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  1. Stop blowing things out of proportion
  2. hasn't hit 56 points in 2 seasons. didn't make sense to give him a 7 year deal
  3. welcome to Columbus Darnell. We now have 2 thugs on the backend in Darnell and Seth
  4. prior staged arguments with now confirmed mafia zfetch and Aladeen
  5. vote history
  6. bro you're so mafia.
  7. AV is mafia.
  8. aint my fault. been saying we should lynch you since round 1. people like BW too loud they drown out everyone else.
  9. you're like trump bro
  10. vote zfetch forgot to bold
  11. Vote zfetch been calling for aladeen to be voted out since round 1, zfetch since round 1 as well. Noobs
  12. i am lynch sheriff.. lol
  13. unvote; vote aladeen
  14. do you have an extra chromosome?
  15. yo just did a test and confirmed Aladeen and zfetch are mafia teammates. But ilduce should be voted out. he's too quiet and sus.