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  1. I’m heading to this game aswell! Don’t have as fancy of seats as you though
  2. Olympic talk in Olympic thread this is gdt baby! watching the game live with my dad is hilarious. He is a pure breed soccer fan from England and his reactions to absolutely everything are hysterical
  3. I’m not trying to beat a dead horse. He is actually playing hockey now which I adore but Big Mac brings more to the table. Louie can sit in the press box until playoffs take a toll on us
  4. All this ringing in my ear from cheering so much and now I ask myself the same question. We are talking about babs the coach and not babs my ex wife, right? I’m concerned because she liked the short and hairy type..
  5. Benn will be instrumental in our playoff run. Hughes can’t last forever and having a capable D man grinding his teeth to wait for the call is a blessing. I think the play of phantenberg has been a surprise for most
  6. Im still waiting for the tornado that takes Louie somewhere else. Jake deserves top six and Big Mac deserves to play!
  7. I’m on the the NO trade train like every other (true) canucks fan so I’m with you on that. Barrie is redundant and useless in our line up if he isn’t putting up Hughes numbers. Wow. I used Hughes as a benchmark. What a time it is to be a Canucks fan!
  8. Can you smell it in the air that our D is sticking up for him? We need this kid to be wrapped in gold because he is the best thing vancouver has ever seen since the olympics
  9. If someone has something bad to say about tonight’s game please be directed to me. I turned down pie and ice cream to watch this friggin game. Someone try and stickup for the pie and ice cream. I dares ya!
  10. Was I the only one saying “oh captain our captian” when BO was done fighting?
  11. I’m Irish but can no longer drink. Alf is an alien and can drink enough to fuel A jet fighter. I guess a sober Irishman and a drunk alien are just are rare as one another