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  1. Like I said. If he signs good for him. I don't sign him just because he wants to be here. There are other options and I would pursue some of those first. His lack of production, size, current number of quality Canucks prospects/picks in the pipeline, other NCAA FA's, players like Justin Bailey, players like Justin Bailey that are too be found, can't play center, his injuries...... He is just not high on my list. I can see he has a real fan in you and good on you for supporting him. I hope he does well.
  2. You have just described a ton of NCAA players some of which I pointed out. Just because we used a third round pick in 2016 doesn't mean they have to double down and offer him a contract - especially if there are other players available that have produced more, don't have the injury history, are bigger plus have all or most of those other qualities. I don't dislike Lockwood as a player. I am not sold and would pursue other options first. If they sign him I hope he does well.
  3. I just don't see the upside on Lockwood. Maybe the Lockwood drafted in 2016 since then he has not been producing much. He has changed his game due to his injuries so comparing him to Motte and Roussel in 2020 may not be accurate. If he is bottom 6 bound I don't like the odds especially with the depth the Canucks now have in the system through the subsequent drafts and would pursue other players. To each their own.
  4. Mitchell Chaffee - RW Josh Dunne - Center Ludwig Stenlund - Center Alex Limoges - Center To name a few there are more. Lot's of D as well. As I said I am not that high on Lockwood. Injuries and lack of production.
  5. A friend of mine who is a HUGE Montreal fan (just puked a little) was harping on me when the Canuck's signed Benn. He said he is overrated and glad they didn't re-sign him. I don't mind Benn's game for $2M over 2 years. Pretty safe and the depth is always needed it seems. He can play both sides. I did expect a bit more bite.
  6. Yes but is he better than signing a college FA. I am not sold on him as a bottom six player which is his likely NHL career if he makes it. He has already had to change his game which was more suited to a bottom six role due to prior injuries. I don't see the offensive upside and there may be better options to round out Utica. I guess I am not that high on him and feel there may be better options.
  7. I find it interesting that if you critique Eriksson certain people label it "hate" What does hate have anything to do with it? Look at the stats below - before and since he became a Canuck. Benning paid Eriksson based on the pre-Canuck numbers in good faith. Good for Loui bad for Benning. Fair enough. But to say people are hating on him or don't want to see him succeed because they haven't been impressed with his play or performance up until the last little stretch is not realistic. I hope he has a long and healthy life. I have no ill feelings toward Loui as a person. I hope his family is blessed. I hope he pots 25-30 again - for the next 3 years please. Because that's what he has been paid to do. This little stretch is nice and I hope it continues for 2 and a half more years. These numbers aren't fabricated based on hate. This is his performance and this is a professional sport paid based on merit. The real issue is the cap crunch it has caused and will continue to unless it can be dealt with. Hate has nothing to do with it.
  8. They also need to factor in number of contracts (50 max) and how many of these young players that are now in the pipeline will need to be signed over the next year or two. They will need to start being a little more careful about committing contracts on ELC's without ensuring it won't be needed for another more promising player or have wiggle room if a trade or signing opportunity arises (Tryamkin, College FA's etc). Canuck's are currently at 47 contracts committed.
  9. My point is he won't be losing out at a minimum and more than likely will be a fair bit better off in the short term but more so especially the long term if he is successful. He isn't going to make as much in the KHL. Now is the time to take a chance for him at 25. If he waits much longer the window may likely close.
  10. I am not sure what Tryamkin's KHL salary is but according to this article he can't be making close to what he could in the NHL. 64 Rubles to every $1 USD. Even if he is making 70 Million Rubles (which doesn't appear likely) it only equates to about $1 Million USD.
  11. I don't think he will make the big club. I am hopeful he may get some games in Utica. This whole player pipeline is getting nice and plump. No need to rush or jump the gun. Just makes sure there is room in the system.
  12. They play a few games over the All Star break so I would imagine it's likely.
  13. Based on how TG likes to mix his lines up it may not be the worst thing to "start" on the fourth line. At least TG can see his game and it gives Bailey an opportunity. Short of more injuries (especially if Ferland returns) Bailey may not get a better option than to start on the fourth line this year.