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  1. Disagree. But that's the beauty of music tastes differ and that's fine..mostly. Some people just have bad taste (not saying you)...hence Cardi B....
  2. They are (were in Adam Yauch's case) some of the most creative musicians of our time if you look past Licensed to Ill.....incredibly influential.
  3. Just like The Dude I hate the freakin Eagles man. Also,,,,classic rock does not include 1980s or 1990s..... Also dislike U2 immensely.
  4. It is a very limiting way to tell a story. Especially in fantasy. I don't enjoy it. Pretty much never have.
  5. Nope. Tried 3 times. First person narrative is for auto biographies.
  6. Can't get into the first person narrative. Find it very limiting.
  7. Amazing golf and weather to do things all year.
  8. Edmonton and Buffalo suck all year long.
  9. Ever been? North Carolina is pretty nice actually. Edmonton, Winnipeg (in winter) and Buffalo are absolute $&!# holes.
  10. Who cares about those people! Well i guess should care a bit more than about Surrey....
  11. SOB has a location downtown too. Had when in the city for Iron Maiden....was ok.