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  1. Really looking forward to seeing Petey and Ferland together. Hoping they cause some serious havoc in the Oilers zone! Go Canucks Go!
  2. ... This is why there are child-proof locks on medications...
  3. Oh totally. Maybe a drop of 15 picks tops. Hogs isn't the only one that dropped as evidenced by the 2nd round selections of Kaliev, Lavoie, and Vlasic, all slated for the tail end of the first. Definitely a testament to how close picks 15-50 were in potential and skill level. Definitely happy with the Hoglander pick as LW is a position the Canucks lack in their system. Had Kaliev been still available, I can imagine the Canucks snatching him purely on a BPA, making one or two of Virtanen, Lind, McEwan, and Jasek expendable down the line, especially with the inclusion of Podkolzin. Part of the reason why I love the draft.
  4. I would imagine size had a lot to do it with. Gaudreau was drafted in the 4th round after all. I would also say he didn't get as much exposure as others, like Cole Caufield, who many projected to go within the top 10. Even he was drafted 15th.
  5. Pleasure is all mine. I've also noticed a few things when putting the video together: - Eriksson gets a lot of hate. If we compare him to the other 4 major free agent signings that year (Lucic, Brouwer, Ladd, & Okposo), we definitely got one of the best of the worst. Brouwer had since been bought out, Ladd & Lucic can barely play on the 4th line, and Okposo isn't earning his contract on a supposed up and comping team. I don't know what the future brings for him, but if he plays next season and continues to score goals like in the video, I would be fine with it. - Pearson post-TDL. He's putting in goals in so many different ways (Breaks, snipes, greases). Hoping the goal projections are accurate over a full-season because that would be a treat. - How fitting that EP starts and ends the video! - Though he only played some odd 26 games and only scored 4 goals, Sutter has an underrated shot. I don't foresee him staying long term, but if he can score at a 20 goal pace leading to the TDL, that's a lot of value coming back. Anyways, glad you've enjoyed it! This upcoming season can't come soon enough!
  6. Thought I'd take a break from number crunching, roster speculation, and lineup projections by putting together all the Canucks goals together from the past season. Enjoy!
  7. About 500k less than I was expecting. Good "show me" deal.
  8. Bailey would not count as a vet. He's played 276 Pro games over his career, which qualifies him as the one developmental players with less than 320 GP (The other 12+ must have 260 or less GP). The only "AHL" vets we have signed are Graovac and Boucher, possibly Schaller if he's buried. Hope that helps.
  9. Apologies in advance for any spelling errors and any formatting issues. In this hypothetical scenario, Boeser signs a long term deal at $8 Million per and Leivo signs a bridge at $2 Million per. The remaining RFAs receive their 5% qualifying offer raises (Boucher, Teves, Goldy, etc). I placed Roussel on LTIR, but with how this is set up, it wouldn't even be possible as we'd still be under the max cap by over $3 Million. It would take negotiations going bad with Boeser, an 6th UFA signing, or a major trade to disrupt the cap situation. I'm happy to make an excel sheet available upon request. Enjoy and have fun!
  10. My brief divisional analysis: Vegas will have a full year of Stone with Patches and Statsny, giving them 2 terrifying 1st lines. I imagine them as a lock for top 3. Calgary's concern is in net. If they get 2016-2017 Talbot for 40-50 games, they're in good shape. Otherwise, they may "flame out" of a top 3 spot. Sharks have regressed in their forward position, but their D is still lethal, pending Karlsson's health. If Jones has a bounce back, they'll be contenders for the division. Edmonton is a tough call. If Smith gives them some stability in net, they may contend for a wild card, but their D is pretty much butter after Nurse and Klefbom. Arizona should make an impact with Kessel in the lineup. I expect them to contend for a wildcard, possibly even 3rd, provided they stay healthy. Anaheim shouldn't be underestimated. They're a much younger team now that Perry is gone and Kesler on LTIR, but the Gibson/Miller tandem is one of the better goaltending duos in the Pacific. They'll make things interesting. LA is expected to continue their rebuild, but last year could've easily been an anomaly. New coaching could potentially turn things around. Vancouver's new D core is much deeper now, and pending player health, should contend for a playoff spot. Canucks will need to will their way and not hold back. My projected divisional standings will be as follows: 1. Calgary 2. San Jose 3. Vegas 4. Vancouver 5. Arizona 6. Edmonton 7. Anaheim 8. LA
  11. I've left Eriksson and Baertschi out of the line ups as their playing status is unknown. My line-ups are as follows: Miller -- Pettersson -- Boeser Pearson -- Horvat -- Virtanen Goldobin -- Sutter -- Leivo Schaller -- Beagle -- Motte Edler -- Stecher Hughes -- Myers Benn -- Tanev Fantenberg -- Biega Markstrom Demko
  12. I made a cap/roster chart for the upcoming season. Happy to post when I get access to wifi. Long story short, there's money to sign Boeser long term at $8 million, Myers at $7 million, and about $8 million to resign Leivo, Motte, Goldy, and potentially a top 6 D to replace Hutty. This is under the presumption Roussel starts on LTIR, and Gaudette, Sautner, and Juolevi start in Utica. It's tight, but it's manageable. Once Roussel is activated, we have some salary to shed.