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  1. Only way I was going to beat you! You still have a chance...
  2. Good luck today @Scottish⑦Canuck! What a matchup!
  3. Toronto recalls Stefan Noesen and Justin williams, and assign Maxim Letunov to the minors. @Primal Optimist
  4. Toronto Waives Louie Domingue, send him to the minors if he clears. and Recalls Adin Hill. @Primal Optimist
  5. I just keep rolling! I was in ninth place 9 weeks ago... 6-1-2 since and now 2 points out of first. Vasilevskiy has been crazy good and so has Wheeler/Scheifele.
  6. Pretty sure I ended up with 36 points, so you’re 38 beats me.
  7. 0 is not allowed to be divided. How racist is that.
  8. Kinda shocking to see us so close to a playoff spot... maybe with Williams coming back soon we can do some damage. Need Murray to actually play and win a game in this century. Also, in PROTEST, during our appeal of the CBA and agents ruling, we will SHUN anyone who doesn’t ask or contact player agents first, before discussing trade talks with us (if the have NTC/NMC).
  9. You can uncross Lafreniere! He back baby!
  10. Plop plop, fizz fizz, Oh! What a relief it is!

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      alka seltzer to the rescue,

  11. I’m going to need Lafreniere to come back in order to win! Doing pretty good so far, another 5 points today.
  12. Hope everyone had a Happy Festivus! Not too many grievances this year? I have about 5-6 PM’s that I’ve ignored for far too long. I’ll get back to you soon. It’s been a busy 2nd half to the year... hopefully 2020 brings more time for fantasy hockey!
  13. I enjoy your rambling! Just thought it was funny you said that, then promptly went off again. Edit:... not rambling... your thoroughness ?
  14. Yes. But that doesn’t fit my argument.