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  1. yikes, that's a lot of hard minutes to fill next year. Hopefully JB has something up his sleeve and we don't regress on the blueline.
  2. Good. He'll only come back next year with a chip on his shoulder trying to prove how wrong these guys were
  3. Demko forcing jim Benning to make some really tough decisions at the expansion draft.
  4. This team. Don't say it's over until it's over. Vegas... doing their best Toronto Maple Leafs impression right now.
  5. Last 2 or 3 games we've seen Brock reborn. So glad he got a goal tonight, he's been working his butt off and deserves it. Good team effort. Demko, what a playoff debut. Let's prove everyone wrong again.
  6. Completely agree. The original post (which is now lost somewhere pages ago) was that Loui was a go-to for PK duties, and that was his value to the team. What has been proven post and post again is that Loui is barely even the 4th choice for PK duties. I'm about as done talking about LE as his career in the NHL is.
  7. It's the inconsistency with that call that's the issue. Burkie said it right away in the panel. You don't call that penalty this deep into the playoffs after letting it go up until then. It was a soft call.
  8. Those are so bad they almost seem fake. Marchessault should be embarrassed about how bad his comebacks are, let alone embarrassing his team and the NHL in the middle of the playoffs. What a goof.
  9. Fair enough. But the funny thing is PK ice time by game draws the exact same conclusion. I'm not sure how this will format but here goes nothing: PP minutes PP seconds per game Beagle 42 29% 234 29% Motte 41 29% 227 28% Sutter 28 20% 158 20% eriksson 21 15% 125 16% Miller 11 8% 62 8% Total 143 806 The "go to" penalty killers that Green prefers rank: 1) Beagle 2) Motte 3) Sutter 4) Eriksson 5) Miller Of the regular penalty killers, Eriksson is the guy that Green puts out the least. Which is not surprising if you actually watch Loui play and not just repeat the same old talking points over and over again, that he is some kind of defensive specialist on this team (I'm not referring to you, but the original post) It's kind of beating a dead horse at this point though, I don't think we'll see Loui for the rest of the playoffs barring any (knock on wood) serious injury.
  10. I guess this really blows up a lot of the league conspiracy theories eh? Being that Bettman's non-traditional hockey market teams get special treatment. It's almost like the league is run by a board of governors consisting of mostly the owners of every single NHL team, and Bettman just carries out their wishes.
  11. JT Miller has been a huge part of this run. No idea he'd be such a playoff stud.
  12. "WOW , only two minutes for Jake" Are you effing kidding me? Yes only two minutes he got jumped by a Vegas goon for finishing a hit and a little bit of what the knights have been doing all game. Good call getting it right for once refs