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  1. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    ^^^^^^ BANG ON ^^^^^^
  2. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    Classic Stick In Rink as primary/Skating JC as shoulder patches. Block font with added Kelly green border plus some green in the collar. Black '94 Skate as the 3rd with recoloured SIR and/or JC as shoulder patches.
  3. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    Actually, that's perfect. The neon green would represent Vancouver as the pothead capital of Canada.
  4. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    I'm with you on the Agency font. However, royal blue and Kelly green look great together. Even navy blue and Kelly green would look great. A uniform doesn't have to look intimidating. Just simple and distinctive with a little character. Sorry, but those Orca Bay uniforms were cold and bland. I say go back to the classic Stick In Rink 'C' and put the skating Johnny Canuck on the shoulders.
  5. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    I would still keep the original/current blue and green. Boston and Pittsburgh already own black and yellow. However, I would take the '94 Skate or a recoloured version any day over the corporate orca and cluttering arched 'VANCOUVER'.
  6. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    Thank you for your opinion. Have a nice day. Troll along now.
  7. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    I've got news for you, my friend. The Penguins have their iconic Skating Penguin. It's as classic and old-school as their state rival's Flying P. The Miami Dolphins had the iconic leaping dolphin wearing a football helmet. The Golden Knights have a first-class brand that's been voted in the NHL's Top 25 uniforms of all-time. The two versions of the orca uniforms didn't even qualify under the Canucks' choices. I would be just as happy to have the Skating JC on the shoulders with the classic and timeless Stick In Rink as the primary. You don't like my passion for Johnny Canuck?? TOUGH. I will push for the inspiration of the Canucks name to be part of the main identity and the ditching of the bad luck corporate orca and cluttering arched 'VANCOUVER' until the cows come home. So, suck it up.
  8. [Report] Barry Trotz stepping down as Capitals head coach

    Trotz was more loyal to the Predators than he was to the Caps. Then again, when you're a first time Cup champion, you spend whatever it takes to keep your prized coach.
  9. Quinn Hughes | D

    Thanks guys! Hughes is already growing rapidly on me and now I like him even more. Thanks to a couple of earlier draft surprises and Benning's keen eye for talent and character, we finally have "The Mighty Quinn". Welcome to Vancouver, Quinn Hughes!
  10. Quinn Hughes | D

    I'm curious. What separates the likes of Quintin Hughes and Jordan Subban? Subban's weaknesses were his height and poor defensive play obviously.
  11. The Hockey Guy's take on the 2011 Vancouver Canucks

    Lou would have fewer wins if the NHL had not monkeyed around with their post-lockout standings format by sticking with outright wins, outright losses and ties. Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur, Dominek Hasek, Tim Thomas and Billy Smith were great goalies. Lou was an outstanding goalie but not a great one. One trip to the finals where he was horrific on the road and not a single Vezina doesn't qualify for greatness.
  12. The Hockey Guy's take on the 2011 Vancouver Canucks

    I will be very frank here. I was actually happy about Lou being traded. Had enough with all the controversy and drama that followed him around.
  13. The Hockey Guy's take on the 2011 Vancouver Canucks

    Luongo's sad-sack performance in Boston was a primary factor but it wasn't the main factor alone. Not having Hamhuis as well as Malhotra and Kesler playing with one hip were damaging to the Canucks' Cup chances as well.
  14. The Hockey Guy's take on the 2011 Vancouver Canucks

    Very well put. Luongo's undoing was his mental fragility. He just couldn't steal the big games the Canucks had no business winning. Unlike Kirk McLean in '94 who made "The Save" in OT in Game 7 in Calgary and the 50+ saves performance in Game 1 of the finals at MSG. Lou came here with a lot of fanfare much due to the fans' hatred of Dan Cloutier. He was great in his first season here and was a Vezina finalist but after that, it was drama. Part of it was wife/family drama in Florida. GM Mike Gillis making him captain because the club's marketing department constantly overhyped him was plain stupid. Since then, he had terrible Octobers, was overplayed because he demanded it and then be mentally and physically worn out by playoff time. As for Tim Thomas, he won 2 Vezinas. Lou has never won one. Lou was an outstanding goalie for this franchise and should be in the ROH but he wasn't a great goalie.
  15. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    I know. I did buy the jersey because Johnny Canuck was on the front and I also had my Pat Quinn memorial patch sown on to it. However, I agree. JC should have been bigger and more centred. Or with JC the size that it was, a "V" logo could have been designed as a backdrop like how the Utica Comets use a "U" on their green alternates. You look at how sharp and professional the Vegas Golden Knights brand is - the primary logo representing the team name, the distinctive colours and the uniforms - and then you look at our current brand, there is absolutely NO comparison. With the exception of the colours, the Canucks brand is a lazy and disorganized mess. And with sports marketing wizard Tod Leiweke with the Seattle's future NHL franchise, you just know that their brand will be right up there with VGK once it's unveiled. That will push the Canucks much further down in their branding unless the club finally gets it together by the 50th anniversary season.