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  1. Will the game tonight be televised or streamed?
  2. I think Tanev will be much more effective on a team that actually has some toughness. You won see so many liberties taken on him when there's a price to pay. If van gets some players that can man up, tanevs injury time (minus those taken from blocking shots) will drop considerably. Much more valuable at TDL,
  3. Can Ratelle play as well as he fights? I just checked and found more fighting highlites than hockey highlites.
  4. Agreed.The coilers and leafs are not "rebuilt" without their perspective Mcdavid and Mathews. The media gets to be right for once though...proclaiming this #1 pick is the one to turn it around in the oilers case any way.
  5. This should be tagged on every negative comment were those who believe they know all bash those prospects they deem unworthy as compared to whom they deemed worthy.
  6. lol hes drunk....
  7. Its only because they get an argument out of it that they repeat the same drole s%#! over and over. Pretty lame really.
  8. I will never learn, i log in to see Jakes thread hot with conversation. Hoping to see tidbits of information regarding any news / video on this upcoming year,but only to find a few posters (always the same)stating the same jacked negative #$@t. Get over it. We need a new thread made up for these clowns to voice their distaste and provoke agruments about Jake there and leave this one alone for pertinent information.
  9. Huttons gonna be even better this year. A Tanev/hutty pairing looks pretty good, in my opinion.
  10. Hancuffed....and benning will get raked over the coals for the return just the same as some do over the kesler trades.
  11. I missed the games where he was moving bodies out of the crease, i did catch a few when he "grapped" a player effectively creating a much better screen for miller/marky.
  12. I'd agree,do we all think Tanev's stock is gonna drop off a cliff if he stays for the 2017/18 season? It'll give 1 more year to the young d to gel in Utica or IF we are lucky enough and joulevi ,Mcenemy,pedan or subban can show they are NHL ready offer them some shelter'd mins. We've all saw the results last year with Tanev out (and remember no Tram to step it up like last year) imagine a season of that... Steady Eddy will be on ice for more than 22-24 min a game. Yikes. Both those scenarios don't even give the youth much of a chance to excell.
  13. 18-20 mins tops
  14. Overlooked by many, unfortunately
  15. Colorado management loved this tournament. If everyone thought what they were asking before for landy,douchene,mckinon was high .