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  1. Exactly my thoughts. New hero turns into new town goat! Not blaming Tofolli. Call is Green's and he continues to play the wrong hunches. Why not let Virtanen, Hughes or Gaudette have a shot (or deke) once in awhile. They grew up in Jr/college hockey with shootouts so what the heck. Give them a chance. I am thinking that the Canucks are not going to make the playoff dance this year. They can't be giving away points at this stage of the season. Marky looks tired and frustrated. He can't steal every game.
  2. Tyndall2

    Bess done?

    Rib injuries are tricky. Best to stay off the ice and recover fully. Even if that means the whole season. Up to management to find replacements. Let those kids from Utica play.
  3. The other fly in the ointment with the Tanev situation is who are they going to protect with the upcoming Seattle draft?
  4. Good to see the Canucks show up with some grit and determination. Even Petey was swinging his stick at guys who were trying to give him an extra shot. This team has to stick together and play like a pack of wolves. Success comes defending the pack and not trying to be a Lone Wolf (bad pun). The boys from Utica did not look out of place. Too bad Josh is on the 4th line but hopefully he will earn his way up the line up.
  5. That's his normal skating style. If the Canucks keep playing to death Edler, Tanev and Myers one of them is going to get injured and be lost for the rest of the season. It has been a miracle that those three have gotten this far into the season without any serious injuries. Knock on wood!
  6. Has anyone out there invented some type of glove or lower arm padding that would give better protection for players/ Beagle can't hit the net when shooting but the opposition can hit the same spot on his wrist/arm consistently.
  7. The Canuck brass needs to get Bure come and pay Petey and other 'no-fighting) players a visit. Have him explain how he handled certain cheap shots throughout his career. Also, it was good to see Virtanen and MacE stand up for themselves and their teammates. But, where is Shaler, Roussel and Beagle. Didn't they bring these guys in to be big bodies and also guys who would defend their mates? Where is Dave Semenko?
  8. Totally agree. Do you think the Oilers or Flames would have stood around. Although I dislike both of those teams they go to bat for each other when the other team is taking cheap shots.
  9. Couldn't agree more with you. Green has this thing about having extra players called up and then sitting them in the press box.. Leave them down in Utica if you are not going to play them where they can continue their development. Edler looked like a pylon out there last night. Same with Myers. Even Hughes, Stetcher and Tanev were giving the puck away all night. A true sign of fatigue.
  10. No to both deals. We don't need baggage we need hungry guys who want to play and stay.
  11. Besides the 'no call' was the fact that no Canuck went to his defense. If that was Pasnarnak the whole Bruin team would have been all over the perpetrator. We need some grit in this line up. Our offensive players are not physical enough to always defend themselves.
  12. Hate the shootout too but we are stuck with it for now. Would love to see Hughes given a chance on the next one. That move he used in the All Star game should frighten some goalies (LOL). Virtanen too. He has a wicked shot. The area that the Canucks need to improve on fast or they won't being going anywhere is their powerplay. Too predictable with the same combo of guys out there time after time.