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  1. Caps played a hard and fast game against the oiler that went to overtime last night, Canucks are rested and ready to go at home. Should pick up the 2 points
  2. Lol at Beagle yelling "5-0" to the boys when they are coming out of the tunnel. The boys want 50 shots
  3. Man we shoulda name Horvat captain years ago! We are so good with him wearing the C
  4. oooo if he has a good season then Holtby is gone as a fa at the end of the year
  5. When you look at the teams ahead of us it makes sense. Although I think we wont be that low, i see where theyre coming from.
  6. I wonder how the optimists are going to defend this one. Its brutal asset and cap management. It sucks. This team won't make the playoffs this year. They will never win a cup with Benning at the helm. So many braindead decisions. SHALLER!!! HE CANT SCORE AND HE ISNT EVEN GOOD DEFENSIVELY OR ON THE PK WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY
  7. BPA. All we need to do is wait 2 years. And its not like we were gonna win a cup within the next two years. Once he comes over he will be ready
  8. Big D*ck energy from Jim Benning. These are the risks you take to win
  9. Podkolzin is gonna probably be another Kuznetzov story. Caufeld will be another Debrincat type
  10. Hedmen looks like he hasnt slept since the Blue Jackets series
  11. Its 2019 bucko. Time to smell the coffee