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  1. i really hope its not the Sens or the habs game canucks. An emotionless start agaisnt the leafs is a hole we wont be able to climb back out of.
  2. Played a great game against boston. Won a lot of puck battles, made some great passes and scored a goal . ( with the goalie in the net)
  3. Deep breath, WOW.Woke up this mourning with the biggest smile on my face. Grats boys on a well played game, throwing some of that rough stuff back in the bruins face . Just wished Rat face would have eaten a fist or two.
  4. The bruins have none so they dont deserve any directed their way. if we had gotten the 10 id have asked for just 1 more.
  5. loving the fight the boys are showing tonight.Big bad bruins looking like cubs when teams throw their crap back in their faces. proud to be a nucks fan. go get em boys
  6. Stetcher and benn are worthless? Alf give me your educated guess on what Marky and Tanev are worth.We all know loui is an anchor,Sutter as servicable as he is doesn't get you much, beagle has been terrible this year but plays a safe defensive game that rarely costs us,Rooster has not seemed like himself in the last month or so and Baer is damaged goods now that his concussion issues have sidelined him from playing on his own team. None of these guys are worth picks? No team in the NHL is needing a replacement player to slide in to help with injuries?(baer eliminated from your selections) Just the Nucks i guess ,signing Toffolli.
  7. Disagree, bring Rafferty up while Tanev is here. Tanev signs a 2 year deal... With his play this year, and whats to follow while playing with Quinn (and helping quin succeed)give Rafferty or maybe IF Tryamkin comes back(maybe) more time up, then evaluate what they have then. Trade Stetcher,Benn for openings and see what we have while tanev is still here. If these guys can replace tanev trade him.Will get more for him signed for another year then now. How much time has Tanev missed this year? Must be nice to pair up with skill for once in his career..Doesn't have to sacrifice his body near as much. Tanev , this year is what the nucks need to make the first round possible.I really don't understand the thought of giving up a sure bet on a maybe .
  8. Not a lot he can do to prepare for his return. No leg work, cardio. Might be a bit of a rough time for him to come back in play off shape. We could definitely benefit from a healthy Levio though.
  9. This is a very tough loss to the Canucks. How long do ya'll think he was playing with this ?
  10. Why does he have to go? Because of what he might be worth to resign? Sounds a whole lot like when eddy was needing to be resigned,chicken little's making assumptions about figures and term they know nothing about. Banking on players to fill a role on a team that they have no concrete evidence they can. Very glad those people are just keyboard jockeys with no ties to anything related to canucks management.
  11. Its great seeing beoser shooting again but jesus stop trying to pick the top corner and hit then net
  12. Since mottes injury the only player that actually delivers any hits is Eddy. Thats terrible.
  13. Wow, these guys are mailing it in today. Lots of effort being shown today. Embarrassing