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  1. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Great assist Gadjo
  2. Kole Lind | RW

    The guy is po’d. He does get hit pretty clean at the end though.
  3. Kole Lind | RW
  4. Casey or bust...
  5. I hope Villardi's memorial cup appearance makes Dallas or Colorado take him and Mittlestadt drop to us. Mittlestadt is our best chance to land a #1 playmaking C imo.
  6. Jalen Chatfield | D
  7. San Jose winning the cup and giving us their first was always a longshot but I expected them to atleast beat the oilers
  8. If we win either pick 1 or 2 in the lottery I hope we expose Sutter in the expansion draft. It would be nice to shed his salary and open a spot for Patrick or Hischier. The only problem I see would be our lack of PK guys. I doubt JB does it anyways.
  9. I would convert him back to Center to center Boeser. If he were drafted anywhere else I think he would have played center, but with Eichel and O'Reilly there was no point of making him the 3rd line center. I think he could be the first line playmaking Center we so badly want, i just don't think Buffalo would make the deal without our first this year.
  10. I really don't think we can go wrong picking any of the top 6 centers or Liljegren. As long as we draft top 7 and don't keep winning there's a good chance we can develop one of the guys to be a 1A/1B with Horvat. Patrick and Hischier will probably have much quicker results than the others but: Mittlestadt- Putting up better numbers than Boeser did in the USHL and seems like a dynamic offensive guy. He would probably take the more offensive role and Horvat's line would be 1B like Keslers 2011. Villardi- Has a really similar game to Horvat and we'd be following the Boston model with 2 2-way centers that can put up points and play well defensively. Pettersson- Not getting enough hype. Putting up the same numbers as Dahlen with a year less development. Has high offensive upside and would also look good as the offensive point getter in front of Bo. Necas- my least favourite of the group but no doubt has high offensive potential. Mckenzie has called him a top 2 offensive center which again would pair up well with Bo. If all are gone draft the best D on the board and trade Tanev + for reinhart or draft the best center with our high pick in 2018.
  11. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Was really hoping he'd wear 61, 6 is such a defenseman nunber. But just happy to have the kid signed and playing!
  12. What a weird interview with Boucher... i couldnt tell if he was nervous or had just been bawling his eyes out...
  13. If we do squeeze into the playoffs this year I think we need to go balls to the wall trying to sign John Tavares. The rebuild is pretty much over if you can lock him up. We sell him on having a terrific up and coming 2-way supporting cast and an instant chance to win a cup. Next year we would have: Eriksson-Tavares-Sutter Sedins-Hansen Baertschi-Horvat-Boeser Granlund-Gaunce-Dorsett Edler-Stecher Hutton-Tanev Tryamkin/Gudbranson/Sbisa/ Juolevi I honestly don't think it's out of the question to sign him. Thats a tantalizing line up and our young guys are only going to get better.
  14. Olli Juolevi | D

    Drilled the crossbar shorthanded
  15. Adding to my above point, Riley Tufte was a high profile player who went back to US highschool hockey last year after starting the season in the USHL. His offensive numbers arent as good as middlestadt but his development just went off the rails. He was a first rounder who doesnt have a single point through 14 games in the NCAA so far this season....