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  1. Can anyone that watches Lind comment on his defensive game? Is he a offensive guy like Goldobin or a two-way guy like Boeser?
  2. Lind is probably the better offensive player, while Glass has a better 2-way game.
  3. Topping looks like a potential 2nd round pick. Both players are not established players in the WHL, so we can be sure Lind is semi-carrying the line.
  4. Anyone know Lind’s linemates? I was looking at Kelowna’s player stats and I’ve noticed Lind doesn’t have much offensive support.
  5. I hope Jake can play with a playmaker, but the most likey outcome for him is on a checking-line.
  6. Would be ecstatic if Jake can make the team and have a 15G/15A season to build on.
  7. JESPERI KOTKANIEMI has 6 points in 7 Liiga games. Late 2000 birthday with great size
  8. Yes, great pass and vision.
  9. Would be great if he can maintain a pace around 1.5-1.6 points per game. 4 points per game would be fine too
  10. Nope sorry, just saw the score on their website.
  11. Another assist today; 3 points in 3 games.
  12. I think this is a very good point. Considering McD has produced with anyone he's ever played with, I would say Draisaitl benefitted more in this relationship. Take him off McDavid's line and I think he will be a 60-65 point guy when given tougher defensive assignments currently given to RNH (RNH likely gone if Drai is re-signed).
  13. Which are the 'all draft rankings'? I've only seen maybe 2-3 that had him in the top 10.
  14. I think there are two main factors that determine what Gaudette's role with the Nucks will be: 1. His performance next year will be more indicative of what his true ceiling is. This year he played on the best offensive line in the NCAA and that inflated his numbers; observers from the NCAA has Gaudette and Aston-Reese as the drivers on the line, with Sikura being the passenger. 2. How much weight Pettersson can put on. I personally believe Pettersson has one of the highest in his draft year, but the guy is built like a twig as of now. If he is going to develop physically like his brother, he might be closer to 175-180 lbs during his 20's instead of the optimal 190-200 lbs range. If the former case is true, management might prefer to play him on the wing. If Pettersson doesn't develop physically enough, I could see Horvat and Gaudette (assuming he develops well in the NCAA) in a 1B/2A situation down the middle. If Pettersson does develop well physically, I have a hard time seeing Gaudette challenge him for spot as the top centre. If this is the case I could see Gaudette challenging for Horvat's role as the 2nd line centre. These are of course all lofty expectations, but I think there is a consistency to Gaudette's game that would make him a good 30-35 point centre if he doesn't hit his offensive ceiling.
  15. I don't think his hype changes his draft position at all. If any GM thought he was good enough, I don't think he would've lasted until 17. So his value is exactly that, a mid 1st round pick. Tanev + for Liljegren + 2nd + Carrick + cap dump is a fair deal in my opinion.