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    (Proposal) VAN - NYI + VAN - MIN

    I agree with the Gagner trade-would be nice,however i would like to see a lineup similar to this next year Tkatchuk(draft),Horvat,Boeser Kane(ufa),Gaudette,Petterssen Granlund,Sutter,Lepsic Eriksson,______!________ Archibald,Gaunce,Motte,Lind,Gadjovich,MacEwen, Ufa,trade,could fill the last 2 spots please do not send Tkatchuk,Petterssen,Gaudette to Utica traded,Baertchi,Goldobin,Gagner It is time to move on from the Sedins,otherwise it’s another lost season Git Er Done
  2. I am not sure we need Vanek next year,but please do not sent Peterssen and Gaudette to Utica,bring them straight to the Canucks,I do not believe Utica is a great trading ground,who from Utica is top 6 on the Canucks, Stecher(5 g in Utica)and Boeser came straight to Canucks i thought Holm should make the Canucks but after one game they turf him for a small forward that TG coached years ago,not impressed how Canucks manage their young guys Go Leafs Go
  3. I totally agree,do not sign the Sedins,it is time to move on. canucks better find a system to develop young players,they are not the best at it. yes Boeser is very good but he came straight from the NCAA,Canucks had nothing to do with his development,hope Gaudette will do the same,by pass Canucks farm. and please no more crappy UFA signings. Demko,with either Marky or someone else as backup next year Canucks need some hard nose players with an edge
  4. farhills

    [Discussion] Dahlin and Tryamkin

    I cannot believe you rank Stecher #2(more like 4th or 5th) Sure hope they play Holm,next few games-looks good in Utica maybe Canucks can buy out Tryamkin contract in KHL and offer him 3mil to play here
  5. We sign new UFA’s to improve the team,however have a look at these 3 players Vanek -15 Gagner-16 Del Zotto -14 the rest of the players are no worse than minus 7 recommend new trades are for young prospects and draft picks ALSO: need to separate the Sedins,keeping them together is not working, why not try it
  6. farhills

    [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Pathetic, Edler,Markstrom,Daniel,Gaunce need to sit Gaunce is an AHL player,bring up Goldobin
  7. farhills

    [Proposal] Yute-Blockbuster..would U?

    Not a chance Demko is the future goalie Lind Gaudette Gadjovich
  8. It is time to split the twins baertchi,horvat,gagner eriksson,Henrik,boeser daniel,granlund,vanek(Rodin) dorsett,Sutter,burmistrov
  9. I sure hope Canucks do not keep playing the Sedins on the same line,time for a change -also I think a Chatfield may have a good chance to make the team in a couple years
  10. Please no more old players, let the young guys start to prove themselves and please separate the twins so they can mentor the young guys
  11. We currently have 47 player signed,may need to sign a couple from this years draft,only players I would trade would be either Edler or Tanev for an A prospect and a draft pick,otherwise wait till after training camp
  12. Four of these players will be on 3yr entry level contracts Boeser and Goldy--2yr entry level Horvat needs to be signed Virtanen--2 way Baertschi and Granlund for 2-3 years would not be unreasonable and would fill in nicely with Gagner
  13. Both should be given an extension Granlund 2.5--- 3yr Baertschi 3.2----3yr Horvat 5.0----5yr git er done JB
  14. farhills

    [Discussion] UFA D - who to target ?

    Sign Cody Fransen for a couple years Edler-Strecher Gudbranson-Fransen Tanev-Hutton Holm-Pedan-Biega not a bad D
  15. farhills

    Not a time to let up! (Discussion)

    Please do not sign Miller,please,let Bachman be the backup. Canucks will look good in a couple years and if Goldy and Boeser produce maybe this year will be okay but NO to Miller