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  1. It's at the point where I haven't even seen most of these guys play. Picking the first 8 was quite a bit easier.
  2. Out of some boredom, and curiosity, I'm want to explore the value of the Casey Cizikas. Not looking for a trade ATM but might be interested with the right offer. He is 26, and produces 225+ Fp per season and has a fairly low salary cap. Send in some offers.
  3. Tough choice for me. But I think I've reasoned out why I've chosen Virtanen. I wouldn't trade Virtanen for Goldobin; and I would be tempted to trade Goldobin for Virtanen. Really close in value IMO.
  4. I've only had one car, 2002 Toyota Carolla CE That beauty will last another 15 years. No accidents. All the original parts. And the biggest issue I've had with it, is the clock runs too quick. Runs ahead about 1min every week.
  5. Gotta be Gaudette this time. Showed himself to be a legit prospect at the summer showdown. I read earlier today that canucks still have the rights to Mike Williamson until August 15th. Lol. Add him to the list? I believe he retired after his last Year in the NCAA.
  6. Stoked to get this deal done. I previously inquired about Hart, twice, and we weren't able to strike a deal. We were happy to take on Staal and Montoya in order to get a Future NHL Goalie and hopefully a solid prospect in the next draft. We wish the Nashville Canucks the best in the up-coming season.
  7. Oops... yeah he is eligible.
  8. Canada Lind - 50/50 for a bottom 6 role. Dipeitro - 75/25 chance of being back up to Hart. Gadjovich - unlikely. Candella - not a chance. Brassard - Not a chance. Sweden Pettersson - competing with Anderson for 1C. Finland Joulevi - best player on the team. USA Lockwood - Small chance. Needs a good first half of 2017-18 season. Rathbone - I honestly have no idea. And those are the only Canucks young enough.
  9. I agree that Nuge doesn't fit for Canucks. I think Canucks are set with Pettersson, Gaudette and Horvat. If Sutter is traded, I'd want a defensemen in return.
  10. Well for one, Corsi is particularly in favour of Nugent-Hopkins because his shot generation is much higher, while his shot suppression is relatively equal to Sutter's. You need to take into account both offense and defence for a 2-way player. Second, Nugent-Hopkins spent more time on the ice per 60, and also had a higher DZ start% than Sutter... meaning he generated more offence while taking up more ice time, all the while losing the faceoff in the defensive zone. Third, even while having an horrendous PK faceoff%(30%), Nuge's PK shot suppression, his on time on ice and goals allowed per 60 were better than Sutter's. And if you are going to argue that Nuge was on a better team so his stats are better because of that, then there is zero points of using advanced stats to make an argument here. And My eye test says Nuge is better defensively and offensively. Insanity, that you would not do this trade, as Vancouver.
  11. I just don't think edmonton would purposely lose value for cap space. If they need to rid themselves of the contract, there are quite a few options that would be more realistic. IE. Kadri, Brassard, Anisimov, Schenn or hell even Horvat. All those could be possible 1 for 1 trades, that would be closer in value than Nugent-Hopkins and Sutter. All have lower cap hits than Nuge too. If I was Edmonton, and Van Offered Nuge for Sutter, I would counter with Horvat, and not go any less. Better options around the league, than Sutter.
  12. I would argue Nugent-Hopkins is a better 2-way center than sutter, PK aside. So saying that, the value is really far off with your reasoning. Add in that he is a much better player offensively, and he is younger.
  13. Fiction-wise, If the persons skin colour, or their "looks" are important to the story, then authenticity does matter. Otherwise, I wouldn't care (though I would notice). Personally, I think non-fiction should be authentic. And to comment on your title, skin colour does matter. I'm white. And my whiteness does matter to me. I'm not Art Vandelay if I'm not white. I think other races would feel the same way? I could be ignorant on this subject... Are you, yourself, without your skin colour?
  14. I thought I would give our Senator fans an overview of our extremely successful off-season. We started the off-season with what we feel was an awful NHL roster; very little cap space; retained salary on a player for 9 more seasons; even worse... 2-3 quality prospects and only 1 of our own draft picks. Unacceptable. Our goal was to get younger, and give our scouts the opportunity to bring in quality players via the draft and trades. We did that by adding 12 players that are 24 or younger and 7 drafts picks. We traded 4 players 25 and older, and let go of 10 UFA's. We took on cap dumps and retained salary, which has left us with basically zero cap space. However, we will have $29 Million in cap space next season to sign a starting goalie and re-sign only 2 important RFA's. That leaves a lot of room to improve our team. A list of all players moved: IN 2017 PIT 1st :: #24 - G, Jake Oettinger (18) 2017 FLA 1st :: #31 - F, Josh Norris (18) 2017 TOR 2nd :: #46 - F, Evan Barratt (18) 2017 NSH 2nd :: #47 - F, Aleski Heponiemi (18) 2017 NJD 5th :: #136 - D, David Noel (18) 2017 FLA 3rd :: #93 - F, Tyler Steenbergen (19) 2017 CBJ 4th :: #119 - F, Jonathon Dugan (19) F Luff, Matt (20) F Barzal, Matthew (20) F Adams, John (20) D Dunn, Vince (20) G Hill, Adin (21) D Pionk, Neal (21) D Fleury, Haydn (21) D Olofsson, Gustav (22) F Sikura, Dylan (22) F Gustafsson, Hampus (23) F Molino, Griffen (23) D Dotchin, Jake (23) ------------------------------------ F Abdelkader, Justin (30) D Prosser, Nate (31) F Callahan, Ryan (32) D Kronwall, Niklas (36) + The Draft (1 orignal pick lol) 2017 OTT 2nd :: #36 - F, Morgan Geekie (18) Out: F Erat, Martin (37) G McIlhinney, Curtis (34) F Talbot, Max (33) D Girardi, Dan (33) F Fleischmann, Tomas (33) F Letestu, Mark (32) Expansion F Komarov, Uncle Leo (30) D McBain, Jamie (29) F Miller, Andrew (28) D Karlsson, Erik (27) D Prout, Dalton (27) F Dumont, Gabriel (26) D Krug, Torey (26) F McCormick, Max (25) Offer Sheet F Carrick, Sam (25) ------------------------------------ F Janmark, Mattias (24) F Kerdiles, Nicolas (23) 2017 ARZ 2nd :: #45 - D, Josh Brook (18) 2017/18 NHL Roster Marleau (4.5M) - Spooner (3.2M) - Abdelkader (4.65M) MacArthur (4.65M) - Lehtera (3.7M) - Burrows (2.25M) Duclair (1.95M) - Barzal (1.4M) - Yakupov (2.0M) Molino (1.2M) - Cizikas (2.88M) - Callahan (5.8M) ----------------------------------------------- Acciari (800K) - Gustafsson (800K) Kronwall (4.75M) - Dotchin (1.25M) Fleury (1.77M) - Pionk (1.1M) Dunn (925K) - Wideman (2.5M) ---------------------- Fayne (3.62M) Miller (5.0M) Vanecek (894K) CAP HIT $74,757,000 :: CAP SPACE $243,000 The Minors Tkachev (700K) - Sikura (700K) - Senyshyn (925K) Luff (600K) - Bitten (625K) - Gagne (600K) Adams (650K) Olofsson (725K) - Prosser (950K) Pettersson (825K) - Niemilainen (700K) Gudlevskis (1.0M) Hill (725K) The All-Unsigned Team Steenbergen - Norris - Barratt Geekie - Dugan - Hepomiemi Limoges - Somppi - Hamilton Noel - Arnesson Oettinger I believe I am done making moves for the summer. Open to moving any of my players older than 24, so if you are interested, ask. AV
  15. Surprised Hunwick didnt get more money, as he is on the Penguins! If I wasn't just $93,000 under the cap I would have made an offer.