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  1. It may still be a long shot but having hope cost you nothing other than being positive. Canucks win tonight and were 4 points out with 8 games to go.
  2. Lol yeah was just looking at the standings. As far fetched as it may be I would have a glimmer of hope. Makes the games more interesting to watch anyhow and I mean if Schaller can score 2 goals in a game then anything is possible.
  3. Pouliot didn't even play last game. Hes fine in a sheltered role as a 6-8 D. I rather see Teves play though and see what the kid has.
  4. Yeah to finish his degree. Could have signed last year, teams wanted him. Don't need to expect anything from a free prospect. Win win.
  5. That's exciting. Cant wait to see if his skill will translate. Won't need much seasoning either kid could have gone pro last year.
  6. No point in wishing to lose. No team wins with a hope to lose culture. Real fans should understand that. Especially in this current draft lottery system .
  7. Well I'm certain the players on the ice do so that's what matters.
  8. See a lot more Oilers taking runs at our players. Want to see some of this team toughness boys get it going. Don't need to fight but just get physical, get in the scrums, and make life hard for there skill players. Games like this I miss Gudbranson.