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  1. Winnipeg is a huge hockey town - rabid fans and media hockey is all they have. The Jets had huge expectations from fans, media and the players over the past few years. A couple of years ago (before the emergence of Brock and Petey plus all the other FA signings) I would have been more concerned. There will be plenty of shoulders and players to bear the weight unless he really stands out in a negative way. I am sure he will be fine.
  2. The bolded has always been why I think it was never really even a reasonable option to draft Little Walt. I don't believe he/they really wanted to be here so it is all moot. Keith is really running the ship for the boys - can't wait to see how the negotiations with Calgary finally end up. Once Juolevi has shown who and what he is as a player we will have the full picture.
  3. The article is a contradiction unto itself. It quotes Babcock indicating what Nylander needs to do to get ready this year . Nylander says he has learned some "stuff" and is ready to dominate (THE NHL) and this is how he responds on public media - "Look at Me" I have my swagger back. The writer states "Appearing at the NHL’s European player media tour in central Stockholm, Nylander looked refreshed. He looked like a rockstar, actually, while wearing the same sunglasses he sported in a much commented-on Instagram post earlier this summer" It's perfect - the best part is Toronto fans and media alike eat this stuff up and actually think they are on the right track.
  4. Cocky is as cocky does. Brad Pitt or Willie Nylander training hard for next season? This is exactly why the Leaf's will not win a thing. Beautiful.
  5. RFA who has been given a Qualifying Offer. He has not accepted. Canucks own his NHL rights.
  6. I found his point interesting about center depth from an offensive perspective. I agree an upgrade at third line center would make a huge difference next season. Sutter and Beagle are both responsible defensive centers but neither are creative or consistent offensively. Man it would be great if Gaudette could take that next step offensively I am just not confident he will get there from what I saw last year. Maybe an upgrade at third line center is the difference maker for a playoff bound team. That and staying healthy.
  7. You think Jake would at least remove his sunglasses for a picture. Looks like he needs to work on those abs too!
  8. The BS is blaming everyone and everything out of your control - all the time. I am not putting down the player if you read my comments. I am putting down the endless BS excuses for those who don't make it - no matter what their nationality. How about we get behind the Canucks - Coaches, Management and Players. What does this excuse BS say about players like McEwen et al some who have beaten the odds and "worked" for what they have achieved under the "exact same circumstances" Get off the excuse train and take some pride and responsibility for your craft. Crapping in the nest you have been given is the last thing you do.
  9. Apparently all of the above. Or are you suddenly an Olympic downhill racer, soccer star, swimmer, rhythmic gymnastics..... Please, do tell.
  10. Where do you come up with this stuff. It's great entertainment. Thanks for the chuckle.
  11. I am really sorry you don't understand how pro sports works. I am also sorry Dahlen just isn't good enough to play in the NHL (likely also the AHL) and certainly won't be if he can't change his attitude or get better as a player.. I wish him all the best in Tier 2 in Sweden. He controls his own destiny - once he realizes that he has a chance.
  12. I genuinely feel bad for Timrafan. I wonder if he realizes how his posts underline how little he really knows about North American sports, NHL hockey specifically and apparently life in general. it must be a difficult world for him to comprehend and deal with on a daily basis.