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  1. Have you ever considered politics? Apparently, no experience necessary and spinning tall tales and doing whatever you wish are acceptable. Heck if you give out enough money to the right people and voting regions you may get 8 years.
  2. If the Canucks had one major aquisition. Who would you want it to be? MacKinnon. I would give them anything outside Pettersson to get him.
  3. I think a better nickname would be "Tinder" because everyone he plays with gets hooked up.
  4. I will miss the debate over whether Gaunce is an NHL palyer or not. Apparently he is not in Vancouver. Wish him all the best and initially had high hopes because of the person. Maybe he can find a spot somewhere but I don't see a fit here. Wonder if they bring him back in Utica if he can't find a better opportunity.
  5. That's why I believe they make the playoffs and should improve over time. As long as Holland doesn't make the "wrong moves" sort of to your point. They have some nice pieces and only need to be improved slightly (or not made worse with stupid moves - Chiarelli) to make the playoffs. To go deeper in the playoffs it will take some good moves and time.
  6. I believe they likely make the playoffs next year. But I think it will take time to be a contender - a few years, with all the "right moves." Based on their core - McDavid , Draisatl, Nugent Hopkins, Nurse, Bouchard etc they should be playoff bound. But they need to clean up the roster, get a goalie and add some depth to be a deep threat. I sure hope not. I can't stand the Oilers.
  7. 100% of the candidates are plastic and 100% of their promises are waste.
  8. They do have some very nice pieces. Especially down the middle and on D. I think they make the playoffs next year but they aren't currently constructed to go deep - especially after watching the teams that were eliminated this year. It will take a few years to fix this if Holland makes the right moves - with little room for error - starting with this draft.
  9. Well there is video evidence he has been robbing the Canucks on a nightly basis
  10. Sounds like a frustrated athlete who needs/wants a better opportunity who is playing for a coach who believes the player fits where he is playing on the current roster to give the team the best chance of winning. Obviously not an ideal fit. So. Hope he has a stellar tournament. Lights it up. Garners interest. Moves on. Win / Win scenario. Perfect ending. The return is the roster spot and cap space anything else is a bonus.
  11. Rush no but I don't see Horvat and Pearson alone making a "top half of the league" second line together without a legit top six winger playing along side. I also don't see a legit top six winger who we are currently "waiting" on in the system. I'm not as sure as you any of the kids on their way are that player - yet. It's already coming into Benning's 6th season with this team. Time flies. Anyhoo we see it differently I don't like to wait and see what I already see. It's all good.
  12. My concern is there are no clear cut "legitimate" top six wingers currently in the system. It may be several years before anyone in the system (currently or yet to be drafted) materializes. And if they don't..... Tick Tock I say go out and get one. The UFA winger I think should be top line capable. The winger traded for only needs to be top six and could be LW or RW. Hopefully a Canucks package could be put together that isn't overly costly to find one.
  13. That would also work and MacEwen could likely use at least another 1/2 year in Utica maybe more depending on injuries on the Big club. I would change up Virtanen and Pearson at least for a 10 game period just to see where Jake is at. Throw him a bone if he comes into camp in shape and ready to prove himself. Maybe he takes the reigns and runs with it. If not I would try and trade for a legit top six winger to play with Horvat. There are too many bottom six options and players already.