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  1. hatedkid666

    [Speculation] Interest in Michael Del Zotto

    I love how we are not playing him to not kill his value
  2. Im happy to rack up those 6th round picks the more we get the higher chance we have at finding a gem. Thats why we should trade guys like Shaller and Delzotto and Gagner for late picks
  3. hatedkid666

    [Speculation] Edm trying to move Spooner

    He is the same player as Sam Gagner
  4. hatedkid666

    Where do the Canucks stay when visiting Montreal?

    I have dyed blonde hair and will be wearing a burrows home jersey for those looking for me lol
  5. Ive been a Montreal resident for about 5 years now and have seen my Canucks every time they've rolled into town. This year im taking my lovely girlfriend to her first ever game and got especially good seats for the occasion. In addition to all this I was hoping we could get the opportunity to meet some of the players and was assuming their hotel lobby would be the best spot, just for a quick photo and what not. So I was hoping someone on this forum would have some insight as to where they might be staying when they come next week. I would appreciate the help!
  6. Swiss will be a tougher opponent than Denmark Canada is going to have to be ready. 13-0 Canada
  7. I think he takes a paycut and accepts 3million a year
  8. hatedkid666

    [Proposal] Van - Mtl (small trade)

    No one is going to wants him
  9. Would feel weird wanting Toronto to win
  10. hatedkid666

    Thoughts about Canucks defence for 2019-20 season

    Hughes will be our best dman next year, and its now or never for OJ plus he will probably get time at the end of the year
  11. hatedkid666

    Thoughts about Canucks defence for 2019-20 season

    Hopefully Juolevi is playing in the league next year. Hughes is almost definitely going to be quarterbacking our powerplay
  12. hatedkid666

    [Waivers] Chad Johnson (Ducks claim Johnson)

    We will give them Nilsson for free just because we feel guilty for what we did
  13. hatedkid666

    [Report] Chuck Fletcher named Flyers GM

    I think the idea behind it is that he will make some bold moves, which the fylers need if they are ever gonna win something with this core. 1-2 big moves and this roster can be a serious contender.
  14. hatedkid666

    Canucks don't want to be too good yet

    We want to be good but its hard when Tim Shaller is in our top 6
  15. hatedkid666

    Thatcher Demko | #35 | G

    So how close is he to playing?