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  1. Can anyone PM the site their using to stream the games? (Hint: Im poor)

  2. Anyone who puts anyone except Hughes as our best dman should be quarantined from CDC
  3. Follow me on Twitter !!! @ShotInTheCrest


  4. We have been playing like absolute garbage lately. Thank god for Markstrom.
  5. someone pm a free oscar stream please<3

  6. hatedkid666

    NFL thread

    Can someone PM me a stream please
  7. With reddit streams closing does anyone know where else I can stream games for free? Need it for tonights

    1. Guest


      You can always just come here and watch the comments in GDT to see what is going on in the game. 



    2. hatedkid666


      not as fun :(


    3. Alflives


      I don’t know how to send a private note, but if you message me then I’ll send you the link to a site I use.  It’s free and has games from everywhere 

  8. Caps played a hard and fast game against the oiler that went to overtime last night, Canucks are rested and ready to go at home. Should pick up the 2 points
  9. Lol at Beagle yelling "5-0" to the boys when they are coming out of the tunnel. The boys want 50 shots
  10. Man we shoulda name Horvat captain years ago! We are so good with him wearing the C
  11. oooo if he has a good season then Holtby is gone as a fa at the end of the year