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  1. Tomorrow will be the best day of Raymond K. Hessel's life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted.

    1. canuktravella


      fight club 

  2. Very underrated skill wise. I remember him in his prime years. Silky smooth hands. Had a couple years near a PPG which is a big deal with how bad Edmonton was after their SCF appearance.
  3. Francis just needs to GRAZE you to put your lights out. Not only that, he has a head and chin made of concrete. Stipe landed MASSIVE shots on him that did little more than stun him. JJ has no choice but to wrestle, where strength and size will play a big role. Not saying Francis isn't beatable, but he has come a long way since his 2 losses and has once in a generation type of freak power.
  4. Oh boy I would love to see that fight. From a hype stand point would easily be fight of the year. Francis would get a well deserving big name money fight, even if not for the title. Although if JJ moves up I assume it would only be for the title? Hard to tell. Have a hard time believing JJ would really "want it" though. Massive risk for a loss and brain damage.
  5. Literally this. For those people "shocked" or "disgusted" have clearly never been in a locker room before. Pretty standard stuff.
  6. So stoked for this. I am interested in literally every single fight on the card.
  7. If you are 6'2 and your opponent is 6'5" + that is part of the technique needed to get a win. Reach means he would get strung out and picked apart. It's just fighting smart with the best chance to win. If you want to stand toe to toe with someone significantly taller than you, this happens: If you want to minimize reach, this happens: Both guys Scott fights here are roughly the same height (6'1 ish).