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  1. Sure if you have an incredibly myopic understanding of generational systemic racism then how couldn't it be awesome? And before your spout left as an insult (which is your go to move)....I for the vast majority of policy am libertarian.
  2. Was born in can never remove that taint.
  3. That is just a part of the problem. Many people who become cops shouldn't be in positions of power. It draws a lot of bullies and people wanting to get power after being without. It also in many of the areas of the US employs a lot of racists. Better pay would help get better applicants but it would also just give better pay to those wanting that position regardless. Being a cop is a pretty thankless job a lot of the time...and in many cases they don't deserve it. Sadly those stories seem to outshine the good police men and women in it for the right reasons and doing a lot of good which I'd think is more than bad ones. Sadly the good ones stand up for the bad ones which is another issue all in itself.
  4. I think they was more of a generational racism comment than a direct statement on Trump.
  5. If they sign the contract knowingly I don't see an issue...and I HATE religion....
  6. You know they're going to run that during FoxNews during prime time.
  7. They are. Samson was only on the first two Propagandhi albums. They sure evolved a lot since then but Chris Hannah was always the creative force I do believe.
  8. And to do so they're bailing out corporations while the vast majority of citizens didn't get much beyond that $1200 Trump Bonus and a bit of unemployment. Which is being cut off (last I heard) as they continue to accelerate towards to the end of the empire . As such his point is, as per usual, isn't really reflected in reality. Heard this the other day for first time in about a year.... seems Propagandhi saw it coming... Propagandhi are one of the best Canadian bands of all time....just sayin.
  9. The estate was set up in such a way that victims who came forward had no way to seek financial recompense. I wonder how payoffs would be handled.
  10. Voter turnout is about motivation and sometimes suppression. Gerrymandering is about how you set up districts to benefit one side or the other.
  11. Judge Jeanie might be the craziest of the lot.
  12. Hadn't heard that. Also hadn't really been paying much attention. If so she's dropped a ton in my books.