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  1. The fact he was playing PK his first game back shows the coaches belief in his defensive abilities. Bo Horvat is a team worst -8 on the Canucks, that alone should tell you how irrelevant +/- actually is.
  2. I dont care what anyone thinks but those jerseys are amazing!
  3. Was with them for years but switched to bet365 this past year. Love having live cashout option.
  4. How so? Factually better for you than alcohol.
  5. Linus currently tied for team lead in points GP 8 G 2 A 3 PTS 5 PIM 8 Good start to the season for the 2way centre.
  6. Mike Hoffman
  7. 100% Guaranteed EP is already 180lbs or higher. Weighed in at camp 176lbs last year. Probably somewhere between 180-185 and will likely be close to 190 for his career.
  8. Pretty sure I'm not the one whos confused here bud. I asked you a question which you did not answer so your just trolling without a rod. End game.
  9. Yeah but your opinion is confusing. What is the issue with this signing that has you in a roar? You said you like this signing yet your arguing on the Ferland signing topic. This has nothing to do with cap management. This signing hinders nothing nor will it impede us from signing our stars. So what are you going on about?
  10. They can score when healthy and they showed us that last year. They scored 4 or more goals in a game 25 times last year. They just didnt have enough secondary scoring or the defense to produce when they had injuries so the consistency wasnt there. Hughes and Myers will help offensively and Benn rounds out that third pair. Adding Miller is a solid piece who'll get you 20-25 goals while playing a heavy game which should help Petey and Boes. Is this team perfect, not at all. Are we a bottom feeder, not a chance. I'd put us as a middle of the pack team with a solid young core. This is the year when all the glass half empty fans should fill up there cups and jump back on the bandwagon. This teams only getting started and will be one of the most exciting teams to watch in the future. Thats a guarantee!
  11. You might want to check your stats again. They weren't 9-41 against playoff teams. They were 18-26 and thats not including ot. Were not as far off as some would believe. Should definetly push for a wildcard spot this year.
  12. Miller is far superior to Shaw.
  13. Sounds a lot like Josh Anderson. That would be awesome.
  14. Your losing your credibility bud. Research before crying about an astute move by our great GM. Your fake news.
  15. Or they'll both be fantastic like lil Tory Krug was.