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  1. See the thing is...there are quotes and actions that are factual that prove these things from well before he was president let alone his policies and actions since.
  2. After that presser I am fairly sure he had his balls on Trump's chin at some point during that visit.
  3. *fixed. The only positive thing I have to say about our treatment of our native peoples is at least we were better than the US or Australia....but that bar was set rather low. Grandma is full blood Cree.
  4. ICBC Situation.

    I'm 39 and I've had 3 my entire life with one last year...and I speed about 10-15 over on my bike a fair bit... I have no idea how someone gets pulled over so much.....
  5. That was in &^@#ing Alabama....about as deep red as it gets....
  6. Right.....hadn't had coffee yet.
  7. Cool....there is an election in 2020...things change.
  8. That is not a fact but your thoughts. Although I don't disagree....
  9. Canada has until 2024 to do so as per said agreement. My point is still valid. Also I'd support boosting it far more than 2%. I feel we really need to boost our air and naval capabilities along with the Coast Guard.
  10. Read the article...we're not really cutting spending on active service. The drop is due to a previous payout to the pension.
  11. i am okay with dropping billions on the euro jet fighters. It is a superior plane and some of it will be built in partnership with Bombardier here in Canada. Honestly as long as we don't spend any of it on US products I'd be fine with the 2% of GDP being spent on the military. I don't have kids...&^@# over the schools imo
  12. If they weren't such war mongers the US wouldn't have to spend so much.
  13. Ducks to retire Kariya's No. 9, Niedermayer's No. 27

    He was close to signing but chose to play with his brother instead. Correct.
  14. And probably a 'large' part of Trump's base...