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  1. If the Canucks organization was so racist we wouldn't have been trying to acquire Subban on 2 seperate occasions. Way to go Carter, clinging to any hope of staying relevant.
  2. Don't kid yourself. I think JV returns much more than a bottom pairing dman. JV was on pace to 45ish points. Up until now 45 points would have been a career high for Pearson and JV is 4 years younger than him. Not to mention he plays on our third line. I think people often devalue what Virt could bring back in a trade, but that's saying we even want to trade him.
  3. I would assume either Tanner doesn't get extended or Podz is tried on the third line rw and either Virt or Boeser is traded for a dman. That's saying Toffoli resigns.
  4. Kariya - Yzerman - Recchi Benn - Sakic - Neely G.Courtnall - Nuge - Ronning E.Kane - Morrison - R.Courtnall Ex. Johansen/Reinhart/ G.Adams/ Ferraro/Barzal Reilly - Weber Hamhuis - Seabrook Bodger - Barrie Ex. Lidster, Mitchell, Brewer, Jackman, Schultz Price Jones Jerry Moog All BC Team
  5. Seth Jones, Provorov, Huberdeau. Thats all I think I would be interested in right now. Really think Podz has a bright future to not only play on our top pk line, but be great in front of the net on the PP.
  6. Ummm im going to go out on a limb and say that trading a 6 million per year dman isn't easy.
  7. Ferland? And I think MacEwen has guaranteed himself a spot on the roster next season. Its going to be an extremely difficult off-season. I don't see how we can sign everyone if compliance buyouts aren't introduced.
  8. Makes sense. Especially with the uncertainty of the cap. We could be royally screwed this off-season and scale back next year. We shall see.
  9. Really like Braeden Schneider in that range. Reminds me of Seabrook.
  10. It would be nice if this kid can be our 4th line center of the future. We need more youth to push out some of the older vets on the 4th line, in the next coming years. Players like Focht, Lockwood, Michaelis, Jasek, Gadjovich. I am sure MacEwen is here to stay, so that's one that graduated.
  11. Love the positive reinforcement. If there isnt a compliance buyout, expect ufa to be lame af and top free agents will be affected by this. They will have to do something to lessen the burden on teams.
  12. Thanks man. I appreciate your trust in my guidance of the franchise.
  13. If St.Louis resigns Pietrangelo. I want us to go after Parayko. We compliance buyout Eriksson. Let Tanev walk. Find a suitor at with maybe 50% retention on Baertschi. Find a Suitor for Sutts. Re-sign Marky, Toffoli. Trade for Parayko. Use Stech in a package for Parayko. Miller - Pete - Toffoli/Boeser Pearson - Bo - Boeser/Toffoli Ferland - Gauds - Virtanen Roussel - Beagle - MacEwen ex. Motte, ? Hughes - Parayko Edler - Rafferty Tryamkin - Myers Marky Demko