 when he signed his second contract, yes I know the caps gone up but that’s an example of how things used to be pre- McDavid. Eichel is maybe an ok Tavares comparable and he got 10 (Tavares would have got 7.5 by comparison his second contract). Times are changing. Doughty, Wheeler and EK had to wait for their money deals, now guys are getting third contract money right away it seems. THN has Boeser at 6-7 which is the Nylander affect. His agent is armed with tape showing Boeser is the better player ... at least they won’t get as much as they could have had Boeser played every game. Theres nothing wrong with paying a guy 5-6 million coming off an ELC, its a fantastic wage and shows that player can play. If he gets 8 it’s way too much.