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  1. Was Jamie Kilstein not enough of a cautionary tale? the mob will come for you too it's just a matter of time. SJW culture eats it's own.
  2. Refs tried to job us by turning a blind eye to blatant penalties, but didn't matter.
  3. Certainly would provide more physicality and defensive stability. There has been a lot of misinformation about his eligibility of returning this season from some local media members but @SilentSam and I found out the truth.
  4. We discussed this in the Tryamkin thread. He can in fact join us as soon as monday if eliminated on Sunday.
  5. @SilentSamhttps://canucksarmy.com/2019/09/29/is-nikita-tryamkin-coming-back-and-if-so-when/ So he can in fact come back as soon as his team is eliminated from playoffs. They're down 3-0, they can be eliminated Sunday morning so expect some news in next couple weeks if he's going to come over.
  6. Asking the NHL is the best way to know. Benning probably doesn't know the CBA inside and out nor do any other GMs. Lawrence Gilman is probably the best guy to ask.
  7. Yeah you gotta be damn sure what you're talking about when it comes to the CBA, It's open to interpretation and there's a lot of gray areas. Very confusing. Not a fan of the complete self assuredness.
  8. Thanks. So he can in fact be signed and play for us this year, so CBall was incorrect.
  9. Great, gutsy effort! Gotta win these redemption games coming up. CBJ on a back to back and Arizona not far out. We can still pull back into 3rd in Pacific so we don't have to verse Vegas.