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  1. Discussion at Team 1040, live-on air around 12 pm today. I happened to be listening to the team 1040 this afternoon on my lunch break, and a man named Stephen came onto the air and made an interesting comment from his obervation at a Canuck's morning practice at the University of British Columbia (UBC). ' He was talking about an observation he made at the very end of the Canuck's practice. Apparently, Ryan Miller and Eddie Lack were the last two players off the ice and they were having a little conversation just before they went into the locker-room to shower up and go home.The observation went something like this as I can remember Stephen saying: Eddie Lack to Ryan Miller, "I was scared of the puck for the first 30 minutes of this practice)" Apparently, Miller just chuckled and made him feel better about experiencing that. I thought that was funny and just thought I'd share. Peace and love! GO CANUCKS GO!! Stanley cup this year baby!!