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  1. No surprise there. Isn't exactly lighting it up this year.
  2. East puts up consistent gems. One of the few new age artists I listen to.
  3. 3 week break. Rare for the UFC these days. Have been pretty good with consistent cards every weekend for most of the year. Main event on Saturday should be really interesting. If Rozenstruik gets another KO he becomes a contender. He already called out Ngannou. Would be amazing. Arguably the 2 hardest hitters in the division.
  4. Midlife? I made this realization at the ripe old age of 24 a few years ago.
  5. This times 10. It's a game. Relax people. So many other things in life are significantly more important and deserving much more attention.
  6. Very much like that line up. If Goldy doesn't step up, one of Ferland/Gaudette/Leivo/Virtanen can replace him.
  7. So is Reid Boucher. Leads the league in goals with less games played than the other top guys (13 goals in 14 games). Doesn't necessarily mean it transfers over unfortunately. The speed, lack of space and cerebral aspects at the top level are magnified. A lot of top AHL producers can't adapt.
  8. Enjoy watching next game line up. Feel free to bring this post up if the "1st" line resembles anything of what you posted.
  9. Why would you have two 3rd liners playing on the top line while moving the best line to the 2nd? Zero sense post.
  10. Bellator is basically the minor leagues for prospects and for past their prime big names looking for an easier/more comfortable transition into retirement.
  11. Why not try and find out for yourself?
  12. Rogers used "PC culture". It's super effective.