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  1. mooby

    [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    In my world. EP40 plays next game. Even if it's unrealistic that's the world I'm choosing to live in
  2. mooby

    [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Yeah our PK was gelling. Think you're right right Motte. Might be the best option. Granlund has been real good in the role given to him. Hope he keeps it up, it's an underrated role but so important.
  3. mooby

    [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Beags was doing a good job on the PK, sad to see him out. Also really glad they ended up bringing Gaudette instead of moving Granny to C.
  4. mooby

    The Orca has to go now !

    If I was a mod, I'd merge every "Jersey thread" together to see if it tops "Burrows do we really need him?"... Yup. Constructive.
  5. mooby

    Matheson hit on Pettersson

    How is this not predatory? He puts his stick between EP40's legs then initiates a hit to the numbers against the board before the body slam. If you watch the full video he even starts a run before this and thinks better of it. EP40 made Matheson look like a pylon and he was frustrated.
  6. Remember honey badge rushing in fists flying when Danny was hit... We needed that.
  7. mooby

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers

    Was just as emotional for me as the home game...
  8. mooby

    [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Ugh missed the game and don't have GCL...
  9. mooby

    Botchford? Do We Really Need Him?

    Haha I truly hope not!
  10. mooby

    Botchford? Do We Really Need Him?

    Yeah I do get what you're saying. I agree 100%. Though I do think he's inserted himself to the point where it's like removing cancer...
  11. mooby

    Botchford? Do We Really Need Him?

    Following different media outlets in Twitter make him unavoidable in some cases. Also posting about Markstrom's play or what line changes we'd like went change anything either. We still all do it.
  12. mooby

    Botchford? Do We Really Need Him?

    Same, which is exactly why it isn't as easy as not reading their articles. Making it worse is the surprising amount of fanboys botch has egging him on to keep being an ass. On Twitter atleast.
  13. mooby

    [PGT] Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I'm pretty sure we've all bashed Edler at some point in time. I'm very guilty of it... That many minutes he bound to make mistakes here and there. I'd rather have Eagle chewing up those minutes than MDZ! As you said with Guddy he just fits. Enjoying his overall play since they were paired.
  14. I'm sorry if this just isn't post worthy, I'm just so sick of the bulk of VAN's media. Especially Botchford and JPat. They get called out by Friedman, right or wrong. The response is to act like children on twitter and through their own media outlets. Snide remarks that have nothing to do about reporting on the team. When did sports reporting become this odd story generation machine. How much Canucks "news" do we need? Rant over. Would love to know thoughts on why they are needed, or even why the Canucks put up with some of it?