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  1. [Rumour] Oilers actively shopping Milan Lucic

    Lucic + Edmonton's 1st round pick for Erikkson. Otherwise hang up.
  2. Shouldn't be suspended. Player had the puck, Tom went for the shoulder to shoulder hit. Unfortunate circumstances, including the speed at which these two were coming together, led to Zach getting hit in the head. Too bad he got hurt, but I don't think the DOPS should be handing out suspensions based on injuries.
  3. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Once he can find his shot again he'll be a force. The comparison's to Hansen are sometimes uncanny, he's like a bigger, faster Hansen with the same hands of stone haha.
  4. [Report] Nazem Kadri suspended 3 games

    Can't stand Kadri, he is such a dirty player. The number of replays I've seen of him trying to seriously hurt another guy on the ice... he has absolutely no class, and no respect for the people he plays against.
  5. They say this every year don't they?
  6. GMO Food Just Got A Huge Boost

    I know. That's probably why you immediately associated the anti-GMO scare tactics with the far left. I would bet you my life savings that there are Conservatives shopping at Whole Foods.
  7. GMO Food Just Got A Huge Boost

    Interesting that you associate anti-GMO with the far left. Can a Conservative not be anti-GMO? Can a Liberal not be pro-GMO? For the record I have no problem with GMO foods, and I believe they might help solve a lot of problems in countries that have a very hard time growing food otherwise.
  8. [Signing] Canucks sign Adam Gaudette

    I haven't followed much of this guy, but he seems like a pretty exciting prospect, especially when you consider he was picked up with a fifth rounder!
  9. [Rumour] Salary Cap to go up

    It's odd how the NHL maximum and minimum rise at such vastly different rates. In a lot of years the maximum rises at a larger percentage than the minimum, but then in other years, 2016-17 to 2017-18 for instance, the minimum rose 13% while the max only rose 2%. It doesn't really make much sense. In any case your point still stands, over that time period the max salary has risen at a much higher rate than the minimum.
  10. Those are all really good points, and I imagine that the current management group is already doing things very similar to what you just outlined. The fact that they don't publicly come out and say it doesn't mean it's not being done.
  11. Still not sure about the coach

    Love Green, love his no BS attitude with his players and the media, he'll do great things with the right group of players
  12. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    You mean qualities like Speed, Hitting, his Shot? Now you're saying he suddenly has all of those things this year with no way to predict it was coming? Jake has been one of the fastest since day 1, his hitting has been top since day 1, and we've seen glimpses of his shot. His issue always was (and may continue to be) CONSISTENCY (and related to that, his PROFESSIONALISM). Pull your head out of your butt and go watch some video of him over the last few years, the signs are there.
  13. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    I think a lot of people severely underestimate how big Horvat is. He is listed at 223lb at just 6 feet tall, he is built like a wrecking ball. There's a reason why they called him the bull. Jake is really turning a corner this season, as so many of us on here thought that he would. Turns out it just took a bit of patience, and not expecting every 18-19 year old kid to be a star 1st liner right out of the draft. He truly does have skills that cannot be taught, especially his combination of size/speed. I'm definitely noticing more awareness from him in the offensive zone, where he used to blow by the defender and just fire the puck from the side boards, now he is making plays towards the middle of the ice or behind the net before making his shot/pass. It's a sign of a kid who is starting to develop some confidence in the league. Props to Green for working so well with Jake and everyone who has had patience with him.
  14. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    Not sure why, but I can't help but make a little smile when Boeser lets off his shot. It's just something else. Look how delayed Lundquist's reaction is on it. It's already behind him by the time he sticks his pad out.
  15. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Alex Biega

    What everyone else said. This isn't a fantasy hockey pool, depth guys form part of every Stanley Cup championship team.