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  1. This. I kinda feel, often whenever players get dealt they are trying extra hard...and people enjoy their new "toy" and tend to overvalue. Eventually most fall off, as it cannot be sustained. In Pearsons case, it hasn't happened as there was not enough time. Case points: leivo, granlund, leipsic,.... I hope I'm wrong, but my guess is Pearson will slide down into the "Granlund, Leivo, Sutter"-ish category of players on our depth chart pretty quickly next year. Again, hope I'm wrong....
  2. Ok, I give it a shot too. - Keep all non playoff teams in the lottery to prevent tanking - but adjust the odds based on your previous luck. (This seems such an obvious solution to me). You would have to work out the details (numbers), but just increase the chances of moving up or down proportionally to the places you dropped/moved up in previous 5 years. (No adjustment if your not in lottery those years). This systen retains randomness, disencourage tanking, but also creates fairness in the long run. The current system needs to take into account your previous luck, otherwise it will take 500 years till 'luck will balance out'. Thoughts?
  3. I think they should fix the system by getting better odds for teams that dropped in the previous years.... and maybe cap teams from picking 1st overall more than once in 5 years or so....
  4. This was the 1st one that led me down the rabbit hole....
  5. Can I get my Tony stretcher meme fix please