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  1. 1st period Observations: - Damn I missed Petey's one-timer. - Good to see Boeser playing with confidence again. - Liking that 3rd line of Roussel, Gaudette, Ferland. Fast and agitating. - Not sold with Sutter yet... might come in handy during PK but he's looking a little slow. 4th line needs some speed. Too bad Virtanen's been press boxed. - Connor hellebuyck is keeping the Jets in this one. GCG!
  2. For those who need a little bit more hockey in their day... enjoy!
  3. Thanks @debluvscanucks for the GDT. Hoping to bring the road trip back to .500. Demko is playing pretty good, but he's clearly nervous about holding the fort. He should've had the Brown goal on Thursday and Matthew's goal last night, but he made some pretty stellar saves throughout this trip. Hoping for a line shake up. Virt with EP and Miller, Tofu with Boho and Pearson, and Big Mac in for either Sutter or Eriksson. GCG!
  4. All fair points. The Canucks are allowed to go over the cap on bonuses, provided we're prepared to have to have it affect our cap come 2021-2022. Definitely didn't take a long-term approach to this, just experimented with one of the many hypotheticals. Part of the reason why trading Baertschi was a pain this season was the extra year of term. There's alot less risk next season. Same applies for Sutter. The returns would be minimal, but I doubt we're giving up a first to clear Sutter's 1 year. I'm sure Colorado or Winnipeg, with their ample cap space, would've handed over a 2021 5th or 6th to shore up their centre depth (With Little and Kadri out of the lineup) had he only one year on his deal. There will be takers available. At the end of the day, Canucks will need to free up about $10 Million in order to resign/replace players on the current roster. Whatever combination that may be is what will remain to be seen, whether it's player trades (Sutter, Roussel, Baertschi, etc), Contract burying (Baertschi, Eriksson), Retirement (Eriksson), LTIR (Ferland), wicked discounts (Stecher, Virtanen), or walk-outs (Stecher, Toffoli, Tanev, Markstrom, etc).
  5. Honestly, I don't think next season is the big issue when it comes to the cap crunch. In my opinion, here are the 4 objectives that Management needs to sort out: - Maintain an Internal Cap structure until 2021-2022 season - Determine Ferland's state of health - Deal with excess dead cap - Supplementing the roster with ELC/Sub Million Dollar Contracts. In this particular scenario, my objective as an arm-chair GM is to maintain as much of the roster as it sits now within the current salary cap (Don't depend on a salary cap increase). Here goes: - No one on our team has a contract signed over $6,000,000. For the Canucks to maintain flexibility, no contract can be signed over that amount for next season. That means no massive overpayments for Markstrom, Tanev, or Toffoli (He is resigned in my scenario), no massive UFA deal (No Hall), and bridges for low cost RFAs (Motte, MacEwan, and Gaudette). Let's assume the top 6 ends up being Miller - Pettersson - Boeser & Pearson - Horvat - Toffoli. Also, let's assume that Beagle centres Motte & MacEwan (Both qualified, $1,000,000 and $875,000, respectively). It's a safe bet that Gaudette will be 3C, with Virtanen on his flank. That leaves five names that are still under contract: Roussel, Ferland, Sutter, Baerstchi, and Eriksson. I'm going on the notion that no one will touch Eriksson or Ferland. They will remain with the franchise in some capacity in my scenario. Contrary to popular belief, both Sutter and Roussel have some value to their contracts, albeit limited. I foresee Sutter & Roussel traded for a combination of low draft picks and C prospects. With one year left on his deal, Sutter can easily be traded on draft day, or during the July 1st frenzy. Roussel's two years makes it a bit tougher, but he brings intangibles that other teams may covet, particularly for a long playoff run (assuming his presence on the Canucks roster is such during our own playoff run). Baerstchi will likely be buried again though he could potentially outplay both Ferland and Eriksson for a spot in the line-up. The ball is in his court, but in my scenario, I will be trading him for a low pick or B/C Prospect at 50% rentention. With one year left on his deal, Baertschi is a lot more valuable, especially at a cap hit of approximately $1.7M. Ferland's health is really the big question. He can potentially recover and fit nicely as 3LW. Alternatively, he may be placed on LTIR for the remainder of his contract, providing additional flexibility. To make things interesting, let's assume he's healthy and good to go as 3LW! This leaves Eriksson. If waived, a cap hit of $4.925 Million remains on the books. There's discussion that he may retire once he receives his July 15th bonus, but again, can't rely on that to happen. He'll stay on as 13th forward for purposes of simplicity. On the backend is where we're going to see most of our ELCs fill in the holes. Benn will no doubt be traded as we don't need a $2 Million 7th D, and he could probably fetch a late 2nd on draft day, though likely a 3rd. In my scenario, I've called up Juolevi and Rafferty. With all that said, here's what I ended up with: Miller ($5.25M) -- Pettersson ($925K) -- Boeser ($5.875M) Pearson ($3.75M) -- Horvat ($5.5M) -- Toffoli ($5.5M) Ferland ($3.5M) -- Gaudette ($1.5M) -- Virtanen ($3.5M) Motte ($1M) -- Beagle ($3M) -- MacEwan ($875K) Eriksson ($6M) Edler ($6M) -- Stecher ($3M) Hughes ($917K) -- Tanev ($5M) Juolevi ($863K) -- Myers ($6M) Rafferty ($700K) Markstrom ($6M) Demko ($1.05M) Baerstchi Retained Salary ($1.683M) Spooner Buyout ($1.033M) Luongo Recapture ($3.033M) Total: $81.454 This is an ideal scenario, but there are so many different ways it can go. Baertschi, could be buried, he could fail to report, he can be suspended, and have his contract terminated. Eriksson can retire on July 16, 2020. Ferland can go on permanent LTIR. Virtanen could be traded in a package. One or more of Markstrom, Tanev, Stecher, or Toffoli could walk. The purpose of this exercise was to see if the current roster (for the most part) be maintained in a somewhat realistic fashion. Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!
  6. "Lois, a boat's a boat, but a mystery box can be anything. It can even be a boat. You know how much we've wanted one of those things?..." -- Peter Griffin, Family Guy The only way a Boeser trade makes sense is if there is a suitable replacement (either in the pipeline or in the return) who can score at an average minimum of 0.8 Points per game and can average at least 62 games played in a season. From the perspective of what's in the pipeline and existing roster, Podkolzin won't be joining the ranks until the 2021-2022 season. Hoglander won't bring that kind of production next season, provided he even signs his ELC within the upcoming international window. At the rate Virtanen is playing, it's possible he can grow into it, but he'll be lucky to end this season at 0.5 Points per game. Do we really expect Kole Lind to shoulder that responsibility next season? Jasek? Replacing that production in Free Agency would cost more than retaining Brock Boeser at his current cap hit. Does Toffoli at $5.5 - $6 Million supplant Boeser? Does Taylor Hall at $9 Million make it worth losing Boeser at a lower cap hit? If the return in a trade includes a mid to low 1st round pick, it is more than likely that within 3 years that selected prospect may develop into a 60-70 point player... Like Brock Boeser. Hoffman would make the most sense, but he's only reached 70 points once in his career and may only reach 65 points this season if all goes well. He will command between $6-$7 Million per year in free agency. Resigning Toffoli could potentially work, but premature based on the single game he's played for us so far. I'd like to see how he progresses for the rest of the season before putting pen to paper. Even so, I imagine he'd cost at least $5 Million per. Let's say, hypothetically, Brock gets traded for one of the lottery picks in this year's draft. With the exception of Lafreniere, when do those picks reach Brock's production? Does byfield reach 40points in his rookie year and reach 60 points by 2022? How about Raymond? Holtz? Perfetti? I'm imagining what a trade to Minnesota would look like. It's possible they might bite on a one for one for Dumba, but feel as if we'd need to add, which probably causes a domino effect of issues. Maybe a trade around Fiala (Add Boldy and a pick, maybe?) but Fiala would be due for a raise in the same year as both Pettersson and Hughes. Brain hurts. Will provide more analysis at a later time.
  7. Vancouver Canucks (30-19-5) @ Minnesota Wild (24-22-6) 5:00 PM PST at Xcel Energy Centre TV: SNP RADIO: SN650 Last Time VS The Wild A Friendly Reminder... (That Brock Boeser scored his first goal in his Canucks Debut in Minnesota...) The Good Guys (Subject to Change) LW C RW Forwards TANNER PEARSON Rating: 74.3#36 LW BO HORVAT Rating: 76.1#32 C LOUI ERIKSSON Rating: 70.3#105 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 73.54#27 FL1 J.T. MILLER Rating: 77.8#16 LW ELIAS PETTERSSON Rating: 78.6#12 C BROCK BOESER Rating: 75.0#25 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 77.12#3 FL2 ANTOINE ROUSSEL Rating: 70.9#103 LW ADAM GAUDETTE Rating: 70.7#139 C JAKE VIRTANEN Rating: 73.7#41 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 71.77#18 FL3 TIM SCHALLER Rating: 68.3#135 LW JAY BEAGLE Rating: 67.8#186 C BRANDON SUTTER Rating: 71.1#123 RW FL4 Rating Rating: 69.09#30 FL4 DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS Defense ALEXANDER EDLER Rating: 74.5#24 LD TROY STECHER Rating: 71.3#83 RD DL1 Rating Rating: 72.88#25 DL1 QUINN HUGHES Rating: 76.6#8 LD CHRIS TANEV Rating: 72.4#57 RD DL2 Rating Rating: 74.54#5 DL2 OSCAR FANTENBERG Rating: 71.2#94 LD TYLER MYERS Rating: 73.9#30 RD DL3 Rating Rating: 72.56#13 DL3 GOALIES JACOB MARKSTROM Rating: 71.8#8 G1 THATCHER DEMKO Rating: 67.4#40 G2 Team Analysis Top 5 Scorers: Elias Pettersson: 23G-32A-55P in 54GP JT Miller: 20G-33A-53P in 54GP Brock Boeser: 16G-29A-45P in 54 GP Bo Horvat: 17G-27A-44P in 54 GP Tanner Pearson: 15G-24A-39P in 54GP Who’s Hot: JT Miller: Had a 6 game point streak snapped in Boston, where he recorded 4G and 5A during the span. Quinn Hughes: Before the Boston shutout, Hughes was scoring at a point per game pace with 4G and 5A over a period of 9 games. Jacob Markstrom: Despite getting scored on four times against Boston, still managed 38 saves. His average SV% in his past 4 games is .929 Who’s Not: Alex Edler: Currently on a 6 game pointless streak. His last Goal came in Colorado back on November 16, 2019. Antoine Roussel: After a strong return, Roussel's point production took a dive with only 1 assist in his past 6 games, and 2 points (1G, 1A) in the month of January. Who to Watch for: Brock: Watch for Brock to end his 9 game goaless streak... The Insurance Line: Beware the empty net... Sick Bay: Micheal Ferland: UBI, may join Utica for conditioning stint Josh Leivo: Fractured kneecap, 2 to 3 months Tyler Motte: UBI, 4-6 Weeks Tyler Graovac: LBI, no timetable The Other Guys (Subject to Change) LW C RW Forwards ZACH PARISE Rating: 75.2#28 LW ERIC STAAL Rating: 75.9#34 C MATS ZUCCARELLO Rating: 74.0#37 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 75.06#20 FL1 JASON ZUCKER Rating: 74.5#33 LW LUKE KUNIN Rating: 72.3#91 C KEVIN FIALA Rating: 72.2#80 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 72.99#23 FL2 JORDAN GREENWAY Rating: 71.8#88 LW JOEL ERIKSSON EK Rating: 71.4#116 C MARCUS FOLIGNO Rating: 72.0#83 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 71.72#19 FL3 RYAN DONATO Rating: 72.9#75 LW MIKKO KOIVU Rating: 71.0#128 C RYAN HARTMAN Rating: 71.7#74 RW FL4 Rating Rating: 71.89#3 FL4 DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS Defense RYAN SUTER Rating: 75.9#9 LD JARED SPURGEON Rating: 76.0#12 RD DL1 Rating Rating: 75.94#5 DL1 JONAS BRODIN Rating: 73.0#52 LD MATHEW DUMBA Rating: 74.3#24 RD DL2 Rating Rating: 73.68#13 DL2 CARSON SOUCY Rating: 71.9#81 LD BRAD HUNT Rating: 72.3#65 RD DL3 Rating Rating: 72.09#17 DL3 GOALIES ALEX STALOCK Rating: 62.5#66 G1 DEVAN DUBNYK Rating: 64.7#58 G2
  8. If Minny is open on the 6th, I'll take it.
  9. I very much agree. I would've felt a bit better about the hit of a 2 minute boarding minor was called. Personally wouldn't cry for a suspension, but there always seems to be a lack of consistency from a refereeing standpoint. Good to see the Canucks responding with a win!
  10. I believe the team is in good shape as is, but I also agree that the 3rd pairing could use an upgrade. Benn One of Jasek, Brisebois, Gadjovich, or Palmu A late pick (5th or 6th round) tHOUGHTS?
  11. 3 hat tricks in a 4 game span is an awesome feat, even in the AHL. Imo, he's certainly earned a call-up. Awkward to fit him in due to the team's current strong play, but I think it's a matter of when we'll see him dressed for a game or two, not if.
  12. Vancouver Canucks (23-15-4) @ Tampa Bay Lightning (24-13-4) 4:00 PM PST at Amalie Arena TV: SNP RADIO: SN650 Last Time VS The Lightning A Friendly Reminder... (That the Bolts traded JT Miller to the Canucks...) In Case You Missed It... (PAD STACK!!!...) The Good Guys (Subject to Change) LW C RW Forwards J.T. MILLER Rating: 76.8#21 LW ELIAS PETTERSSON Rating: 79.7#12 C BROCK BOESER Rating: 75.9#20 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 77.48#7 FL1 TANNER PEARSON Rating: 75.0#27 LW BO HORVAT Rating: 76.4#25 C LOUI ERIKSSON Rating: 70.5#106 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 73.96#16 FL2 ANTOINE ROUSSEL Rating: 71.3#106 LW ADAM GAUDETTE Rating: 70.8#131 C JAKE VIRTANEN Rating: 73.1#54 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 71.75#17 FL3 TIM SCHALLER Rating: 68.2#141 LW JAY BEAGLE Rating: 67.6#179 C TYLER MOTTE Rating: 69.2#131 RW FL4 Rating Rating: 68.34#31 FL4 DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS Defense ALEXANDER EDLER Rating: 76.7#7 LD TROY STECHER Rating: 71.5#86 RD DL1 Rating Rating: 74.13#21 DL1 QUINN HUGHES Rating: 75.4#14 LD CHRIS TANEV Rating: 71.8#74 RD DL2 Rating Rating: 73.61#17 DL2 OSCAR FANTENBERG Rating: 70.7#108 LD TYLER MYERS Rating: 73.9#30 RD DL3 Rating Rating: 72.31#16 DL3 GOALIES JACOB MARKSTROM Rating: 70.6#15 G1 THATCHER DEMKO Rating: 67.2#39 G2 Team Analysis Top 5 Scorers: Elias Pettersson: 19G-25A-44P in 42GP JT Miller: 15G-25A-40P in 42GP Brock Boeser: 13G-26A-39P in 42 GP Bo Horvat: 12G-23A-35P in 42 GP Tanner Pearson: 12G-18A-30P in 42GP Who’s Hot: Bo Horvat: On a three game point streak, accumulating 7 points (2G, 5A) in that span Quinn Hughes: Three game point streak (1G, 2A), with 4 points in his last five games played. Jacob Markstrom: During the Canucks 7 game win streak, Markstrom went 6-0 with a .939 SV%, and a 2.5 GAA. Who’s Not: The 4th Line: Despite arguably strong defensive play, has only contributed two goals (Both by Tyler Motte) since October 30, 2019. Troy Stecher: His last scored points were on December 7th, 2019, a 2 assist night against Buffalo. Who to Watch for: Alex Edler: Watch for a strong offensive outing from him as he recently had a 4 game point streak snapped, with 5 assists in 4 games between December 23, 2019 and January 2nd, 2020. The Celly Line: Just because... Sick Bay: Micheal Ferland: UBI, may join roadtrip at a later date Josh Leivo: Fractured kneecap, 2 to 3 months Brandon Sutter: UBI, may join roadtrip at a later date Tyler Graovac: LBI, no timetable The Other Guys (Subject to Change) LW C RW Forwards STEVEN STAMKOS Rating: 79.9#7 LW BRAYDEN POINT Rating: 79.9#10 C NIKITA KUCHEROV Rating: 82.1#2 RW FL1 Rating Rating: 80.61#2 FL1 ONDREJ PALAT Rating: 74.2#38 LW ANTHONY CIRELLI Rating: 75.1#41 C TYLER JOHNSON Rating: 74.2#54 RW FL2 Rating Rating: 74.51#11 FL2 PATRICK MAROON Rating: 73.1#66 LW CEDRIC PAQUETTE Rating: 70.8#132 C ALEX KILLORN Rating: 76.6#22 RW FL3 Rating Rating: 73.49#6 FL3 CARTER VERHAEGHE Rating: 72.2#85 LW MITCHELL STEPHENS Rating: 72.9#80 C YANNI GOURDE Rating: 72.4#64 RW FL4 Rating Rating: 72.51#2 FL4 DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS Defense VICTOR HEDMAN Rating: 79.8#2 LD JAN RUTTA Rating: 72.2#65 RD DL1 Rating Rating: 76.00#6 DL1 BRAYDON COBURN Rating: 71.4#96 LD ERIK CERNAK Rating: 73.0#48 RD DL2 Rating Rating: 72.23#27 DL2 KEVIN SHATTENKIRK Rating: 74.4#27 LD MIKHAIL SERGACHEV Rating: 74.6#22 RD DL3 Rating Rating: 74.47#3 DL3 GOALIES ANDREI VASILEVSKIY Rating: 71.0#12 G1 CURTIS MCELHINNEY Rating: 71.5#10 G2 On the Prospect Front...
  13. Thanks for catching that @babych. Fixed! Also, if anyone has any gifs or clips or Gaudreau/Tkachuk getting nailed by a Canuck player, I won't be mad lol. GCG!