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  1. I'm actually pissed off now. I don't care if we win....I'm still going to be pissed because we got embarrassed.
  2. This team gets really lazy when they have a big lead. Markstrom is off cause there are no shots. Everyone is playing lazy no defense hockey.
  3. You guys should look at Techsavvy I know a few people that have it and say it's pretty good and quite a bit cheaper.
  4. Man...I'm not on the Left or Right but this idea that citizens of a nation will divide among differences of opinion is ridiculous. Characterizing conservatives as racists is a tad bit disgusting. Instead of adding nuance it seems people fall into the narratives that their political aisle purports. I don't believe in groups, nor should anyone else. We should treat each other as individuals and attack individual ideas instead of dismissing any opinion one might have by declaring them a bigot. This division is toxic, and is what destroys communities. Politics is important but not as important as how you treat others.
  5. I took the same stance as I am now with what Harper did with the GM bailout. It is morally bankrupt to do this. I don't believe for one minute Trudeau cares about jobs being lost. This is pure politicking to hold on to his riding and there is motive for him to obstruct if jobs were to be lost in Quebec. You can try to justify it all you want but there should still be a RCMP investigation whether to clear or convict. If he did nothing wrong it would be good for him to clear his name.
  6. Absolutely. The federal government doesn't really have much impact on your day to day life. I am involved in local politics in BC and have had massive issues with whatever party is in BC government. I actually focus far more on local issues. However federal governments still matter and as such I have concerns. Let me be clear. I am no fan of politicians and have very little confidence in them. I wish the government whether it be provincial or federal would be smaller.
  7. The case you are making leads me to believe that if this were the conservatives you would be making the opposite case.
  8. I should have fact checked the wthics violation, I took CBCs word which seems to be getting worse and worse every year. I'm not really on either side I just don't like Trudeau because he is arrogant and authoritarian. Not a huge fan of Scheer either but I would have to side with Scheer if it's between him and Trudeau. Not to mention that my local representative is really good and just happens to be a conservative.
  9. No....the firm wouldn't just go under. The ban would be for federal projects only, and we don't even know if they would have had a ban imposed. If they did go under which is highly unlikely they very likely would have found jobs elsewhere. When has keeping jobs ever meant that you should allow corporations to tell you what to do?
  10. The scandal isn't gone yet. Nothing has been determined yet, You don't know just like I don't know. All I can do is speculate. I look at all the people that have resigned and think, why? You're absolutely right that he can hire and fire who he wants but that doesn't mean he didn't try to obstruct. I do believe there should be a investigation by the RCMP. I would say this if it were Conservatives or NDP. I don't want our government to be corrupt.
  11. I had said this before but the idea that SNC was going to leave is bogus because they had signed a lease agreement to stay until 2025 and other contractual obligations that could keep them here longer. No jobs were in danger other that those who were criminally involved. This all points to partisan hackery for political gain in his riding of Papineau. I'm also not saying someone like Harper never had wrong doing just that if people are going to criticize Harper they should hold the same standard for Trudeau. To be honest I care far more about policy, which is why I very much so dislike Trudeau and his cabinet.
  12. Ok fair enough. The report I saw from CBC was what I based my assertion on. Not trying to be disingenuous.