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  1. Kidding, it's a solid 9/10 for me.
  2. Just gave the new FJM a listen (on vinyl because I'm pretentious). Upon first listen, the sound is beautiful and, as Glassjaw said, his lyrics are clever and heartfelt. Songs aren't as catchy as those on Fear Fun, however I feel that the longevity of this album will surpass it's former. I haven't looked forward to an album release as much as I had "I Love You, Honeybear" in awhile and after the first listen, I can confidently say that it was worth the wait. 2/10
  3. I've only heard 4 or 5 songs off of the album, but each song has been unique in its own sense. Chateau Lobby #4 is a beautiful love song that deserves appreciation.
  4. When can we start talking about Father John Misty? Could we be talking about the album of the year this early in 2015?
  5. Whiplash is at VIFF this year! Already have my tickets.
  6. Just watched Edge of Tomorrow/Live.Die.Repeat/All You Need is Kill/Call of Duty. Really enjoyed it, I found it very entertaining. Not going to call it a good popcorn flick because I don't really know what in the fuck that means. 7.5/10
  7. Great! Thanks for the response. I award you a "+1" for your kindness.
  8. Xbox 360 post... Did any of you enjoy Far Cry 3? I'm looking for a game that has a decent campaign and mulitplayer.
  9. Death of free discussion. Have fun with your circle-jerk threads and rumour mongering. Additionally, have fun googling misfeasance,it apparently went over your head.
  10. I've been given a warning because you blamed the refs and I disagreed with you? My agenda, what are you talking about? So posters can't disagree with you because you moderate the forum? Good work. Here's a 3-4 syllable word for you, misfeasance.
  11. I'm assuming you're ignoring your last post and every second post you made in this thread.
  12. Sutter with 1 loss while coaching Canada and it's his fault?
  13. Deb blaming the refs in a 5-1 loss with Finland scoring 1 PP goal. Never change. Never change.
  14. Where's the reffing conspiracy theorists?
  15. Maybe we're losing because our PP strategy includes *insert Dumba/Mantha* entering the zone 1 on 4 and losing the puck. But no, it's the reffing. Poor us.