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  1. 3 points for Lind so far in the 3rd.
  2. Officially on the 4th line to begin the game! So damn glad
  3. 40~ seconds in his first and third game
  4. Please send him to VHL or MHL if he’s going to play 1 minute a game.
  5. Seems to be starting in the KHL. Haven’t played much (41 seconds) throughout 2 periods.
  6. Is Podkolzin starting in the MHL?
  7. Pronman says Hoglander has the best hands in the draft, I find that quite interesting given there are guys like Jack Hughes and Kirby Dach with excellent hands. Looks a bit like Viktor Arvidsson stylistically and physically. Here’s to hoping he does one more year in the SHL and then head over to Utica.
  8. Why are we pretending we don’t have to pay up to get a relatively young top-six guy? He’s big, produces 50ish points and good on the PP. I think it is a fair trade.
  9. Hoping we take Brett Leason, he can go straight to Utica.
  10. Hope Pod can play like Tkachuks, would complement Pettey or Bo so well.
  11. The pick is BPA, but I never thought we would take Podkolzin, the idea of Zegras, Boldy or Krebs got stuck in my head all year long
  12. He was my guy all year long, until he had that achilles injury
  13. Fully prepared for the Broberg or Söderström disappointment Hope we get Boldy, Zegras or Krebs