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  1. Take the knee. Censorship will only make the message louder

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    2. Robert Long

      Robert Long

      @VanGnome "It's confrontational in the sense that it's throwing the issue in the face of those who are being protested, which incites provocation among the general public."


      Thats why its called protest. 

    3. Robert Long

      Robert Long

      @VanGnome i think what you are failing to recognize is CK is doing what you suggest, a peaceful protest. He's not turning his back, giving it the finger, waiting in the dressing room, yelling, etc. he's silently kneeling. Its actually respectful. It seems to me its an example of "another approach" you are asking for. 

    4. VanGnome


      @Jimmy McGill and just how well has protest worked out for us over the course of time? How many times has a specific protest directly resulted in the exact change wanting to be affected, or rather more accurately, how many protests have been a direct result of people not acting emotionally, or pissed off and allowing these feelings to dictate their actions? The answer is zero.

      Protest is an easy way to say you're affecting change, but really all it is, is an organized temper tantrum. The process of protest as a means to affect change is a long, tiresome, and in some cases deadly proposition. Instead of immediately placing our thoughts on confrontation, and protest, why can't we as a species stop doing what we've always done in the past and forge a better path forward?

      "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

      However in this conversation we are specifically citing examples in history to make our arguments for, or against.

      So if we do not heed our history, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes, however by repeating history we also repeat our mistakes. It's a vicious cycle of conflict, that if we are ever going to progress as a society needs to be broken. I used to think that if people just focused on raising their families and instilling good values that society would take care of itself, but that has been proven false.

      However, constantly creating animosity and conflict is not going to result in a better future either. We have to come up with a unified, long term approach to dealing with inequalities in society, and holding the powers that be accountable for allowing those inequalities to grow exponentially.

      Staging silent protests as a spectacle on a national platform is the antithesis of that. It is undoubtedly repeating the past actions of our history, and yet we expect a different result to emerge? Somewhere in there is the definition of insanity.

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