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  1. GDT December 19th, 2017 - Montreal at Vancouver

    Thanks for the quote. "He hasn't been bad enough to pull.." I like HOW Green explained it..
  2. GDT December 19th, 2017 - Montreal at Vancouver

    Gudbranson in and Hutton out is confirmed? Biega really deserves to stay in the lineup and Hutton deserves to sit. Great job by Green to sit an underperforming player and send a message! Also Beoser game time decision? Great recovery Brock but I prefer him to keep healing a couple days more..
  3. (Proposals) Multiple Moves for the Future

    I just hope he's not going to be here after his contract is up.. That would freak me out, he is a good player and plays some really good games or part of games but he also does so many mistakes that cost us big time like taking 3 penalties in a row... How much do you think Guddy is asking for? I honestly can't see him getting more than 5 Million/year long term even on UFA market.. I think he will sign something like a 4.5 over 5 years with us and I think he earns that money as a good defensive, very physical Dman and leader. Also we shouldn't have any cap problems the next couple of years.
  4. (Proposals) Multiple Moves for the Future

    Gudbranson for a couple mid round picks? Why should we do it and how does it help us? Am I the only one who thinks Gudbranson is a very important piece of our team? Without him we are the softest team ever.. Also we gave up McCann plus a pick I think so there is no way I'm shopping Guddy for anything less than a first+ B prospect.. I really dont get all the Guddy trade talk and proposals, I know he's UFA but Benning needs to lock him up and he will!
  5. Just a couple thoughts about a few popular opinions...

    Whats your problem dude? Why do you feel offended, I was trying to answer the OPs question, nothing more. I really don't see where I try to slander people that disagree with my opinion on how the rebuild should go as I don't even wrote anything about that. Bad research man! I obviously should have avoided the word tanker though as it seems to hurt feelings... Go check out the armchair section and you will find those people... and guess what: I was slightly exaggerating too..
  6. Just a couple thoughts about a few popular opinions...

    I think I would not call you a tanker then You and me have pretty much the same view I would say (keep reading my post). I meant people who want to sell even though we would be in the playoffs because they think our core and prospects right now will never form a legit cup contender (and maybe they are right) and that we need like five top 5 picks more or whatever.
  7. Just a couple thoughts about a few popular opinions...

    I think there are some people here (tankers) that will never accept that the rebuild/retool or whatever it is called is mainly done and they want to continue to sell all vets and go for a full on tank for 5 years or so... I do agree with your post. I think we are in a reasonable spot and have a couple of good prospects in the system, so no need to tank. But if we are out of a Playoff spot by more than 4-5 points near the deadline I would trade Gagner in a heartbeat for any offers. And Vanek could get us a nice return and will probably never play as good as now so I would trade him for the right offer (maybe a first or prospect). If someone offers a 4th or 5th for Burmistrov I would also do it as you can get players like him for free every year (unless he steps up big time now with Bo's injury but I doubt it). Trading these players would not affect next years team at all. Probably most people see it like this. But in the end I think we will be competing for a playoff spot and just stay put at the deadline. Very good point on Vrbata and Hamhuis. I think you're completely right, other Gm's will remember that which puts Benning in a good position for upcoming trades and I think we've already seen it in the Burrows and Hansen trade.
  8. [PGT] Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Tanev is a +10 now... when he's on the ice I feel really comfortable.. Horvat and Boeser are amazing and have great chemistry.. Sedins are really done though, anything but a retirement at the end of the season would be a massive mistake! I am curious what Jake could do with other line mates though, once Eriksson is back I want to see Bärtschi - Horvat - Boeser Eriksson - Sutter - Dorsett Gagner - Granlund - Virtanen or Granlund - Burmistrov - Virtanen Daniel - Henrik - Vanek
  9. If this is the case, then I like it!
  10. Since Benning took over - a breakdown

    Maybe you have seen the majority of his bad games while I have seen more of his good games, makes a huge difference especially with Kassian
  11. Since Benning took over - a breakdown

    I can't remember for who he stood up or not but I remember his fights/emotion got the team fired up. We maybe wanted a classic physical power forward but Kassian's strengths are offensive passing/playmaking, shooting and fighting.. We could use that pretty well in our current lineup..
  12. Since Benning took over - a breakdown

    I still hate this trade personally.. I would have liked to go with Lack as #1.. I was so pissed! But I am not stupid and know this was a fair deal value wise and we needed to get rid of a goalie.. After we traded Luongo, Eddie was the best we had at that time and we had the Eddie Eddie chants which was the best thing you can get after Luuuuuing. Now we have Miller time.. but you can't chant it He was not a hitter... but he messed with everyone who looked at him the wrong way. He had good fights
  13. Since Benning took over - a breakdown

    I totally agree with you and it's a nice point about the future of the franchise you made here! But I am convinced we need a new coach though.. While you're right, point wise he is doing a good job with the roster he has but Willie lacks good decisions in game like ice time, timeout as well as strange decisions in the lineup and the inability to recognize when something doesn't work anymore. I don't exactly know how Willie is doing this "good" but I am convinced he's not a good coach.
  14. Since Benning took over - a breakdown

    Better than now even if they don't become elite stars.. then we can still trade for a top 6 forward and we will have a pretty high pick this year.. Plus we can hope some of our later round picks work out well
  15. Since Benning took over - a breakdown

    I know about that but still I don't get the trade. At that time he was still a young power forward with upside and substance issues. He has shown, that he can be a dominant player at times (second half of the Torts season and over stretches in 2014/15) Then he had games where he was completely invisible, I know... But overall I like what Kassian brought to the team, he was tough and unpredictable.. I think a guy like Kassian could have handled Ferland in the playoffs. But what I don't get, even if you want to get rid of him badly why not put him on waivers instead of paying for it?