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  1. cupwillcome

    2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Baer Bo Boeser Granny Hank Loui Daniel Sutter Goldy Gaunce Gagner Rodin Boucher Dorsett Edler Stecher DZ Tanev Hutton Guddy Biega Marky Nilson Virtanen and Holm in Utica as first call ups. Juolevi back to junior, possibly after 9 games. Megna tied to the front of a train to Florida.
  2. cupwillcome

    President Linden on Team 1040 March 7

    1 year 'show me' contract for Boucher coming up then?
  3. cupwillcome

    [PGT] Canucks @ Sabres

    I think you are in the wrong forum, try this: On a different note, that was a fun game to watch, one of the better games this season entertainment wise.
  4. OK I see what you mean. Don't really agree with giving teams more control than they already have over players though. As it is unless you have a nmc you are essentially a piece of meat. But this is another debate entirely and probably not the thread to discuss it in.
  5. No such thing. Patrick Stefan is the best example of this.
  6. I kinda figured somebody must have thought of this before a couple hours ago when I did.
  7. Hey everyone Not a common poster here on cdc, I do read a fair amount but not all so apologies if someone else has thought of this. The way I understand the expansion draft rules, the Canucks are required to protect the Sedins and Eriksson because of their nmc unless they agree to waive them. Between the Sedin's cap hit, age, decline in production and the fact that they only play together on the same line I don't think that Vegas would take just one Sedin. Do you think management should 1) ask them to waive so the club could protect other assets or 2) do you think Vegas is too likely to take one so they have a face for marketing purposes? or take option 3: I'm just confused. P.S. options 1 and 3, or 2 and 3 are acceptable choices