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  1. Great game! did everything but score. Not mad, hopefully they get rewarded on Thursday. If this team plays like that they'll in the playoffs we'll surprise some teams.
  2. It's sad that there are still officials who condone this dangerous behavior. If the NHL really cared about player safety they would mandate the refs call a penalty on every dangerous play. Hopefully a suspension is coming but I doubt there will be one because the NHL like the NFL doesn't care about the players health.
  3. I don't get why we don't pull the goalie when were on the PP with 6:30 left to give us a 6 on 4. I really don't like Greens decisions. I think it maybe time for a coaching change.
  4. Yup would rather watch us lose a game like last game against SJ than watch us win a game where we get dominated.
  5. Miller. I don't feel stupid for thinking a 1st was too much to give up though considering the cap bind Tampa was in the price should have been less. It doesn't really matter how well Miller does it was still an overpayment. That being said it is still a good trade just an overpayment.
  6. This looks like this is a process that is going to be abused. Sounds a lot like unconscious bias training, which does not work. You're not going to train someone to not be racist or abusive. This seems like pandering from the NHL.
  7. How about ending the CHL-NHL agreement that prevents players from playing in the AHL until they are either 20 or have played 4 CHL seasons. If a player is NHL ready he shouldn't be prevented from playing by an arbitrary agreement.
  8. Good effort, outplayed them but Canucks played sloppy. When they tighten up their play they'll be pretty good.
  9. Would prefer they go after Colin Miller. RHD, good size, skating, 26 years old, under contract for 3 more years at $3.875M.
  10. Yeah......but advanced stats are Stoopid right? Yeah not really close Dahlin looks like a franchise player who's gonna challenge for the Norris for years to come.
  11. Who cares? Size isn't really that important now a days. I only care about his conditioning so he doesn't get worn out.