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  1. picks 8 to 15 will be based on the point percentage of all the teams that had lost in the play-in round. Depending on the outcome of the other 7 play-in games, if the Canucks lost they could be picking from 9 to 13. Of the 16 teams in the play-in the Canucks have the 9th best point percentage. Depending on the the outcome of the 1st phase of the lottery draft held June 26th, one or up to three of the losing play-in teams could potentially have a top 3 pick. Here is a link that explains this better. https://www.nhl.com/news/2020-nhl-draft-lottery-procedure/c-317026602
  2. I remember Luke saying that the Canucks had offered him a one year deal but took the TB deal because he saw his brother win the cup, wanted to experience that, thought he had a better chance with TB, which is true.
  3. Thank you for this!! Great info and insight. It seems like unless some salary is moved most of the performance bonuses will be tagged on to next year. As much as that may sting, Im happy that the young guys are playing great and earing those bonuses.
  4. Yes at the moment they have about 18 mil for next year, plus whatever the cap increase will be which I assume will be modest at around 1.5.. so 19.5 for 10 players isn't much considering some of the players that need to be signed, but as I agreed with a part of the OP, I anticipate that Sutter and/or Baertschi will be moved this upcoming offseason thus freeing up more cap space, sure this years performance bonuses could effectively lower the available money next year, but i don't think all bonuses will be achieved maybe half so about 2 mil or so, also I'm not sure if ltir covers the bonuses? I think ltir may when the bonus is actually achieved it becomes that players full salary? not sure if you know? I am interested. The following year when Petey and Hughes need new contacts there will be a few other contracts coming off the books Edler, Pearson, the Spooner buyout, player taken in E.D etc. They don't need to be given 6 to 8 max money contracts right off the bat, they can be bridged for a yr to 4 then given max contracts when other contracts will be off the books and a higher cap. sorry I know seattle's expansion fees aren't part of the revenue sharing, it goes straight to the owners, to clarify i meant with them in the league they will help with the overall league growth of revenue which in turn will help increase the cap plus there will be the new league tv deal which I assume will double if not more. All of this will increase the cap which may offset some of the escrow and claw back. There are 3 NMC on the team this and next year, the rest are modified so again not that big a deal, those modified contract players could still be moved if there are any takers. As for the E.D the Canucks are in a very good position, they don't have any NMC so any player can be left unprotected. I'm not too worried about the salaries increasing because of Seattle and there being more competition to sign the same players, if that's what you mean? As to Boeser and really any player for that matter, trading them to get pieces that will improve the team I am for, not the 1st round pick or lesser quality players that OP and many others have suggested. Those type of trades/moves do nothing for the team and thus I said better to keep him than trade him for a 1st
  5. Canucks really aren't in a Cap problem, there will be money for both Petey and huggy bear, even if Loui is still on the team. They will lose one player in the E. D so that salary will come off along with the expiring contracts. Also they don't need to be signed to 7 or 8 yr deals. The cap will go up drastically 'cause of Seattle in the league and the following year the TV deal will be up which will also be signed to a new massive deal which will increase the cap in 21/22 drastically. Don't know why everyone wants to move Boeser for what amounts to nothing. He is a very good player, all players have off or down years or injury plagued yr or 2 each year is different. Unless it's an over payment of some sort he will be kept and should be. Again, moving good prospects or up and coming players to move Loui is pointless. Some team may need to get close to the cap floor either this or or his last and with 1.5 to 2 mil retained you move a 3rd pick for a late pick that is all that is needed and if he can't be moved again no big deal, refer to what I wrote earlier as to why. The other moves I can see happening in the off season, the Canucks can recoup a 2nd with 50% retained on Sutter and some other type of pick on Baertschi. I feel bad for him as he is a useful tweener in this league, it's just his concussions have maybe cost him nhl games this year but I'm sure he will play next year somewhere and show he usefulness.
  6. Man, this is a frustrating game to watch, this team is much better than what they are showing..
  7. I agree, the current make up of the team is fine, wood or simmonds won't do much for this group or add anything useful. They need more defensive help than upfront.
  8. hopefully this is bogus... wouldn't want to move either of these two prospects for either of those two players
  9. 5 - 0 Nux Goals Miller Horvat x 2 Meyers Hughes Petey with 3 assists
  10. Q#1. Yes Q#2. TB they take Tanev at 50% to shore up that Rd for a cup run and give us our first rnd back.. Maybe they even add another mid round pick if they win the cup or re-sign him.
  11. Just as @King Heffymentioned the Gaborik contract is what Melnyk wants. He won't move it for LE. Ottawa doesn't need cap space hence they don't need to put a player on LTIR. Gaborik will be on IR, his cap hit will count towards the cap but the team only pays 20% of it so like 800k.
  12. Larry Brooks of the New York Post reports it is a two-year deal with an average annual value of $3.25 million per season. Buchnevich scored 21 goals and 17 assists in 64 games last season. The Rangers and Buchnevich avoided arbitration, which was scheduled for Monday.
  13. What @Provost and @WHL rocks have stated is true, there are two ways to be cap compliant with regards to Ltir use. If Marner signs on the first day its because he wants more than 10.55 million and Dubas is trying to make other trades to fit him in
  14. Of course it's speculation, I'm saying this could put them in a tough spot. Imagine having to put one of those players for a week to week injury on ltir because their isn't enough cap space otherwise to bring up a Timashove .. that would really suck... Who knows how the season will turn out.. the Leafs have actually been fairly healthy especially when it comes to their more important players. Maybe this season they aren't so lucky.. we will see
  15. yes teams can put as many players on ltir but the players has to miss at least 10 games and 24 days, otherwise they are just on IR which doesn't bring cap relief only opens up a player slot. If the Leafs want to use ltir, they have that player out for at least the bare minimum 10 games.. So hopefully it's not a players like Marner, Tavares, Matthews ( who has missed about 12 games each of the last two seasons.) any one of these players having to be out at least 10 games could cause a serious blow to their playoff bids