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  1. BPA. All we need to do is wait 2 years. And its not like we were gonna win a cup within the next two years. Once he comes over he will be ready
  2. Big D*ck energy from Jim Benning. These are the risks you take to win
  3. Podkolzin is gonna probably be another Kuznetzov story. Caufeld will be another Debrincat type
  4. Hedmen looks like he hasnt slept since the Blue Jackets series
  5. Its 2019 bucko. Time to smell the coffee
  6. Caufield is dropping!!! EDIT: Or at least could be available!!!
  7. Also Zadorov sucks idk why everyone is putting him in their top 4
  8. So I ended up partying with some guys from the Ottawa 67s yesterday lol

    1. BoKnows


      Ukko from the Wolves bought me a drink once.  Nice guy.

  9. Sharks in 7. Its their year I feel like everything is falling into place for them. Should be a good series
  10. Bruins in 5. I like the Hurricanes and I think there good and they're fun however I think the Bruins are too complete and solid of a team. I will be cheering for the Canes though.