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  1. Any word/rumors on compliance buyouts? If we can get out of the Louie contract then I wont be nearly as disappointed with being bounced in the play-in round as then we would get a quality pick and be in an excellent position to be better next year because we can (probably) afford all of our UFA's and RFA's. No buyout likely means cap-hell and going into next season with an equal or inferior team, and therefore risking a lottery pick being given to the Devils. Under that scenario this season would seem to have a better chance on a long run then next year or the one after and I'll be
  2. Thought Markstrom and Leivo looked genuinely really happy for Bo as well
  3. I like the idea of splitting up Boeser and EP. Goldobin EP Ferland Baertschi Bo Boeser Pearson/Leivo Miller Virtanen Pearson/Leivo Beagle Sutter Motte This lineup only works if Goldobin figures out consistency, effort defence but if he can I think this lineup would be deadly. When Roussell is healthy slot him onto the 4th line and depending on team health maybe make a trade. 4th line starts 87.4% of their draws in the d-zone. I think it would be a very effective shutdown line with 2 good face off men that would allow them to be aggressive and not have to worry about being thrown out of a face off. 3 scoring lines that all have a combination of high level: playmaking, scoring/shooting, speed, and grit/crash-and-bang/be-a-royal-pain-in-the-arse-to-play-against. Proven past chemistry in the top 6 with the triple B’s line and Goldy/EP. Middle 6 are good in their own zone. Gaudette plays lots of minutes in Utica and is called up for an injury to a top 9 centre. Motte fills in on the 4th line wing and one of Pearson Leivo or Virtanen can fill in the top six. Sutter fills in for Beagle if he is injured. I like the balance depth and versatility of this lineup.