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  1. They weren't going to save the world bud. She was going to continue slaughtering people...including his family. Well his family other than said whacko Aunt.
  2. Ya...that's not how it was going to play out.... Did you really expect that ending?
  3. The conclusion seems pretty obvious now. Bran on the throne does keep in line with The War of The Roses. I still hope GRRM changes a fair bit of stuff but Jon offing Dany was my fave part of the episode.
  4. Exactly. Have these playoffs not shown people that you don't win with dwarfs?
  5. We weren't discussing Energy East..which I support btw...we were discussing the TM expansion. The expansion is not for BC but for foreign markets. We don't have the refinery capacity for it to make any difference from what I have read. That should have been sorted decades ago. I'd be on board the TM expansion if we got more out of it and there was a concrete clean up plan in place. But seeing as Alberta are being a bunch of asses...they can &^@# right off.
  6. The expansion wasn't for us though now was it? I ride a motorbike 6 months a year and live 3km from work. Gas prices barely impact me personally. Were you calling me a hypocrite or Horgan?
  7. This is a loss just like Vietnam if the regime change sought after fails. I also don't want our troops there anymore but it sure as hell is not a win. The Unocal pipeline was definitely a major goal and its still not done in large part due to the unrest in Afghanistan. There is a reason a former Unocal exac, Hamid Karzai, was put in charge after the initial invasion after all
  8. If the US skipped Iraq and just went full out in in Afghanistan they probably would have done far better of a job.
  9. Is there still that pink motel just off the highway on the east side of town? I stayed there for 3 weeks riding Sun Peaks. While there guys we met stole a whole &^@#ing Gibson's Finest truck. They were selling 40 pounders for $5... I still can't drink Gibsons....
  10. That's usually the case most places....but seemed a real easy place to find trouble if looking for it
  11. I used to be up there every summer for about 10 days. It still a really rough town?
  12. He has pretty much nothing to do with current gas prices....... The shut down of a major refinery that supplies is the major cause right now... If he had shut down a refinery project instead of a pipeline meant to hit foreign and not domestic markets you might have an argument.
  13. Prince George is not considered rural. It is considered a $&!# hole of decent size.
  14. It all the land locked bogans and old people there. I've known soooo many Aussies and not a one have liked their politics whatsoever. We get that coastal city Aussie mostly. The girl I'm seeing is from Sydney and so is one of my better friends. I've heard far more about it recently than I care to. NSFW but a funny bit on Aussie voting.