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  1. They need all the help they can get. I would say the only top end talent guaranteed to make an impact is Chabot, Tkachuk, White (2nd line center max), Brannstrom. Snagging Lafreniere and Askarov would be huge for them.
  2. At this point the only way i would even consider trading Gauds if it was in a package for a Top right pairing dman with at least 2-3 years left on his deal for example Dumba or a legitimate top 6 player. Personally i would monitor Josh Anderson in Columbus. Just my opinion.
  3. Im really rooting for Bear. Hopefully he at least builds his trade value up enough to find suitors. He definitely should be playing in the league.
  4. So we are 10 games in and we are playing great, but im not convinced we are a playoff team yet. Either way, ive been taking papas cbd medicine and have come up with both scenarios. (This should be fun) and no we are not acquiring Hall, so he aint included on the wish list Buyers and players i would target: Rakell - the team is going to start decending down to the bottom of the league. He is a player on a fantastic contract so his value would be probably high. Not Hall level, but think Lind + pick + mid tier prospect. He is a player who has really good two way play, no back down and stellar offensive creativity. Josh Anderson - a true Pwf with great hands/shot. Our team is already hard to play against, but adding him would give us back the hated canuck days. Horvat and him are good buddies. He is up for a new contract, so i would definitely monitor this. Gallagher - love his motor and shot. He always impacts the game. I would be a little worried about regression, but with his pure determination and two way play, he could be a great pick up. Toffoli - has a great shot, decent offensive skills, could be a good complimentary player for Bo. I am not really up for rentals at this stage though, so unless they saw him as an option going forward i wouldnt be for this. Barrie - i do think the Laffs will get their $&!# together at some point, but if we wanted to keep tabs on the local kid and still had interest. The way their cap is structured Stech ++ might be a good option for them. Sellers - players who i would look at selling. Sutter - He is a decent 3rd line center, he is just wayyy overpaid, by at least 2 mill per season. Here is hoping he can put up 25-30 points pre deadline and be an attractive asset. 3rd and a 4th. Marky - we are going to have to make a decision. Personally i would resign him for 2-3 years. But if contract stalls and management thinks Demko is the guy, time to start looking for 2nd round picks. Tanev/ Stech - it seems we will likely make decison on one of them. Probably could get a 1st or decent prospect + 2nd or 3rd for Tanev. What do you think??
  5. You think Erikssons contract is bad, until you look at Seabrooks.
  6. Im really hoping Sutts can pot 10-15 goals before the tdl. I want him off the books in a bad way. Its time to hand the reigns over to Gauds.
  7. Orrrrrr Seth jonesss God i hope he becomes available. Hughes - Jones Edler - Myers Benn - Stech
  8. Dont forget MacEwen he still has top 9 potential. Has edge to his game. If Virtanen continues to dissapoint this year, he will be traded. Most likely as part of a package for a top 6 player. I would really like us to go after Reaves next offseason. Ferland, Miller, Roussel, Reaves, Tryamkin. Ohhhhh boy.
  9. I look at a team like Anaheim for Honka. We dont need Honka. We already have 2 small statured dmen.
  10. Nylander just signed last year. I love Boeser, but im appreciating the tough negotiation. 7 million per for 6 or 7 years is a hefty commitment. Brock is a hell of a player, but he has had some injury concerns. I think 7 million is very fair for both sides.
  11. I think our team in a couple years has a chance to be even better than that. 1 top 4 Offensive right D, that puts up 30-40 points consistently and another truly dynamic top 6 scorer that has elite potential, that would make us scary.
  12. Keller got 7.15 per for 8. I think Brock at 7.5 for 6-7 is fair for both sides.