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  1. Thanks for this @xereau. Definitely looking forward to seeing Spooner in Canucks colours. Hoping he has a turn-around with us. Love how hungry they are to reach the post-season, Particularly EP's reply: "... I just want to make the playoffs...". That's huge. Here's to a start of a mini win streak to keep things interesting. Go Canucks Go!
  2. therodigy

    Is it time to come to grips with reality and start thinking tank?

    That's the thing. Who can replace his toughness? MacEwan? Gadjovich? Sautner? Are we better off getting a Colton Orr type D who plays less than 10 minutes a night? Does signing Tyler Myers at $6-$7M x 5-6 years trump Guddy's remaining $4x2 years in the long term? Yes, he's a statistical nightmare. He had that one 4 or 5 game point streak earlier in the year, and then disappeared. I won't even get into shot suppression, zone entries or corsi because they're not pretty. It's how Guddy plays in the playoffs (IF we make the playoffs) that will determine his remaining tenure in Vancouver. If he turns into a monster, then it makes keeping him around much more tolerable, even necessary. If more of the same, time to cut your losses. Obviously, easier said than done, but that's my thought process behind it. Pouliot has been playing better lately, considering our D core is pretty much obliterated. The GVA/TKA numbers aren't THAT bad, but he definitely panics under pressure behind our own blue line and makes painful gaffs with the puck. If he has no future with the team (Which is safe to assume with Hughes, Juolevi, Sautner, and Brisebois around the corner) try to trade him out for a 4th or 5th. Wouldn't be surprised if he stays for the year and drifts into FA though. Hard to envision Guddy moving to Toronto unless we take back Zaitsev. He's a bigger anchor. Honestly, it's easier to imagine Guddy, as well as other players with term like Sutter and Schaller, being traded in the off-season. Yes, the 2019 picks would be nice, but realistically, we're not exactly in a place to acquire 1st and 2nd round picks this year so we might as well wait until draft day/Free agency.
  3. therodigy

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks | Feb. 16, 2019

    Trade is the only real option. Bonus laden contract will give us maybe 500k of cap space relief. The only upside is the roster spot, and it's moot if MacEwan injury get 3 minutes in a game.
  4. Missed the first. Home just in time for the fight. Big mac! Definitely an exciting 2nd, despite the score. I nearly cried when Biega passed it to where Pouliot was supposed to be... ah well. I anticipate a big goal by Petey in the 3rd. Let's go boys!
  5. It's definitely nice to have the centre depth. I wouldn't say that Gaudette is ready to be penciled in at 3C next season, but he's definitely making a statement with his recent call ups. If he continues to develop, we're going to have a very solid centre core with Petey, Horvat, Gaudette, and Beagle. If you look at the last few Stanley Cup winners, you'll notice a trend in strong centre cores: Washington, 2018: Backstrom, Kuznetsov, Eller, Beagle Pittsburgh, 2017: Crosby, Malkin, Brassard, Sheahan Pittsburgh, 2016: Crosby, Malkin, Bonino, Cullen Chicago, 2015: Toews, Richardson, Vermette, Kruger LA, 2014: Kopitar, Carter, Stoll, Richards Chicago, 2013: Toews, Pirri, Bolland, Kruger LA, 2012: Kopitar, Carter, Stoll, Richards Boston, 2011: Krecji, Bergeron, Peverly, Kelly Definitely optimistic about Gaudette's potential. Hoping he can squeeze Sutter out next season, though that means we're going to need more centre prospects. The only one we have of note is Madden, so hopefully that's addressed at this year's draft.
  6. therodigy

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Los Angeles Kings | Feb. 14, 2019

    You can see the Tanev comparisons, even though he was pretty sheltered last night. Hoping for more minutes in the next couple of games now that nerves are gone. He had a moment when his helmet came off and he raced for the bench because of the AHL helmet rule. Overall, I'm happy with his debut.
  7. therodigy

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Los Angeles Kings | Feb. 14, 2019

    Petey amazes me. Wicked snipe on the first goal. Fiery passion when crosschecked leading to the 2nd goal against. Unbelievable dekes in the 3rd and OT. Such an effortless move in the shootout. Man. There are no words. They gotta find a way to keep Big Mac in the lineup once we get healthy. Still can't get over his net front presence on the PP. Hockey Gaud is making Sutter expendable day by day. What a night for him! Boeser has to have one of the heaviest wristers in the league. What a way to end the game!
  8. Honorable mention to Goldy. He's playing a lot more responsible defensively, at least compared to before. Also, big Mac as the front net presence in PP2. I'm ok with it.
  9. MacEwan continuing to impress in a 4th line role. Brisebois handling himself pretty well, considering his debut. Definitely being sheltered but I can see the Tanev comparisons. Looks quite calm with the puck. Wicked snipe by Petey. The Wagner goal 8 seconds later made me laugh a little. Of course it only took 8 seconds. Lol.
  10. Thank you for this. I mean, it always stings losing to a cold team and getting shut out by a backup, but you can't deny that we have a hard working team living by JB's mandate of being competitive. We expected a lottery team, yet we're still in the mix. I have so much more respect for a team that falls fighting until the bitter end than a team that coasts to a victory. GCG!
  11. Oh for the love of everything sacred and holy... one goal please!!! Just one. Don't even care of we lose. One goal!
  12. For those who want Guddy traded/waived. This is why we keep him.
  13. Power play is looking better, but we really need to get a puck in the net. Getting tired of backups/rookies looking like vezina candidates. I was laughing when Virtanen nailed Perry behind the net. Not so much when he got hit by Getzlaf. Can't clearly judge the intent, but I'm ok with no more injuries for a while. We have enough, thanks.
  14. So If Mazanac can't get his immigration papers set today, do we expect DiPietro in Net tonight?