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  1. We simply trade Loui. After he scores the SCF GWG his stock will higher than ever. That'll free up enough room for BB6.
  2. I can't wait til game 7 of the SCF when Loui gets in due to an injury and he scores the GWG, making the universe seem even more nonsensical, but yet more right, than it already is.
  3. I haven't gamed much in the last 10 years, but boredom encouraged me to hook up the old Wii. Best I can do is NHL 2K9 and I've exclusively playing as the Canucks in season mode, it's been a reasonable placebo. Especially today.
  4. I lived in Harbin, up in the armpit of northern China and the smoking is everywhere. I had to go to the hospital for a physical exam etc. Upon landing there, and I €&#$ you not, the guy taking my blood pressure at the hospital was smoking. Just bizarre.
  5. Now's a good time to foster for awhile., If you're able to
  6. Man I don't know what to believe anymore. All I know is my ass just got laid off and I have mouths to feed. But I spent 3 hours unplugged on the beach today, and took the training wheels off my son's bike and watched him freeride. That was the best I felt in a week. Stay safe and sane, CDC
  7. Melmackians have immunity though? You could be the key to a vaccine!
  8. I'm a chef over here in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast. Typically over spring break we get a two week summer-style amount of volume as far as business goes. It's been eerily quiet the last few days. With all the restaurant and bar shutdowns in the USA, we are holding our collective breaths with this craziness. My ultimate escape and distraction from reality is sorely missed. I miss hockey so much.
  9. The Cult (Sonic temple tour 1988) MC Hammer Depeche mode Pearl Jam/Blind Melon/Neil Young 1993 Smashing Pumpkins/Beastie boys/Green Day/Tribe called Quest/Pharcyde/Breeders/George Clinton/L7/Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ( Lollapalooza 94) Countless DJ/electronic/hip hop acts throughout the hazy ravey 90s (dj shadow/dj krush/Wutang/Jurassic 5/People Under the Stairs/Dj Craze/Aphrodite Moby/OutKast/New Order ( with Billy Corgan)/the Orb Bonobo Smashing Pumpkins 2 more times Grizzly Bear The Cinematic Orchestra
  10. DEMKO with the SHUTOUT! Feels so good to be able to say that in a GDT!
  11. $#@& this. Zebras missed the interference call on Coronavirus. Typical.