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  1. Technically, we pay less as $11.99 CAD is $8.96 USD. Woo! However, having to get cable kinda forces you to pay more, if you don't already have cable. I'm not sure what the full deal is for the network? I get everything that everyone else does? Just the login takes a lot longer and you have to do it every single time.
  2. For me, I chose Horvat as MVP, because I wouldn't have gotten through the season without him. We would have lost more without Miller but also lost a lot more without Horvat. But I could have easily have kept watching without Miller. (I guess I used some of the Bure award as criteria for MVP) Gaunce just needed 1 goal for him to get my vote. Such a solid defensive player. Really hope he gets an offensive game.
  3. With injuries during the road trip, are Canucks just rolling with no healthy scratches? Haven't heard that someone was called up. Ducks are playing really well lately, gonna need a solid effort to win. Boeser with a GWG at home! 3-2
  4. The company that publically pulls ribs on people and buries talent on live tv... has a problem with a bully CHARACTER??? WTF are heels supposed to be? I call BS.
  5. Even though Stecher and Edler have pretty much played together all year, Stecher still has better stats and advanced stats. Stecher has more points and better 5on5 advance stats. Specifically in shot generation and suppression; eventful scoring chances in both zones and impact/60mins. Edler wins on both special teams, and penalties taken. Pretty much everything else is insignicantly different. Edler is picked on, in here, but objectively had a worse season than Stecher.
  6. Cyclone (MVP) - Horvat Pratt (Best Dman) - Stecher Bure (Most Exciting) - Horvat Hume (Unsung Hero) - ??? Stecher I honestly have a hard time voting for an unsung hero for this team. For me it's Gaunce. But he had zero goals. Tryamkin, Miller and Granlund did way better than expected. But they aren't exactly unsung. I think I'll vote Stecher just because of how much he over came. If it wasn't for injuries, he might be in Utica, but he took advantage of the call up and forced the team to play him. And now is our best defencemen.
  7. Anyone's else tried to stream the Network through a Google Chromecast? The app crashes instantly for me. It took them over 3 years to implement Chromecast into their app and it doesn't even work.
  8. I'm pretty sure you can't subscribed for the WWEnetwork through Apple TV. You can get the app and sign-in; but still have to subscribe through cable provider for the content to be available. (Unless you have a DSN)
  9. Canada is the only country in which the there is a monopoly on WWEnetwork rights, not owned by WWE.(Rogers has it) You have to subscribe through your cable provider. You still get the same product, as you can sign into the online network with your cable provider info. You get a bonus channel on your tv in Canada for this. And it's $11.99 here too. So unless Rogers gives out the promotion, pretty sure the free 3 months isn't offered to Canadians. LOL at WWE giving away their biggest payday for free. Best for Business. LOL.
  10. The competition level isn't the same at the worlds for men as it is for women. That's why Homan's dominance was so amazing. Gushue is the favorite to win. And should. But undefeated and beat the 2nd best team 3 times? Very unlikely.
  11. @Silky mitts
  12. I watched curling (and played) since I was 5. Love the sport. So fun to play. That was the most dominant worlds gold medal I've ever seen. When Homan's team is playing well, they won't lose. Not sure there has been a better team than hers ever. BTW, women's curling is so much better to watch than the men's.
  13. I'm trying to find a Paul Heyman, Brrrrooooock Boeeeeseer, gif. Can't believe it hasn't already been made.

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  14. At Boeser's age, he is required to sign a 3 year ELC. I don't believe the length ELC's are negotiable, as the CBA gives a direct chart for them: 18-21 years of age: 3 years 22-23 years of age: 2 years 24 years of age: 1 year Basically the CBA just says this is the contract, but doesn't expand or have provisions. I believe a story came out that Benning tried to sign tryamkin to 3 year deal, but the league denied the contract. EDIT: Boeser won't want to "sacrifice" an entire year of the ELC just to play in the AHL. And once he signs an NHL contract for this year he can't play in the AHL playoffs. Needed to be a roster player before the March 1st trade deadline. If he signed an ATO he would be available, however.
  15. Def better offensive instincts than Tanev. And he can actually shoot!