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  1. Week 15 Week 16 Week 17 Week 18 Week 19 Week 20 1/3 of Season Highlights: Ovechkin's surge with more playing time has made Gougers the new season favorite leading the regular season Fluery keeping steady allows Best Hockey Team to consistently hold playoff spot Lundqivst head and shoulders above rest of competition for CHI with .845sv% Tarasenko turning into star for DC with 18 goals in 20 games Invasion become best team in Taylor Gang conference with dynamic MacKinnon + Toews combo and league-leading offense Rosario Radmosky Seal Team Simp's weakest skating in league (with NPH) wastes epic season from Cam Ward Baer tied for league lead in goals aiding Baer's team Underperforming season for Twitterbots stems from Craig Anderson's awful start to the year All-around scoring keeps Canucks afloat in a playoff spot Stats n Standings https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1csCGtf4-r8HbGXrCbVHhrluWl0llAdZTP-TWI_Ibu0M/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Playoff Preview: Vasy mother&^@#ing levsky went 51-9 That's equivalent to winning 6 out of 7 games in a 7 games series (you only need 4 to win) That's equivalent to landing 44 club thots in a 52 week calendar year where you go clubbing every Friday That's equivalent to having an army of 6,400,000,000 out of 7,500,000,000 world population That's equivalent to winning 10 out of 12 periods in a 4 game series...good luck winning a series where you win 2/12 periods That's equivalent to winning 5100 dollars and losing 900 for every round of poker played (+4200) That's equivalent to hitting a draft scout 9/10 times That's equivalent to banging 6620 broads in a year if you ask out 150 people on the Vancouver seawall everyday That's equivalent to getting away with 59 out of 69 murders That's equivalent to bending it like Beckham and scoring a screamer from 40 yards out So excited GMs, you take your 33 1/3 chance, minus TBL's 25% chance and you got an 8 1/3 chance of winning at playoffs. But then you take TBL's 75% chance of winning, if you was to go one on one, and then add 66 2/3 per cents, TBL got 141 2/3 chance of winning at playoffs. See GMs, the numbers don't lie, and they spell disaster for you at playoffs...
  3. Someone explain to me why Qwags is any better of a lynch and that MR isn't mafia by throwing that name out there carelessly
  4. yo000 bUddYyyYYYyyyyYYyyyy wAnNa mEeT aT Sc0oT roAd n shEt tAke u t0 the ClEaneRs n shEt, suRrey gAng n shEt
  5. Buddy I am kalm. Just cuz I can type faster than you and play a better emotional plea doesn't mean my face is red rn lol
  6. Anyways, if you are with me in the town big brain revolution then vote NIK or vote MR If not, pile those mentally ill-informed votes on my monkey butt please and thank you
  7. hoW is somEone pAying AttENTION sCUMMY idk how tf is that a scum read. In a good game, most people should be &^@#ing paying attention so don;t you pull that garbage of an excuse. I bet you like 18/20 people in this game are paying their normal amount of attention. So what, there is 2 scum? Stop being an idiot
  8. see like exactly this garbage I bet NIK is scum too
  9. Like instead of voting people off literally no reason what so freaking ever, how about you like use your brain or even crazier of a thought but maybe connect some pieces or you know whats even crazier of a thought is to connect some pieces that aren't even visible(like who is avoiding interactions with whomst) jesus christ people use your brain or if you don't have that at least use your spleen and give that some purpose. Only players today worth any value in the scum hunting department are Kurisu, MR when he's not scum and Hoggers and some people I might be forgetting. Put in a &^@#ing effort. I've had like 6 posts all game and my scum hunting effort is higher than like 85% of you. Jesus &^@#. Learn to use some of that noggin or enroll in a mafia course hosted by MR or some crap like that. For the love of mafia stop BSing your way into emotional mislynches. Stop being used to whatever your normal is...its not working. Start something different ffs cuz this isn't working. Zoom call MR if you have to. Look him in the eyes and let him tell you he's not scum. I haven't even seen the posts since I've started typing this BUT I BET that I am getting votes my way? WHY? Emotional retardation and recency bias...thats why GFY, Z
  10. This is the reason I've become less active. This new core of players is literally aids. Copy and paste one thing and you're scum. Crack one comment and you're scum. Come up with innovative ways to play mafia(RNG) and you're scum. Yeah I'm sick and tired of this garbage. If I could get a sub it's best for the game. Otherwise I will continue acting as scummy as possible until some day LL and friends leads these sheep to my mislynch
  11. Anyways, not liking BJ's wolfy pop-in. Feels like he just wants to get some credit for pretending to do something. MR is obviously scum for his meta this game and garbage questioning of me in the past half hour.
  12. Wow BC has some demons jeez I just read what I copy pasted +(replaced)
  13. Circumstances of the Offence [5] MR is a relative of BW. BW has been his best friend since 1969. MR was the best man at the wedding of BW. to KRYTEN many years ago. He was trusted as a member of the family of BW. and KRYTEN., and a regular face in the household. When his washing machine broke, KRYTEN. told him to come and do his laundry at their house. [7] On September 16th, 2014, T.P. was taken to the hospital by her grandmother Krazz., because she was vomiting and her stomach hurt. Her grandmother was concerned she had appendicitis. [8] It turned out that T.P. was 8.5 weeks pregnant. T.P. was admitted to hospital. T.P. was questioned. T.P. revealed that she had been sexually abused for several months by Uncle BW. when she was asked to do chores at his house and when he visited her family home. [9] T.P. told police that BW. locked her inside the house when she and her brothers went there to do chores. Her brothers confirmed that when they went to do chores at BW.'s house, he told them they had to work outside and that girls' work was inside. When the boys went to the door to try to use the bathroom, they found the door locked. Despite the fact that BW. paid the children for the chores, I note he paid the boys $5.00 or $6.00 but gave T.P. only $4.00. The boys confirmed that T.P. did not want to go to BW.'s to do chores, but she did not say why not. [10] T.P. later explained that in fact she never did chores inside BW.'s house, that he just said she did. When T.P. was locked inside, MR. repeatedly sexually assaulted her. T.P. said that he did it in the bathroom and in his bedroom. He put his penis in her vagina and he made her touch his penis with her mouth and her hands. He tried to put his penis in her bum once. She was too scared to cry. She said she was horrified. She did not tell her grandma because she thought it was her fault and she would get grounded. [11] On MR's version of events, T.P. initiated sexual contact by putting his hand on her breast and saying, "I love you." He says that he then put his hand down her pants and his fingers in her vagina. At some point, he told her he was too old for her and she should find someone her own age. He said he told her she could say no if she wanted it to stop. [12] I note T.P. denied that he ever told her she could tell him to stop or that he said any such thing. [13] That sort of touching went on for two months, he said, until one night he laid down on her brother's bunk bed, and took her and laid her down and had intercourse with her. He said she said nothing and he took that to mean it was okay. He also said that she gave him oral sex under the kitchen table as he sat having coffee with her grandfather. [14] T.P. was particularly vulnerable to MR. because she has intellectual disabilities(T.P is a potato). Although she was 12 years old when she was assessed right after the abuse came to light, her mental age was about 7.5 years old and her ability to express herself verbally was in the extremely low range, about that of a six-year-old. She functions generally at about the level of a Grade 1 child. [15] I infer that her cognitive difficulties made it particularly difficult for her to disclose the sexual abuse and to express what was done to her. [16] She is also particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse by an adult because she was previously sexually abused by her father's brother, then age 32, when she was seven years old. VOTE MR
  14. Let it be known that in the case of MR v Town, MR has admitted to being mafia before and can indeed be mafia again. [1] THE COURT: M.R. has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the T.P. [2] Now, for everyone's benefit I am going to let you know I am going to use initials with respect to the young complainant and her family members so that there is nothing that will identify her while I give these reasons. [3] MS. AHRENS: Thank you, Your Honour. [4] THE COURT: M.R. has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting T.P, the 11-year-old granddaughter of his best friend. He has also pleaded guilty to breaching the terms of his bail. It is my job to sentence him for these offences and this is my decision. VOTE MR
  15. Hey I was right recently too! ...wolf gonna wolf again
  16. Simp used to mean Simpleton back in the day. Cool fact for an uncultured yogurt like me
  17. ok so MR is mafia and I will not rest until he is gone Game is on...
  18. First we rule out the TP: LockyLugger Kurisu 112 Qwags Me Then we RNG and spray. For simps like LL, the idea behind it is sound because lynches will be misdirected more often than not by the mafia. A detail a simp would clearly not grip.
  19. can we just go with my mixed RNG strategy. It'll be epic