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  1. If its Juolevi in a package that brings Miles Wood here I'd be okay with that. Tough kid with skill and hockey smarts. He's what this team needs.
  2. I like how you use the term "special needs" like it's an insult. Shows the class of person you are. A lot of kids and adults have challenges in life but I bet they are a hell of a lot smarter and talented than you are. Grow up fella.
  3. Just one of those games boys and girls. Didn't play great but didn't play bad. Liked the pushback but seems to be some really bad refs in the league. Pretty ridiculous to call that on Gaudette in the 3rd but let all the other slashes, hooks, and holds go. I don't care how they ref but be consistent. Get well soon Petey...like Saturday soon please. Also, kind of concerned with Boeser. He's trying hard out there and I like parts of his game, but for some reason his confidence is shot. His shot just isn't as dangerous for some reason this year and goalies know it. He used to pick corners but haven't seen much of that this year. Hopefully it turns around for him soon. Oh and by the way @canuck2288 please stop with the Green bashing. It's very annoying and I think your better than that. Don't let the emotions get to you. It's a long season, there will be ups and downs but he's a good coach. Best coach we have had since AV.
  4. This kid has definetly earned the next call up when needed. He's been on another level the last dozen games.
  5. Maybe first time for that but he has been playing really well lately. You'd think the naysayers who claim to be Canuck fans would be happy to see a prized prospect whos had ups and down doing well for a stretch. Putting up points in the last 10 and playing a better all around game and that oh so important +/- some people fixate on has drastically improved. It's almost as if the kid is finally healthy or something. Go figure that plays a big part in a players development eh. Hope he keeps it up and challenges for a spot next year.
  6. Make that a goal and an assist so far....
  7. Currently on bet365 a $40 wager on Canucks -1.5 will bring home a cool $100 ......I like those odds.
  8. The fact he was playing PK his first game back shows the coaches belief in his defensive abilities. Bo Horvat is a team worst -8 on the Canucks, that alone should tell you how irrelevant +/- actually is.
  9. I dont care what anyone thinks but those jerseys are amazing!
  10. Was with them for years but switched to bet365 this past year. Love having live cashout option.
  11. How so? Factually better for you than alcohol.
  12. Linus currently tied for team lead in points GP 8 G 2 A 3 PTS 5 PIM 8 Good start to the season for the 2way centre.