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  1. Rather is like an empty chip bag on the street trash while Sanders is 250 fully loaded dog poo bags trash. That lazy eyed hypocrite lying hag should be taken out to the desert Casino style.
  2. He's just a piece of $&!# who should have been shoved in a locker in high school and not let out.
  3. Religion has some benefits sure but overall...I say &^@# em all.
  4. &^@# Scheer..&^@# his stupid God and I hope his kids end up being gay...and happy.
  5. amazing athlete and one of the best to do it. Loved seeing him lose to Stipe
  6. Cormier is as much of a fake douche bag as Jones.
  7. His cardio went in large part because Stipe was ripping him to the body big time. He was slowing right down but they emptied the tank big time. Those shots are what set up that KO. As a massive DC hater...that was glorious.
  8. I thought it was what you called useless brothers and traitors....didn't know you could also disparage Italians with it. Bonus!
  9. There is a way to do shown by the 3 previous presidents.... but to use a baby and strike that pose with an equally awful smile on the First Mail Order Bride? Freakin gross! I recall George W during one of these moments and that man truly looked crushed to me.
  10. No he shouldn't have used that baby as a photo OP and he certainly shouldn't have smiled and given a thumbs up ffs....
  11. They have it some places. Especially for check out. Having run front desks for years ..and won mulitple service awards for my team...front desk is something not everyone can do at the level of others. The truly great just have it..some never will.