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  1. Is OJ another Edler? I don't mean skill wise I mean injury prone wise. Guess we won't find out until he actually plays a meaningful game in a Canucks uniform.
  2. Don't buy the 'tired after road trip' excuse. That is on the coaching staff to manage minutes and the game. Yes, Vancouver because of location has further to go but all teams face long trips throughout the year. However, now that trip is done let's get back to some 'smart' hockey. Petey and Boeser need to step up their games. They are getting knocked off the puck too easily. The powerplay, just like it was with the Sedins, has become too predictable. The second unit has more success lately because they shoot and storm the net. Maybe Green should put Hughes on the point with the second unit and see what happens. And yes, I agree with need to get our gritty players back into the line up soon.
  3. Green needs to use the players on the bench if they dress. Throwing guys like Edler and Benn out there for big minutes is not the answer. Edler gets slower as the game goes on. Petterson could be benched for a shift or two as well when he makes bonehead plays. Green needs to look at his overall approach to games and stop just playing his so called stars.
  4. Wow! What a disaster. Another first period with a non-existent offense. Maybe the team should just show up from the second period on (sic). Yes, Demko let in 7 goals but he was not the cause of the loss. On a hot night he might have stopped a couple of those but he was left out to dry with Edler and crew trying to play goal. As Don Cherry always said, get the heck out of the way and let your goalie see the shot. No physicality around the front of our net. Aren't guys like Edler and Myers suppose to be knocking guys on their butts? And the coaching--I will let others make comments about that exhibition.
  5. Why is he playing? Give anyone of the younger guys a chance. Do you think his linemates are amped up about having him on their line?
  6. How about we get rid of some of the other slugs on the team before talking about trading our stars. I know, I know--most teams wouldn't offer a bag of pucks for most of them.
  7. Getting Rousell and Ferland back into the line up would certainly 'toughen' up the team. Yes, they are not scoring machines but they can make space for the other offensive players. Since Ferland was hurt the team has turned in the opposite direction. There is no one on the ice that the other teams fear. We don't needs goons but we do need players who put fear into the opposition when they go behind the net or into the corners.
  8. We don't need more baggage. Play our young guys and let them develop. Keeping the 4-5 slugs on the team is only draining the bank account of the owner, not developing the future for the Canucks. Hungry players given the chance deserve the chance to show what they got. Guys who have been making big bucks coasting for the last few years are not the answer.
  9. Edler is what you see. A body filling a position with flashes of brilliance now and again. The biggest setback in my opinion is him taking unnecessary penalties. If you have chased a guy into the corner great. Staple him there or get back into position and let the back checkers take over. He ends up reaching and hooking time and time again. Then realizes he is out of position. This could be said for all our defense but it seems Edler is good for one or two bonehead penalties a game. The PK, although pretty good just can't be relied on to bail him out.
  10. Just be patient. The season is just getting started and teams are starting to get some major players injured. Keep playing the young guns and stick LE in from time to time until something unfolds. Don't throw away any draft picks.
  11. The Canucks had some of the former captains and alumni players which as great but where was Trevor Linden? Are the two sides still pouting like a couple of kids on the playground?
  12. The Canucks don't need Sutter to mentor anyone. A vet player motivates the younger guys on the team with their play and Sutter has been a no show for the last season and a half. If you can get a draft choice for him go for it.
  13. Agree with a lot of the points on here this morning. As the season gets going our best players have to be the best players on the ice. Last night they weren't. They might have been the best Canucks as the 3rd and 4th line sucked but they certainly didn't stand out. Tanev has to be considered as trade bait before he gets injured. I don't think pairing Hughes with him is the best deal. Rather have him with Stetcher. That would create more offense but they might have trouble knocking anyone off the puck. Finally, why do Canuck goalies always flop down into the butterfly even before the shooter gets set? I know they are taking away the bottom of the net but they open up the top corners (two Oiler goals) even before the shot. I guess it is the way they are coached and trained as they come up through the systems. Still on the bandwagon as it is going to take a few games to get things going.
  14. Regardless of the length of the contract it is up to Brock to perform. Say, after 4 years he is an UFA or whatever status. His past performance will determine whether he is entitled to ask for bigger money into the future.