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  1. I do agree. This isnt a trade i would necessarily think about this offseason. But next, i would consider offering it. Podkolzin could replace some of the scoring in 2021-2022. Provorov would legitimately give us one of the best defense cores in the league. Provorov, Hughes, Myers and Tanev. With Edler getting older, i think this could be an important piece for the core going forward. Saying this, they most likely wouldnt do it, but i was just spit balling. Expansion Protection: Pete Miller Bo Toffoli Virtanen Gauds Ferland Provorov Myers Tanev or Barrie Demko Hughes would be exempt if i am not mistaken.
  2. To Philly: Brock Boeser To Van: Ivan Provorov Flame away.
  3. I think a fair deal for toffoli would be 5.5, not sure about term. I would hope for four years.
  4. Is there even a spot for leivo?? Guy most definitely would have cracked 15 goals this year. What a problem to have. When is the least time we have had a team this deep? If only we got a crease clearing rugged dman. Maybe Tram??
  5. If Toffoli resigns for 3-4 years, it will be a win for us. He has been a perfect fit so far.
  6. Ferland if he can stay healthy and find that in your face style game. That third line could bw a pain in the ass. Roussel will definitely be on the fourth line. If were to see any changes, it would most likely be on the back end.
  7. I still imagine if st.louis didnt match that offer sheet. The destruction Kes and Backes would have done. My god that would have changed the dynamic of our team.
  8. I would have said Barrie is a good option this past summer. Its pretty clear we need a reliable two way right shot dman, that is tough as nails. Hard to get, so id probably settle with a Bogosian if he gets bought out and hope for the best, for this year. Address further defensive needs in the offseason. If they were able to sign Bogo, i would probably use Stech as part of a package to get a gritty in your face two way dman. For example Miles Woods (if available). That would give us some snarl in our lineup. Woods, Roussel, Bogo, Myers, Virtanen (when he wants to).
  9. Pure specualtion on Dhaliwals part. I think as the deadline gets closer, the prices will drop. If we give up a decent prospect, it had better be for a guy who has term. For example, Miles Woods.
  10. Think of what playoff intensity would teach this team. They havent been to the playoffs in nearly 5 years. Although it hurts to lose madden. We still have an extremely good prospect pool. I would have lost it, if we traded Podz, Hog or Demko. We still need some muscle though. I really feel like we arent done, at least on the defensive side.
  11. Im not saying i would do it. If it was me, i would stand pat at the tdl. The team is not good enough yet.
  12. Only way i see this happening is if Sutter is going the other way, with a Lockwood type prospect and a pick. Way too many forwards for not enough spots. Miller - Pete - Boeser Pearson - Bo - Leivo Roussel - Gauds - Virtanen Motte - Beagle - Simmonds Ex. Loui "empty net" Eriksson, Schaller I still dont think that line up is good enough to win more than a round. Missing one more game breaking forward and a rock steady dman, who is defensively responsible.
  13. Im going to say Focht is the other one they want to sign.
  14. I would be looking at Mantha, Rakell and Josh Anderson in the offseason. I think an addition of Tryamkin would give us some jam on the back end, no need for big acquisitions until the offseason. I say we go with the team we have right now, unless we get a deal we cant refuse. I want to see what these guys can do in postseason hockey.
  15. I would be a buyer and seller. Would try to build Sutter up a bit and increase his trade value. Try to get a 3rd and 4th round pick. Decide between Extending Tanev or Stecher and trade one at the deadline. Then call up Rafferty. I would look in to acquiring Josh Anderson. If that was to happen, i would then package Jake in the offseason for an upgrade on left wing. I think Anderson is just having a down year, he can be a consistent 20 goal - 45 point power forward. Plus he is good friends with BO. Sign Tryamkin, Madden, Focht and Rathbone. Extend Markstrom 3 years at 4.5 per. Miller - Pete - Brock ? - Bo - Anderson Pearson - Gauds - Leivo Roussel - Beagle - ? ex. Motte, Eddy - Myers Hughes - Tanev Benn - Tryamkin/ Rafferty ex. Brisebois Marky Demko