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  1. What the Canucks need is one more 20+ goal scorer, suggest sign Connely,trade for Kapanen or Johnson at a reasonably cost Panarin will cost Canucks 10+ to costly Connely,Peterssen,Boeser Pearson,Horvat,Johnsson Roussel,Gaudette,McEwen Motte,Beagle,Virtanen (Granlund,Goldobin) buyout or trade Ericsson after paying his bonus Rafferty,Edler,Tanev,Stecher,Hughes,Shenn,Teves,UFA git er done JB
  2. I totally agree-it’s time to part with JB Canucks need some leadership Utica development is not working 0-7-1 and trying to make the playoffs
  3. I do not think a Myers and Gardiner would make this D much better and it will cost Canucks 12+m for at least 5yrs we need to develop Hughes,Elliot,Brisbois,Teves,Woo,Juolevi sign Brassard juniors,sign Edler for 2-3 yrs trade Hutton(minus 20) buy out Tryamkin’s KHL contract and sign him 3yrs at 3-4m Edler Brisbois Tanev Hughes Stecher Tryamkin Teves,new D via trade maybe get another D by trading some of Pearson,Granlund,Baertchi,Sutter,Hutton In Utica,Chatfield,Elliot,Brassard,Saunter,Juolevi etc
  4. Edler should be signed for 5x2(max)with no MTC or NTC way to many injuries JB please no more MTC or NTC in the future