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  1. Also, if we didn't ditch the original Stick in Rink, there most likely wouldn't be an orca logo to come along and complicate the Canucks' identity.
  2. It's our Canadian west coast identity. Not some cartoony lumberjack that the club is named after.
  3. All because your lil' orca didn't make the list. That's a pity.
  4. The mid 70's away blue Stick in Rink, the away black Flying V and the home white Skate were the only Canucks choices. It speaks enormous volumes when the Orca was left out. Some teams had 4 choices. The buffalo head wasn't included in the Sabres' choices either. If the original home white Stick in Rink with the white V's on the arms were included, it would have made the Top 25.
  5. It appears that most hockey fans would disagree with you. The Flames' classic look came in at #16. The Orca is such a poor representation of the Canucks' identity that it didn't even make the list of Canucks choices when the NHL did their fan polls on the 25 Greatest NHL uniforms.
  6. I agree with you on the Flames. And I got news for you, buddy. The Flames are phasing out those uniforms and gradually making a return to their classic 80's set - traditional block font and a crest that boldly utilizes the team name in the city initial. That uniform has the complete package. Put that against the Canucks look and it's day and night, not counting the classic striping and colour schemes on both jerseys.
  7. God could punish you for using his son's name in vain.
  8. No ROH for the Canucks' first legitimate point-scorer, Andre Boudrias(RIP)? What about the club's first consistent goalscoring threat, Tony Tanti?? Had 45, 39, 39, 41 & 40 goals in 5 consecutive seasons on a subpar team. What the hell is "New Generation Day"?? This club continues to be a joke under the Aquilini ownership.
  9. I wouldn't commit tax evasion to buy the club either.
  10. The Orca remains...contaminating the Canucks' identity. Where's the green in the logo? Where's the Canucks' pride in the Orca?? Where's the block font with added green bordering? Heck, even the 50th anniversary patch has a green border, so why not the number font? As much as I hated the original Orca Bay uniforms, those uniforms were well put together - consistent colouring throughout including the logo and traditional block font. The current garbage the club has just shows how cheap, clueless and corrupt the Aquilinis are as owners.