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  1. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Loved the "one more year!" Chant. I know they won't brett favre on us and come back but i would accept them back in any way. Off shore scouting, PP specialists, off season trainers. They are so great to be around. I wonder if they are gonna pack up and go back home or stay in vancouver?
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

    Because the whitecaps are playing L.A Galaxy next game and the Nucks were playing the kings the Whiteaps were gonna give out a pair of tickets for every goal the Nucks scored lastnight.... Buzzkill!
  3. Did you get a choice or did you just take what they offerred and ran with it? Anything lower bowl sounds stellar to me!
  4. Where were your seats if you dont mind me asking? I just assumed we would be in the nosebleeds
  5. Yeah i hear ya. It's just one of those something for nothing kinda things. Without opertunities like this, i may never be able to go to a game. Good season or bad season. I've got enough merch on the shelf to pass up something signed. Going to a canucks game 99% of the time is out of my price range. Also it'll probably be the last time til next year. Gonna be a looong summer...
  6. I only took on rogers because my brother was a rogers user before he suffered his brain injury. We had a choice: pay the remainder of his contract out plus the value of the phone. Which was almost 800 dollars. So i took on his contract after leaving bell so i can subsequently pay off his debt just by taking over his contract. Let me tell you, this was no easy process. Without getting into detail we had to go to court to get the power to make decisions on behalf of my brother as he was incapacitated for a long time. I took it upon myself to turn his own burden into my own as i didn't want my brother to potentially pass away and leave his loved ones we silly debt such as a phone contract. ( the gov is really stubborn about this and didn't give a toot that he was potentially on his death bed. ) I use telus for cable and internet. This is the only reason i have rogers. I look at this as a blessing in disguise. I would have taken my brother again tonight but it's the gal's turn! If you are " unfortunate " enough to have rogers, please please please take advantage of this! It's the LEAST they can do for us
  7. Hello. I've been a long time reader but a first time poster so if I do anything wrong please let me know. When I was at rogers arena for the NY Islanders game two days ago I walked past a Rogers booth. Long story short, as a paying user of Rogers services I was awarded 4 points. These points were given out to redeem prizes such as signed memorabilia, pucks and hats. There was also touques and other stuff but I didn't get that far into the conversation. They gave me two tickets to a Canucks game! They offered originally a puck for 3 points and a touque for 1 but as the conversation went on the gentleman offered 2 tickets to a certain game for all 4 of the points they gave me! I don't know if this is only something you can do in the arena, or maybe online or over the phone but i was completely blown away. Why I'm posting this is to let the rest of you Canuckle heads ( and maybe lower class earners like myself who can't afford tickets very often ) that this is something we really need to take advantage of! So if you have Rogers ( I use them for my phone ) and you are willing to do some poking around via phone or online this really is a deal that can not go to waste! Or if you are at the game and can't find where they sell the big popcorn bucket and Bo Horvat collector cup, ( i walked around the whole arena to find them ) make sure to bump intothese guys like i did. Super awesome of them to hook some of us up with cool stuff! Awfully generous of them to give me tickets as i now get to go to the game with my gal tonight for our anniversary for free! ( minus the beer of course ) So please look into this guys. I know it may sound like i'm spewing hot air, but if a lowly guy like me can land free tickets just for being a Rogers user, anyone who is should too. Thanks for the listen, or in this case the read. See y'all at the arena! GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!
  8. [PGT] New York Islanders vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I went to the game lastnight with my brother who had sufferred a life theatening brain injury. We sat in the WC area. If you dont know where that is then bless your lucky stars. The game was good but the crowd was stale as usual. I whistled my heart out last night. ( if you heard a whistle lastnight it was me 100% ) It was a pleasure to be taken care of the arena staff. As we needed it. Fin even came in to say hello. Ate some popcorn and bit some heads. None of which was on the jumbotron! ( fail ) All in all the game was we wanted. A win! Couldn't ask for a better outing for my brother (L)
  9. I find this really awkward. If i was either of these players i would relinquish my option for captaincy and just let let the other player have it. True leaders lead whether they have a C or not. I'm just glad we didn't do this with the sedins.
  10. Versace rips off old Canucks logo?

    Larry Goodenough
  11. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks VS Winnipeg Jets, Dec 20, 7 pm

    Not drunk. Just 'happy' enough to enjoy the game. I'm sure it'll be swell! We are up in the nosebleeds. You know, where the real fans are!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  12. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks VS Winnipeg Jets, Dec 20, 7 pm

    Taking my girlfriend to her first game tonight! Hoping for an entertaining game win or lose. Gonna get her a couple drinks in before so i dont have to spend money on booze AND food Excited to see the pegs young guns skating circles and our tough D core *cough* shutting them down. Poor Guddy tho. Hope our D isn't as limp as our noodles on st. Pat's day! GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  13. Switch megna with skille and i assure you cdc will explode.. Even in a winning effort they will still find something negative to say tho.. Maybe because beiga didnt fight someone or stetcher didnt shoot left landed.. Cdc is grabbing at straws these days..
  14. What is a Canuck?

    And what do you want for christmas this year little guy?
  15. Name That Goalie!

    Tim Thomas?