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  1. a lot of people don't know this especially that trades can happen any time throughout the year except during the Xmas freeze. look at trades that NYR and Caroline made last year that included Fox, done during the playoffs or Toronto and Minnesota, again during the playoffs. Trades after the deadline are very rare but a couple happen every year. It's just that no-one pays attention. Here is a quick look from wiki that stats what I said, trades after deadline players are ineligible to play that season, meaning trades are allowed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trade_(sports)#:~:text=Trade deadline,-A trade deadline&text=In Major League Baseball and,injured player on the roster. But you can get more clarification if you want from the nhl cba
  2. I wouldn't get worked up or listen too much of what Matt Sekeres has to say, his rumours are correct as oftern as Eklund's are. Almost all teams have discussions about moving a lot of their players except maybe a select few per team. A GM wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't have those discussions with internal staff and look at certain possibilities, especially in a once in a lifetime situation that we are experiencing now, where no GM had imagined they would be in. How many times was Malkin getting traded only 2 years ago? Saying that however, I could see the team move Boeser after the playoffs, especially if he has great one as I expect that he will. They would only do this for a few reasons, such as Toffoli coming back. I like and think Boeser is a greater player than Toffoli but I can see this happening for a few reasons, one of which they would be able to get a good player to play right away, plus a pick or two. What would something like that look like, its hard to say. Though I may look at Buffalo but not for Risto, I'd look at Jokiharju and their 1st for this year? something along those lines. As for Demko again hard to say, it depends on what Markstrom gets and any clause that he may have, but again I can see a move with Detroit for Bernier plus a pick?
  3. Actually Yes, trades can happen even after the trade deadline, the only thing is players traded/acquired after the deadline are ineligible to play in playoffs and for the rest of that season with their new team. So if the Canucks by chance lost in the play-ins they can make trades with any team most likely a team not in the playoffs.
  4. I understand why a lot of people have Demko in trade threads, especially trading him to Ottawa (which I think is the wrong team to target). I also agree that his value at this point in time isn't as high as some may think nor would he be enough for a team to take on LE last 2 years. I also agree that this year isn't the right time to move him for a few reasons, one of which is first Markstrom needs to be re-signed and the type of contract he will have, years, conditions etc, be known. That's why I thought next year would be a better time to move him, depending on a lot of things that transpire this year and next year of course. The next expansion draft will be different than what Vegas experienced. It has been mentioned a lot of how GMs wouldn't be doing similar deals to what they did with Vegas, that most GMs would just allow Seattle to take one player and not try to make a side deal to keep another specific player. That's why I mentioned that depending on how Demko plays next, if he has a great year, playing 25 to 32 games, Seattle may have interest in him. Why would they? if he has a great year and depending on which other goalies are available they may see him as the best option as the/a future starting goalie. If they see that, then most likely a few teams would as well and if they don't have a goalie they are willing to protect, one of those teams may be willing to take LEs last year to get Demko and may not need a lot of an extra add. I see Detroit as one of those possible teams next year as they will probably have the most cap space, but I don't see Ottawa as a trade partner. This is all conjecture of course. Values for goalies has dropped drastically since the Schneider trade. At that time the game was played in a way that suited goalies better than the way it is played now, then add on top, rule changes to goalie equipment size, enforcing that, skill level of players, speed etc. goalies are not the hot commodity that they once where unfortunately. Patrick Roy was an unfortunate trade, with Roy demanding a trade and refusing to play for them anymore, its hard to maximize any players true value. As it was with the Kesler trade.
  5. Not an overall bad idea, for the right price and piece(s) any player is movable but in my opinion these moves weaken the team going forward. 1. As a lot of ppl said I don't see either Ottawa or Detroit going for this deal. Ottawa has a goalie or 2 that in their eyes are equal to Demko in potential. With the cap stagnant at 81.5 neither team will take on 2 years of LE for just Demko, his value isn't there yet. But I could see this deal happen next year before the E.D and with Seattle. They will need to get to the cap floor and will need a couple high salary players. They will have plenty of options but if Demko has a great next year, I can see them taking on LE and the last year of his contract with the Canucks giving them Demko, ( aside from T. Myers) Demko may be the best legit option for Seattle if still on the team. This would also kill multiple birds with one stone, moving LE at a "minimal" cost, (in the process freeing up cap space for EP and QH), while losing a player from a position of strength and a player that may have the least negative impact on the team. Even more so if Dipietro or Silovs improve greatly next year. ( Provided Markstrom is re-signed this year of course). 2. NYI are high on Dobson and their future top 2 RD, they will move Wilde before him, also Podz as good as a prospect he is, isn't at ND value at the moment. With the RW that we have, including Toffoli, Podz in a few years in the league will be better than all of them, he is that good. Also Pearson is off the the books next year and with him gone, Virt or Toff can play LW making room for Podz on RW. On top of that if the team wants to stay competitive and challenge for the cup consistently year after year, they will need impact players on ELC and Podz elc will align more with that window than NDs will. I'd rather the team go after Cernak from TB, the Canucks have had a lot of luck with players they acquire from the Florida teams. Or Siegenthaler from the Caps, these RD players will cost the Canucks less and give the team a solid RD for years with lower cap hit in the future. 3.& 6. I don't see either team doing this deal especially the Canucks. Virtanen has been improving a lot year over year, offensively, defensively and as a PWF. These PWF type of players are hard to come by and when they do cost a lot to acquire, the 3rd most after a top C, or top 2 D. Losing Virtanen then moving Gaudette, especially for pick(s) is a step backwards. Even though Colton at the moment is better defensively than Gaudette, Adam is much better offensively and growing defensively. To your point about trying to free up Bo, he relishes this role and excels at this role, nor do I think this hinders his offensive ability (eg: P. Bergeron). Also more teams are preferring to match top lines against top lines and let the chips lay where they fall. In this regard I don't see Bo's role decreasing as he will still be heavily relied upon to go up against the other teams top line. But these moves could have the opposite affect of what you want as with a diminished offensive 3rd line, there would be more pressure on Bo and Petey and their lines to produce more and thus may face more scrutiny from the other teams. 4. I like Troy as a player and person, but his place on the team could be lost depending on off season moves. Even though he has arbitration rights as an RFA if he is not given a QO those are gone and becomes a UFA. If a player isn't given a QO there is a small window before they hit UFA to try to negotiate a new contract, which could be lower than current. This could give the Canucks a chance to try to sign him on a lower 1 or 2 year contract as a 6 D or move his rights to a team on a conditional pick received if said team re-signs him before he hits UFA. I could see Toronto interested in something like this, nothing lost if no player gained. 5. I like Nikita and think he will be a solid 4/5 Dman. But without really knowing his long term desire to play in Vancouver and depending on his perceived value throughout the league I would try to move him to TB or Washington. He may prefer to play in one of those cities (just my thought nothing factual) and sign a longer term lower cap hit salary than he would here. I would try to use Nikita as a piece for either Cernak or Siegenthaler. Baertschi trade with 50% retained on his last year is possible. A team may be willing to give a 5th or possible a 4th for a 35 point NHL player making under 2 million for one year. Depending what happens with contracts in Ufa this year I can see this happening, even with him clearing 2 or 3 times last year, it's now a different situation. Sutter is probable with 50% retained but highly unlikely and I think with the Canucks competing for POs they may prefer to keep him since it's his last year anyways. J. Benn again with 50% retained could probably be moved but highly unlikely. Tanev I could see coming back on a one year deal with similar value as current Rafferty, Brisebois, Juolevi will be given chances to play on the team with one or even two being up full time. Depending on what is happening with Ferland, I think there may be only one spot left for either Motte or Leivo
  6. picks 8 to 15 will be based on the point percentage of all the teams that had lost in the play-in round. Depending on the outcome of the other 7 play-in games, if the Canucks lost they could be picking from 9 to 13. Of the 16 teams in the play-in the Canucks have the 9th best point percentage. Depending on the the outcome of the 1st phase of the lottery draft held June 26th, one or up to three of the losing play-in teams could potentially have a top 3 pick. Here is a link that explains this better. https://www.nhl.com/news/2020-nhl-draft-lottery-procedure/c-317026602
  7. I remember Luke saying that the Canucks had offered him a one year deal but took the TB deal because he saw his brother win the cup, wanted to experience that, thought he had a better chance with TB, which is true.
  8. Thank you for this!! Great info and insight. It seems like unless some salary is moved most of the performance bonuses will be tagged on to next year. As much as that may sting, Im happy that the young guys are playing great and earing those bonuses.
  9. Yes at the moment they have about 18 mil for next year, plus whatever the cap increase will be which I assume will be modest at around 1.5.. so 19.5 for 10 players isn't much considering some of the players that need to be signed, but as I agreed with a part of the OP, I anticipate that Sutter and/or Baertschi will be moved this upcoming offseason thus freeing up more cap space, sure this years performance bonuses could effectively lower the available money next year, but i don't think all bonuses will be achieved maybe half so about 2 mil or so, also I'm not sure if ltir covers the bonuses? I think ltir may when the bonus is actually achieved it becomes that players full salary? not sure if you know? I am interested. The following year when Petey and Hughes need new contacts there will be a few other contracts coming off the books Edler, Pearson, the Spooner buyout, player taken in E.D etc. They don't need to be given 6 to 8 max money contracts right off the bat, they can be bridged for a yr to 4 then given max contracts when other contracts will be off the books and a higher cap. sorry I know seattle's expansion fees aren't part of the revenue sharing, it goes straight to the owners, to clarify i meant with them in the league they will help with the overall league growth of revenue which in turn will help increase the cap plus there will be the new league tv deal which I assume will double if not more. All of this will increase the cap which may offset some of the escrow and claw back. There are 3 NMC on the team this and next year, the rest are modified so again not that big a deal, those modified contract players could still be moved if there are any takers. As for the E.D the Canucks are in a very good position, they don't have any NMC so any player can be left unprotected. I'm not too worried about the salaries increasing because of Seattle and there being more competition to sign the same players, if that's what you mean? As to Boeser and really any player for that matter, trading them to get pieces that will improve the team I am for, not the 1st round pick or lesser quality players that OP and many others have suggested. Those type of trades/moves do nothing for the team and thus I said better to keep him than trade him for a 1st
  10. Canucks really aren't in a Cap problem, there will be money for both Petey and huggy bear, even if Loui is still on the team. They will lose one player in the E. D so that salary will come off along with the expiring contracts. Also they don't need to be signed to 7 or 8 yr deals. The cap will go up drastically 'cause of Seattle in the league and the following year the TV deal will be up which will also be signed to a new massive deal which will increase the cap in 21/22 drastically. Don't know why everyone wants to move Boeser for what amounts to nothing. He is a very good player, all players have off or down years or injury plagued yr or 2 each year is different. Unless it's an over payment of some sort he will be kept and should be. Again, moving good prospects or up and coming players to move Loui is pointless. Some team may need to get close to the cap floor either this or or his last and with 1.5 to 2 mil retained you move a 3rd pick for a late pick that is all that is needed and if he can't be moved again no big deal, refer to what I wrote earlier as to why. The other moves I can see happening in the off season, the Canucks can recoup a 2nd with 50% retained on Sutter and some other type of pick on Baertschi. I feel bad for him as he is a useful tweener in this league, it's just his concussions have maybe cost him nhl games this year but I'm sure he will play next year somewhere and show he usefulness.
  11. Man, this is a frustrating game to watch, this team is much better than what they are showing..
  12. I agree, the current make up of the team is fine, wood or simmonds won't do much for this group or add anything useful. They need more defensive help than upfront.
  13. hopefully this is bogus... wouldn't want to move either of these two prospects for either of those two players
  14. 5 - 0 Nux Goals Miller Horvat x 2 Meyers Hughes Petey with 3 assists
  15. Q#1. Yes Q#2. TB they take Tanev at 50% to shore up that Rd for a cup run and give us our first rnd back.. Maybe they even add another mid round pick if they win the cup or re-sign him.