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  1. Because of the fine group of young players, without question, yes. Because of the corporately-inspired and bad luck Orca, no.
  2. Minus the Flying V yokes, this concept from '87 is beautiful.
  3. ^^^As a start. And it would outsell the Orca home and away by a huge margin.
  4. Are you on the Aquilinis' and CSE's payroll??
  5. A truly good guy. Heartfelt condolences, prayers and thoughts to his family and loved ones. United with Pat Quinn up in Hockey Heaven. RIP Jack.
  6. No, it wasn't the Pauser. I listened to the show that night.
  7. Actually, it was Orca Bay, led by Stan McCammon, who let Burke go. I did enjoy listening to Burke on Dan Russell's SportsTalk show. However, I was always thankful that he was an assistant GM and not the actual GM. I remember he called a fan who called in a "moron" right after Dan hung up. Very unprofessional. Deep down, Burke is a good loving man but there's a reason why he's divorced from his previous ex-wife who had 4 children with him, including his late son Brendan, born here in Vancouver. Not an easy man to be around.
  8. One of the most arrogant sports executives in history. Highly overrated. Whenever Burke made a good move, it was a great move but that's it. If there's a player or two he really wanted, he would go great lengths to get the deal done. Not a strong judge of talent as he constantly overrated players, ie. Kevin Weekes, Goalie of the Future. Burke was tolerable as Pat Quinn's assistant when he was the Canucks' vice president and director of hockey operations.
  9. The very best of luck to Judd in Minnesota. Hopefully, his experience will be far more respected compared to the lack of respect and appreciation by Canucks management and the meddling Aquilinis.
  10. There's another reason to hate or strongly dislike the Orca. Besides the Orca Bay corporate influence and the misrepresentation of the Canucks' name, heritage and history, the hostile arrogance, dismissiveness and snobbishness of Orca supporters is absolutely nauseating to no end. I grew up with the Flying V/Skate. I loved the uniqueness of the bold colours while proudly displaying the CANUCKS name in the crest. Even former owner, Arthur Griffiths loved the Skate for those very reasons. However, I always respected the hockey knowledge and passion of Canucks fans who grew up with and loved Johnny Canuck from the WHL days and the original Stick in Rink. That's how I grew to truly appreciate those two logos and I, proudly, grew up with the Flying V/Skate. The majority of Johnny Canuck, original Stick in Rink and the Skate supporters will support any other Canucks hockey logo over the Orca. It's the majority of Orca supporters whom I find extremely abrasive, arrogant, bullying, closed-minded, conceited, dismissive and snobby. There are reasons why many Canucks fans are hated throughout the NHL, especially in Canada and the attitude of most Orca-supporting Canucks fans explains it.
  11. You're more than welcome. The truth is the TRUTH. There are a select few who are Generation Xers and even Baby Boomers, who do support the Orca....especially social activists, environmentalists and people who love First Nations art(Baggins) which is what the Orca doesn't even come close to being. Back in January, I designed a recoloured Skate without the use of computer graphics. Because of the very strong popularity of the Skate but with the importance of keeping our original/current Vancouver, BC colours, I felt why not combine the two?? I even included a hockey stick as a tribute to the classic Stick in Rink and to the game of hockey as semi bordering of the "CANUCKS" wordmark. I have the Skate level to avoid "downhill" criticism and removed the thin lines in the background for a cleaner look, much like the Stick in Rink. A good strong logo not only represents the team name and/or sport, it unites a fan base. In the case of the Canucks, it would unite, at least, 70% of the fan base. A logo that doesn't represent the team name and/or sport but only caters to a specific age range and demographic does nothing but divide the fan base. That's a bad logo.
  12. 110% correct. Been a passionate Canucks fan for 40 years. Back in '97, I hated to see the Flying Canucks Skate go but I would've been very happy with a recoloured blue(royal or navy) and green version. Returning to the classic '70 Stick in Rink would have been great. I was also very open to having Johnny Canuck or an updated version of it and I was only less than a year old when the Canucks completed their WHL era. I was furious when they settled for the Orca Bay-inspired logo. Nothing to do with the Canucks' name, heritage, history and hockey. IBatch KNOWS what he's talking about:
  13. Trevor Linden was only toeing the corporate Orca Bay line. Orca Bay wanted an orca on the Canucks' identity whether or not they got to change the Canucks name to Orcas. The Canucks name was thankfully kept, thanks to Quinn and minority owner, Arthur Griffiths, however, this didn't stop Orca Bay from putting their corporate stamp on the Canucks' identity. As for the West Coast Express, there were dark times too. Markus Naslund's "We choked" speech after choking to LA's AHL squad in the last game of the regular season which cost the Canucks first place in the division and Naslund the Art Ross and maybe the 50-goal mark. Todd Bertuzzi's grumpy "It is what it is" catchphrase was nauseating to listen to after another effortless night by the big guy who wasn't scoring after signing a new contract. As for the Steve Moore incident, the rest is what they say is history.
  14. Detroit is known as the Motor City. Vancouver is not the Orca/Killer Whale City. Vancouver is known for its beautiful natural scenery which explains the original/current blue, green and white.
  15. Been a passionate fan a lot longer than you, my friend. The 4-game sweep by the Islanders in '82 felt like a death in the family even though the Canucks were a Cinderella team and the Islanders were the powerhouse defending Cup champions. Very heartbroken after the Game 7 loss to the Flames in '89(I cried after the game for Stan Smyl who is my all-time favourite Canuck after he missed scoring on that breakaway vs Mike Vernon in OT) and after the Game 7 loss to the Rangers in '94. The Orca has NO business being on the Canucks' identity and therefore, should not be a Stanley Cup-winning crest. I'm a Vancouver Canucks fan and I demand a crest that represents the Vancouver Canucks hockey club in both rebuilding times and contending times, not a logo that represents the former ownership from Seattle nor so-called social activists, environmentalists and animal lovers. Either grow the heck up or maybe you should be a Calgary fan because you love to "Flame" those who don't share your opinions and views.
  16. Why don't you get a life Brother because you obviously admitted that you spend A LOT more time on this forum than I do. Therefore, I have more of a life than to have pointless arguments with the likes you.
  17. Future salary cap issues; the Orca is bad luck, ie. untimely injuries to key players, untimely bad plays; constant meddling and undermining from the one of the worst ownerships in sports; no Judd Brackett to find quality young prospects in a salary cap era; tough and highly competitive Western Conference. We shall see.
  18. I will never ever root for the Orca as a Canucks championship logo. It has misrepresented the Canucks' name, heritage and history and is the primary source to fan division regarding the club brand.
  19. I'm a Canucks fan, not an Orca lover. Big difference.
  20. All the better for the Canucks to never to win a Cup for as long as the corporately-inspired and constipated Orca is around.
  21. Why don't you tell that to Buffalo Sabres fans who wanted the "Banana Slug" gone? Or NY Islanders fans who didn't want "Captain Highliner"?? And just for your information, buddy, we live in Canada, a democracy. One can dislike the prime minister and still be patriotic.
  22. A logo does NOT have to represent the region. If it doesn't represent the team name, then it's a lot better for it to represent the sport, at least. Which is why the Canadiens' CH is much better than the Orca. Does a team like the Rangers have an animal in their identity that represents NYC/NYS? No, of course not. And to tell someone who has been a fan from Day One to go and cheer for another team because he despises the current primary crest for obvious reasons like myself and the majority of Canucks fans(which go far beyond CDC), is highly low-class and very disrespectful.