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  1. Donald Trump. The NHL will be HUGE. No more penalties and everyone gets a free twitter account.
  2. But won't this make it nearly impossible for the LA Kings to ever sign a free agent again. They won't want to go there now....... This is how it should be. Earn the contract or get released. However, this guaranteed money really handcuffs teams when players don't perform. There must be a better system. Maybe more like the NFL. Certain amounts guaranteed the rest is performance/results based etc.
  3. I think they have plans for a new arena. It will be shaped like a cone. It will be filled with Calgary supporters and Matthew Tkachuk. Apparently they will be having a contest seeking name suggestions. Wish I could come up with a good one. I'm drawing a blank.
  4. Never said it was illegal. It is wrongful deception. He was unable to play with known chronic hip problems. He made his choice. He did seek employment - with the team that it directly benefited. I am not asking you to agree just like you have every right to your opinion. He didn't fake an injury - he chose not to use a real documented one as his reason to stop playing.
  5. Lou makes his own decisions. He knew the consequences of his decision. He was unable to play any longer. He made his choice. I made mine. I am not mad at him. I am just calling the situation from my perspective. I choose to see it from the Canucks situation over Luongo and the Panthers. Bettman isn't worth the energy.
  6. But why did he retire instead of going on long term injury? He had known health/hip issues and was not capable of playing any longer. So he retires? Only reason not to go on long term injury is so he can help out his new employer who happens to be in the same league and business as the team he leaves hanging - to his new employers advantage. Call it what you want. I call it collusion and fraud.
  7. I plug him on Bo's right wing and keep him there. It's too bad Sutter appears hurt and Ferland is out. JT - EP - Boeser Ferland - Bo - Gaudette Pearson - Sutter - Virtanen Schaller - Beagle - Leivo Motte Roussel is a huge bonus when he is back. Man if this team was healthy they sure could do some damage. The only upgrade/bonus would be a legit (60-70 point) top six winger for Bo.
  8. Well if Loui is actually doing this to this team then I have less respect for him than if he just did the right thing. The game has obviously passed him by and he is mailing it in. If I am his teammate and this is the case, I certainly don't want him on my team. Just go away, collect your money next July and then retire.
  9. This is just sad. How can they keep him in the lineup. It goes against everything they have said matters. Enough already. Send him to Utica and sit him in the press box until he goes away. Call up someone who deserves to play and can actually keep up with the game.
  10. I started curling for work a few years ago. I have been involved in team sports my whole life and thought of curling as boring and for out of shape people. I am converted. It is a great way to spend time with some quality people and get some exercise. I have acquired an interest in watching now that I understand the strategy. I appreciate the yelling as I play lead and second and spend a lot of time sweeping. It takes away any doubt, is kinda fun and motivating. There are also usually beverages/cocktails involved apres curling.
  11. Baer - Horvat - Gaudette JT - EP - BB Pearson - Sutter - Virtanen Schaller - Beagle - Leivo
  12. Benn will likely move up and play RD with Hughes. Stecher and the Fantom can play as a pair.
  13. Podkolzin is an 18 year old playing for one of the best organizations in the KHL. He actually played games (3) as a 17 year old. They are known for their player development and competitive culture. He is the youngest player on the team. It may not be ideal, but by their willingness to shuttle him between their 3 leagues (teams) I think they are trying to help his development. It would be like a 17/18 year old playing in the AHL. He is playing against men already. I am not worried about his development but I am also not expecting him to be an impact player for at least 2-3 years like any other 18 year old. They recognize and develop good players it seems.