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  1. Lol that was such a frickin dive by erne
  2. I can't be the only one that's fine with how Pettersson is playing? He's doing well, just a tiny bit snakebit right now
  3. I really want one and have no idea where and how I'm gonna get it. Such is life
  4. Trying to find a Horvat captain one of those, crashing another 300 ._.
  5. Oh god no, it's a crying Jordan face poorly photoshopped over Pavel Bure
  6. First home opener I've ever attended live! Fantastic atmosphere, place was rocking all night. Got so many chills, from U2 to Bertuzzi to Bo. Unbelievable night!
  7. Why are we always coming close but not converting fhfhfhfh
  8. Rather that than a literal zero effort defenseman or one that just keeps piling up errors
  9. Besides that turnover (off a good forecheck nonetheless) it was a solid period, just need to get more pucks to the net!