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  1. I'm not sure why the All Star Game upsets so many people like it does. It's a fun weekend, good for the players that get to attend and it's good for the sport to get people interested. Is it the best hockey you'll see all year? No, that's obviously still going to be the playoffs. But is it fun to tune in every now and then and see how your team's best players are doing? Sure. I love how some people are upset that it's a cash grab, but ignore that EVERYTHING about the NHL is a cash grab. TV/Broadcast rights, overpriced food, overpriced jerseys and apparel, overpriced beer, NHL streaming services... the list goes on.
  2. Swine flu! Oh I mean SARS. Wait, which is it this time?
  3. This picture says it all. Look at the size difference in these two players, how the hell else is Jake supposed to throw a hit. 100% clean. Maybe Perreault should put some risers under his skates and stop whining.
  4. Would absolutely love to see this new Kassian back on the Canucks, but I just don't see it happening.
  5. The first hit was BORDERLINE clean, easily could have been called charging. The point isn't whether or not it's a clean hit or not, MT left his position to deliberately hit someone who was engaged with another player battling for the puck with the intention to catch Kassian off guard. It's a play that could have very easily ended with Kassian being taken off the ice in a stretcher. Kassian rightfully so responded by tossing him around like a dog on a piece of meat. If MT wants to play that kind of game then he has to expect to pay the consequences.
  6. Thatchuk is a cheap shot artist who won't ever answer for his actions the way this league is run. Don't ever change Kassian.
  7. My god, I missed this game but just caught the highlights. Who is this Petterson kid? He's laying the body like every game now, even though he's outweighed by just about everyone on the ice. I can't wait till he puts on some weight as he grows up, he is going to be an absolute force for us out there. It's still unreal that we snagged him when we did.
  8. You don't believe it? Never heard of the boss using the company assets for his/her own personal purposes? It probably happens a lot more than you'd think, and I'd bet it's not just isolated to the conservative party.
  9. Scheer was the only thing stopping me from voting conservative this past election. I went to a local meet and greet type event with all of the candidates in my riding, and the conservative candidate was the best of the bunch, hands down. Smart, educated, tolerant well spoken person. But I just did not like the things that Scheer stood for, and the fact that he had already been caught lying/back peddling so many times leading up to and during his campaign. I couldn't imagine the kind of corruption he would bring in an actual position of power. Time for the conservatives to elect better leadership.
  10. Well at least we now know why he was originally pushing for a private school tuition tax credit Too funny
  11. Exactly. That's the weird part about concussions and why they are so hard to treat properly. Some people are back to normal quickly, for others it takes years or perhaps the effects are permanent.
  12. See and I think we're starting to get on the same page a little here. So you're saying by the time you were 37 you had learned to treat people with respect, but unfortunately not everyone follows the same life path. Some people are dicks until they are 40, some until they're 80. Take Marc Crawford for example, he may have done some crappy things as a coach back when he was with the Canucks, but by all accounts he's grown and is actually quite the 'players coach' now. Should he be fired/force resigned because of dumb decisions he made back then? That's where I think the problem is. Everyone is going to have a different "statute of limitations" here based on their own personal experiences.
  13. You're missing the point. What he did was completely wrong back then just like it is now. The point is if no one fired him back then for it then it's not fair to suddenly decide 10 years later (while working for a different job) that he should be fired/forced to resign. Like I said before, this isn't like he physically assaulted someone committed some other crime, he made some very distasteful/racist comment. How would you feel if you were defined to the general public by some quote that you made 15 years ago? Can you remember everything you've ever said to anyone, behind closed doors, anywhere? AGAIN, hold people accountable to their actions now. Stop looking backwards.