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  1. Seattle Zig Zags. Home and away colors.
  2. Hope this lights a fire in his belly. He could play lights out for 20 games. If they can get on a roll and stay healthy they have a chance with Markstrom playing at the top of his game. GO CANUCKS GO!
  3. Sekeres is a pouting baby making waves because he is irrelevant . I tuned that guy out a long time ago. It was hard enough listening to his kermit the frog voice with a headcold but it was his know it all presentation that made him impossible to take seriously. Poser and wannabe.
  4. See my original bolded statament. What a rabbit hole and waste of time based on an observtion that MAY or may not come true that only time will tell. I know you like having the last word from previous experience by engaging - my bad. Please proceed and I will step off. The floor is yours. Enjoy your weekend.
  5. My point exactly, finally. And yes players do leave teams for more money - happens all the time. If you are saying the Canucks as constructed are currently a legitimate contender (especially if at a minimum they aren't able to retain these players and improve the roster further) and therefore these players will automatically take less I am not sure you are being realistic. Then to go on and say they don't fit into your plans if/when they do sign somewhere else for more than you can/have offered is not really a plan it's an adjustment to your original plan becasue you couldn't afford to pay them enough to keep them - lack of cap space.
  6. And my point was there will be teams with more cap space than the Canucks will have available should they want the players I mentioned in myoriginal post. Pretty basic math. They are not all equal (nor will they be if the cap falls or stagnates) some will be able to offer more if they choose. End of my point. Not sure why you decided to hijack my point to imply I don't think there are other options for the Canucks or other teams. If you want to undertake a discussion on what other teams will and should do about said players based on your opinion then feel free to start another discussion. If you want to take it further make your own post and we can discuss that point. My point stands.
  7. There are teams with more exisiting cap space - pre-covid - that is my point. As in they can "potentially" offer more than the Canucks if they want said player. It's not about what the player wants it's what can they get and who can pay it - cap space. All teams are not equal in that regard.
  8. Well if any (or all) of the doom and gloom comes true regarding league revenues this year and going forward due to covid it will affect everyones market value at least in the short term. Many of the UFA's and RFA's coming due for a contract will be disappointed. The whole escrow / cap issue will also become interesting. Available cap space will be extremely valuable. May be difficult for the Canucks to retain the players they really need like Tanev, Toffoli and Markstrom.
  9. The Canucks in all likelihood won't be his only - and in your scenario - best option. As I said he will be wanting to get the best deal for him and his family's future especially turning 31, being a UFA and coming off of his best year ever. I think your scenario is wishful thinking and if I am his agent I recommend against it.
  10. Well if I am Markstrom the potetntial of injury - especially career ending or altering - is the reason I want term at this stage of my career. He has earned a sizeable payday and will potetntially risk much by taking a one year deal. I don't see why he would if he can get term and dollars. He will be 31 next year his opportunity is now.
  11. If Stecher is "holding down" a top 4 role I am not very confident in the Canucks top 4 - especially if they have serious playoff aspirations. He is at best a bottom pairing D on a good D corp. I like Stecher but Stecher in the top 4 is not good for the Canucks prospects of being a serious playoff contender in my opinion.
  12. Marchand for me please. High bridge Ratboy to "protect" himself from Marchand.