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  1. I find this very amusing. Opinions are like @$$holes... everybody has one. I tried to avoid threads like this because of it. No body's going to convince you that their opinions are right and yours are wrong. Take care of your own the way you chose best, let others do the same.
  2. Just watching the games. no references needed.
  3. I agree Tyamkin could be seen a a POSSIBLE replacement for tanev. At this period of time theres no one pushing him out of his spot here and to what cost would it be to sign another UFA D that "Could" be that guy. Gambling dollars with vancouvers cap is a risky game.
  4. To that. People here would let tanev walk for possibly wanting 5 mil(1.5 mil ) more than some expect tryamkins will want. Tanev had more points this yr playing in the best league in the world being one of the best defensive d man playing today. A huge hole would be left by letting Tanev walk over 1.5 mil.Yes, Van needs tyramkin.Needs that physical edge but not at the expense of stability.
  5. I believe Tanevs health and game improved more so do to huggybears play making than what Myers brought to the team. From what i saw last year was a perfect pairing of Tanev and Hughes. Tanev could work with a competent d partner (for once)that has enough sense to play the puck out or skate it out over the blue line. Not trying to make foolish passes back while offensive forwards are deep in on the fore check,while hes under pressure.He is also benefitting from forwards blocking shots up high negating him having to block them down low. He also gives Quinn the perfect partner because Quinn knows Tanev is always in position defensively allowing him to take chances or feel more comfortable in taking chances. Adding tryamkin is a definite need but not to giving up a true specialist in Tanev over stetcher,benn or fanta. There will be a deal worked out, that works for both parties . Remember all the insanity during Edlers contract or possible contract? it worked out well.
  6. i really hope its not the Sens or the habs game canucks. An emotionless start agaisnt the leafs is a hole we wont be able to climb back out of.
  7. Played a great game against boston. Won a lot of puck battles, made some great passes and scored a goal . ( with the goalie in the net)
  8. Deep breath, WOW.Woke up this mourning with the biggest smile on my face. Grats boys on a well played game, throwing some of that rough stuff back in the bruins face . Just wished Rat face would have eaten a fist or two.
  9. The bruins have none so they dont deserve any directed their way. if we had gotten the 10 id have asked for just 1 more.
  10. loving the fight the boys are showing tonight.Big bad bruins looking like cubs when teams throw their crap back in their faces. proud to be a nucks fan. go get em boys