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  1. Not too step on the delicate and diminutive toes of @Master Mind (just like his Flyers)... With just WSH/CAR to play in game 4: @Phil The Thrill needs to hold his 1.5 point lead to avoid the sweep. @Boeserific needs to gain 8.5 points in order to live to die another day! And unfortunately @Bombastik der Teutone, with no CAR/WSH players, you have been officially eliminated.
  2. Hopefully the 2nd round will have closer matchups. Only 5 teams really had the depth to win this year. Also... zero of the games so far would have been affected by the 10 player limit! (Game 1 between NSH/VGK both had 11)
  3. Playoff Matt Murray is a thing of the past, I guess. Could really use a few wins before he is eliminated...
  4. You got 16 in game 1. (16 in game 2 with only Giordano left to play). If you look at the regular season league, under the “league forum” header, you can find the results of each game/series.
  5. Should go to the home team, no? Would be a slight variance. Also, in the unlucky scenario where both teams have no players advancing, and all the RL series being over, would the top seed/home team win the next game?
  6. Dammit, Mike Smith with the 5 point night after I’ve already won. Gotta save those points for later!
  7. Keumper going full Hasek the last month of the season was kinda unexpected... so hopefully this isn’t selling low. Happy to add what is hopefully a good pick, and open up some cap space too improve my hopeless offence. Surprisingly I was actually one of the better teams in goaltending. 767 points from my goalies, so I’m okay to move out a strength.
  8. Not only did I move back 3 spots (back to back years), I also traded for, and traded away the 1st overall pick!
  9. I’m quite lucky he was claimed on waivers. I’ve acquired a lot of assets because of the cap space I have. Much rather have all those picks than potentially 1 year of voynov. At the time I thought he would be signing that summer.
  10. Worst signing this leagues ever had? Haha, I was out to lunch here.
  11. It wasn’t his doing. The previous GM acquired it (and Tatar) via Jost and a few picks. Vegas was a better team at the time of the trade as well. Otherwise I would have kept it. 2nd and 3rd would have been very nice for my rebuild.
  12. I like the rule. Not apposed to it at all! Just not in a year where I traded Aho for Hanifin! ... Debrinecat/1st for Conner, Slavin for Niskanen... Etc!