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  1. blues in 7. Got too much going for them and that team is playing like a real unit. Although Dallas's goaltnding keeps it ineresting
  2. He doesnt want to sign elsewhere but he would he'd rather captain his team and finish his schooling. Smart kid.
  3. Thats why you dont fight ovechkin
  4. Detroit didn't have a salary cap they were an all star team with 10 future hhof players. Tampa has max 4
  5. Ovechkin and Kuznetsov always impress me. Barzal has looked really great. Josh Anderson is an animal.
  6. Yes they won 62 games in the season which tied the record. Making them objectively one of the greatest teams of all time. Thats what I was telling you before
  7. We can get caufield at 10 and he will end up being easily a top 5 player out of this draft.
  8. I feel like next game Bob will have to steal because Tampa is going to come out full tilt.
  9. If Caufield is available and we pass on him ill be pissed
  10. Makar is not much that worse than Quinn so I would definitely consider it. I think Id rather Kakko than Jack. But having both Hughes brothers would be too great to pass up
  11. Why doesn't anyone want to sign Boucher?? He has been Utica's best player. Keep him around let him tear it up in the A
  12. 300/200/100 method for Senegal Sante mobil!!