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  1. LaBamba

    LaBamba is a Troll Talk.

    What would being a Canuck fan be without pain? What is a fish without water? What is Jim Benning without excessive amounts of dippity doo?
  2. LaBamba

    LaBamba is a Troll Talk.

    I totally believe you are a serial killer. Your obsession with me is enough proof in my eyes. I see you more as a dahmer or gacy though.
  3. LaBamba

    LaBamba is a Troll Talk.

    I have said this on many occasions. If we actually won the Stanley cup, the following year would be so... I don't know, empty.
  4. LaBamba

    LaBamba is a Troll Talk.

    "Finking" what is that 1930's slang?
  5. I just watched his PC. Judging by his perspiration I bet he has a potential bombshell to release. I have a suspicion a dman is on the move. He has hinted towards that all season.
  6. LaBamba

    LaBamba is a Troll Talk.

    Ya I was a teachers pet because I use to throw the blocks to her during my spare.
  7. LaBamba

    LaBamba is a Troll Talk.

    Try listerine in a bong. You get high, and a breath of fresh air all at once.
  8. LaBamba

    LaBamba is a Troll Talk.

    That's part of being a pencil man. I can say whatever I want then just rub the top of my head on it and it never happened
  9. LaBamba

    LaBamba is a Troll Talk.

    I say a lot of things, and instead of Taking over threads trying to defend myself I thought I'd do everyone a favour and bring it in here.
  10. LaBamba

    LaBamba is a Troll Talk.

    Ya sure, giver. Most of the time I actually think your pretty decent.
  11. LaBamba

    LaBamba is a Troll Talk.

    @hearditall is completely obsessed with me and everything I post. He is constantly hijacking threads in attempt to sabotage my prestine reputation. Please direct hate to this thread so you no longer disrupt the common internet browser from a quality experience.
  12. May I suggest making a separate thread in white noise devoted to everything I have said wrong in the past and how stupid I am because I said it. Call it LaBamba is a troll talk. I can answer all your questions in there. I really don't want to ruin a thread that should be 100% celebratory any further. It's probably frustrating for the people who would actually like to discuss the topic. Great trade, TDL is already a success. Anything else would just be a cherry on top.
  13. Your existence means absolutely nothing to me. If I want to negativity overreact to a trade or UFA signing on an Internet forum, then that is what I'm going to do. Everyone is different, people react to things differently. Not everyone has the same opinion as you. Get over yourself.
  14. LaBamba

    Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    A lot of people give Craig Button unwarranted criticism because some of the time his analysis of our overrated prospects from the really thin days stung a lot of people. In my opinion he is right up there the Bobby Mackenzie, maybe even better in his Jr player evaluation. He seems to be more emotionally invested and passionate. This interview is exactly why I have always valued his opinion. It's full of passion and honesty. http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040-i-1410/button-dahlen-knows-how-to-score-and-will-do-it-in-nhl-1.682826