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  1. Other than Ivanka's clothing line they have all worked for daddy. In a company under numerous investigation from before and after the election. Yes there are always appointments...but then there is Ben Carson and Betsy Devos....
  2. Yup. My $198 ticket to Rage Against the Machine is in limbo. Dem's de brakes
  3. Starting? I felt was obvious since he started running. If you watch interviews of his from the 80s and 90s he's actually a decent and measured speaker. He's drastically changed and I just don't mean when firing up the dimwits that compose much of his base.
  4. Paul Wolfowitz had been trying to establish a preemptive strike policy for years. He has a huge amount of responsibility here as well. Cheney was after profit while Paul was after political ideology.
  5. Hughes should win for playing on a weaker non stacked team. But probably won't.
  6. Not even remotely. Read again. I said I am invested long on non oil related areas. With the crash there is opportunity here to get back into the sector though. EDIT: I own multiple motorbikes and a car...far from oil independent. Plan to buy another bike this spring. I generally wish Alberta good luck there even while posting a gif. This could be real ugly.
  7. As someone who is going to renegotiate my mortgage in a few months and is already long on a non oil dependent investments this might benefit me personally as well. Also... good luck Alberta.
  8. That's not how victim complex works.
  9. That might actually force BC to develop our massive reserves offshore and blow away the inferior heavy crude you guys have. I support this idea. Jokes aside...two simple words could solve all of this: Energy East.
  10. Maybe Alberta shouldn't have mismanaged the one resource of their banana republic. To go from over 20% royalties to just over 5% is a large factor in the financial state they're in. Alberta was screwed over by their own government along with the powers out east. That and that one resource is an inferior product these days to what the US pumping out in record numbers.